Free Coffee from Country Style Using “Please Play Again” Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rims + Day 3

Thanks Good Al, Freebiechick and Skippy for info about this freebie. This free offer from Country Style has now been CONFIRMED.

Don’t throw away your “Please Play Again” cups from Tim Hortons! You can use redeem them for a free medium coffee from Country style! Anyone who brings their losing tab into a Country Style store from March 3 to 9 will get a free medium cup of coffee

Here’s more info about this from mediaincanada:

Currently in the midst of rebranding its 350+ Ontario locations, Country Style has come up with a cheeky way of getting coffee drinkers to come on in to see what’s new.

In a first-ever move that might well be dubbed “promo hijack,” or possibly “consolation marketing,” the chain is extending a generous offer to every coffee drinker who is disappointed by rolling up the rim elsewhere, only to read the dreaded message: “Sorry Try Again.” Anyone who brings their losing tab into a Country Style store from March 3 to 9 will get a free medium cup of coffee.

“We know from feedback from competitors’ customers that they get frustrated with [not winning] the cups promotions,” says Country president Rick Martens. “Our tagline is ‘It’s going to be a good day,’ and we want to make sure our customers and consumers across Ontario have just that.”

To publicize its piggybacking ploy, the chain is doing a PR and media relations campaign as well as viral marketing, including a Facebook posting, and email initiatives encouraging people to tell family and friends about the free coffee offer. As well, print ads will appear in the Toronto Sun, and there will be spots on radio morning shows at Q107 and Mix 99.9.

The initiative, including advertising and execution, is being done in-house at Country Style in partnership with Toronto-based promotional agency Rennick Marketing Solutions.

As for Day 3 of the challenge between dawger and me, I won again! mwahahahaha. I won a free doughnut this time. Dawger won too today. That makes the score dawger 1 – Boo Radley 2.

Free Coffee from Country Style Using “Please Play Again” Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rims + Day 3

Canadian Make-up Deals of the Week

Canadian Make-up Deals of the Week

Thanks eri for starting this splendid make-up deals thread on the forum 🙂

I thought this would be fun since I am a makeup fanatic. These aren’t all the Makeup Specials of the Week, just the things I find worthwhile…feel free to add

Shoppers Drug Mart:
Quo Brushes are on for 20% off (they are on sale quite frequently, I have several and the quality is fantastic and rivals dept. store brands like Lancome and MAC)
Marcelle Eyeshadows & Mascaras are on for 6.99 (Another good Canada-only brand)

Pharma Plus:
Maybelline Great Lash Mascara & Shinylicious Gloss 3.99 (offer at Rexall too)

Zehrs and Superstore:
25% off select Revlon Products..

Don’t forget the Clinique GWP at the Bay and the Shiseido one at Sears. If you are wondering what is useful from Clinique, I like the Buttershines & Blush as well as the Mild Clarifying Lotion (Toner, alcohol free) and from Shiseido their Sunscreen is pretty good.

Xbox 360 Live 13-Month Gold Subscription Card $38.75

Xbox 360 Live 13-Month Gold Subscription Card $38.75

Good deal at (yes Canadian CAN order from that website). Get Xbox 360 Live 12-Month Gold Subscription Card + 1 month Free + Free Shipping  for $49.99 $38.75

Click here for more details on this Xbox 360 Gold Subscription

Canadian Freebies: World Heritage Map 2008

Canadian Freebies: World Heritage Map 2008

Thanks Master_J for this freebie

Order a free copy of UNESCO’s 2007-2008 World Heritage Wall Map.

Click here to order your free World Heritage Map

Tim Hortons Roll Up the Rim to Win – Day 2

Other / Canada

Tim Hortons Roll Up the Rim to Win - Day 2

It was snowing and slippery today and I didn’t have the right shoes on, yet I braved the weather and walked to Tim Hortons to keep my challenge with dawger going. It was worth it! I won a free coffee 🙂

That makes the score: dawger 0 – Boo Radley 1

Michelle also left a comment about requesting a free cup from Timmies this year:


Hey Boo they are offering FREE cups again(I found this in the rules):

2. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO PLAY: In Canada, obtain a FREE Tim Hortons contest cup and/or a copy of the official rules, by writing to:

Tim Hortons Contest Cup, P.O. Box 9899, Saint John, New Brunswick, E2L 4P8.

All requests for a Free Cup must be postmarked by May 3, 2008 and received by May 11, 2008. Limit of one request per envelope with sufficient postage, while supplies last. All requests must include a postage-paid, self-addressed envelope.

It would also be interesting to see if anyone wins off of these “FREEBIES”!

Canadian Coupons: Maybelline Coupons at

Canadian Coupons: Maybelline Coupons at

Coupons for Mineral Power from Maybelline New York. There are 3 coupons:

  • Buy Any 1, Save $2
  • Buy Any 2, Save $5
  • Buy Any 4, Save $12

Click here to order these Maybelline coupons

DELL Canada 9 Days of Deals – Day 1

DELL Canada 9 Days of Deals - Day 1

Today’s DELL deals:

  • Sanyo DMC-2020 2GB Portable MultiMedia Player with FM Tuner $99.99 $39.99
  • Kingston 8GB SD High Capacity Flash Memory Card $94.99 $54.99
  • Sony Playstation 3 40GB Gaming Console Bundle with Logitech Driving Force EX Steering Wheel and Pedals $469.98 $399.99
  • Sega Rally Revo – PS3 $49.99 $19.99
  • Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H7 8.1 MP Digital Camera $389.00 $329.00

Shipping is free.

Nothing great today.  I guess the Sega Rally Revo for $19.99 is not a bad deal.

DELL have reminded me of why I’ve stopped reviewing their days of deals about a year ago; their deals are boring and useless. They need to get their act together and offer some real deals this week.

Click here for more details on today’s Dell Deals

KFC Canada: Family Night In Free Movie Rental

KFC Canada: Family Night In - Free Movie Rental

Thanks Koala for this deal.

Get a free coupon for a movie rental and a free  bag of new flavour Shakers popcorn when you purchase either the feast or meal.

Offer ends April 13, 2008.

Click here for more details on this KFC Canada offer

Rogers $20 Pay As You Go Card for $9.97

Rogers $20 Pay As You Go Card for $9.97

Order as many $20 Rogers pay as you Go cards for $9.97 each! Spectacular deal!

Click here to order your Rogers Pay as you Go Cards

Tim Hortons Roll Up the Rim to Win – Day 1

Other / Canada

Tim Hortons Roll Up the Rim to Win 2008 started today 🙂 Time to start guzzling loads of coffee each day!

A blogger known as dawger started an interesting blog where he tracks his Roll Up the Rim winnings. I think it’s a fun idea so I’ve decided to compete with him. Let’s see who’s the luckier person 🙂

I’ll buy one drink each day and post a picture of the cup. Today I bought a double double medium coffee and I didn’t win anything. Neither did dawger so the score’s 0 – 0.

Tim Hortons Roll Up the Rim to Win - Day 1

Click here to visit the Adventures in Roll Up The Rim To Win blog

Costco Canada Flyer / Coupons: Feb 25 – Mar 2, 2008

Rip-Off Report: Vonage Canada downgrade practices

Reviews / Canada


Just a heads up for anyone thinking of dealing with/currently a customer of Vonage Canada. Before I continue, let me just say that as far as service goes I’ve been nothing but happy with Vonage. I’ve had them in my home for two years and every step of the way I’ve enjoyed it.

My wife and I have subscribed to their Unlimited Plan at $39.95/m since the inception of our service. Recently we realized that we weren’t even coming close to the 500 mins/m allotted by their $19.95 basic service plan and decided to downgrade. The service is billed a month in advance and we had made a payment yesterday for the upcoming month at our previous rate. No problem, we figured — they’d simply give us a prorate credit for the difference when we called to downgrade… right?

Nope! According to the customer service representative, Vonage has a no prorate policy. His argument was that Vonage sells service a month at a time, and that’s what we paid for. Ok — I can handle that. So I’m still on the Unlimited Plan until my next billing cycle since I’ve already paid for it, right?

Wrong again! The downgrade is effective the moment we request it. I asked what would have happened if we had wanted to upgrade in the middle of the month instead of downgrade. Would I be getting the upgraded service at no extra cost for the remainder of the billing cycle? Turns out the “no prorate policy” doesn’t apply in that situation. They’re more than happy to prorate when it puts money in their pockets, just not when it takes it out.

After all of this I was told I’d be charged a $12.99 fee for downgrading. Given that I’d essentially handed them $20 for free, you figure they’d at least wave the downgrade fee. Turns out they will, but not without a fight and not for the full amount. By the time I was done I ended up paying $3.83 to get the downgrade put through.

It may not be my happiest post, but I thought I should get the word out in case anyone here was on the fence about Vonage service. Like I said– I’ve enjoyed the service itself, but it’s best to know what you’re getting yourself into.

Star Wars as told by a little girl, age 3

Other / Canada


It may not be a deal, but it’s too cute not too share. Now if only I could get my kid to watch Star Wars with me.

[via fjetsam]

$39 All-in-One Printer/Scanner/Copier at Wal-Mart

hpallinone.jpgI’ve just come home from my local Wal-Mart, and I’ve brought with me the deal of a century.  The big W is now selling the HP F2110 All-in-One Printer/Scanner/Copier for only $39!  I’ve looked into it and it seems as though this may be a model made exclusively for Wal-Mart.  HP doesn’t even list it on their website.

At this price you’re clearly not looking at a high end item, so expect a lack of quality.  I haven’t hooked mine up yet so I can’t confirm on how poor/surprisingly good it is, but considering the low-end all-in-one’s usually start at $100 this is one heck of a steal.   It doesn’t ship with a USB cable or black ink cartridge though, so you’re going to want to pick those up seperately.

Does anyone have any experience with this one yet?

Free 50mL Head and Shoulders Sample (Different)

Free 50mL Head and Shoulders Sample (Different)

This is DIFFERENT from the Head and Shoulders sample I posted about a few weeks ago. This is offered by Coscto (but you don’t have to be a member to get it) and it’s a larger 50mL Head and Shoulders  sample 🙂

These Costco freebies tend to run out in no time so order it as soon as possible!

Click here to order you free 50mL Head and Shoulders Sample now

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