Free $10 Gift Card from Shoppers Drug Mart (with purchase of $50)

Awesome deal from Shoppers this week. Get a $10 gift card when you spend $50 or more on anything in store!

Shoppers Drug Mart Gift Card

More details about Shoppers free $10 gift card

P&G and Cover Girl Sale

Health & Beauty, Home Care, Laundry, Baby Care sale

Kushies, up to 65% off.
OshKosh, B’gosh, up to 50% off
Cambridge Towels
Roots, Club Monaco, Guess, Esprit, Polo, Columbia, up to 80% off
Name brand fragrances up to 80% off.

Up to 75% off MSRP

November 4 – 19
Nov 4 and 5: 10am – 7pm
Mon-Fri: 10am – 8pm
Sat: 10am – 6pm
Sun: 11am – 5pm


3680 Victoria Park Ave.
Toronto, ON
You can find a list of P&G’s products here 

Canadian Flyers: Nestle and Cadboury Trick or Treat

For those who missed it last week, Food Basics is selling the Nestle Favourites and Cadboury Fun Treats (pkg of 50) for $4.97 this weekend only.

Trick or Treat

Read the Food Basics flyer here

Futura Rewards Canada – KidsFutures (RESP Program) $10 Sign Up Bonus Code

Futura Rewards

First of all I’d like to mention that I contacted Futura / KidsFutures and asked for a sign up bonus for and they were very pleasant and friendly people. Thank you Graham and Antonella for your brilliant service! I anticipate a shining future for Futura 🙂

I strongly encourage all parents to take this program seriously. It can help save a lot of money for your child. Julieonmymind, the Canadian Parents forum moderator, posted some very informative info to get you started with Futura Rewards and since I’m too lazy I’ll just copy and paste her post ;-). Thanks Julieonmymind!

Our bonus code (to get $10) when you sign up for a Futura Account is: CANUCKS10

Futura is an expanded version of what used to be called Kidsfutures, with this program you’re able to purchase everyday products and services from Futura partners and save for RESPs, RRSPs or pay off student loans!

The link for the Futura website is:

For every dollar you save with Futura, its equal to $1 Canadian!
To sign up or to ask a Futura Representative questions call: 1-866-728-3454
(Remember to give your SmartCanucks Bonus Code CANUCKS10 when you call)

This logo is from Futura Rewards Website

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does it work?

Collect barcodes from everyday products. Send in your barcodes or receipts with your tally chart every three months and watch the savings add up. You can also shop at participating local or online retailers to get more in savings.

How much does it cost?
Joining Futura is FREE! (And you get a $10 sign up bonus if you use the SmartCanucks code)

Can I have more than 1 Futura Account?

You can only have one account per person, but your relatives and friends over the age of 18 can have an account and have it linked to your account.

How do I link different Futura Accounts?
All you have to do is call Futura at 1-866-728-3454 and ask them to link the accounts. You’ll be asked for all the account info.

Do I have to get the KidsFutures MasterCard to collect Futura points?
No, you don’t have to get the KidsFutures Mastercard. If you do, you can save up to an additional 2% in rewards on all purchases you make with the card.

You’ll be able to collect Futura rewards without the mastercard by collecting barcodes and shopping at local or online partner companies.

Guess Canada: Customer Appreciation Day

October 26, 2006 is Guess’s Customer Appreciation Day. 50% off Guess sale merchandise is an attractive deal.

Guess Canada

Locate a Guess store near you here

e.l.f. eyes lips face: Makeup and Brushes for $1

Elf Canadaeyes lips face Canada

e.l.f. eyes lips face has a lot of items on sale for $1 USD + $9 flat rate shipping to Canada. If you’re ordering in bulk (and maybe with your friends to pay the shipping once) this is one awesome deal. For $1 don’t expect the most healthy products but some things like brushes can’t really be harmful.

Here’s an article about e.l.f. products

There’s also a discussion going on about e.l.f. on the US DealOfDay website
Check out e.l.f.’s website and order your $1 items here

Lego Canada – Sales & Deals

Lego Canada

The Lego store has some awesome deals. The Lego Duplo Airplane for example is on sale for $5.98. Unfortunately the online Lego store charges at least $5.95 for shipping so unless you’re buying more than 1 item, shipping ruins the deal.

Check out Lego’s sales and deals here 

Reminder: Mexx, DKNY, Enyce & Liz Claiborne Warehouse Sale

I posted about this warehouse sale a while a go but here are some more details:

Style and Fashion - yes yes yes Canada!

Half Price Admission to SCREEMERS this Sunday

Use this Pizza Pizza coupon to get half price admission to SCREEMERS this sunday (October 22nd, 2006)

Screemers Coupon

Click here to print the SCREEMERS coupon

Kisses for a Buck or Two (from Kiss My Face)

Natural shampoo, soap and lotions for $1 or $2 + shipping


Click here to start shopping for Kisses!

Grocery Deals this week at No Frills, Price Chopper, Food Basics, A&P and Dominion, RCSS & Loblaws

Thanks erinmarisa (of Frugal Shopper) for allowing me to post your Grocery Deals every week 🙂

No Frills
Cashmere Bathroom Tissue 30 rolls $4.97 (0.17/roll)
Blue Ribbon Roasted Coffee 1kg $2.99
Kraft Delissio Rising Crust Pizza 2/$5.77 (save up to $6!)
General Mills cereal $2.99
Real Canadian Water 18 pack $1.99
Scheiders Red Hots $1.79
Red or green Grapes $0.99/lb
Boneless Pork Loin $1.47/lb
Eye of the round roast $1.97/lb
Hot house Baby Bell Peppers $1.99/1 lb bag
Read this week’s No Frills flyer here

Price Chopper
KD 2/$1
Sunny D 1.6L $1
Brocolli 2/$1
Fresh Whole Poark Picnic Shoulder $1/lb
Nestle Milk Shakes $1
Shirriff Pie Filling $1
Cucumbers 2/$1
Hot Rods $1
English Muffins $1
Pepsi, Coke or Canada Dry 2L $1
Hershey Bars 2/$1
Glad Zipper sandwich bags $1
Gold Seal Chunk Light Tuna $1
Campbells Chunky Soup $1
Sidekicks $1
Pastaria frozen entrees $1
Schneiders Meats $1
Air Wick Aerosol or Dial Soap $1
Snuggle fabric softener sheets or Vim $1
Read this week’s Price Chopper flyer here

Food Basics
Pumpkins – Sat & Sun only $0.88
Crest $0.57
Campbells soups $0.46
Hunt’s Sauce or Chef Boyardee $0.85
Fruitopia or Nestea 1.89L $0.97
Read this week’s Food Basics flyer here

A&P and Dominion
SAT ONLY – Nestle or Cadbury choc bars 50 pkg/$4.99
Strawberries 1lb/$1.99
Boneless Skinless Chicken $3.77/lb
Fresh Salmon Filleets $3.88 each
Cashmere bathroom tissue 24 rolls ($0.21 each) or Scottowels towels 8 rolls or Scotties facial tissues 6 boxes $4.99
Post Cereal 2/$4
Read this week’s A&P flyer here

Real Canadian Super Store
Striploin portions $3.99/lb (save $7/lb)
Strawberries 1lb/$1.88
Boneless pork chops $2.99/lb
General Mills cereal $2.49
Racconto pasta $0.59
Breyers ice cream $2.99
McCain cakes $0.99
Blue Bonnet margarine 454g $0.88
Swanson Dinners $1.69
Kraft PB $2.99
Read this week’s RCSS flyer here

Cracker Barrel Cheese 540g $5.99
Kraft Philly Cream Cheese 2/$5
Kraft Philly Dips 2/$5
KD $0.79
Christie Crackers $1.99
Strawberries 1lb – 3/$5
General Mills Cereal 2/$5
Read this week’s Loblaws flyer here

Canadian Flayers: Price Chopper $1 Dollar Sale

Price Chopper $1 Sale

Price Chopper is having a $1 Sale this week. Read Price Chopper’s flyer here. Coupons: Cetaphil

Save $3.00 off of Cetaphil’s 420ml, Oily Skin Cleanser pump

Click here to get your Cetaphil coupon

Canadian Flyers: Pumpkins 88c at Food Basics

Food Basics

Seniors Day at Shoppers Drug Mart

Shoppers Drug Mart

Thursday is Seniors’ Day at Shoppers Drug Mart. This means you get 20% off all products in store. This time you also get a $10 gift card with the purchase of $50 or more 🙂

This event is usually the best time to buy an iPod since you can’t get a better deal than 20%…. and yes Shoppers Drug Mart does sell iPods, although they run out real quickly so make sure you know whether your local branch has some in stock.

You can read the weekly Shoppers Drug Mart flyer here

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