Free Canadian Samples: Old Spice OS Signature

Old Spice Sample

Make OS Signature your own, for free. Order your free OS Signature sample here and Old Spice will send you a complimentary 1 use sample of this unique fragrance for men.

Free Canadian Samples: Olay Definity Anti-Aging Skincare

Olay Definity Canada

Introducing Olay Definity – The next breakthrough in Olay anti-aging skincare that goes beyond lines and wrinkles to help reduce the appearance of discolourations. It penetrates up to 10 surface layers deep and helps reverse the appearance of past damage coming from beneath for a look that’s highly defined – visibly smooth, luminous…

Get your free Olay Definity sample here.

Canadian Edition of the 2007 IKEA Catalogue: Dog Photo

IKEA Dog PhotoThe infamous dog photo in the IKEA 2007 Catalogue wasn’t tampered with according to IKEA. has a large copy of this photo. If you have no idea what I’m talking about read the following article:

You can read the full story and view the photo on here.

You can also order a free copy of IKEA’s 2007 catalogue here although I’m pretty sure they’ve changed the catalogue by now so don’t expect any dog photos.

Canadian Deals: Mark’s Work Wearhouse $20 off $75

Mark Canada

Coupon is not redeemable for cash. Total purchase must be $75 or more before taxes. Coupon has no cash value and must be presented at time of purchase. One coupon per transaction, coupon cannot be used towards the purchase of gift cards and coupon cannot be combined with any other offer or discount. Valid one time only until October 31, 2006.

Print the coupon here.

Canadian Freebies: Baby Stages & Welcome Wagon

Baby Stages offers freebies and samples to expecting mothers or mothers that just gave birth

Free Baby GiftsIn conjunction with Welcome Wagon –A Canadian Tradition Since 1930–, would like to help celebrate your new baby. If you are expecting or have a baby less than 3 months old you are eligible for a free package of useful information and valuable gifts. You may also receive a Baby Stages 6+ Months magazine plus other special offers from our advertisers.

Register at Baby Stages here

A Brilliant Reply from the Canadian National Exhibition CNE 2006

This is a follow-up of the letter sent to J. the Corporate/Group Sales Administrator at the Canadian National Exhibition, CNE 2006.

J. replied back in wonderful style and even created a code for and deals fans: SC2006CNE. Thanks J. for clarifying everything and I apologize if I took your request a bit seriously 🙂

Here is her reply:

Hi Boo Radley,

I apologize for any confusion caused by me writing to you from my sympatico e-mail address, I was (am) writing from home. I have cc’ed my work e-mail address on this message and the original, so please feel free to contact me via my work e-mail.

A code for users is a good idea. I have set up an online account for you so please post this URL on your site in place of the other codes in order to give your readers access to the discount:

Alternately, your readers may access the discount by visiting the CNE website,, clicking on ‘Buy Tickets Online’ and then on ‘Corporate/Group Partners’. This will take them to a page where they can enter the code SC2006CNE.

There was no specific problem with you using the CNE logo, I only thought it would not make much sense being on the site if you removed the offer. Now that the offer will be available through your own code, I see no reason why you cannot use it to promote the offer.

The CNE enters into promotional agreements with several outlets, so if you have any additional ideas for the future, please contact us in the spring and we will be happy to work with you.



Canadian Freebies: General Mills Cereals Free Books (Bite Into Books)

General Mills Canada Free Magical Bookcase

Saw this on TV today:

Purchase General Mills’ cereals and use the secret code inside to get one of many free books. The books gets mailed to you free of charge (no shipping fees :-)). You can also buy several cereal boxes and get more than one free book. Find more details on this promotion in General Mills’ BiteIntoBooks website here. The website is very interesting and the intro reminds me of Harry Potter. Here is a list of the books they’re offering for free:

Children’s Books:

1. Nancy Drew: Without a Trace
2. Meet Casey Jones
3. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
4. Zin! Zin! Zin!: a Violin
5. The Hardy Boys
6. Micawber
7. I’m a Manatee
8. Marsupial Sue
9. Go to School, Charlie Brown
10. Clorinda

Children Cereals

Adult’s Books:
1. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey
2. A Lithgow Palooza! by John Lithgow
3. Nighttime is My Time by Mary Higgins Clark
4. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
5. Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book by Harvey Penick (Golf tips)
6. Talking Dirty with the Queen of Clean by Linda Cobb
7. Deception Point by Dan Brown
8. The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King
9. Larousse French-English, English-French Dictionary
10. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Adult Cereals

More info in the General Mills’ Bite Into Books website here

My Reply to the Canadian National Exhibition CNE 2006

This is a follow-up of the letter I got from J. the Corporate/Group Sales Administrator at the Canadian National Exhibition, CNE 2006.

I replied back to J today:

Hello J,

Thanks for your email regarding the removal of the CNE logo and corporate code information from I will do as you have requested.

I was very disappointed to know about your decision. I understand that this code information is intended for Corporate/Group tickets only. However there’s a huge online deals community that has, by no shadow of a doubt, helped promote the Canadian National Exhibition and provide priceless word of mouth marketing that I can guarantee you had an effect on CNE’s success. I therefore suggest that you create a special code for our deals community that we and other deals communities out there can use. Maybe something like SmartCanucks2006CNE of SC2006CNE. Please do not underestimate the value of online marketing and how it can have a positive (or negative) effect on CNE.

As for the logo, I removed it as requested but I don’t understand why you’d want such a thing? I was promoting your exhibition and my post got loads of views everyday. When people google CNE 2006 my blog shows up before the official website! I never claimed this logo was mine nor did I present it in an ugly way. My post was clean and tidy and it encouraged Canadians to visit the CNE.

I hope to hear from you soon and I look forward to getting our own code. Please note that all emails to and from you will be posted on my blog for readers (but just with your initials).

Boo Radley

I got a Letter from the Canadian National Exhibition :-(

I was checking my email now when I found an email from J.B. (I won’t write her name to protect her privacy) the Corporate/Group Sales Administrator at the Canadian National Exhibition asking me in a very polite manner to remove the post I had on the Canadian National Exhibition reduced ticket prices and also remove the CNE logo.

Here’s the letter:

Dear “Boo Radley”:

Kindly remove the CNE logo and corporate code information from your website as the use of these items is unauthorized.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

J. B.
Corporate/Group Sales Administrator
Canadian National Exhibition

I understand the code I posted is especially for corporate customers so I will remove it today as she requested.

What I don’t comprehend, is why J.B.’s asking me to remove the Canadian National Exhibition logo? 🙁 . This is an exhibition all of us Canadian are proud of… why can’t we get to promote it and spread the word? The CNE logo I posted had CNE’s date and website address. This logo did nothing more than promote and provide some sort of free advertising for the CNE. How would removing it help CNE?

When I posted about the Canadian National Exhibition I was very thrilled (you’ll notice I added two smiley faces which I don’t often do). I’m disappointed that this exhibition has turned from something all Canadians pride and cherish to yet another commercial production. I will remove the logo and I don’t care about the CNE anymore.

and J.B. if you read this (and you probably will), let me give you some advice before you contact someone else:

– I suggest you don’t use your email address because there is no way of verifying whether you really work at the CNE. Use a

– Your email was short and to the point but a word of motivation thanking the blogger for promoting the CNE for nothing in return but goodwill would have been nice.

– It looks like several websites out there have the CNE logo so you better start emailing them to have all logos removed before CNE 2007. Some are as old as 2004.

Cutest Baby Contest… details


Do you have a son, daughter, sibling, nephew, niece, cousin or friend, born in 2006, 2005 or 2004? If you do, they could win SmartCanucks’s Cutest Baby Contest and receive a FREE gift!

Here’s what you need:

– Your forum username (you can register if you don’t have one)
– Baby name or nickname or initials (full name is not required for privacy etc)

– Gender

– Month and year of birth

– Relationship to user

– Photo of baby holding a Canadian flag. This is to reduce the number of invalid entries. Any type of flag will do the job (even a computer printed one!)

Send this information to rah at smartcanucks dot ca

Post your baby’s photo in the Cutest Baby Contest Thread here.

Last date to send post your baby’s photo is the 30th September.

After that, there will be a poll where all members vote for who they think is SmartCanuck’s Cutest Baby 🙂 The winner will also receive a free gift.

You could also check the forum – chit chat – for any questions/discussions on the contest and feel free to e-mail me!

12 universities withdraw from Maclean’s ranking

Canadian Deals & Coupons

The 12 universities are:

Dalhousie, McMaster, Simon Fraser, Alberta, UBC, Calgary, Lethbridge, Manitoba, Universite de Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Queen’s.

Last week they were 11 universities but on the 23rd of August Queen’s decided to withdraw too. Good for them! I’m glad they did that!

Here’s the letter sent by the first 11 universities to Maclean’s:

The 2005 University Rankings:

Price Chopper Canada Grocery Flyer

Price Chopper Canada

Apparently I got many visitors looking for the Price Chopper flyer because ranked high when you googled for Price Chopper flyer or Price Chopper Flyer Canada

Since I got many requests for the Price Chopper flyer to be added to my flyer list I contacted Price Chopper today. They said they’ll discuss it and contact me back. I’ll keep you updated and hopefully I’ll have every week’s flyer on for Price Chopper customers 🙂


You can now read the Price Chopper flyer here

Cute Free Printable Lunch Box Jokes from Kraft Canada

Here are some adorable printable jokes and encouragement notes that you can slip into your kids’ lunch box for fun!

I love this idea 🙂

You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these jokes. Get the jokes here.

Canadian Lunch Box Fun!

Free Stuff: Florida State Parks Guide

Florida Lighthouse

Traveling to Florida anytime soon? Get a free copy of the Florida State Parks Guide.

Get your Florida State Parks Guide here

Discounted Paramount Canada’s Wonderland Day Passes

Canada Fun Fair

Go to Paramount Canada’s Wonderland corporate partners website here.

In the “company ID” enter:

company ID: Rogers
$33.68  (7-59 years of age)
$29.72 (ages 3-6; 60+)

company ID: ASME2006
$35.66 (7-59 years of age)
$29.72 (ages 3-6; 60+)

company ID: SYMCOR
September 10th (a Sunday) ticket

company ID: FR903
September 3, 2006 (Wonderland Chinese Day) ticket for

company ID: LCALUMNI
$35.66 (7-59 years of age)
$29.72 (ages 3-6; 60+)

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