Future Shop Web Deals Day 10

Today is the last day of Future Shop’s 10 days of deals. Wow, 10 days just flew by real quick!

Future Shop is trying to leave a good memory in our minds by ending the 10 days with a good deal. Today the Altec Lansing 2.1 Computer Speaker System (XA3021) is on sale for $19.99 (regular price $99.99).

Future Shop Day 10

These speakers look very funny and attractive. If you’re look for decent speakers with a subwoofer (but not a home theater) for your computer this deal is definitely for you. I strongly recommend this Future Shop deal. Just note that Future Shop won’t ship the speakers until 19th May, but unless you’re in a real hurry that shouldn’t be a prob. Here is a better picture that shows how cool these speakers look:

 Futureshop Canada offers

Check out the Altec Lansing 2.1 Computer Speaker System here

This concludes my coverage of Future Shop’s 10 days of deals. Hope you found my review useful and informative 🙂

Canadian Freebies: 10 Free 4 x 6 Prints from Sears

Thanks nolookingca for this awesome freebie.
Oh, and thanks for reminding me to add the “Suggest a Deal” form! I completely forgot about it!

Here is the deal:

Sears Prints CanadaFor new customers, 10 free 4×6 prints from Sears on your first order. Shipping is free to stores. There’s a delivery charge for shipping to your home. Promo code 10free

Link: http://www.printsbysears.ca/en/promo.php

Don’t forget to also visit nolookingca’s blog here.

Canadian Flyers: Breyers Ice Cream

Breyers Classic Ice Cream is on sale for $2.77 (regular price about $4.50) in this week’s A&P and Dominion flyers.

Note that the Ice cream on sale is the Breyers Classic not the Breyers Natural Ice Cream.
The classic comes in the following flavours (but don’t expect to find them all at your local A&P or Dominion):

Neapolitan – new
breyers Classic IcecreamFrench Vanilla
Cookies & Cream
Heavenly Hash
Pralines & Cream
Chocolate light
Butterscotch Ripple
Mint Chocolatey Chip
Creamsicle Swirl
Strawberry Shortcake Swirl
Fudgsicle Fury
Maple Walnut
Maple Sugar Crunch
Vanilla Light

I personally find that Breyers light chocolate doesn’t taste as good as the regular chocolate Ice Cream. Yet, I noticed that while their light Ice cream has less fat it still has almost the same amount of calories.

Click here to read this week’s full A&P or Dominion grocery flyers.

Future Shop Web Deals Day 9

Today is Day 9 of Future Shop’s 10 days of deals and it looks like May 13th isn’t our lucky day.

Futureshop Canada

Today the Athena Micra 6 Speaker System (silver) is on sale for $299.99 (regular price $699.99). This deal is just crap in my opinion. Looks like Future Shop is trying to sell this slow moving product.

Future Shop Web Deals Day 8

Today is Day 8 of Future Shop’s 10 Days of web only deals. Today’s deals is a refurbished (renovated) Palm Zire 72 32MB Bluetooth Handheld with Wi-Fi Card for $199.99 (regular price is an overpriced $329.99).

Futureshop discounts

Palm Zire 72 is an awesome device with great capabilities. You can use it to surf the Internet, watch video, etc. It has an SD card expansion slot which means that you can buy an additional SD card to store up to 2GB of data!

My only concern is that this Palm Zire 72 is refurbished. I would never spend $199.99 on a refurbished item! Not only is it too much for a refurbished item, but the person who originally bought it might have used it in the washroom or might have dropped it. But that’s just me.

Check out the refurbished Palm Zire 72 32MB Bluetooth Handheld with Wi-Fi Card here

2 for 1 Ontario Place Play All Day Pass

Thanks insanity for this Ontario Place deal 🙂

Ontario Place Offers

On the carton of the Natureegg Omega 3, there is a coupon for 2 for 1 Play All Day Pass (you need to get 2 coupons before you can get this deal – i.e. need to buy 2 seperate cartons).

It’s a savings of $34. Only restriction is that it is not valid during the CNE time period.

Free Canadian Magazines: Belle Magazine

Subscribe to Belle Magazine
I did actually sign-up for this offer in the past and every season I get a copy of Belle magazine. HBC’s Belle magazine deals with fashion and beauty and offers a look at the latest fashion trends.

Click here to subscribe to the free Belle Magazine.



Indian Food in Canada Brochure & Coupon

Patak’s Indian Food in Canada is a guide to cooking Indian food at home. Get a a free copy of their brochure and a coupon for 75 cents off any Patak’s products here. I don’t like Indian food but for those of you who do, this might be good.

Canadian Flyers: No Frills Grocery Store

No Frills Ontario 2 week flyer is out and it has some good deals.

Here is the NoFrills flyer.

Future Shop Web Deals Day 7

Today’s Future Shop deal is a Konica Minolta MagiColor 2400W Colour Laser Printer for $249.99 (regular price $500).

Futureshop Canada

I wouldn’t personally spend that much money on a printer. Sure, a colour laser printer’s quality is much much better than regular inkjets but unless you have a special need for such a high quality, forget about this deal. Also note that this printer uses 4 cartridges and each one costs a whopping $90! (unless you can find cheap refills).

Check out the a Konica Minolta MagiColor 2400W Colour Laser Printer deal here.

Canadian Freebies: Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner CanadaState farm is giving out a wonderful Free Wedding Planner which usually retails at about $30.

It’s everything you need to plan your perfect wedding. And, it’s our wedding gift to you—you don’t even have to send a ‘thank you’

To avoid harming State Farms’ business please only order this free wedding planner if you’re actually getting married soon! Otherwise you don’t really have any use for it.

Get your free Wedding Planner here.

Canadian Deals: Paramount Canada’s Wonderland Season Pass

Wonderland season passParamount Canada’s Wonderland season pass
2006 2 or More Season Pass: $69.00
2006 Individual Season Pass: $89.99
2006 Season Pass Parking: $25.00

Get these Wonderland season pass prices here

This offer expires on May 15th

Canadian Deals: Paramount Canada’s Wonderland

Summer time!
For many living in/near Toronto or visiting the Hog Town this summer I’ll be posting Wonderland, Toronto Zoo., etc. coupons, passes and promotions.

Here’s the first one:

Paramount Parks Wonderland Canada
Canada’s Wonderland Discounts:

Go to Paramount Canada’s Wonderland’s website here and in the “Please enter your company ID:”  enter “gmcanada” or “rogers” and you’ll get discounted prices:
Spring All Ages Ticket: $29.00
Good Any Day Adult Ticket: $34.00
Good Any Day Child/Senior Ticket: $30.00


Canadian Deals: Car Interior & Exterior Lights

Get 5% off all car interior and exterior lights at http://www.leveanauto.com/ with the discount code LVNT8657.

This code expires on June 31, 2006

Thanks Anna M. for suggesting this deal 🙂

Future Shop Web Deals Day 6

Today is Future Shop’s 6th day of its 10 days of web only deals. Another good deal today: Kingston 1GB Secure Digital Card for $24.99 after $25.00 discount and $40.00 mail in rebate (regular price $89.99).

Futureshop Canada

If you have a digital camera that uses SD cards or any electronic device that uses SD cards this is a good deal. I don’t really like the mail-in rebate part though and if you do decide to buy this product make sure you get your $40 rebate!

Note that these cards are NOT for Sony digital cameras or Sony PSPs. Please make sure the device you have uses SD and not any other technology before ordering this card.

Check out the Kingston 1GB Secure Digital Card here.

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