One Of The World’s Rudest Cities Toronto Canada. Do you agree?


Today I was reading an article on about the worlds rudest cities.  Toronto made the list.

It’s the city every other Canadian city loves to hate. It’s dirty, rude and crime-ridden, decry her most hardened critics. But in the latest StatsCan survey, Toronto actually came out third to last in police-reported crime statistics. Topping the list were prairie towns Regina, Saskatoon and Winnipeg. As for being dirty and rude, we like to call it grit and character. True, Torontonians walk with steady purpose and may mow you down should you dare to amble leisurely down Yonge Street during pedestrian rush hour. But they do, after all, work in the economic engine of the country and have a lot of work to do. And if you live in a mono-coloured city of cookie-cutter houses in the rolling hills of suburbia, then yes, you may be thrown by the traffic, the diversity and the colourful characters you may meet. But remember, you’re not in Kansas anymore

Do you agree with this title?  Having been in Toronto dozens of times I  don’t think I’d give it that title. I’ve found other cities in Ontario way worse.

Heres the link to the MSN article.

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    • Jane says:

      Yes its the most unfriendly ci ty in all of north america! Its from too many cultures who have been catered to by the govt and have pathetic attitudes of entitelement. They resemble the govt workers in their attitude. No one even wants to visit toronto anymore its the truth! 30 years ago Toronto was great when it was one culture and had more white people…

      • Dick says:

        Most of those “entitled” cultures write English a hell of a lot better than you, you poor, disadvantaged, whining, little, pinched-up, Ontario PUKE.

      • Bruh Stop says:

        Jane that’s super racist. “The city was so much better… when there was only white people!” let people live. What makes Canada great is the mix of people from all over, all coming together. Just go back to being a mad middle aged lady. Don’t put all your racist thoughts on the internet. Just stop.

      • HOWARD PAUL SHORE says:

        You are 100% right I’m from Toronto I haven’t lived here since 1990 and the people are way more colder and Ruder than they were in the 1980s or the early 1990s I would never live here again it has not changed except it’s gotten worse and worse and worse you can’t make friends people get offended when you give them your phone number I don’t like this this is not my kind of thing hate this city

      • Samwise says:

        I grew up and was born in the Jewish market or Augusta. I used to love Toronto. Now I just want to get out of here. People are no longer genuine, kind or neighbourly in this city. The Selfish greedy conceited social justice imposters from somewhere else has ruined what this city once stood for. “Toronto the Good” no longer exist. Planning to move to California and hangout with my hippy and surfer relatives and friends. They are more fun, down to earth and realistic down there.

      • Thepinch says:

        Toronto’s rate of immigration and illegals is exploding. It’s a,fight just having a place to live. Some of these cultures are extremely aggressive. Beggars and scammers are everywhere. So we put walls up. I never went anywhere without sunglasses and headphones. Then you have the begging charities, the addicts, the shaky ladies. Full grown men in suits bodychecking women. And a subway system that is pathetic. I have been to 27 countries and none are like this.

      • Marla says:

        “See Jane be a racist”

      • Jane’s a big fat racist says:

        Wow, racist, privileged white bitch!?! May you rot in hell or move to the US.

      • Arnold says:

        OK Karen, yes Toronto is rude-lived there for 2 yrs.-but it’s not because white people are sooo nice, it’s because of a cultural mind set. When I lived there, there was a running joke that Toronto was a New York wanna be. Your racism is a little transparent.

    • Rob says:

      Most expensive place in Canada with the lowest wages in Canada
      It’s the city where it’s more important how much your are worth than if you are a good person.
      I only live here because my wife wanted to live here.
      I prefer Montreal, people are real and accepting unlike the cliques that Toronto is famous for
      If you want to be stress free don’t live in Toronto.
      The smell down by the waterfront is horrible.
      It’s an old city with failing infrastructure old decrepit subway.never ending shootings horrible traffic congestion high insurance rates and $3000 a month for a crappy apartment.
      The kid who works at timmies in small towns can save more of their pay check than a family of four making $100,000 a year.

  1. Bea says:

    Yes Toronto is, but Ottawa as well!

    • David carson says:

      I live in Ottawa and it is a really rude city. It is a hick town. Anytime I have visited Toronto, I never found it any unfriendlier than Ottawa. Lots more to do in Toronto compared to Ottawa. Too much politics in Ottawa,and too many french people messing things up for us Anglophones.

      • Tyler Keddy says:

        I have lived in Ottawa most of my life and I’m furious being here as people are so rude. That also includes my ex wife and other people who works as politicians… I really want to get it off here but my children are here! It makes things confusing.

    • Di says:

      Ottawa is worse. Some Torontonians come across as rude (as with many larger cities) but I’ve found overall that people in Ottawa are far more standoffish and almost snobbish. I’ve run across far more genuine, friendly people in Toronto than in Ottawa.

      If you want to live in a place where people are incredibly friendly and laid-back (and most will not hesitate to help you if you need absolutely anything) then head to the east coast, esp. NS and Newfoundland. Salt-of-the-earth people, so warm and friendly you may never want to leave. *Unfortunately, living on the east coast comes with many setbacks, esp. lack of jobs….which is why so many easterners migrate, albeit very begrudgingly.

      • David carson says:

        Right on DI. I live in Ottawa and it is a real rude town. Toronto isn’t as bad as it’s made out to be. I have never been to the east coast of Canada, but maybe I should. Ottawa is so predictable, and a hick town.

  2. yepitsme says:

    i’d say Oakville, Ontario is way worse. People there are so snotty! I don’t mean everyone lol just from what I’ve come in contact with very snobby ppl which in turn makes them RUDE!

  3. Bonnie says:

    I live in Toronto and I love it. Everyone is so nice and the city is diverse. The Yonge Street comment is true, but I’m sure that is true in other large cities during rush hour.

    I was recently up in Jackson’s Point, and I found the people there to be rude and racist.

    I personally love Toronto. Of course there are jerks, but that’s in every city.

    • Cervantes says:

      Absolutely agree with you abut Jackson’s Point! We stayed there, twice, in that overpriced resort with the bad plumbing and crummy service, owned by that arrogant old family, and I have never heard so many anti-semitic comments, or endured so many anti-semitic glares, ANYWHERE.


      You think everybody is so nice in Toronto maybe a few people but I’ve seen a lot of rude people in bars and various places I would never live here I live in Los Angeles and it’s better there

      • Holden Twodiks says:

        You must be kidding me, Smell A has nicer people than the Big Smoke. I live in Sandy Eggo
        County and have been to that place more than enough times to tell you it’s the biggest phony, narcissistic, vain glorious centre of the universe. I visit my hometown regularly and know it’s changed over the yrs from the sleepy early 1960’s
        town of my youth. However, I meet people in New Zealand, Australia and Europe that rave about The 6ix and say it was a wonderful city. You must be living in an alternate universe. Smell A!

  4. carriekat says:

    Absolutely. A lot of people I know call Toronto COTU (centre of the universe) because that is what a lot of Torontonians think of themselves.

    • Eynn says:

      I agree. I lived in Calgary for a yr. People are friendly and dont walk around with this sense of entitledment and miserable attitudes like people here. I think I am a pretty freindly person.but I just cannot click with people here. They are very passive aggressive and do think not everyone they are the centre of the universe with an attitude of self absortion.

  5. Kim says:

    I don’t agree (I like Toronto!) – though I agree with the comment on pedestrians.

    In Toronto if you see someone on the street during the work week they are likely going somewhere – and yes if you are in their way they will run into you/through you – but then people that suddenly stop in the middle of the sidewalk(or the door of the subway, or the top of an escalator) deserve to be reminded that it’s a dumb thing to do. In fact i’ll probably have to remind a few people on the way home tonight when they refuse to get off the subway to let me off at my stop…

  6. Snoocy says:

    I love Toronto! I don’t think people are rude, but rather efficient and no-nonsense; this isn’t a lazy-day tourist spot. That being said, I can only tolerate the big city for seven days, tops, and can’t wait to get back to my own quiet, non-crowded, peaceful community. Toronto is fun to visit, and most of the people that live there are from all over our country.

  7. Andie says:

    I live in Toronto and I believe, like anywhere else, if you are friendly, people will be friendly back. Sure, when you are trying to actually get somewhere and a group of 10 tourists is stopped to chat and blocking the entire sidewalk it’s frustrating. But who is actually being rude in that scenario?

    As for the ‘centre of the universe’ thing, we laugh at that stereotype. No-one I know thinks that, but we’re amused that so many others think we do!


  8. ia says:

    I agree. A lot of pedestrians cross the road at the last few seconds but still walking slowly. Every morning the people who are getting off at St. Andrews just blocking other people to get on the train at Union Station. Numerous cars just stop or park their cars at where they are not allowed to do so. Sure it’s a lot of people, but it’s more about following rules and be safe. Vancouver is having more and more people, but manner is still there. One thing Toronto is better than Vancouver: it does not smell like urine.

  9. Mike W says:

    If I ignore the haters is that rude?

    I’ve never seen the term “centre of the universe” used in any other context than just to get a laugh. Ever

  10. noneya says:

    yes… but its only because they are all i******nts

  11. Alee142010 says:

    I’ve been in worse places… I belive that every town or city has its friendly, its in-between people,and its unfriendly people..

  12. Joe says:

    I agree, as a tourist, I find that all the people there are less than helpful.

  13. eriluo says:

    As a person originally born in Toronto who also went to university and worked there for a bit, and whose parents lived there in the 60s and have seen the evolution of the city, I would say that comment of being “rude” is a generalization not 100% applicable in all situations. So I would say take it with a grain of salt as there are some amazing neighbourhoods in T.O. that still have the old school charm of my parents’ generation and the people there are just as genuine as they once were 🙂

    • Cervantes says:

      Think Toronto is rude? Try Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, or any other city in the American northeast. Matter of fact, try VANCOUVER!

      • Jane says:

        It it pretty obvious that Toronto was a much nicer city 25 years ago than what it is today. It is because the city has changed too fast and too much and alot of people do not like too much diversity, so people are in a constant state of anger and are not very happy. Canada should abolish multiculturalism and enforce assimilation to english or french culture-which is the culture of all of north america.

  14. mlongboat says:

    I FULLY agree with yepitsme OAKVILLE is worse. I don’t go to the city too often. I think rudeness is everywhere.

  15. TaraF says:

    I lived in Toronto for a few years when I was in school and I loved it. For the most part I found people and their attitudes just the same as anywhere else. I found some of the subways dirty but as for the city itself, nope. It’s a very fast paced city but that’s because it’s a big city and pedestrians are always rushing through the streets and zipping by you and sometimes you could get bumped around yes. But again, you are walking through streets where literally hundreds of people will pass you by in a 15 minute span, whereas where I live now if I walk for 15 minutes I’d be lucky to see maybe 10 people and that’s divided on both sides of the street. So no, I don’t agree with the title 🙂

    • Cervantes says:

      If you find Toronto fast-paced, you should travel outside Canada, now and then. Toronto is the sleepiest city of its size in North America, by far.

  16. Nancy says:

    I live in Toronto, and I think it depends on where you go. I live in the west end of Toronto, and work Downtown. My west end community is quiet, with friendly neighbors, and generally pretty calm. Downtown is crowded, busy and the pace is fast. But keep in mind that there are a LOT of business people just trying to get to their next destination, like every big city. What someone might call “rude” as a tourist or visitor may just be someone tired from work and wanting to go home quickly. I work downtown at a building that is a BIG tourist attraction but also houses my company’s corporate offices. So all the tourists like to stand around and take pictures and block the stairways/escalators, but I just want to go home. Am I rude to walk around them and go on my way without smiling? I don’t think so. Obviously some take it to the extreme, but hey, what big city doesn’t have a few of those?

    There are some great places within Toronto, and some not so great. Just depends which part of Toronto you’re visiting 🙂

  17. REC says:

    noneya says…
    September 1, 2010 at 5:36 pm

    yes… but its only because they are all immigrants

    This comment is totally unacceptable & should be removed NOW. Noneya should also be blocked from being able to further comment on this blog.

  18. Martha says:

    “noneya says..
    September 1, 2010 at 5:36 pm
    yes…but its only because they are all i****ants”

    I agree with REC that this comment is totally unacceptable!! and should be removed immediately.

    • Jane says:

      It it pretty obvious that Toronto was a much nicer city 25 years ago than what it is today. It is because the city has changed too fast and too much and alot of people do not like too much diversity, so people are in a constant state of anger and are not very happy. Canada should abolish multiculturalism and enforce assimilation to english or french culture-which is the culture of all of north america.

  19. Mike says:

    So what’s the deal here? Literally.

    People are trying to talk about deals and products on here. This is not the time or the place to decide whether Toronto is rude or not. Is Toronto having a 50% off sale? Is Toronto for sale? Can we pay people in Toronto to be nicer?

    Are blanket statements about a general group of people defined by their location or personal identity really where we are still at in 2010?

    So many questions, none of which relate to this site. I suggest that this whole discussion is irrelevant.

  20. mnyyoungs says:

    I agree….Noneya should NOT have been able to post…thinking it and saying are two VERY different things.

    I’ve been a Toronto lover and a Toronto hater. The love is the downtown core…or Toronto proper. The hate are the burbs…aka The 905. I find those residents are the worst as far as attitude and dislike for other beings they share the planet with. My opinion, take it or leave it. By the way, I’ve lived in MANY areas of southern and central ontario during my 41 years of life, so this opinion is based on actual experiences living in these various areas.

  21. Bea says:

    Hmmm…freedom of speech….funny little thing…

  22. Emily says:

    I agree with the article. I think Toronto is a really rude place and the people are so unapproachable for things like help with directions or going to their retail stores the people are always very unfriendly.
    Ottawa is a rude place too but at least I’m not intimidated asking for directions. I’d never be able to live in Toronto, absolutely refuse it. It is like a different planet there.

  23. Emily says:

    Oh geeze Mike, countless times Boo has talked about how this is his website and it isn’t all about “deals” if he doesn’t want it to be.

  24. REC says:

    Dear Bea,
    willfully promoting hatred toward others and having a constitutional right of freedom of expression are two very different matters.

    Under section 319 of Canada criminal code; it is illegal to publicly incite hatred against people based on their colour, race, religion, ethnic origin, and sexual orientation.

    I hope that SMART canuck readers are as offended as I am about this off remark.

  25. Katey says:

    It stands to reason the bigger cities will be the rudest just due to number of population and faster pace, but that article wasn’t about Toronto being ruder than anywhere else, it was just one of the things it mentioned and it didn’t say people in Toronto were any ruder than anywhere else. Plus it’s MSN. Who the hell listens to MSN? That’s like saying you get all your news from TMZ. 🙂

  26. Chi of Steel says:

    Toronto, and most of Canada, are a nation of immigrants. To equate that with rudeness is laughable.

  27. noneya says:

    I wasn’t promoting hatred in anyway… I dont hate anybody, but I do believe the majority of immigrants are rude and feel they are above the law. I live about an hr outside of toronto and if you havent noticed they have the highest homicide rate in all of Canada and 99% of the time they are not Canadian born . . . just saying

  28. giffy85 says:

    Honestly, I think people in Windsor are extremely rude and impolite. I dont have too much experience in Toronto but I have lived in Windsor all my life and find people are rude in restaurants, on the roads, behind desks at companies, etc. It is terrible. I think for Toronto it is so many people going to school, work, etc and trying to work through the crowds and whatnot that people might not take the time to hold a door open or say hi to a stranger. I do not think people are generally rude in Toronto though I think it may just not be at the forefront of peoples minds to go that extra mile.

  29. Tara says:

    I’ve lived in Toronto my entire life. I agree that there are rude people, but those people exist everywhere. In fact, the people in Vancouver and Montreal that I’ve met over the years who as soon as I say I’m from Toronto are completely rude to me are just as rude as the random Torontonians that I occassionally meet. I can honestly say that I’ve never been rude to someone because of where they’re from. If anything I try to show some excitment that they’ve come to my city to vist. I admit to walking with purpose along Yonge. However, I’ve ALWAYS stopped for tourists who I can tell are lost or need some advice. Why? Because I don’t want them to go away thinking that Torontonians are ALL awful and I hope that my small gesture will change that should they have encountered someone rude. I love the diversity that Toronto offers. I can walk down the street and choose a restaurant from almost every continent in the world. Just like every city you sometimes need to acclimatize yourself to the attitude. I mean how often do you hear people praise Parisians? And yes, Toronto IS the centre of MY universe.

  30. zeekid says:

    I totally agree. I was there and being from a smaller city where we don’t have subways, I thought I would ask the ticket person at Union Station. He was the most rude, unhelpful person I had ever met. It was trial and error I got to where I wanted to go – no thanks to him. Even when you walk down the street, people don’t care if they run into you and they certainly don’t say excuse me. I guess that may be the big city mentatlity. Personally, I will stick to a smaller city where at least some people are friendly and please, thank you and excuse me isn’t dead.

  31. Tara says:

    PS. Noneya… unless you’re First Nations (aka Indian in case you’re still old school) you’re also an immigrant. And those immigrants who came to Canada initially burned First Nations at the stake for not converting to Christianity. So before you start passing judgement on the amazing immigrants we have in this country, who bring so much diversity to MY city, you need to take a moment to look at your family history. Because it’s likely they killed my ancestors.

    Just saying…

    • Jane says:

      That actually is not true. My family is here 400 years (Acadians) and we were the first white settlers in the 1600s who lived with the micmaqs in nova scotia for 200 years in peace. I think you watch too many cowboy movies. The acadians and micmaqs were close friends, ask any native. Its the english who were nasty. And she is right, canada was alot nicer 20 years ago than it is now and alot of minorities are very rude.

  32. anisa says:

    i find that ppl who haven’t traveled across Canada believe that Toronto is this cultured, metropolitan city where the ppl are fast living and fast moving.

    in comparison to most of the country i find them to be hardly cultured, hardly traveled, kinda dull and for some reason confrontational. oh and lazy, i don’t know why.

    again not everyone, but that has been my overall experience.

    everyone that i have met that has relocated to ontario from the west has had the same experience.

  33. Ashley says:

    I completely disagree…Toronto is an incredible city!! I think it is for sure in the top 5 cities of Canada!!

    Brap Brap!!

  34. Sally says:

    Mike. apparently you haven’t noticed on Sc that we talk about things other then deals and such every week. This has been going on since the beginning of Sc 🙂

  35. Christina says:

    All I can say is, don’t knock it until you’ve lived there, chip-on-the-shoulder-free. If you’re looking for nastiness, you’re always going to find it. If you’re not, you’ll find the best in people. No matter where you are.

  36. cdn75 says:

    Tara, what history books did you read?? Can’t ever remember any natives being burned at the stake for not converting to Christianity. As for Toronto, I live over an hour away near the ski hills of Blue Mountains, we always know the Toronto people…..the rude ones in the high end SUV’s thinking the world revolves around them, so yeah, Toronto is a city full of rude people.

  37. cdn75 says:

    Preach it Noneya!!!!!! In Niagara Falls a few weekends ago I thought I was completely going to lose it. Won’t get into which ethnic groups had NO MANNERS……….but holy, maybe manners should be a mandatory class taught to people immigrating here.

  38. noneya says:


  39. Sally says:

    Noneya, please dont bring racism to the discussion.

    Theres rude people everywhere all over the world. Colour has nothing to do with it either. I’ve met wonderful and rude people of all races in my time on this earth.

  40. mlongboat says:

    Thank-You Chi of Steal and Tara for recognizing our countries First Nations Aboriginals!!!

    CDN25 TO believe the only events that ever happened were written in the history books you’ve read is pretty ignorant.

    http://www.hiddenfromhistory dot org/

  41. Rockin' Kitty says:

    Being born and raised in Toronto, I don’t find it rude at all!

  42. Anne the great says:

    Anybody who has a problem with Toronto needs to re-examine their opinions. I guarantee that yes, we tend to scurry from place to place like mice, but if you’re ever in trouble or have a question, 9 out of 10 people will go out of their way to help you. We rush because WE DON’T LIKE TO BE LATE. We ignore people because it’s rude to stand around judging, pointing, chatting and gazing like what other cities do (hello Miami). We don’t like to stare at people and we’re not inquisitive gossip mongers who want to be in everybody’s business.

    Whatever garbage you see on the street was probably left by tourists. Torontonians are very proud and clean and eco-aware. The street bums and panhandlers, not much we can do about that because we don’t lock people up for being homeless or poor. Only the belligerent ones.

    And yeah, Oakvillians are horrible wastes of financial success. Even the cashiers at Wal-Mart act like they have majority shares in the company or something. Even their yappy little dogs are snooty. Most of them are probably living off their trust funds or credit cards anyway.

    I love Mississauga. Long live Mayor Hazel. Brampton is a steaming hot mess, loud, cluttered, no organization, the drivers over there get their licenses from some exclusive government organization that doesn’t require an actual car to learn to drive.

    I’ve been to many major cities within Canada and all over the world and I can safely say slightly above Brisbane in Australia, Toronto takes the cake as the best city to live.

    • Asli says:

      It is very rude because it is filled with ignorant people from all over the world who think that because now they have an easy life filled with brand name clothing etc that they are the Center of the universe. I have a sibling with autism and people stare at us while I’m taking care of her. I developed anxiety issues and irritability because of it. The funny part is the people who are staring aren’t any better, they look unkempt, don’t know how to dress and look weird.

  43. bhudema says:

    100% agree with #5 (carriecat). Sorry T.O., but you’re not very well liked outside of your city limits.

  44. brandy says:

    I’m from the prairies, bt spent a lot of time in Toronto. I didn’t find it the friendliest of places, but since moving to Ottawa, I do find that Ottawa is for the most part a lot worse.

    LOL everyone is fighting about the “immigrant” comment, I seriously thought that that person wrote “Ignorants” and couldn’t figure why everyone was so mad. Chaulk it up to blindness.. OY!

  45. Amy says:

    I think these generalizations about cities are always pretty silly. Of course it’s going to be more hectic and busy in any big city, and that’ll increase with the size or density of it. When you’re in a crowd, who doesn’t want to get to their destination a little bit faster? That doesn’t mean that people won’t help if you ask for directions, I find asking around always gets answers.

    What makes me kinda mad is when you get into stereotypes about the way people are just because they live where they do. There are like, 2.5 million people living in Toronto? So how could it be that they all have a “centre of the universe” mentality? I may be a bit biased here since I live in Toronto, but I wouldn’t describe everyone here as self-centred. I rarely hear people snub the cities in other provinces, so I don’t really understand the Toronto bashing that seems to go around.

    Anyway, just my last two cents: Basically you hate the city life or you don’t, doesn’t matter if it’s Toronto or not.

  46. Lulu says:

    What did Ottawa ever do? Stop dissing our beautiful CAPITAL….let’s stop turning on each other and start trashing the ”states” instead…LOL(obviously I am joking) 🙂

  47. Mike says:

    Okay, so there is no deal. I’ll inform Howie Mandell.

    I still think that starting a discussion like this leaves people like noonya and others to make false generalizations. Unless you are talking about facts and specifics this topic is a waste of what brain matter people have left after drinking orange drink from McDonalds as children.

  48. Luke says:

    RD votes Toronto as top 3 in courteous class XD (from ’07)

  49. Judy says:

    I have to agree. Please do not blame your being rude because you are all so busy. I to am very busy, as I am sure everyone else is. Just because you are the financial/economic centre in Canada does not excuse rudness.

  50. Mi says:

    Ottawa is very bad. Mostly the people there are either rich or very poor, and you’d see the ugliness of both sides of the spectrum very easily. =

    • David Carson says:

      I agree wholeheartedly with you Mi. I have lived in Ottawa all my life, and it is a rude God-forsaken hicktown. It is a very predictable city with too many french people. I wish they would leave the country! All the good jobs go to the french, and you don’t stand a chance of getting a good job in Ottawa unless you want to get a job in the government. Who wants to work for a bunch of corrupt wicked politicians anyway? Not to mention that Ottawa has some of the coldest most brutal winters anywhere. Anytime I have been to Toronto I have found it enjoyable with lots to do compared to Ottawa. Toronto has much more nightlife than Ottawa, and Ottawa is getting to be too expensive. Ottawa is a brain dead snobby city.And the bus fare is ridiculisly high and the drivers are some of the worst anywhere.

  51. Ash says:

    Never been to Toronto so i can’t say, but Edmonton is by far the rudest city in Western Canada…

  52. Dennis says:

    I’ve found Toronto to be one of the friendliest cities! If your looking for an unwelcoming, rude town try Halifax. It’s the worst place in Canada!

  53. Robin says:

    I haven’t been in Toronto in about 14 years, but living in Ottawa, I would give it a vote for being rude and unfriendly. People are pretty spoiled here and somehow it causes them to put up nasty defensive walls. We travel and last summer we were in a place that was so friendly.I thought I was in some surreal movie. Cashiers smiling and chatty, kind, and packing your bags, people on the street smiling and looking at you and saying hello as you walked by(it wasn’t a small town either), everyone just seemed to have taken happy pills.

  54. Notta says:

    Toronto is bad. They are not “the Country” as they seem to think they are. BUT,,,some City’s in QC are 100% worse than anything Toronto can muster up. Of course Toronto will disagree with this as they are better than the rest,, even if it is being the “rudest” I do not think they are unique however, just typical of any large Metropolis

  55. miss_jolie says:

    I think they should replace the word “Toronto” with Montreal. I’ve been to both places and I would disagree with that statement. Maybe they’re talking about all the minorities in Toronto, I do find that they have their own agenda.

  56. Leanne says:

    I have lived in various cities and countries and find Toronto no different than any other place. If you have a positive attitude, you will notice how many nice people there are wherever you go. If you have a negative attitude, you will notice how many rude people there are wherever you go.

    Of course, like any city, stress is high at times in the downtown core, but out of the thousands of people in Toronto that I know, no one thinks this is the COTU. That stereotype comes from a political prejudice I experienced when I moved out west – alot of westerners feel ON & PQ get all the gov’t funding while they’re left high & dry. Had to stop telling people I was from Toronto before they formed a lynch mob.

    Come on people – united we stand, divided we fall. This is a great country – let’s grow up and appreciate our diversity.

  57. Catherine L says:

    I generally find the people of Toronto very rude and completely unwilling to help. We realized very quickly that google maps would have to be our best friend until we could navigate ourselves, and not to bother asking anyone for help to get where we were going. It was easier in the end just to stay in the little area that we did know rather than try and explore. However, Montreal seems to be pretty bad as well. Some people are commenting that we should appreciate the diversity of this country. I can do that. But, I don’t consider being rude and arrogant diversity. It’s just ignorant.

  58. LouLou says:

    I wouldn’t agree with this statement. I lived in Toronto for 14 years and didn’t find it any more ‘dirty’ or ‘rude’ than any other big city. In fact, I found it to be the opposite. As for being crime-ridden, it has its share of problems, as do most big cities. Unfortunately, it is a small group of people making big problems for the rest of the population. I was born in Winnipeg and when we moved here so many people said we would hate it and that people in Toronto are rude and unwelcoming. I have never experienced this. And to those who complain that Ontario gets all the government funding, appreciate that we also generate most of the tax dollars.

  59. khrystena says:

    If you look at the full list on MSN they name all the top cities in the world. I take it as a compliment that Toronto is capable of holding its own in the world lists no matter what list it is!

    As for me, I live just outside the GTA, always have the best experience when I make it to downtown Toronto and I find it is the 905 that has the attitude problem vs the 416. It is the people who moved out of Toronto or think that because they live here they are the best… true Torontonians are polite and friendly and willing to help.

    I’ve travelled from St John’s right to the rockies and have had no issue with rudeness anywhere, doesn’t matter where you go, there will always be a rude person. You can’t expect Toronto to be the Maritimes either.

  60. khrystena says:

    If you look at the full list on MSN they name all the top cities in the world. I take it as a compliment that Toronto is capable of holding its own in the world lists no matter what list it is!

    As for me, I live just outside the GTA, always have the best experience when I make it to downtown Toronto and I find it is the 905 that has the attitude problem vs the 416. It is the people who moved out of Toronto or think that because they live here they are the best… true Torontonians are polite and friendly and willing to help.

    I’ve travelled from St John’s right to the rockies and have had no issue with rudeness anywhere, doesn’t matter where you go, there will always be a rude person. You can’t expect Toronto to be the Maritimes either.

  61. shopaholiclq says:

    Noneya is ignorant if he/she doesn’t think he/she is at least a descendent of immigrants.

  62. Not Me says:

    I agree about Oakville people being snotty – I work there and they are terrible. As for Toronto, I love the city, I don’t find it dirtier than any other city that I’ve been to – how many million people live and work there? Of course it’s not going to be an exceptionally clean place – everywhere there are people that will throw garbage, cigarette butts, you name it – it’s not something that is specific to this city. The people are great – yes they walk with their heads down, I would too if I lived there, and I understand completely where they are coming from. But if I needed help with anything, even if it was just with directions, I feel confident that anyone I asked would gladly give it. Yes, they are their own different breed of people, but that’s what makes them so great. If people were the same everywhere you went, would that be any fun?

  63. Moe says:

    People are only a mirror of you!

    Are you Warm, Approchable & Welcoming ?
    Give this a shot. . .

    Say Good morning or Hello or thank-you, too 10 People today.
    Look these people in the eyes & smile while doing it & truly mean it!
    Your results may be surprising,

    Good Morning . . . & Please, Every one have a Great Day ! Moe

  64. Julie says:

    I’m from the UK and lived in London for 5 years before I moved here and I have been struck by how nice and safe and polite Toronto is. Maybe my standards were lowered by London though – lol

  65. Johnny the Matt says:

    Toronto is good when you live there.. When you are not used to her, she will eat you up.
    My favorite time of day was working my way past Union Station, intersection of University and Front. If you found yourself in No Mans Land with your care when the light changed, people would make it a point to walk in front and behind to ensure you would not move. Honking ensues. I was in this situation as a pedestrian and a driver throughout my time in the Smoke. Goodtimes!

  66. Julie says:

    I find Toronto VERY tolerant of immigrants…until I tell someone I’m American. lol

  67. kristen says:

    no no no no no lol I used to live in toronto and moved to London and London is BY FAR much worse than toronto…the prostitution, the drugs and the downright rude people here is ridiculous…I cant stand it here and would consider Toronto a paradise!

  68. Tony says:

    I agree about Oakville people being snotty. A real estate agent once told me that Oakville has high taxes because they don’t want poor people to live there. I also met another big shot real estate agent from Oakville, he was rude and he acts like he owns the city.

  69. Nelly says:

    I disagree about Toronto being classified as a rude city. I have travelled/moved a lot throughout my life and can point out a handful of examples of MUCH worse cities in that respect. The most prominent ones that come to mind are Munich, Germany; Sofia, Bulgaria and Sydney, Australia. Of course, everything is relative, but all in all, in spite of all my complaining, I have to say that Toronto (where I currently work) is pretty awesome!

  70. Brian says:

    I’d say of all the cities, my worst experience has been Vancouver. And my explanation is in line with Sally’s line of thinking. The thing about Vancouver, is that the people act the same way they do in Toronto. This is wrong because they’re not living “in the economic engine of the country and have a lot of work to do”.

    To me it’s just unacceptable for people living in Vancouver to feel the right to behave the same way they do in a large metropolitan city.

  71. Kim says:

    for Catherine L.
    “I generally find the people of Toronto very rude and completely unwilling to help. ”

    I think you are asking the wrong people. I work downtown and I have helped many tourists. You can tell them from a mile away as they generally have maps and are standing there looking around and looking lost. 90% of the people that I’ve spoken to did NOT ask me for help – if you don’t ask most people won’t help you and its not because they are being rude.

    A lot of people forget that the majority of people that work downtown are likely not from Toronto. The GO trains and TTC are packed in the morning with commuters from out of town and most of these people couldn’t find their way north of King street without a map. If someone doesn’t want to help you it may not be because they are rude, it could be because they are busy or they can’t help you.

  72. Jerome says:

    The city is nice,but the people are as the article says. Trouble is they carry their attitude with them anywhere/everywhere they go!

  73. Andie says:

    this topic has gotten absurd. so many people dissing toronto based on people they’ve met in other places. or assuming that the rude person in the SUV is from Toronto. A couple points on this (1) often people from the entire suburban area, up to an hour away, say they are “from Toronto” when they are travelling because it is easier than naming a place the person may not have heard from. (2) Just assuming someone is from somewhere doesn’t necessarily make it so. (3) if every day when you just wanted to get home from work you encountered two cars, side by side in the middle of the street, blocking everyone behind them both ways, would you be super nice and polite and stop to chit chat with them? that’s what it’s like when the sidewalks get blocked for thousands and thousands of people here every day.

    so, we may not be falling all over ourselves to talk to strangers, but we see thousands of them a day.

    and, yes, i ALWAYS ask someone who looks lost, or looking at a map, if they need help. and I see others do it all the time. we really aren’t rude, just have things to do. Just like you do when you are having a normal workday.

  74. Ian says:

    This is a ridiculous question. The whole article is written to djin up stupid conversations like this one. Torontonians don’t think of themselves as the centre of the universe, that’s a ridiculous fantasy dreamed up by people who wish it were so. People who either don’t like cities or who have bought into the media manufactured rivalries between cities will use catalysts like this to repeat the formulaic mantras they’ve been fed for years.

    Some people are rude, some are helpful. Where they’re from is a pretty poor indicator of which camp they’ll fall into, unless it’s a small town. People in small towns are generally pretty helpful, because (generally) the pace of life is a little slower. People in cities are (generally) moving at a faster pace, and some of the shorthand they use to communicate may come off to others as brusque. It’s all about context.

  75. Rachel says:

    I just returned from a trip to Toronto 2 days ago with my boyfriend, and it was amazing! We couldnt believe how nice and helpful everyone was when it came to helping us find our way around. The bus drivers in perticular were extremely helpful, going out of their way to make sure we got to our destination in the easiest way.
    All in all, a great city and I can’t wait to return!
    ps my boyfriend thinks its so great he wants us to live there

  76. Janine says:

    Love the city, the people are rude though.

  77. Zay says:

    Yes people are rude but there are many friendly people as well. I try to make it a point of being really nice to someone that is rude to me, I find it embarrasses them and sometimes it works and they realize they are being rude.

  78. Janine says:

    Im from the Maritimes though…..we tend to be a special breed though…LOL

  79. Tina says:

    I don’t fit in with the Toronto crowd. When I’m shopping or going to a play, people always ask me where am I from? I think how do they know I’m not from Toronto you ask? They said my smiling happy face gave it away!! LOL

  80. baggypants says:

    Toronto has a population of 2.48 million…and they’re all rude???

    • Yeldarb says:

      Hi Baggypants:
      There are a lot of people in a prison. I am sure you can find one person that is nice in there. Good job for pointing out the obvious.

  81. FunkyMunky says:

    Loved the immigrants comment *rolls eyes* 🙂 if anything, people are more ignorant then rude 🙂

  82. AC says:

    I am not a fan of Toronto at all but I wouldn’t classify it as the rudest city in Canada. I don’t find the people overly friendly there but I think they’re worse in Montreal and ESPECIALLY Ottawa. I’ve been in Ottawa my entire life and I can’t believe how snotty and rude the people are here. Ottawa definitely gets my vote!!!

  83. Nelly says:

    Haha, just noticed the whole “immigrant” discussion. Too funny. Just for the record, I am an immigrant (and proud of it) and for some reason people always tend to ask me for directions, the time, etc. (even if there are a thousand other people around me that they could ask instead) and I always go out of my way to help them. One time a homeless person approached me and thanked me for being the only person who had not ignored him that day. I ended up giving him $5, not that I’m rich or anything, just a stupid immigrant I suppose. 😀 Anyway, bigots make me laugh. So thanks for making my day, noneya! 😀

  84. Myani says:

    I agree…I moved to Ontario for school and when I got here I wanted to go RIGHT back west. I’ve learned that it’s not personal, but a way of life. The go go go, rush rush rush attitude leaves little time for some to remember the little things like “smile if someone’s smiling at you”. I still just smile and say ‘hello’ if I make eye contact with someone. Once in awhile I get an awkward double take and a ‘hey’ back 😉

  85. Rachel says:

    i disagree.I do not live in Toronto, but i have visited quite a few times, and people were really nice.They held the door open for me,if they accidently bumped me apoogized, and i didn’t find anything rude about them.I think people think it’s rude because it’s such a busy city.But, that’s just my opinion.

  86. Rakhi says:

    First off, i don’t think toronto is a rude city.I think most people are just busy.I have been there afew times and everyone was really nice.Also, I completely agree with Ian (75th comment), very well put.

  87. Sarah says:

    Well, before i make my statement,I am in total dissagreement with the article.But, i am bias because i have lived in Toronto my whole life.

    First off, I am not at all upset or offended that Toronto is on the list, but more some of the things people are complaining about.To be clear, not every part of Toronto is busy and overcrowded.But most think that all of Toronto is like that.Also, i and many other Torontonians are more than happy to help tourists and give directions.It is just sometimes when you’re downtown and ask directions to the big shot business men and get ignored.But that happens in any city.

    As for it being dirty.I can agree.But that is expected of any over populated metropolitan city.I have also read in previous comments that Torontonians think they are COTUs, but honestly we don’t (or at least me and many people i know don’t).Because we’re so busy trying to gey to work ontime or catching the TTC, people think we don’t care about anyone else or have any regard for anyone else.

    Also, I am definetly not going to badmouth other Canadian cities either.Once i went on a class trip to Ottawa for a week and people there were very nice and helpfull.

    In the end, it is a personal experience,not a generalization.So in the end toronto isn’t a comfy little smalltown life Kansas, but it definetly isn’t a monster of a city.


  88. lemonshark says:

    I’ve lived in calgary, vancouver, halifax and toronto.

    Halifax easily tops the rudest list. People would not talk with you, they treat visitors with open contempt, and while the rest of the maritimes was nice, halifax seriously lacked manners.

    Toronto is just busy. I like it that way. don’t try getting chatty with people scurrying on Bay st, and don’t be a dimwit on the subway, and generally everyone’s fairly friendly. granted in a city this size there’s always jerks.

    I don’t see why people think “I’m busy and working and I have places to be and things to do” with rudeness. Not all of us have lives of moseying along on a sunday stroll. Like it or not, that’s how the downtown core works.

  89. Elli Davis says:

    I have just discovered this and I have to admit I laughed out loud when I read it. I totally disagree. I have lived in Toronto for years and I seriously do not think it belongs to rudest cities in the world. Sure, it is not perfect but the article is way too exaggerated in my opinion.

  90. Fleuretta says:

    I couldn’t stand Toronto. I’d agree that it is one of the rudest (and ugliest) cities in North America. We lived there for a few years and couldn’t wait to escape.

  91. mk says:

    Anywhere there are great and nasty people. Of all the cities I’ve been to- Toronto is the only one where I have had people with serious sidewalk rage!!! Cutting you off when you are walking, almost pushing you into the road; and being very PROUD that they are rude.
    People never wave thanks for letting them in when driving, it’s a big city were everyone is more important than you, or they think their time is more valuable than yours – cause as many people here say “they are busy!”. I’d not be able to live in those cities, visit OK. I like things more friendly, happy and humane. Being busy is NOT a reason to be rude, at least not for me. If you work in TO, then you are part of TO. That is a huge part of TO’s make up, those poor folks who waste many hours per day getting to and from work, again their choice.

  92. Bill says:

    I was born in Toronto, spent 35 years here and will be leaving shortly. It was a place that used to be great-not now. I’ve travelled to many places but the rude, ill-mannered people that I’ve seen here top all of them. Just take a ride on the TTC. You’ll see thoughtless self-centered people with their backpacks blocking seats, so others can’t use them, stufffing their faces with food in front of others, blaring their music etc. The TTC is filthy and the city talks continuosly for the last 15 years about improvements yet does nothing-they talk a lot here and do nothing. They butt-in line… cut in front of you, push and shove like rats. They lie to you and play word-games at the expense of integrity. I hear a lot of marketing about the place about how great it is but I don’t see it at all. There are too many spoilt people here that seem to overshadow the rest. It’s engineered for profits only so you will stand in line for everything and get some of the worst service you’ll ever receive anywhere. They don’t have the courtesy of returning your calls should you decide to complain about anything. It’s too bad as the place has great potential…just never achieves it…

    It’s all about costing everything-even toilets-humanity doesn’t live here anymore.

  93. Bill says:

    Why ask those that live here…they’re obviously biased. Track down and ask those that left and ask them WHY they did.

  94. Sarah says:

    I agree Toronto isn’t a perfect city, and has flaws, but may i ask what city in the world doesn’t? What city doesn’t have rude people, and uncleanliness, and busy roads?If someone can answer me that 100% honestly, i will be shocked. I think this article is blown way out of proportion (and i am not even Canadian).

  95. Lori says:

    I was only there once. I walked up to a group of people waiting to take the subway and asked if this was the one going to (whatever street-can’t remember the name now). Nobody even acknowledged me. It didn’t feel too friendly to me.

  96. Amber says:

    Oh absolutely agree. DH lived there for a few years before we were married and he hated it as well, and when someone who’s travelled all over the world says that Toronto is rude then…

    Toronto is on my list of one of the cities that I hope never, ever to have to go to again.

  97. anne says:

    No way, New York is by far. I guess none have travelled much. New Yorkers are bossy, pushy and ignorant in general.

  98. Iwannadeal says:

    I disagree. I have spent a lot of time in T.O. and love it, but I know that many Canadians in other parts of the country ‘hate’ it for some vague reasons. My husband and I have been treated rudely in the west (Sask, Manitoba)when they found out we’re from Ontario, or near Toronto.I think that of Canadian cities, Montreal is the rudest. We went there on vacation, and they are very hyper and impatient, mow you down on the sidewalks, and dislike ‘anglos’ especially.

  99. BC_Tom says:

    Not sure why Toronto is on this list… If you look at the real survey that this list was taken from, Toronto isn’t even on it. It was just added by the Canadian writers at MSN in order to make Toronto seem similar to New York. Dirty and rude? Get serious, Toronto is easily the cleanest, friendliest city in eastern Canada/USA.
    On a side note, I think people are a little too sensitive about people being rude to them. I would gladly take someone being rude to me over some passive-aggressive twit who is hiding his/her true emotions in order to please me.

  100. Brian says:

    Thunder bay no question has the rudest ,meanest people on the planet.

  101. Realist says:

    Toronto is a strange city…after living in big cities around the world I find the following:
    Toronto is the most friendliest city when you need directions, maybe a little help and for general info etc.
    Working and mixing with Torontonians is a different story…really rude…no please, no thank you…they are not interested in getting to you know you…just a little superficial chat is always good…usually about the weather…Its just very sterile…but perhaps the worst thing about Toronto is the quality of food…..the worst I have had in 39 cities around the world…just go up to Montreal to see the difference.

  102. David says:

    Bill (comment #93 and #94) got it right on! I won’t repeat what he said.

    If you’re a pedestrian, the “rude” part of Toronto is the downtown – so roughly, Bloor/Front/Yonge/Bathurst boundary. There is very serious sidewalk rage in this area. If you are with elderly or disabled people, you just can’t go there for safety reasons. People (male and female) will slam into you like it’s a moshpit. It’s upsetting. And whoever says that doesn’t happen, does not go there every day like I have to, or is lying.

    Service in restaurants/bars is known for being deplorable. You can go in with all the smiles and pleasantries you like, and it will get you nowhere. People are seen as commodities: Get you in, empty your wallet, get you out.

    The other odd thing about downtown Toronto is people speak extremely loudly. It seems like attention seeking to me. It wouldn’t be so off-putting if so much of the language wasn’t foul.

    Also, my mother was accosted by those guys pointing the toy guns demanding her money. Someone mentioned that in one of the blogs I was reading (not sure if ti was this one). She was terribly upset, and it cut our day short, and I had to take her home. How do you handle a situation like that? Do you call 911? I sometimes see police on bikes, but they’re way, way outnumbered by punks.

    It’s beyond a lack of civility. I agree that humanity has left.

  103. Bradley says:

    Absolutely not. I have lived in three Canadian cities and I am always at a loss re. Canada’s tiresome judgment and dislike of Toronto.
    It’s a wonderful city–yes it’s big, yes it’s busy, sheeesh!

    I have lived in downtown Toronto for well over a decade and scarcely recall a rude episode. Lighten up people!

    If you look for rude you will find rude no matter where you are.

    • Yeldarb says:

      Hey Bradley. Don’t you think people in denial are the reason why the city is getting worse and worse. A lot of people in Toronto are in denial and refuse to take positive feedback from others. Yes lighten up, Bradley! And try listen to others for once.

  104. Zgh says:

    People who claim toronto is not rude either are in denial or have no clue about the rest of the world because they have not travelled outside of Toronto.

    Fact is Toronto is one of the rudest cities in the world.

    I am not talking about normal rude. I am talking about the passive aggressive rudeness, mixed with smugness and snobbishness and some coldness.

    People are just plain stupid and rude here.


    Stop denying this.

  105. Nellie says:

    Yes I do agree, I have lived in Toronto for a few years now and have noticed that Toronto is for sure the rudest city in the nation.

  106. I have lived in many major cities and i don’t find Toronto any more rude than other major cities

  107. l miller says:

    I live in a smaller Cana dian city and do find Toronto a little bit less freindly-but it is Heaven compared to quite a few American cities; New York and LA; for example.

  108. Annie says:

    I’m a Canadian girl now living in London UK. I used to live in Toronto many moons ago. I have to agree and disagree at the same time. Back in the day, Toronto was not a rude city at all. It was also one of the safest – as was the rest of Canada. I’m going back to the 70s and how I remember it as a teenager. I really miss those days and living in my Vancouver BC province. As with everything in this world, many things are changing for the worse! Also, and at the risk of sounding racist, when you allow every nationality and shove them all in one place, that’s when it gets really nasty. But………if you compare Toronto as being rude? Try coming here to London, then you’ll see what really rude and nasty and violent it can be!

  109. Bryan says:

    Ottawa is the worst. I’ve been to other Ontario cities and Ottawa is the most unfriendly you could ever visit. Toronto is slightly rude as well but Ottawa takes the cake.

    • David carson says:

      I agree Bryan. I have lived in Ottawa all my life, and it is by far the rudest city in the country. It is a hick town. Anytime I have visited Toronto, I have found the people quite friendly, at least not any ruder than Ottawa. Ottawa has too many government people and too many french people messing things up for us english speaking people. Ottawa a few years ago was ranked as the rudest city in the country, and possibly the world. If I could afford to, I would move to another city. Toronto is much more exciting than Ottawa, and Toronto should have been named the capital of the country, not Ottawa. Everything here is too expensive and over priced for what you get, and Ottawa is dead when it comes to nightlife. This city is rude, except for me of course.

  110. Trishia says:

    I have lived in Toronto all of my life (50 years)
    It is filled with horribly behaved, mannerless and rude people.
    The downfall started in the early 1990s with the infestation of rap music and American mainstream media influencing. It will never recover.

  111. George says:

    @ Annie who posted on April 11th 2013.

    Stop being such a racist and xenophobe.

    If you really have been around in Toronto, you will know that the rude and passive aggressiveness are mostly directed at the non-white immigrants in Toronto — they are the victims, not the persons at fault.

    So, stop fudging the real issue.

    I hope karma will get you in the end.

  112. Jane says:

    ONE ANSWER: multiculturalism. There are cities almost as big as toronto that are alot more civilized and friendlier- like burlington for example……….

  113. Jan says:

    Ottawa would be a close second. Ottawa is very rude, self-centered.

    • David Carson says:

      I agree totally. I have lived in Ottawa all my life, and it is a rude hicktown with too many french people. It is a boring city and very expensive.

  114. JL says:

    It took me a few visits to fall in love with it. I’m from far northwestern Ontario, the last town before entering Manitoba actually, so it’s a definite culture shock at first. Trip one I was offended and really put off by most of the people. Second trip I started to realize this is how things work in a city this size, play ball with these people (move out of the way, be nice when navigating street crossings, etc) but stick with how you were raised. I hold the door open for women or men. I respect my elders. I empathize with a single mother carrying four bags and two kids. I get that people are trying to get home. They’re not being overtly rude; they’re just trying to get things done, get to work, get home, etc. once I figured this out I’ve had nothing but good times. People have stopped and asked me for directions downtown and I give them the best I can because I remember getting lost the first time! As far as experiencing outwardly rude people who intended it…I’d have to say Niagara Falls was it. But the people there spend all day catering to tourists they’ll never see again for minimum wage; I guess I wouldn’t be that friendly during my off-time either.

  115. Mina says:

    OMG, YES!!! Toronto is the RUDEST cities I have ever been to. When I first moved there I would say hello to my neighbours in passing and they wouldn’t even look at me! If you ask someone for directions they just look at you and shake their head and keep on walking. Once I had to take the street car when I was 8 months pregnant and not one person offered me a seat. Finally talked my husband to move out of that horrible city to Oakville. Oakville is a better, however a bit snobby and stuck up.

  116. November says:

    Toronto used to be a fine city. It was very tolerate to other ways of life. And that is why leading to its downfall. Yes, it is very multi-cultural. It brings a lot of great cultures as well as a lot of bad cultural and habits. The fact is: Toronto often welcome bad cultural and habits more so than the good ones. Immigrants who has better education migrates to USA or his/her original country because they cannot stand the bad culture, bad habits, stupid gov’t, high tax and low employment rate in Toronto. One question often asked by others is: Why we elected Rob Ford as mayor?
    My answer is: No one else is better than the drunken, doped fat ass. He simply is the best choice. Do you see how screw up Toronto is?

  117. Wayne says:

    Of all the cities, both Canadian and US, that I’ve been to – Toronto is, by far, the city I most hate. It is definitely a very rude and snobby place to visit. …. “Toronto the Good (for nothing) World-Class act (for arrogance)”…..

  118. adriana says:

    it just doesn’t take a lot to smile, to let a driver into your lane, to hold a door. I’ve never been to a city, besides Ottawa, where so many people holds so much anger inside that they feel self righteously justified in releasing when a neighbor improperly recycles or a driver cuts them off in traffic. they’re not angry about that. and it doesn’t seem to be a city that values loving your neighbor, and generosity of spirit. your heart soars with happiness when you are in a different city, New York where the subway worker comes out of his booth and gives you directions with a huge smile like he cares. in Toronto subway workers are scathing with you if you need to know somebody, once my 12 year old son lost a ticket (75 cents) and the driver wouldn’t let him on. At pearson, my husband took my 4 year old in to use the bathroom before he got on a flight and I got a 70$ ticket because I wouldn’t ‘drive around’ as I was afraid I would miss them and my husband had to check in. there’s pride here in NOT helping people. a city that was poorly raised. a city of very bad manners.

    • John says:

      Sorry to hear of your disappointing experiences on Toronto public transport. I ‘ve just returned to Holland from a holiday in Toronto where I made a lot of use of the system and found transport staff, especially at subway stations, most polite and helpful. There may have been extra people on duty for the Pan American games, but I doubt they undergo profound personality changes once such events are over. Anyway, I hope you can give the city a second chance and visit it again, and enjoy it !

  119. W says:

    I don’t want to be absolute. But Toronto has let me feel uncomforable the most so far. Here has higher percentage of rude people. They show no courtesy and no manner.
    The city is chaotic and dirty, especially in the city center and some communities cross the city. Reckless drivers are like contamination gradually polluting every corner of the city.
    I will not deny that some nice neighbourhood do exisit. I love to visit them as culture heritage from the good time. Hope those will not be disappeared soon after.

  120. Red says:

    Whoever here who said Toronto is diverse and a great place to travel, are liars and this tells what kind of people Torontonians are. And people who said people there have no manners, poorly raised and selfish, thank you for seeing the truth. Especially whoever put stuff like “Toronto is like New York” is an idiotic statement. Toronto is NOTHING like New York, and will never be. It is the worst place for employment, to travel, to get around even if a lot of distance needs to be covered. I feel a lot of pity for those of you still in denial. This was made couple of years ago so maybe that’s why you are saying stuff that doesn’t make any sense. Everyday the so called city is getting worse. If you wanna be miserable, tired, lonely and victims of legal robberies of enterprises in the city, please stay there. But if I want to live in Canada, why live in Toronto? There’s 100s of other great places you could live.

  121. TO_sprout says:

    It depends on what part of the city you’re in. Certain parts have way too much traffic which leaves people road raged at rush hour. There is a serious “honking” issue too which I genuinely think is noise pollution and upsets the environment. You’re out on a patio watching the world cup and someone 30ft away is blasting their horn for no damn reason. Hopefully not a truck. I think there is an element of Toronto that needs to calm down. In general people have little manners and aren’t as quiet and civilized as I’d like it. I’ve found Europe a lot more pleasant. But, if you have a good job and live in a good hood, it’s not bad at all. It really depends on the person’s personality. I did think Toronto was the centre of the universe until I travelled more and now I question people’s behavior. It’s mixed. Overall, it’s a 7.

  122. I'm Immigrant says:

    I’m an immigrant and I live in the GTA area. Yes, there is a big problem with Canadian immigration system. And I do not mind people blaming immigrants for this problem as long as this is a reasonable discussion. Talking about immigration doesn’t mean they are racist. On the contrary, I found that many people defending immigration unreasonable. In my opinion, GTA area is a giant magnets for negative energy and a strong repelling force for positive energy and good people. Many educated professional people migrate to GTA and find this place hopeless and “vote with their feet” to other cities. Only people with less qualification stay in the GTA. This is why it does seem like immigration ruins the cities. But the fact is, even elite white Canadian choose to abandon the GTA area too. I see alot of rude white people in the GTA too. The problem is not about immigration, but I understand why people think this way.

  123. Jena meyer says:

    I know we are talking about big cities here. But I find Kingston to be the rudest city I have ever lived in. Not to mention there are ALOT of townies who are idiots and can be beyond crule.

  124. Adam says:

    I’ve been all around North America, and I would say Toronto is the rudest city I have encountered – much worse than Boston or New York. Cars will literally attempt to run people down, people are so inconsiderate of each other, everyone talks very loud and fast, cars practically fly on the highway and will hate on you for doing the speed limit, there is no empathy, etc… I’m sorry but the people there are just trash.

  125. John says:

    Returned to Toronto (from Europe) for the first time in 42 years, having lived in Canada and been to Toronto for work assignments then. This time was on holiday. The weather was fine and I found almost everyone happy, relaxed, friendly and helpful. 42 years ago it was quieter and somewhat sedate, but this time I found it full of life and it appeared very safe. For a great and busy North American metropolis, where many people are bound to be busy and preoccupied, I think Torontonians generally deserve an award for their kind and cheerful attitude. I was particularly impressed by how some of the older residential districts, for example, those around Spadina subway station, have enjoyed a revival. It was rather disturbing to see beggars on the street and I’m not sure this is really necessary, given that help is probably availabe to them, but I contributed here and there where I felt I should. BTW, I found public transport to be pretty good, especially, the tram system. The prices of the fares certainly compare well with other similar cities. Thank you, “Tranna”, for a very enjoyable stay !

  126. David V. says:

    I came home tonite, thinking Toronto now (11/20/15)is pretty well offic. a conceited city!! I told my buddy,Phil fifteen years ago taking back my comment as it seemed much like it was just ‘contra’, “Toronto is a snob city!” but man it is its reserved Who can deny that?? It’s (for now) violent ! And pig couples care about I dunno if it’s politically incorrect term – they’re on self,, yuppie lives. Speaking quietly and protentiously , acting extreme put-off and snapping selfiesor something just to be snobby annoying. Toronto has fairly ugly people, try ottawa, at least there’s a whole bunch of french people and they have the honor of being hosting the nation’s capital.

  127. BrightWhite says:

    Toronto…all I ever read on the news is a murder in Toronto like every day….what a poohole.

  128. Sara says:

    I am not sure why Jane’s comment is at the top. Racist and prejudice people should not be appreciated in their hate speech! Jane first of all Canada is a country of indigenous people and while people couldn’t have been ruder than to not only snatch it from them but also killed them. This is a land of indigenous people and they are the one who would have handled it the best! So please don’t be another white suppremesist in this country saying that Canada should be for people of only one race! You may want to go back to England or France if you prefer that! There are more white people there.

  129. Wiseman says:

    Oh man so many haters and a racist. But hey, your life will be as good as your personality. Can’t let everyone affect you. On that note, every city has snotty and nice people. Toronto is great, safe, fun, and always forward thinking. Nothing wrong with happy people who like where they live and those whom like nice things. People will criticize without facts, but those are the haters…so. Try Karen infested Hamilton…lol. But you gotta live life. You only live once!

  130. Tiger Brown says:

    Absolutely true indeed !
    Torontonians have a very big complex – either superior or inferior. They just don’t know how to live without one. Superior coz they think they live in the commercial capital of the country and inferior coz they can’t match up to New York city’s standards. So they mask it by being rude and arrogant. It’s very rare to find one without a mask.

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