Dell Canada’s 14 Days of Deals: Day 5

Dell Canada Day 5

Today’s main deal is the Slingbox Personal TV Broadcaster for $179 (regular price $249).

According to wikipedia:

A Slingbox is a TV streaming device that enables consumers to remotely view their cable, satellite, or personal video recorder (PVR) programming from an Internet-enabled computer with a broadband Internet connection.

This price is very good for the Slingbox. The Slingbox is a device that we can certainly live without, but if you’re interested in it now is the time to buy it.

Some of Dell’s other deals today include:
– Dell 1110 Laser Printer – $79
– Dell 1200MP DLP Projector – $599
– SlingLink Powerline Ethernet Adapter – $79
– Finepix S5200 5MP Mega-Zoom Digital Camera – $299
– 512MB Dell DJ Ditty Flash MP3 Player – $49

More details on Dell Canada’s Day 5 of 14 Days of Deals here.

Free Toronto BBQ and Games Event

I got this email today but the sender didn’t mention his name. Sounds like a lot of fun if you live in Toronto.

July 29th, 2006

Prairie Park
Pharmacy and Teesdale Place

For more information call 416-497-4940 ext. 101

Obstacle course
Water balloon
Free prizes

If you find more info about this event please leave a comment below with more details like what time this event starts, who is organizing it, etc.

Dell Canada’s 14 Days of Deals: Day 4

Dell Day 4 Deals Canada 

Today’s deals are terrible. I wouldn’t even consider them as deals: 

– Dell W3201C High-Definition LCD TV – $1349 (way overpriced)
– Dell W2306C High-Definition LCD TV – $649
– Philips HTS3400 700 Watt DVD Home Theater System – $99
– SANPFPL Three Shelf TV Stand – $189
– Sony DCRDVD105 DVD HandyCam Camcorder – $549
- 2GB Memory Stick PRO Duo Media – $99

More details on Dell Canada’s Day 4 of 14 Days of Deals here.

Canadian Birthday Freebies

Lesley has a wonderful post in SmartCanucks’ Forum on Birthday Freebies!
Thanks Lesley for your continuous precious help and support 🙂

Here is her Birthday Freebies post. You can also find many many more freebies in the Forum’s Freebies section.

Most of these are in-store promotions, and not advertised on the websites because they may not be available or offered at every location.
*worth your phone call on your birthday to see if your location does this!*

– Free meal (Max. $15.00) at Casey’s

– free all you can eat buffet meal at Tucker’s Market. Plus, a birthday cake slice with a candle.

– Free entree at JACK ASTORS with 14 days of ur BDAY if u’re on the EDGE102.1 FM Mailing list.

– TGI Friday’s free meal on your b-day with ID.

– Blockbuster Rewards, when you’re a rewards member you get a free rental on your bday.

– Lick’s will give a free meal

– The Keg gives you a piece of Cake with a candle (Or Dessert)

– At East Side Mario’s, they let the celebrant stand up on a chair while the servers sing happy birthday. You then get to spin a wheel for a prize.

– Boston Pizza gives free cake and ice cream!

– At Montana’s you can sign a waver and have them throw a pie in the birthday persons face, also give free dessert. (Costs $10 – but some ppl may find this worth the money!!!)

– Denny’s gives a free Meal

– Mr.Sub
Location: Simcoe & Taunton
Oshawa, Ontario
Buy 1 sub get the 2nd one for 0.25 CENTS!!! On your birthday only with proper ID required. Dont know if its happening anywhere else but a good deal if you ask me.

– Old Spaghetti Factory gives a free meal

– a dozen bagels for free at What a Bagel. Just show your ID and you get to select some nice fresh bagels. For sure this applies to the York Mills location (Beside Longo’s).

– RED LOBSTER: Free coupon sent for a free entree on your b-day:
BONUS: After you confirm your membership, you’ll have an opportunity to receive a coupon for a FREE dessert or appetizer with the purchase or two adult dinner entreés. All you have to do is tell us a little bit more about yourself.

Check out the forum for more freebies.

Canadian Coupons: Staples Copy Centre $10 off

Staples CanadaSave $10 on your next purchase of $10 or more. This coupon is only valid on the following Staples Copy Centre services:
– Full serve copying
– Roll and pouch laminating
– All binding
– Folding and cutting services

This coupon is not valid on self serve copy services.

Click here to print your Staples coupon.

Canadian Freebies: TNT mini Soccer Ball

TNT Soccer BallComplete this short survey to receive a free TNT mini soccer ball! My family has used TNT several times in the past. TNT provides good service for lower prices. TNT takes slightly longer to deliver items internationally compared to FedEx or DHL but for the lower prices I can’t really complain. I never got any freebies from TNT though. I hope I receive my free mini soccer ball!

Get your free TNT mini soccer ball here.

Canadian Flyers: Food Basics Summer Dollar Sale

FoodBasics Canada Dollar Sale 

Yes yes yes! The  Food Basics Summer Dollar Sale is back 🙂
From July 22 – 28, 2006 loads of items are on sale for just $1 at Food Basics. Brenan compiled a list of some of the $1 items:

Michelinas Entrees(classics or zapems)
Diana Sauce(get your coupons!!!!) this is the cheapest I’ve ever seen it
Coke or Pepsi 2L
Lactantia 1/4 pound butter sticks, original salted or garlic
Ontario Peaches and Cream Corn 6/1.00
Chicken Drumsticks or Thighs 1lb
Fruite or Tetley Iced Tea 2L
Equality Waffles 10’s
Oakrun English Muffins 6’s
Motts Garden Cocktail 945ml
Hunts Snack Pack Pudding 4’s
Master Choice Mayonnaise or Whipped Dressing 475ml
McCain Frozen Cream Pies
Furlanis Garlic Bread
I Can’t Believe its not Butter 454g
Gatorade 710ml
Master Choice Kettle Cooked Chips
Master Choice Popcorn 3’s
Allen Strawberry Twirls
Equality Potato Crisps
Munchies 150g or Cheetos 155g
Quaker Rice Cakes or Crispy Minis
Beaver Toffee Peanuts
Ragu or Hunts Thick and Rich Sauce
Equality Hamburger Dinner(like hambuger helper)
Equality Long Grain Rice 907g
Aylmer Corn 398ml 2/1.00 or 12x398ml $5
Chef Boyardee 418-425g
Lipton Sidekicks noodles, rice or pasta
Hunts Manwich or Puritan Stew
Assorted Nestle chocolate bars 2/1.00
Bleach 101 2.84L
Palmolive Ultra 384ml
Comet Lavender Fresh 600g(new product???)
Glad Cling Wrap 30M or Reynolds Foil Wrap 12″x 25′
Snuggle Sheets 20’s
Touch of Glass or Fabulous cleaners
Wizard Air Wick Stick Ups 2’s
Colgate Toothbrushes
Everready Batteries

And much much more! Read Food Basics’ flyer online here.

Dell Canada’s 14 Days of Deals: Day 3

Dell Canada Day 3 

Today’s main Deal is a Dell Axim X51v Pocket PC (Personal Digital Assistant PDA). It is on sale for $369 (regular price $529). Now this deal isn’t really that great since this PDA has been around for a while and isn’t really reduced that much. But the good news is that some of today’s other deals are pretty good:

– IOGear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones & Microphone – $79
– Kingston Elite Pro 2GB SD Card – $49
– FinePix A510 Digital Camera – $189
– Z22 Handheld – $99
– 200 GB 7200 RPM Barracuda 7200.9 Ultra ATA/100 Internal Hard Drive – $79

If you own a camera that uses SD cards (like Canon cameras and most other brands except for mainly Sony) the Kingston Elite Pro 2GB SD Card is one hot deal FOR $49.

If you’re running out of space on your PC the 200GB Internal Hard Drive for $79 is a good deal too.

Remember shipping is free.
More details on Dell Canada’s Day 3 of 14 Days of Deals here.

Canadian Freebies: Math U See DVD

Math is fun.... or is it?Need to improve your Math skills?

Math•U•See’s goal is to help produce confident problem solvers who enjoy the study of math. The reason we study math is so we can apply what we learn in everyday situations.

Get your free copy demo of Math U See here or call your representative at 888-854-6284.

Jacki, a Math U See representative just left this comment on my blog:

This is a demo of our product – I am not sure who put us up on this site because whoever did to me mislead what we send out – sorry and we will see how to correct it.


So please note that this is a demo version and please only order this cd if you are seriously interested to avoid harming their business.

Dell Canada’s 14 Days of Deals: Day 2

Dell Day 2 

Good deals but nothing spectacular on Flat panel LCD displays today.

DELL 1907FP 19” Digital flat panel is on sale for $249 (regular price $349).

This monitor is of very high quality. The image is bright, sharp and clear. Low response time also insures that you almost get no shadowing (so if you move a window around you won’t feel it leaving shadows or trails behind). You can also rotate the screen so that it’s vertical and one of this monitor’s most comfortable features are the integrated USB ports for easy access to connect peripheral devices.

The only problem is that Dell had a very similar deal a few months ago. Given the Canadian dollar’s rise since then you would have expected Dell to lower their prices a bit. You can find 19” monitors on sale for $199 at Staples and Future Shop. They might not be as good as the Dell ones but for people on a tight budget the $199 ones are perfectly fine. I also expect 21” monitors to become the mainstream soon which will result in huge price drops on 19” monitors.

So in a nutshell, the monitors on sale are wonderful but the price should have been lower. I’d recommend you wait for better deals.

Some of Dell’s other deals today include:

– Dell E196FP 19-inch Flat Panel LCD Monitor – $219
- Kensington PilotMouse Wireless Laser Mouse – $29
– LX Arm with Constant Force (CF) – $119
– Verto GeForce 6600 256MB DDR 8X AGP Graphics Card – $99
– Stylus Photo R220 Inkjet Printer – $99

More details on Dell Canada’s Day 2 of 14 Days of Deals here.

Dell Canada’s 14 Days of Deals: Day 1

Not a very good start:

Day 1

Today’s main deal is a Belin Wireless Desktop 130 for $19 (regular price $59). The mouse isn’t too bad. It has a good response time and looks fairly good. Unfortunately, the keyboard isn’t exactly top quality. It has lots of extra buttons and a built in built-in wrist rest but its cheap look and feel would prevent me from buying it.

Interestingly, Dell misspelled the word quiet:

Dell Busted

Not a very professional thing to do 😉

The bottom line: if you’re looking for an inexpensive mouse and keyboard this deal from Dell might do the trick. I however do not recommend it.

Some of Dell’s other deals include:
– Kodak EasyShare C533 5MP, 3x Optical Zoom Digital Camera – $149
– Discovery 640 Bluetooth Headset – $69
– Kingston 2GB CompactFlash Elite Pro Card – $69
– Kingston USB 2.0 15-in-1 Memory Card Reader – $17
– Sanyo CLT E40 Digital Slide-to-Open Cordless Phone with Caller ID – $79

More details on Dell Canada’s Day 1 of 14 Days of Deals here.

Dell Canada: 14 Days of Deals

 DELL Canada 14 Days of Deals

Dell is having 14 days of deals! The last couple of times Dell had these deal days, Dell offered some breath-taking bargains. Hopefully it’ll be the same this time!

The 14 days of deals will include much more than just computers. Dell it trying to aggressively market its flat panel displays, mp3 players, PC accessories, home theaters, etc. so except some huge discounts on items like these.

I’ll cover the 14 days of deals giving advice on the various discounted products.

From June July 19 – August 1st, 2006
You can find more information about DELL Canada’s 14 Days of Deals here.

Canadian Deals: Wild Water Kingdom Discounts

Wild Water Kingdom Toronto 

Buy Wild Water Kingdom tickets online and get up to 40% discounts:

WWK 2006 – Adult Day Pass (Age 10+): $19.81 (Original Price $27.36)
WWK 2006 – Child Day Pass (Age 4 – 9): $15.09 (You Save $4.72)

To get this discount:
– go to the Wild Water Kingdom website here
– click on “Online Purchases”
– click on “corporate consignment”
– enter the coupon code 2834 and click on apply coupon

Enjoy your time at the WWK 🙂

Back :-)

Sorry for the lack of updates. I had to travel to Ottawa and I didn’t have easy Internet access during my stay. SmartCanucks is back to normal. Next time I’ll make sure I leave a notice on the blog before traveling anywhere.

I have some good news to make:

Canadian Girl will start writing in the blog and forum as well 🙂 She’ll be using a different nickname (which she hasn’t chosen yet). Instead of posting deals, she’ll have some other fascinating stuff like competitions, tips and advice, interesting news and much more 🙂

I’ll also be dedicating much more time to SmartCanucks so you’ll get much more deals and freebies.

Don’t forget to check out the forum regularly. Several people, especially Lesley, are posting some fabulous deals and freebies 🙂

Canadian Flyer Picks: Zellers

Zellers is having dollar days starting July 15, 2006. Thanks to Carters Mom for the info 🙂

Some highlights (at least in my area, but Zellers seems pretty much consistent)

Clover Leaf pink salmon 213g $1 Limit 6
Tide liquid or powder 24-37 washes $7, limit 6
Palmolive liquid dishsoap 384ml $1, limit 6
Nestle flavored waters 6x500ml $2! limit 6
Pringles 2/3.00 limit 6
Case of Coke (or diet) 24pk $6, limit 6
Kids cherokee t-shirt $3
Jello brand pudding 4x99g $1, limit 6
Colgate 130 basic toothpaste or 75ml premium, 2/1.50 limit 6
Renuzit air freshener 2/1.50 limit 6
dictionary or thesaurus $2, no rainchecks

utility mat $1
Truly light bulbs 4pk $1
Ivory 6×90 or camay 3×130 2/3.00 limit 6
Life cereal 250-330g $1, limit 6 (arent there coupons for these)
Doritos $2, limit 6
Realfruit gummies 3/5.00
airwick air freshener $2
french’s mustard 400ml 2/3.00
spray and wash $2
huggies mega $17
scotch tape 3pk plus bonus roll, $2!!!!!! was 3.97
Dora bathtime art sets $5

That’s pretty much all that jumped out at me, and for you guys. There were a few deals also on adults clothing and small appliances and stuff, but thse can be hard to articulate in type ,lol

You can read this week’s full Zellers Flyer here.

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