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Rebecca has decided to start blogging at last 🙂

While I’ll continue to blog about deals and offers as usual, she’ll be blogging about different interesting topics from fashion to humour to daily life … and deals too of course. So one thing is for sure, you’ll be getting more interesting and dynamic content and many more deals 🙂

I updated the “About” section. I’ll add more to it later.

Welcome Rebecca 🙂

Future Shop 10 Days of Web Deals: Day 8

After yesterday’s awesome deal I’m not surprised that today’s Future Shop deal is not that good.

Future Shop Day 8

Digimate 27″ Widescreen LCD HDTV for $499.99 (regular price $799.99). It’s a cheap brand and I just wouldn’t go for it. Also note that it’s more like  Wait until the fall and you’ll get simillar prices on many 27″ monitors.

Here is the Digimate 27″ LCD

Future Shop 10 Days of Web Deals: Day 7

Future Shop Canada Day 7

Today’s Future Shop Wed Deals:

Logitech MediaPlay Optical Wireless Mouse for $19.99 (regular price $79.97)
Microsoft Wireless Optical Tilt Mouse – Mood Ring for $19.99

Great deals on two magnificent mice. They are cordless which a huge plus but at the same time they’ll operate on AA batteries which can be an annoyance.

The Microsoft mouse comes with the batteries but it lacks many of the extra buttons in the Logitech mouse. The extra buttons can significantly improve your Internet browsing, music and document editing experience and therefore I recommend the Logitech Mouse.

The Logitech MediaPlay Cordless Mouse is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. First, it has all the features you need to use it as your everyday mouse: smooth optical tracking, clutter-free cordless freedom, extra navigation buttons, and a powerful scroll/tilt wheel that lets you scroll up and down, left and right, and in and out.

And when you’re ready to relax, the MediaPlay mouse relaxes with you. Back-lit extra buttons like play/pause, forward/back, and volume up/down let you control your media player with almost no effort. You can also hold it like a remote control and use it away from your desk thanks to the expanded cordless range. Its wireless mini receiver elininates clutter and installs instantly.  And 6 months of battery life mean more music and video with fewer interruptions! Available in two color combinations: silver/blue and black/red

Get the Logitech MediaPlay Optical Wireless Mouse here
Get the Microsoft Wireless Optical Tilt Mouse here

Chuck E’ Cheese Good Patient Award: 10 Free Tokens

Chuckecheese Canada 

Reward your kids (and save your money 😉 )

Get the Chuck E’ Cheese Good Patient Award form  here and follow the instructions on the website.

Lancôme Canada: Complimentary Colour Design Makeover and Free Samples

Lancome Canada

You can call or visit your local The Bay Lancome counter to book a complimentary Colour Design makeover and receive a free Miracle so Magic perfume and Bi-Facil eye makeup remover sample. More details here.

You need to fill in the form here to get an invitation.

Why Does Google Think that I Hate RBC?

If you google:
i hate rbc comes in as the second search result. That’s very funny considering that I never actually said “I hate rbc”… I said “Although I hate RBC’s rigid account options I love their service and find it to be much better than that of TD”.

Here is the “I hate RBC” search result.

I know this is one useless post but I had to share this coz I found it terribly amusing 🙂

The Source Circuit Breaker: Microsoft Age of Empires III for $9.99


No I’m not kidding! Yes, this lovely strategy game is reduced to $9.99! (regular price $59.99) but hurry up before they run out of stock.

Some of you might argue that this game can be downloaded – illegally - via torrents. Other than the ethical issues and the fact that the developers put tremendous effort into the game, I just wanted to let you know that the full version will enable you to play online multiplayer games against other humans. Pirated versions don’t usually allow multiplayer gaming. I tend to enjoy multiplayer games more; Artificial Intelligence can never provide the same human experience.

This deal is part of The Source’s Daily Circuit breaker deals.

Get Age of Empires III here.

Future Shop 10 Days of Web Deals: Day 6

 Future Shop Canada

Today’s deal is an HP 21″ HDTV-Ready Widescreen LCD Monitor (F2105) for $349.99 (regular price $499.99).

When I first saw this deal I was like, “wow! 21” monitor for $349.99! what a bargain!” but after reading the word “refurbished” in tiny size under the picture and after remembering that we still have to pay for shipping I would say that this deal is totally useless. Let’s say that you can buy the non-refurbished equivalent in-store and thus avoid refurbished monitors and shipping fees… you have to first ask yourself… why does Future Shop have 250 refurbished HP monitors? This only means that they’re a piece of junk!


More details on Future Shop’s website here.

Forum Sections Updated

I updated the forum sections today. I grouped the electronics and non-electronics deals sections into a single section and I also added some new sections: “Canadian Flyers”, “Contests” and “Coupons”

You’ll usually find many deals and freebies in the forum and you can also chit chat with a nice small group of friendly Canucks 🙂

Here is the Smart Canucks forum.

Future Shop 10 Days of Web Deals: Day 5

Sorry I was busy during the weekend so I didn’t get around to posting Future Shop’s Days 2-4 deals.

Here’s today’s deal:

FS Canada

A Digimate 37″ Widescreen LCD HDTV for $999.99 (regular price $1499.99). This is a very good price for this TV. Note that you’ll also have to pay shipping. More details on Future Shop’s website here.

Future Shop 10 Days of Web Deals: Day 1

And just when I felt relieved that Dell’s Deals were over, jimmycanuck tells us that Future Shop is having 10 days of web-only Deals ;-)  I’ll cover these 10 days and hopefully Future Shop will have some good back to school deals.

Note that unlike Dell, Future Shop’s deals start at midnight. So here is Future Shop’s first deal.

Future Shop Canada Day1

Today’s Future Shop web-only deal is a Casio 5.0MP Digital Camera (EX-S500) for $199.99 (regular price $349.99). Shipping does not seem to be free anymore at Future Shop. The shipping costs will varry depending on where you live so the only way to find out is by adding the camera it to your shopping cart.

An awesome deal for a superb camera. You can read reviews on FutureShop’s website.

This deal is dedicated to Thilipan since he was looking for a good camera deal 🙂

More details on Future Shop’s Day 1 of 10 Web Deals here.

$10 off $50 at Shoppers Drug Mart with CIBC VISA

 CIBC Shoppers Visa
or does it?

Another Visa offer! I’m not a Visa salesperson or anything, just pure coincidence! Get $10 off Shoppers Drug Mart Purchases of $50 or more with your CIBC VISA card.

More details on CIBC’s website here.

I don’t have a CIBC Visa card and I definitely won’t get one just for Shoppers Drug Mart’s lousy offers. I have an RBC Visa card and I recently got a TD Visa card (when I applied for the iPod offer). Although I hate RBC’s rigid account options I love their service and find it to be much better than that of TD and CIBC. Of course this may be different in your town or city, but here in Kingston that’s my overall impression.

Offer valid from August 5 to 11, 2006
More details on the $10 off $50 here

Canadian Deals: VIA Rail Canada Visa Perks Discount (repost)

ok ok, I know I posted about this discount before 🙂 but after Ian left a comment on my old VIA Rail post today – saying how this offer saved him a lot of money – I thought I would post it again fas a reminder and for my new visitors. This offer is amazingly good: If you’re an adult you get to pay less than a student’s fair!

So here is the repost…

VIA RAIL CANADAThis is by far one of the best Via Rail deals I’ve come across. If you use your visa card and book online you save 35% and there’s no catch. Purchase your ticket online with your Visa card and get a 35% discount on the adult Regular fare in Comfort class aboard VIA Rail trains anywhere across Canada. Enter your E-mail address on the VIA Rail information page and you will receive an email from VIA Rail with an eCoupon code. Use the eCoupon code to reserve online for your discounted fare on travel before October 31, 2006.

For more details and to get this Via Rail Visa discount click here.

July’s Smartest Canucks

I’d like to thank everyone who’s contributing to this nice friendly community 🙂

The top Blog commenter last month was JimmyCanuck

The top Candy earners on the Forum last month were:
Candies CanadaLKB 793 candies
iced_faerie 466 candies
Shawnie 316 candies
julieonmymind 217 candies
cool-dudette 57 candies
Canadian Mark 55 candies
thilipan 55 candies

Each one of you gets 50 bonus Candies 🙂

JimmyCanuck, can you please create an account so that I can add your bonus candies.

Candies are redeemable for real gifts. You can find more info on the Candy Awards here.

Timberland Footwear & Apparel Sample Sale

Timberland Canada 

Here’s one good sale for the lucky Canucks living in Markham (or any part of Toronto I guess) 🙂

Timberland Footwear & Apparel Sample Sale
Footwear pricing: $15 – $70
Apparel pricing: $10 – $250

Wednesday August 9th, 2006: from 4pm – 8pm
Thursday August 10th, 2006 from 10am – 8pm
Friday August 11th, 2006 from 10am – 5pm

11 Allstate Parkway, Main floor, Markham Ontario

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