Smart Canucks Free Giveaway Canada: Mother’s Day Contest

Mother’s Day is this Sunday! I can’t believe it’s almost the middle of May. To celebrate Mother’s Day we here at Smart Canucks are giving away a $50 gift card to Shoppers Drug Mart! All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below telling us what your favourite flower is. I’m not sure if I have an exact favourite. I love dahlias, irises, lilies,  and so many more. The photo above is one I took a few years back in my own garden (low res for the blog of course.)

Rules and Regulations:

  • Unless otherwise stated one entry per household i.e. you may only leave 1 comment on the blog. If you want to discuss anything or share your thoughts please include it in that 1 comment.
  • Age of majority only
  • Canada only no purchase is necessary to enter, odds of winning are dependent on number of entries received.
  • You may only win a max of 2 contests throughout the whole giveaways event to give others a chance to win
  • Contest ends May 13th 2012 at 11:59 pm(est) and the winner will be announced shortly after potential winner answers a skill testing question.
  • You must use a valid email so I can contact you with details on how to claim your prize. Persons who enter with an alias(fake) email will forfeit their prize and a new winner will be drawn.

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1,243 responses to “Smart Canucks Free Giveaway Canada: Mother’s Day Contest”

  1. 2jk19 says:

    My favourite flower has to be hydrangeas 🙂 p.s. what a beautiful shot from your garden!

  2. Christina Murray says:

    My favorite flowers are tulips

  3. claire says:

    tulips are my favorite

  4. king says:

    hard to pick one but if I had to – Gardenia

  5. Nubbs says:

    My favorite flowers are orchids.

  6. Sue says:

    Mine is tulips. I tell my kids they are my favourite because they are two lips for kissing.

  7. Christophre says:

    My favorite flowers are lilies!

  8. springbreeze says:

    my favorite would have to be roses

  9. Pepi says:

    My favourite flower is the daisy.

  10. banana03 says:

    My favourite flowers are calla lilies 🙂

  11. Cheryl STewart says:

    Yellow Tulips!!!

  12. Kelly says:

    I like sunflowers.

  13. Nicole says:

    I adore sweet peas!

  14. caryn says:


  15. Adrienne says:


  16. Lindy says:

    My favourite flower is definitely the red rose. Sheer perfection and what a wonderful smell these heavenly flowers have!!

  17. Shirley says:

    I love cherry blossoms! 🙂

  18. Carol I says:

    My favorite flower is the lilac!!!!

  19. Rachelle says:

    rose – my daughter’s middle name

  20. momof_four says:

    Hard to choose just one but I do have a soft spot for David Austin Roses

  21. Jenn says:

    Love the simplicity of a fresh daisy! As in life, sometimes the simplest pleasures bring us the most joy!

  22. Mia says:

    I love roses!

  23. Isabel says:


  24. Diane says:

    My favorite flower is the white rose.

  25. Melanie says:

    gerber daisies

  26. DINIZ says:

    Roses the unique wonderfull smell are my favorite.

  27. Denise says:

    orchids 🙂

  28. Karla says:

    I love Gerber daisies.

  29. bucks14 says:

    Orchids are cool

  30. sam2boyz says:

    Love carnations,

  31. Yssy says:

    I love Orchids and tulips. Never fail to brighten my day.

  32. Heather says:


  33. motherjen2010 says:

    Pink peonies 🙂

  34. MichelleG says:

    My favorite are black-eye susans.

  35. baggypants says:

    I love lily of the valleys…so delicate and pretty!!

  36. Lana says:


  37. ddm says:

    I agree, very hard to choose just one! I choose calla lilies. They’re so lovely.

    Thanks for the chance to enter!!

  38. Marnie says:

    My favourite flower are tulips!

  39. Dave says:

    I would have to say roses

  40. Jan says:

    I just love flowers, Gerbera Daisies are a favorite as well as the roses in my garden.


  41. spanneen says:

    White roses are my fave flower! 🙂

  42. TaniaRaymond says:


  43. lola says:

    <3 mini roses!

  44. sweetmomma says:

    I am traditional and love roses! It helps that my name is a derivative from the rose as well!

  45. Charsmom says:

    My all time Fav flower is a spring flower called Muscari (or grape hyacinths). They come up every year and are only a few inches tall but they look like mini bunches of grapes. They are soo cute and smell great. They remind me of my childhood. My mother had them in her garden and now I have them in mine. And I just recenlty introduced my baby daughter, who is now nine months old, to the flower and let her smell it and hold it, until she tried to eat it hahaha. I hope she will put them in her garden one day!

  46. gail says:

    Yellow roses are my favorite 🙂

  47. Amy says:


  48. Miranda says:

    Roses. I love peonies too but they make me sneeze 🙂

  49. vivian says:

    Sun Flowers

  50. Tiffany says:

    My favourite would be hydrangeas. Thanks.

  51. Teresa says:

    Blue roses (yes I know it is dyed)

  52. Strawberrymivvy says:

    I love daffodils, they are just so cheerful and a sign that better weather is on the way

  53. Andrea says:

    My favorite flowers are pink hydrangeas

  54. Kim says:

    Absolutely love peonies!

  55. Lina says:

    Fav flower, ugh cant pick just one; blue orchids, purple lilies, and yellow tulips. Love them all!

  56. Ruby says:

    My favorite flowers are tulips.

  57. Elizabeth says:

    I love freesias – the scent is so lovely, and the colours so vivid.

  58. Karen says:

    Lavender is definite favorite! I love the relaxing scent!

  59. kim says:

    i love peonies

  60. Liz says:

    Gerber daisies are my favorite!

  61. happy_me24 says:

    I love brightly coloured daisies! They’re just happy flowers 🙂

  62. Joanne says:

    My favorite flower is gerberas! They look so cheerful 🙂

  63. hihihi says:

    lilacs! Just so cute and precious
    May all you mothers have a great day 🙂

  64. bibi says:

    My favourite is rose

  65. Liz says:

    My favourite flower is the calla lily.

  66. Patricia says:

    There are so many but I choose the “Lily of the Valley”. For such a tiny flower it emits a wondrous fragrance!

  67. Lillian says:


  68. kim barrett says:

    My favorite are lillies – thanks so much for this contest 🙂

  69. Robin says:

    My favourite flowers are azaleas – I would always pick one or two from my mum’s garden and tuck them under my headband or behind my ear, and I loved how it made everyone I saw smile.

  70. Shabnam says:


  71. GoJays says:

    Any orchid will do 🙂

  72. sara says:


  73. Vicky says:

    Hydrangeas – go big or go home!

  74. felicia says:

    I have to say the Pansey as my son brought home one for me for Mother’s Day and it smells wondeful!

  75. Amanda says:

    My favorite flowers are Gladiolas!

  76. Oulunpuro says:

    I just white roses! They are so beautiful.

  77. Carol Payne says:

    My favs are tulips. As soon as they come into the supermarket in February I buy them. I especially like how they continue to grow & droop…gorgeous. My favourite colors are pink or white.

  78. COWgirl says:

    The stargazer lily. A vibrant pink splash on a white background. Absolutely beautiful!

  79. Jnet says:

    Definitely bird of Paradise flowers:)

  80. Diana says:


  81. elaine says:

    i love roses

  82. Emily says:

    Tulips for me!

  83. Anne Marsh says:

    My favorite flower is the carnation..would love to be picked.

  84. RRES says:


  85. Rosemarie says:

    I love roses!

  86. Liisa says:

    I love the gerbera daisy!

  87. Shirley says:

    Dark Purple Clematis, they put on a beautiful summer show!

  88. Julia says:

    Aaa that flower is so pretty! love the colour. my favourites are tulips 🙂

  89. haroon says:

    my fave flowers are roses

  90. Rosanne says:

    My favourite flower is the Hibiscus.

  91. Angie says:

    Roses, any color, close second, lilly

  92. Rin says:

    I love love love Tulips 🙂

  93. Catherine K says:

    champagne roses

  94. kylieC says:

    Tulips. 🙂

  95. Hassan says:

    I like Roses, like the one in Beauty and the beast.

  96. Hong says:

    I love roses=)

  97. Jennifer says:

    Do I love, love, love purple orchids!

  98. Pegger says:


  99. Theresa says:

    Hydrangeas are my favourite. So pretty.

  100. Susan says:

    My favorite is Gardenia and Peony

  101. Amanda says:

    Dandelion’s, everyone hates them but their beautiful and are extremely healthy to consume!

  102. Cynthia says:

    My favourite flowers are tiger lilies. 🙂

  103. Susan says:


  104. noor says:

    Like all flowers but especially Rose, the king of flowers.

  105. Molly says:

    My favourite is hydrangea…so beautiful.

  106. Angela C says:

    My fav is the lily. It’s what I named my furbaby.

  107. Kristy says:

    Lillies are my fave!!!!!!!!!!

  108. Jina says:

    pink tulips

  109. Kathleen says:


  110. AiLi says:

    pink roses!

  111. I love jackman clematis so beautiful and grows back every year

  112. markvh says:

    I Love Iris.. SO awsome!!

  113. Tammy (stretchthatdollar!) says:

    I love gerbera daisies. They are the best, used them for my bridesmaids flowers at my wedding, they make me happy!

  114. Arteme says:

    Roses are my favourites! They look and smell terrific, and they are so romantic.

  115. melissa says:

    morning glorys

  116. yan says:


  117. Mandy lam says:


  118. TaraM says:

    my fave flower is gerbera daisy. they make me happy. 🙂

  119. C says:

    Orchids— love them!!!

  120. Deb Lefaivre says:

    Lily of the Valley. I have some inside now from my garden and they have the best aroma.

  121. Marie says:


  122. Deb Lefaivre says:

    Lily of the valley

  123. Julie says:

    I love bleeding hearts. My mom had them in her garden when I was a child and I thought they were SO beautiful!

  124. diane king says:

    my favourite flowers are orchids.

  125. Wendy says:

    My favourite flowers are lillies..The oriental ones..:)

  126. ssbean says:


  127. Sherrie says:

    Hi, I love Roses

  128. Tracy says:

    My favorite flower is tulips! I love the fact thT they are the first ones up in the spring and that they are so beautiful!

  129. mwieler says:

    My favorite would have to be Carnations.

  130. Louise says:

    Pink peonies look georgeous and smell wonderful, too.

  131. Nicole says:

    My favourite would have to be Lilies 🙂

  132. Insane says:

    Blue roses. Had them at my wedding.

  133. Beth says:


  134. Amy says:

    Roses are my fav 🙂

  135. Tara Z says:

    My favorite flower is the Gerbera daisy, they are colorful and happy!

  136. sarah says:

    I love roses!

  137. angelrabbit says:

    My mom loves sunflowers. =)

  138. Ange410 says:

    My favourite flowers are Gerbera Daisies – I lovelovelove them!

  139. Anna says:

    I always buy buy tulips for my mom. =)

  140. Janette says:

    My favourite flower is the gerbera.

  141. Nimisha says:

    My fav flower is the sunflower! Bold and beautiful and full of colour to cheer you up!

  142. Greencanuck says:

    My favourite flower is the tulip.

    I love that they are such a low maintenance plant.

    My planting technique is fairly darwinist, just shoving them in the ground and hope for the best.
    I do not weed , water or otherwise care for them, except for gazing upon their beauty.

  143. andra says:

    I love to see the Lady’s Slipper come up in the spring. It reminds me that the cycle is ready to begin again. We have a lovely patch of them down our laneway and we don’t let the sheep graze in that area until the Lady’s Slipper has finished blooming. The flower is quite rare in England and is a protected species – we are lucky to have this patch growing wild on our property

  144. Gail says:

    My favourite flower is lilacs!

  145. Shejayd says:

    My fovorite flower is Lilacs, because they always smell so good. You know spring is here when you smell them. This mother’s day is pretty special this year for me, My daughter was just born 04/26, and its my birthday (I was born on Mother’s day too). <3. Happy soon to be mother's day mommas.

  146. Ivanasavalot says:

    Love, love, love Canna Lilies!!!! They grow almost 8ft tall and attract many wonderful hummingbirds to my gardens every year!!! 🙂

  147. Harmony says:

    My fave flowers are tulips 🙂

  148. Miranda says:


  149. cozzy says:

    A lemon tree flower, they smell so nice!!!

  150. Mumtoall says:

    Daisy’s are mine

  151. FreebieChick says:


  152. Deals4me says:

    My favourite flower is the carnation.

  153. Aprille says:

    Tulips are my fave!

  154. andrea says:

    Gerberas by far!

  155. KarI Poppleton says:

    I love tulips – so colourful and happy looking!

  156. Donna Butcher says:

    The yellow rose is fragrant, beautiful perfection….revealing itself one petal at a time. Who can resist this symbol of friendship and truth?

  157. SL says:


  158. Linda says:

    so difficult to choose just one, hydrangeas are one of my favorites

  159. Lindsay E says:

    I love lilies, they are my favorite 🙂

  160. rudie75 says:

    My favourite is the lady slipper orchid.

  161. divya says:

    I love roses!

  162. Asha says:

    I love Jasmine.

  163. Clippy says:

    My favourites are Snowdrops!
    I love how they flower so early in the year pushing up through the snow.
    They always bring a smile to my face cos it means winter is nearly over 🙂

  164. ads says:

    Red Roses

  165. Cindy M says:

    I love Gerbera daisies!

  166. Christina Fennell says:

    I love Trillium’s! They are our National flower, and they are beautiful! I love watching them sprout up magically every year in wooded areas 🙂

  167. erin 902 says:

    love lilacs, may flower, and pansies

  168. Valerie Law says:

    I love orchids.

  169. Diann says:

    Lily of the Valley

  170. Jacqueline Paguia says:

    My favorite flowers are Calla Lilies. They stand out from the others, not because they’re long-stemmed but because of its elegant beauty.

  171. Munz says:

    Roses for sure

  172. jacqueline says:

    I love orchids, but can’t grow them =*(

  173. julisa68 says:

    My favourite flower has always been the gardenia. I have always loved the scent. Years ago a local garden centre advertised large gardenia plants for sale. I dropped in to buy one and as a I was paying, the sales guy that had helped me offered to carry it my car. Another guy jumped in and told him that he would carry it to the car for me so that the sales guy could help other customers. He carried the gardenia plant to the car and we started chatting for a very long time in the parking lot and he eventually ended up asking me out. I later found out that he didnt even work in the garden centre but was in charge of their landscaping crew and was in the garden centre picking up material while his poor men patiently waited in the truck. Two years later we were married and I had gardenias everywhere. 16 years and 3 kids later I have gardenia plant to thank for my amazing family.

  174. MortgageQueen says:

    One of the most beautiful flowers on earth, but because it’s common here. . . often overlooked. . .

  175. Ana says:

    my favourite is blue orchid

  176. Lavender Lady says:

    Tulips are my favorite-they herald the arrival of spring for me and bring back memories of my trip to the tulip fields in Holland.

  177. Momof3 says:

    My favorite flower is the Gerber Daisy!

  178. Francis71 says:

    My favourite flower is forget me nots.

  179. Pi says:


  180. Carrie says:

    I love hydrangeas! Thanks for the chance!

  181. Cheryl says:

    My favourite has to be the lilac. It reminds me of the tree outside my childhood bedroom and still blooms to this day every spring

  182. Aisha says:

    White roses

  183. NA says:

    My favourite flowers are orchids.

  184. Kandemom says:

    I love tulips. I would love to have more of them in my garden.

  185. Remy says:

    My favourite flower is Lilly of the valley 🙂 Happy mothers day to all the mothers out there!

  186. afroz says:

    zinnia is my fav… best

  187. Kaye says:

    It’s a tie between roses and lilies for me!

  188. Amberley says:

    Tiger lilies! Great colouring and I love how they pop up all over the place!

  189. Anniep says:

    Lili of the valley, gerbera, rose. I really love flowers.

  190. pulp_princess says:

    My favourite flower is a cymbidium orchid.

  191. mattsmom says:

    my favorite has always been roses! I’m so lucky my husband buys them for me on my birthday & Valentines Day! 🙂

  192. Lynda says:

    The mother of a floral designer and I love all flowers…but my fave has always been a huge gorgeous lily!

  193. LN says:

    My favorite flower is the Orchid – simple and beautiful yet long lasting.

  194. Kerry says:

    There’s just something about the simplicity of a violet – that’s my favorite.

  195. Jon T says:

    My favourite has always been Calla Lilies – so beautiful.

  196. Alma says:

    Mine are mimosas… Remind me of the March back home… Unfortunately have never been able to find them in Canada…
    Happy Mother’s Day to all!

  197. T Sieben says:

    Lilacs. They have a wonderful scent and they bring back such happy mmemories of my childhood. I would cut huge bunches of lilacs to give to my mom every spring. She was always so thrilled to get them, even though they came from her own garden.

  198. christine says:


  199. Carolyn says:

    I love peonies! So pretty!

  200. Muriki says:

    Daffodils. So simple and pretty.

  201. Valerie Hanlon says:

    I love yellow roses – the first flowers my husband ever got me – 28 years ago!

  202. Victoria says:

    Forget-me-nots. That blue is my favourite colour.

  203. Natalia says:


  204. Tatra says:

    My favorite flower is the Sunflower, it brightens my day!

  205. Frose says:

    i love white roses!

  206. Deborah Goodman says:

    I absolutely love hydrangea!

  207. Ami1984 says:

    My fave is Daisey’s and carnations

  208. Colleen says:

    My favourite has always been the lovely fragrant red rose. 🙂

  209. Andrea B says:

    I love hybrid tulips with all their varying colours.

  210. kekes says:

    Bird of Paradise!

  211. Joanna says:

    Roses 🙂

  212. Sarah Lynn says:

    It is very hard to pick one flower as my favourite. I had Dendrobiums Orchids for my wedding flower becasue of its elegant feeling. For an everyday flower to be my favourite it would have to be the Gerbera Daisies. Pink and Coral especially!!!

    Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms for Sunday.

  213. marianne says:


  214. Andrea Williams says:

    I love roses!

  215. Saira says:

    Love Hydrangeas.

  216. Amanda Geering says:

    My favorite flower is the tiger lilly I also like pansies ever since I watched the movie Alice in Wonderland when I was a kid and they had singing pansies. Super cute!

  217. Fiona says:

    My favourite flower is Amarilis

  218. Milena says:

    I like white roses

  219. Stephanie says:

    My favorite are lillies.

  220. lavenderplum says:

    irises!..the first flowers my husband ever got me.

  221. icemistca says:

    I love gerbera’s 🙂

  222. alisa1 says:

    A bunch of hyacinths 🙂

  223. smartfreeby says:

    I love lilies!

  224. Jean says:

    I absolutely love sunflowers.

  225. Angela says:

    The purple iris in the picture is my favorite.

  226. LJW says:

    Gerber Daisy any colour

  227. lastquarter says:

    My fave flower is tulip 🙂

  228. carotte says:

    My favorite is daisy

  229. Natalie says:

    Also I do love the smell of freesias, the scent of lilacs brings memories of when I was young and our backyard was lined with lilac bushes. I don’t see them growing wild anymore.

  230. Lee says:

    My favourite flower is actually the Tulip – amazingly I live in Ottawa! 🙂

  231. Marie says:

    I have two favorite flowers… baby’s breath and calla lilies. Love them both. One so gentle and fragile and one so bold and strong.

  232. redhdlois says:

    Bright orange Gerbera daisy!!

  233. Brenda says:


  234. Melissa13 says:

    My favorite flower is the orchid

  235. Giving-Small says:

    Gerber daisies

  236. Jessica says:

    Orchids-In any hue of pink (-:

  237. brianne says:

    I’m actually a huge succulent fan.. no flowers for this girl!

  238. Hailey says:

    My favourite flower is the daffodil.They’re just pretty and kind of awkward looking.

  239. Vicky says:

    Violets 🙂

  240. Linda says:

    I love orchids!!!

  241. Kim Dougherty says:

    My fav is the daisy!!

  242. Paige says:

    Peonies or roses. Hydrageas too!

  243. Sandra says:

    My favourite flower is the rose, especially the red ones.

  244. VN says:

    Gerbera daisy, I have been getting them for my significant other for years.

  245. Amgovan says:

    My favorite flower is the Stargazer Lily, but my daughter’s favorite is the Gerber Daisy and I love seeing her little face light up when she gets some…

  246. Shauna says:

    I really like stargazer lilies…but Tulips are a very close second…especially the double tulip, I forget the proper name for it but they are absolutely gorgeous.
    All of the flowers at the TULIP FESTIVAL this year are AMAZINGLY PRETTY!

  247. Jenny says:

    Blue roses!

  248. Shadowfox says:

    That is not an easy question! I guess I will have to go with sarabande lillies.

  249. Lenore says:

    Roses. THey always remind me of my grandmother’s garden.

  250. Robin says:

    Pansies are my favorite!

  251. K says:

    Gerber daisy

  252. folagenie says:

    my favorite are roses

  253. CL says:

    i like orchids!

  254. Mini says:

    Lilacs, because they remind me of my mother.

  255. picklehead says:

    Hydreagea’s, the ones that looks like balloons.

  256. seniora says:

    I love red roses

  257. Rachel says:

    I love anenomes!!

  258. meena1 says:


  259. Ciel says:

    Magnolia tree blooms–they are large natural heralders of spring!

  260. Jenny says:

    Roses are my favourite!

  261. Abby1 says:

    My favourite flower is the Stargazer Lily

  262. nads says:

    Absolutely in love with an orange ranunculus blooming in my apartment right now! 🙂

  263. Carol says:

    I love carnations because they come in many colours & last a long time.

  264. SuzannaR says:


  265. Lucie says:

    Roses remain my favorite.

  266. ndrambs says:


  267. Brian says:


  268. Tresmom says:

    Star gazed lillies

  269. Chantel says:

    Hibiscus flowers are my favorite. I finally got to see some in bloom when I went to Disneyland, and the memory of that makes them even better!

  270. Elle says:

    Daisies are my favorite

  271. Jessica says:


  272. Cara says:


  273. Jen says:

    I love lilies !

  274. Shannon says:

    I have always really liked carnations. I like the smell of them as well as their longevity! Give me carnations over roses any day.

  275. user-id says:

    white roses

  276. Binnie says:

    Chrysanthemums are my favourite.

  277. Annie says:

    I love jasmine!

  278. Maria C. says:

    My favourite is a peony. I just love them but they don’t last very long.

    Love your flower picture!

  279. Chantal says:

    I love the red rose!!

  280. Janetta says:

    One of my favourite flowers would be renoncule flowers! 😀

  281. dizzyb says:

    Love lilies! If only they could bloom all season long in the garden…

  282. Matchstix says:

    Lillies… thats what i named my baby girl after

  283. gobo says:

    love tulips

  284. rAjOo says:


    Favorite flower is Rose – any color

  285. Melinda Liu says:


  286. Eva says:


  287. bargainhunter123 says:

    My fave…calla lilies. Simple yet elegant!

  288. ford64 says:

    My favorite flower is a Rose because there delicate and have a soft scent also.

  289. mommy2emma says:

    My favourite would have to be orchids, they are just so delicate and pretty!

  290. GQcat says:

    My favorite flower is Tulip, especially the yellow one!

  291. octavia says:

    i love sunflowers.

  292. Jessica says:

    Gerbera daisies are my fav!

  293. RK says:

    the lotus.

  294. MeShell says:

    Calla lilies and orchids, which I had at my fall wedding in 2010 in all different colours 😀

  295. FatB says:

    My fav are orchids.

  296. janice says:

    YELLOW ROSES ..Happy Mother’s day !

  297. bishi says:

    Deep red roses

  298. Narathip Wall says:

    Jasmin of course. 🙂 It smells so good!

  299. seapotato says:

    i really like daffodils!

  300. Chrisula says:

    my favorite flowers are daffodils (Spring is my favorite time of year and yellow is my favorite colour) :o)

  301. Erin says:

    Stargazer Lillies. Love their fragrant smell 🙂

  302. Katie says:

    Those crazy fluorescent dyed daisies! 🙂

  303. Carla says:


  304. Shumin Wang says:

    My favorite flower is Rose.

  305. ishrat i says:

    i lovee daisy ! 🙂

  306. amanda says:

    purple orchid

  307. i think a single rose is the most beautiful flower

  308. Fatema says:

    I just love to layer lavender,
    Coz it makes me look so younger,
    Searching for a true love finder?
    Close your eyes for a bit and wonder,
    I just love everything of lavender,
    Coz it makes me feel so younger!

  309. Carrie says:


  310. Ken says:

    gerber daisy

  311. Kailu says:

    Lillies’ are my fav because of their smell:)

  312. Femme Fatale says:

    Roses, they’re just so beautiful and romantic.

  313. Joanne says:

    Carnations 🙂

  314. Jill says:

    I like columbines

  315. Gul says:

    I just love to layer lavender,
    Coz it makes me look so younger,
    Searching for a true love finder?
    Close your eyes for a bit and wonder,
    Why do I love everything of lavender?
    Coz it reminds me of my beautiful mother!

  316. Tammy says:

    The immortelle.So pretty and delicate.

  317. Heather B says:

    Dahlias, my dad grows them and there are so many beautiful colours and sizes.They make such lovely cut arrangements and last so long.

  318. Carrie says:

    I love crocuses!

  319. June says:

    Hmmmmm, peonies, roses, lilacs, moonflower, heliotrope……so many gorgeous flowers and lovely scents – choosing a favourite is difficult but I’ll choose Peony.

  320. Lori says:

    Pansies – but only the purple ones!

  321. shellilee says:

    i love dahlias.

  322. Sara says:

    My favorite flower is the orchid.

  323. Silk says:

    I love gerberas.

  324. sarah says:

    Waterlilies for me! They are just so beautiful.

  325. AliciaT86 says:

    I love orchids! So pretty!! 🙂

  326. Benita says:

    Calla Lilies

  327. Kara Dalgleish says:

    My favourite is Stargazer Lilies. I used them in my wedding bouquet.

  328. inngy says:

    Dahlia’s are my favorite – remind me of my grandmother.

  329. Keem says:

    My favourite flower is the cherry blossom! 😀

  330. jenny says:

    I love roses. Classic 😉

  331. Michelle says:


  332. Melanie Johnson says:

    I love orchids and lilies, and gerber daisy’s.

  333. Amangx says:


  334. Sylvia says:

    My favourite flowers are tulips.

  335. Barbara says:

    I absolutely love when the air is charged with the scent of purple Lilacs blooming in our backyard. I can hardly wait.

  336. Connie says:

    definitely orchids.

  337. mesta says:

    specifically orange roses. my nana loved orange roses and they were all over when i was a kid, and i guess it just stuck with me after she died.

  338. Chandana Bhatia says:

    Lilies and red roses are my fav.

  339. YAUN says:

    I like sunflowers.

  340. Cassandra says:

    Bird of Paradise flowers always make me feel like I’m on a vacation, so that’s my favourite! 🙂

  341. Marlene Brown says:

    My favourite flower is peony. Iris is beautiful and the flower of our town.

  342. Elise says:

    Lilacs. A beautiful, fragrant, old-timey bloom!

  343. wondering says:

    I love orchid, so beautiful.

  344. Katharine says:

    Love the look of the calla lily and the smell of honeysuckle.

  345. Cyn says:

    favourite flower is Gardenias

  346. bartman says:

    lilly of the valley

  347. Joanna says:

    Gladiolas <3

  348. Darci says:

    Sunflowers, they are so bright and festive!

  349. tra says:

    Iris 🙂

  350. Chris D. says:

    Sunflower 🙂

  351. Heather says:


  352. Valerie says:

    Where carnations are the official flower of Mother’s day and I like them alot, roses are very nice, the scent of gardenia is exquisite, pansies are beautiful, but my favourite would be sweet peas because my dad would always grow them for me.

  353. lame says:

    hyacinths or white calla lilies.

  354. Philip says:


  355. Cecilia says:


  356. Dimple says:

    My favorite flower is rose..:) happy mothers day to all..:)

  357. Tina says:

    I love roses!

  358. Sindy says:

    my fav is the japanese orchid flower ~~

  359. Mama Allie says:

    Sweet William


  360. Maya says:


  361. Star says:

    I love hydrangeas! =)

  362. Coupon-O-Bot says:

    Absolutely Hydrangea’s in purple-blue. 🙂

  363. Ainnie says:

    Lilies and daffodils

  364. Emma says:

    pink tulip

  365. Carrie says:


  366. meghan says:

    tulip’s 🙂

  367. shaaland says:

    Freshia for me!!!

  368. Nay says:

    Lilies !

  369. Lei says:


  370. avoncallingu says:

    I LOVE FLOWERS – Period! But if I had to pick – it would be gladiolas. Where I used to live, if they were blooming, it signalled – Back to School but now where I live they bloom in mid summer! I love all the colours!

  371. Corbinx says:

    I love birds of paradise!

  372. Kari says:

    I love tulips.

  373. Jocelyn says:

    My favorite are peonies!

  374. Monica says:

    Gerber daisies!

  375. Victoria says:

    My favourite flower is the daffodil. It’s mine, and my 2 month old daughters birth month flower.

  376. NANCY says:

    My favorite flower is a wild rose, they were my Mom’s and after she passed away i dug them up from her place and planted them in my garden, have had them for 19 years

  377. dot says:

    tulip! especially when there is a sea of different coloured tulips

  378. Jenno says:

    Without a doubt, tulips are my favorite flower.

  379. Jen says:

    I love tulips!

  380. reena says:

    gerber daisy 🙂

  381. Jessica says:

    Black roses.

  382. Maegan Morin says:

    I have always loved tiger lilies!!

  383. Koolaid says:

    I really like bleeding hearts! Always thought they were the coolest shaped flower.

  384. Kim says:

    What is my favourite flower? Hmm… I think every flower is a favourite. Why? Well, because all flowers are proof that life can take hold and flourish just about anywhere; and where life exists, beauty exists.
    However, if I must pick one flower, it would be have to be a Scotch Thistle. Some think of it as just a weed, but it has special meaning to me. I see it as a beautiful flower which reminds of my (late) mother. The Thistle is a representation of my mom’s strength and beauty, as well as her spirit & heritage. Both are strong, and in spite of the tough, prickly exterior that commands respect as it protects the vibrant inner beauty, they both proudly and readily display their glorious inner-selves with the entire world.

  385. Anna says:

    My favourite flower is hyacinth.

  386. Erica says:

    Certainly IRISES are my favorite flower because it is also the name of my darling mother. 🙂

  387. Kelly says:

    My favorite flower has to be star gazer lilies!!

  388. Leah Ryan says:

    Gerber Daisy!

  389. Jess says:

    Tulips! I would fill my garden to overflowing with them if I could!

  390. frugallady19 says:

    calla lilies… blue roses….

  391. Ashley says:

    Gerber daisies are my fav.. Happy Mothers Day!!!

  392. Nancy says:

    Love yellow roses

  393. Kelly says:


  394. encinc says:

    My favourite flower is the tulip

  395. Islandgirl says:

    Tulips for sure but I also love gerber daisies……well any flowers someone gives me really!!

  396. Islandgirl says:

    Tulips for sure but any flowers that are goven to me are just fine !!!

  397. Chris Hill says:

    I love roses and think they are a great gift to give to my wonderful mother in my life. I’m just so grateful for my mother, she has been a blessing and a gift in my life.

  398. Jennifer Barr says:

    My favourite flower has to be cherry blossoms. I had the opportunity to see these beautiful flowers when I visited Jspan last year and I’ve loved them ever since. I even got a tattoo of of them on my back!

  399. Jennifer Barr says:

    My favourite flower has to be cherry blossoms. I had the opportunity to see these beautiful flowers when I visited Japan last year and I’ve loved them ever since. I even got a tattoo of of them on my back!

  400. Christine says:

    Pasque flowers! And they are blooming NOW! LOVE them!

  401. Amanda says:

    Well my 4 year old wend shopping with Daddy to make me a flower pot. He picked out some red ‘mums’. So they are now officially my favourite.

  402. Laura says:

    I like them all, but since I am a simple girl, I really like daisies!!

  403. Kathryn says:

    Daisys….all the way. My mother & grandmother use to sing to me “Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer true. I’m half crazy all for the love of you…” to get me to fall asleep!

  404. Dianne says:

    Sunflowers for sure!!! Have a wonderful Mother’s Day Everyone.

  405. Kathryn says:

    Sorry my previous email was missing the “.com”

    Daisy, Daisy give me your answer true. I’m hald crazy all for the love of you… My mother & grandmother use to sing this to me all the time to get me to fall asleep. Daisys!!!!Happy Mother’s Day!

  406. dom says:

    I love hydrangeas.

  407. Judy says:

    I love freesia

  408. Sue Nadeau says:

    My favorite flower has to be the Hibicus and now that they are grown locally, it is even better to bring the looks of the tropics into my home.

  409. Tracy says:

    alstromeria Love Love them!

  410. nicole says:

    tied between alstroemeria and lilies

  411. AlicjaS says:

    I love Daisy.

  412. Natalka says:

    Interesting to read everyone’s choices. It’s hard to choose, because I love so many types of flowers. First choice goes to hyacinth, mostly because of its heavenly scent. Carnations come a close second.
    Happy Mother’s Day to all! 🙂

  413. Ellie says:

    Lilacs are my favorite…..first sign of summer and ooohhhh that heavenly smell……..

  414. Ellie says:

    Lilacs are my favorite….first sign of summer and that ohh sooo heavenly smell.

  415. TM says:


  416. Amy says:

    Gerberas – my wedding flower!

  417. Tammy says:

    White roses are my fave!

  418. Fiona says:

    Gerbera Daisies are my favourite flower

  419. Nely says:

    I love red roses!

  420. Eric says:

    Robin Hood All Purpose 😛

  421. macw1960 says:

    My favorite flower is Lily of the Valley…brings back many happy childhood memories.

  422. L says:

    I miss my mom so much. She had a real green thumb and her garden was always full of such a variety of beautiful flowers. It’s really hard to pick just one favourite but I’ll say begonias.

  423. stasymipip says:


  424. Hb says:

    I love gerber daisies

  425. Stef says:

    Tulips are my favorite!

  426. Sharon says:

    Although I love almost all flowers, lilacs are one of my very favourites. Love the colours and their amazing smell! Happy Mother’s Day!

  427. choi says:


  428. canadian_girl says:

    Hibiscus are so beautiful in the fall – they’re my favourite.

  429. Nomerr says:

    My favorite flower is the Lilac!

  430. Sunraven says:

    Fave flower is the oriental lily, but I also love Dahlias, Hydrangeas and Orchids.

  431. DJ says:

    my faveorite flower is Alium

  432. Kevin says:

    It’s usually whatever my wife’s favourite flower is. Haha.


  433. Michelle says:

    Tabris rose. 🙂

  434. Heather McClanahan says:

    Deep Blue Hydrangeas are my favourite! Soooo beautiful 🙂

  435. Bekki3 says:


  436. Heather McClanahan says:

    Deep Blue Hydrangeas are my favourite. Sooooo beautiful 🙂

  437. xXtiggerXx says:

    I love hibiscus

  438. Farah says:

    My absolute favourite is Gardenias because of the fragrance

  439. Margaret says:

    Daisies and sweet heart roses…symbols for simple or pure love

  440. kazm-l says:


  441. Ceren says:

    my favourite is orchids 🙂

  442. Linda says:

    My favorite flower is tulips..they are the love of my life.

  443. NatalieM says:

    Orchids are my favourite.

  444. mjcf says:

    White Roses for sure

  445. Marie-Josée says:


  446. EILEEN says:

    My favourite flower is lilacs—oh the smell is so awesome!!!
    Your pic of flowers is gorgeous too.
    Happy Mother’s day!

  447. Lisa says:

    stargazer lillies! They’re beautiful and as a plus they’re not that expensive compared to some of the other typical favorites 🙂

  448. Rachel says:

    My favourite flowers are pansies. Thank you for the contest!

  449. Vivian says:

    Wow, do nice to see love for tulip – also my fave, as well as, peonies

  450. Angela B says:

    I Love all flowers but especially roses!

  451. eltada says:

    Definitely think peonies are my favourite in my garden currently. Thanks for the contest!

  452. dudica says:

    My favorite flower is lillac.

  453. Dianne says:

    I really like shasta daisies!

  454. Leslie P says:

    I LOVE LILLIES!!! especially the Easter Lily!!

  455. Anu says:

    I love red tulips!

  456. mrsamyweber says:

    I love both daisies and white peonies 🙂

  457. Kerry says:

    Gerber Daisy:-)

  458. Greg says:

    I personally like Birds of Prey myself… Great Contest!

  459. sharicat says:

    purple Liliac’s are my favorite. They smell so good. I also like pussy willow’s and bluebell’s if they are considered a flower. Probably more of a plant.

  460. jo says:

    hydrangeas (sorry Madonna)

  461. olivercat says:

    My favourite flowers are birds of paradise. My husband gives them to me for our aniversary. He has one put in each arrangement for each year we have been married. I think it has gotten very expensive over the many years we have been married–last year there was 15 beautiful orange ‘birds’ in the arrangement.

  462. ATCole says:

    Peonies all the way!

  463. RosSara Wappler says:

    Roses definitely

  464. ladybug2011 says:

    Tulips. Wish they had a longer season.

  465. Amy says:

    I love roses!

  466. matty's mom says:

    Gerbera daisies.

  467. Mandy says:

    Peonies, Hibiscus and Carnations.

  468. angel_cutie888 says:

    My favorite is calla lilies.

  469. thesemicolonel says:

    Lilacs. Hands down. :)!

  470. Angel_cutie888 says:

    Calla lilies

  471. J_Slo says:

    Gerbra Daisies… simple and beautiful:)

  472. Kirk Gehl says:

    My favorite flower is the tulip.

  473. Sara says:

    My favorite flowers are roses – particularly circus roses as they were the first roses my husband gave me and in my wedding bouquet.

  474. Rosie Chen says:

    Tulips and Roses

  475. gourmetsue says:

    Pink Roses. They remind me of both my gran and granddad

  476. Gloria says:

    Would have to be lilacs – they surrounded the house when I was a child the scent was heavenly, they remind me of home and my mother.

  477. Maxmel2 says:

    My favorite flower is the Sunflower.

  478. Kim says:

    My absolute favorite flowers are snap dragons. My mom always plants snap dragons in the front lawn, I used to love and sit and watch the bees go inside the snap dragons…However, I was always a bit disappointed that they weren’t real dragons 🙂

  479. cedulie says:

    roses and lady slippers

  480. RedEng says:

    sweat peas, they smell so sweet and so many bright beautiful colours.

  481. Sarah says:

    I love orchids 🙂

  482. Sarah Walker says:

    My favourite flowers would have to be hydrangeas and tulips. I had hydrangeas all throughout my wedding, and nothing says ‘spring’ to me like a bed full of tulips!

  483. Tami says:

    TULIPS all the way!

  484. Alii says:

    gerbra daisies

  485. Kim s says:

    Daisies,they just bring a smile to my face

  486. ConfessionsMatter says:

    Gladiolas are my fave

  487. M.J. says:

    I love Irises………….

  488. Shruti says:

    I love roses 🙂

  489. cedulie says:

    black roses and lady slippers

  490. Wafiyyah says:


  491. Courtney says:

    I’m unoriginal… but I love roses. :]

  492. Karen-Jean Kozlowski says:

    I love morning glories!

  493. dina says:

    peonies….soooo pretty.

  494. Juliet Coe says:

    I named my Daughter “Jasmine” after the beautiful white flowers ,
    Jasmine Flowers smell so beautiful and are very fregant,
    they may be petite but they are strong and powerful just like my daughter !!!!~

  495. yingy_c says:

    My favourite flower is definitely TULIP!!!!!!!!!! I love tulips so much!!

  496. Jan D says:

    My favourite are giant sunflowers.

  497. skinnyminnie007 says:

    My favorite is tulips.

  498. skinnyminnie007 says:

    tulips are my fave

  499. lushie415 says:

    My favourite flowers are lillies, but my moms favourite are roses so we always have those planted in your garden, and in our house 🙂

  500. Sharon Mark says:

    A rose in any color….So beautiful despite it having a bunch of thorns lol 🙂

  501. CandyP says:

    My favourite flower(s); anything that comes out of the ground from the most exotic orchid to the lowly dandelion. But if I have to choose I guess it is the Rose.

  502. Lavina Davar says:

    Gerber daisies are my favorite flowers.

  503. Anne says:

    Peonies. So lovely and fragrant.

  504. Ali says:

    My favourite has always been the TULIP! I love it for both the look and the scent – smells like candy!

  505. maureen mcelwain says:

    my favourite flower is the freesia

  506. Kristi says:

    Hyacinth’s are my favourite.

  507. stephanie neumann says:

    my favorite flower is lilacs!! i love the smell!!!

  508. Tracy says:

    My favourites are Geraniums

  509. Donna G. says:

    Best things come in small packages, I love all flowers , even weeds, but “Forget me Nots” are just so pretty , I even have a picture of them as my Facebook cover photo 🙂

  510. luc_anna says:

    I love any flower that has bright vivide colours and has strong sweet smell 🙂

  511. Val says:

    Orchids are my absolute favourite flower. So exotic !

  512. Louise says:

    My favorite are yellow roses.

  513. sharron says:

    my favorie flower is tulip

  514. Val says:

    Orchids are my absolute favourite flower! So exotic!

  515. freesias are my favourite

  516. twinzzz says:

    absolute favourite Deep purple Lilacs!!

  517. jane says:

    i absolutely love roses they are beautiful and smell amazing

  518. Laura K says:

    I /LOVE/ lilacs, the smell, the look. Everything.I’m not particular about colour either 🙂

  519. Mom2three says:

    my favourite is Gladiolas…doesn’t matter what colour…

    Happy Mother’s Day to all mom’s at mom’s at heart!

  520. Tas says:

    Roses are my favourite

  521. vicki says:

    Gerberas 🙂

  522. Diane says:

    Orchids are so elegant and beautiful

  523. Amanda says:


  524. Andrea says:

    I love Paphiopedilum orchids, They are a type of orchid that grows on the Forest floor in many parts of the world.

  525. Wendy H says:

    I love peonies — they remind me of my grandmother’s gorgeous garden…

  526. Paul Lawton says:


  527. DiamondLil says:

    I like daisies. My best childhood memories include them (picking them, using food coloring to change them into every color imaginable). I still like doing this with my own children!

  528. Leigh M says:

    My favorite flower is the purple iris. My grandfathers garden is full of them and I love going to visit when they are all out

  529. Terri says:

    Hmmm How to pick one. I guess at this moment it’s Gerber Daisys.

  530. DiamondLil says:

    My favorite flower is the daisy. 🙂 Lots of fond memories picking them and using food coloring in their water to change them into a rainbow of different colors.

  531. Wakeforsoul says:


  532. Shelly says:

    COSMOS…so beautiful

  533. Rhonda says:

    I love gerbera daisies…they come in so many bright colours!

  534. Carrie M says:

    I love the calla lily

  535. Joan says:

    Pansies, they look like they are smiling!

  536. Carrie M says:

    I love the calla lilly

  537. Melissa says:

    I love Daisies, so simple and pretty 🙂

  538. Andrea Wales says:

    I Love Gerbera daisies…they come in so many colours and look so fresh and springlike!

  539. Jonna says:

    My love is the sunflower.

  540. Jonna says:

    My love is the sunflower

  541. Heather says:

    I have been to Holland a few times as a kid and was totally taken by the tulips 🙂

  542. Andrea Wales says:

    My favourite flower is gerbera daisies. They come in many different colours and are so fresh looking

  543. happy2 says:

    My favourite flower is the peony

  544. amy says:

    Australian tea bush (manuka). It takes my breath away.

  545. Cyn says:

    My favourite flowers are orchids

  546. J says:


  547. dillylady says:

    Pink Gerbera Daisies are my favourite! 🙂

  548. Christy says:

    My favourite are cream roses.

  549. gENIE says:

    My fav is roses

  550. gails says:

    I love tulips. When they come up in my garden I know spring is here.

  551. Peachykeen2007 says:

    Daisies – any color 🙂

  552. Rock says:

    Lillacs…got to love the aroma

  553. Jennifer says:

    I love the smell of Lilacs in the spring. My first born son was a mother’s day child in 1973. He also get to celebrate Friday the 13th.
    Remember all the Mother’s that have passed.

  554. Melissa Clark says:

    I love the flower Persian buttercup!
    Have a great weekend!

  555. Moi says:

    Roses – they’re beautiful and smell wonderful

  556. Ivycottage says:

    My favorite flower is the hydrangea.

  557. Jennifer says:

    i love the smell of Lilacs, aslo that the tree stays green all summer. My first born son was a Mother’s day gift in 1973. He also gets to celebrate Friday the 13th. Note – please remember the mother’s that have passed.

  558. Amy says:

    I absolutely love pansies 🙂

  559. My favorites are lilies – they are so bright and beautiful!

  560. Lori G says:

    My absolute favourite flower is the tulip – Happy Mother’s Day to all !!

  561. Ash says:

    Tiger lily 🙂

  562. ashokia says:

    My favourite flowers are calla lilies. I wanted to have some at my wedding but they were just too expensive, so I made all my arrangements with silk flowers. As nice as they were, I always regretted not being able to have my first choice. Every year on our anniversary, my DH gives me a lily. This mothers day is especially special to me because it will be my first as a mom!

  563. JK says:

    calla lillies…they’re so elegant!

  564. lesley c. says:

    red roses are my fave! 🙂

  565. Digi says:

    Peach roses. 🙂

  566. jcuadra14 says:

    tulips are my favorite

  567. Lee Connell says:

    Ger­beras are my fav but if you want to put a nice bouquet together.. totally white tulips and irises.
    I wish all the mothers out there a wonderful Mother’s Day 2012, and to those who have lost their mothers, may your day be filled with loving memories!

  568. Helina says:

    I love pink Gerber Daisies

  569. Lindsey says:

    I love spider mums. 🙂

  570. Debbie C says:

    I love pink peonies and gerber daisies!!

  571. Noelle says:

    My favorite flower is the white Lily.

  572. Jessica says:

    My favourite flowers are sunflowers! 🙂

  573. Linda says:

    Favourite….that is a hard questions because there are so many gorgeous flowers. I’d have to say tulips. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers out there!

  574. fran says:

    My favouite flower is Tulips

  575. Kathy M says:

    I adore orchids

  576. fran says:


  577. Lynda says:

    I love deep red roses.

  578. lisa says:

    My favourite flowers are gerbera daisies and regular daisies. They are so bright and cheerful.

  579. Denise says:

    I LOVE paper whites and tulips!!

  580. Shannon says:

    My favourite flowers are lillies of the valley. Not only do they smell wonderful but they were in our garden every year when i was a child and will forever remind me of home and my mom.

  581. ARPL says:

    Roses are my favorites. If I could afford to have them in my house year round, I would.

  582. Andie says:


  583. Andy Humphries says:

    Cherry blossoms are the best flowers you have ever seen.

  584. Maneesha says:

    My Favorite flower is JASMINE.

  585. Lisa says:

    Flowers are so beautiful, it is hard to choose one favorite. But if I had to, it would be the Gerbera daisies. Just love their look & the wonderful & bright colors that put an instant smile on my face.

  586. Johanne H says:


  587. Jenn says:

    Calla Lilies!

  588. neutkidz says:

    my fav. flower is sunflowers, i love how bright and cheery they are

  589. Maria says:

    My favourite flower is the chinese blossom

  590. Susan says:

    Daffodils are my favourite. Love the smell-it always means that Spring is finally here.

  591. Lisa says:

    I love Gerbera daisies!

  592. Lulu says:


  593. Sandra says:

    My Favorite flower is the Daisy

  594. ashley says:

    I Love all flowers, but i love the smell of lilacs :)!!

  595. Sara says:

    Cream colour hydrangeas are my favourite flower. They will forever remind me of my mum as she pulled A LOT of strings to get them at my wedding whilst out of season.

  596. Bargain Seeker says:

    I love pink roses.

  597. Marie-Kim says:

    My favorite type of flower is Lys Oriental Casablanca.

  598. holly says:

    My favourite flower is the chrysanthemum. Many people associate it with funerals, but I associated it with life. My daughter’s birth flower is the chrysanthemum and one thing I remember growing up where these bright orange and red chrysanthemum curtains that my Nan used to have. Such a beautiful flower!

  599. Betty says:


  600. Tracy says:

    My favourite flower is the gerbera daisy.

  601. madryn_m says:

    I love hibiscus flowers. So distinctive, and I instanly associate them with a tropic getaway.

  602. Annie says:

    I love most flowers, but peonies with their large and fragrant blooms have to be my very favorite!

  603. krista says:

    My absolutely favorite flower is the lilac! That is my favorite scent as well!

  604. Regs says:

    I love peonies!

  605. Lise says:

    I love the ROSE as it warm, and with an old-fashioned sense of femininity, reflects romance with a timeless sense of style that never goes out of fashion…..I love the red Rose…

  606. viji says:

    My fav Flower is Jasmine, smells and looks great

  607. aashi says:

    My Favovrite Flower is LOTUS. It is beautiful and pure. It truly shows us how one can be calm, beautiful even when you have dirt all around 🙂

    Happy Mothers Day to all beautiful and loving mothers out their.

  608. thepixie says:

    mine is the hydrangea 🙂

  609. Jenn says:

    My favorite flower is the lilac. The fresh sweet smell cannot be replaced by any other!

  610. N. says:

    Any flowers! Right now I love the blossoms on our crabapple tree.

  611. Holly says:

    My absolute favourite flower has always been the sunflower! There is just something so unique about it!

  612. Sandy says:

    ..the Rose is hands down my favourite. Such a versatile flower symbolic of so many life events defined by colour and quantity.

  613. Karen says:

    My favourite flower is the carnation! It smells so good!

  614. umasankar says:

    My Favourite flower is rose and also i like lillies , jasmine , hibiscus. My favourite color is pink so i like pink roses.

  615. D says:


  616. Karen P. says:

    I love hydrangeas, I used them as my wedding flower 🙂

  617. umasankar says:

    My favourite Flower is Rose . And also i like lillies , jasmine , hibiscus flowers.

  618. Dana says:

    i’m a landscaper so i have way too many but my favourite flower would be Russian Sage!

  619. Rachel says:

    Oriental Lilies

  620. Dana says:

    i’m a landscaper so i have way to many, but my favourite would be russian sage!

  621. jennie says:

    I love dark purple Calla Lillies.

  622. pindabear says:

    I love gerbera daisies, they were my wedding flowers, and are also planted in my front garden.

  623. Bernadette says:

    My favorite flower is the daisy… 🙂

  624. Christine S. says:

    I LOVE calla lillies! I had white ones in my wedding bouquet and everyone loved it Soooo pretty!

  625. Jackie says:

    I love lilies – we named our only daughter Lily!

  626. shawnmikey716 says:

    I love gladiolas. They always make me smile 🙂

  627. Bonnie says:

    I love lillies, they’re so pretty

  628. Natalie says:

    I love hygrangea’s!! they are so simple but soo pretty!

  629. Manavjeet says:

    Red Rose is my favorite. Just imagine its beauty with dew drops on it … makes it look like Heavenly Beauty.

  630. Melvina says:

    my favorite is the calla lily, but I love whatever “flowers” my children pick for me 😀

  631. TrixyLuxx says:

    I love baby’s breath and calla lillies <3

  632. Caitie says:

    Mine are lilies! Maybe I’ll get some on Sunday! 🙂 Or maybe I’ll get tulips again… funny story! Last year on our anniversary DH prepared a beautiful meal with desert, flowers and all. Then DH says “Do you like it? I got you your favorite flowers, lilies!” There was a gorgeous bouquet of tulips sitting on the table. He tried. <3

  633. Savy Shopper says:

    I would say tulips, absolutely beautiful. Thanks Smark Canucks, you are awesome. You are the best, the first web site I go to every day.

  634. Meg says:


  635. shiningmoon says:

    I love roses!

  636. Kim Vlasak says:

    My favourite flower is orchids.

  637. Susanne says:

    I love calla lilies!

  638. JANICE says:


  639. Gen says:

    Starburst Lillies are my favourite!

  640. I love tropical flowers..especially “bird of paradise”..

  641. Courteney says:

    My favourite flowers are orchids or callalillies. Thanks for another great contest!

  642. Dema says:

    Daffodils =)

  643. ottgrrl says:

    my favorite flower is a sunflower. i even have one as a tattoo on my lower back. They just bring images of happiness and summer

  644. Debra says:

    My favourite would be peonies! They smell so good!

  645. sarah says:

    Definitely peonies!

  646. Mesh says:

    My favorite flower is a rose

  647. Sarah says:

    I really like lilies…but I think pansies are my all time favourite!

  648. lee-ann says:

    I love orchids!

  649. Sunshine says:

    My favourite are sweet peas (but peonies and rhododendrons are high on the list too).

  650. Argentini says:

    Daffodils because they were in season for our wedding and the only thing we could afford!

  651. Sandra says:

    My favorite flower is Red – American Beauty Roses.

  652. Sandra says:

    American Beauty Roses

  653. luisa says:

    There are so many flowers that I love, but if I had to pick one it would be lillies.

  654. Leanne says:

    Orange Gerbera daisies!!

  655. jaqkev says:

    I love Calla Lillies!

  656. Chefgirl says:

    My new favourite flower is Plumeria. We were recently in Hawaii and they are everywhere. It’s a beautiful and fragrant flower.

  657. Bettina says:

    I absolutely LOVE pink/white/green hydrangeas!

  658. Bettina says:

    I absolutely love pink/white hydrangeas!

  659. Ann says:

    definitely orchids!

  660. Kinga says:

    My favourite flowers would have to be the “Forget-me-nots” – growing up I’ve always been told my eye colour matches the colour of them.

  661. m.mcstravick says:

    My very favorites are poppies & hydrangeas.

  662. butterflymomma007 says:

    Too many to choose from, but one of my favorites are stargazing lilies-
    Happy Mother’s day everyone!

  663. Lisa says:

    My favourite flower is the rose. Some of the red ones smell like raspberries…sheer perfection.

  664. Teresa says:


  665. Sandra5 says:

    Nice giveaway, I like roses.

  666. lisa bolduc says:

    mine are lilacs… and my moms are lily of the vally!

  667. Karabana says:

    My favourites have always been lilacs.
    The scent, the beautiful site of them blooming in May, just lovely.

  668. Rachel says:

    Tiger Lilies 🙂

  669. My favourite flower would have to be the tiger lily. The colours just jump at you they are beautiful.

  670. Barb says:

    I love forget me nots my grandfather used to plant them for my nanny an when i see them now they remind me of him an how i’ll never forget him an the way he loved her

  671. AmberLab says:

    My fave is a peach colored rose. 🙂

  672. Taylor F says:

    Has to be lillys. I’ve even vowed to name my first daughter lilliana with the nickname if lilly

  673. Sue says:

    My favourite are sunflowers.

  674. sonia says:

    brown eyed susan’s because they are happy looking flowers 🙂

  675. Yanjun Su says:

    Love all kinds of lilies and hydrangeas!

  676. Ann says:

    My favorite has always been roses, but I don’t find they last very long in a vase, so I prefer to see them on the vine in the backyard.

  677. Benji says:

    I love roses!

  678. Hui Te says:

    I love Rose~ so romantic~~

  679. Cherie says:

    hydrangeas and tulips 🙂

  680. Jamie says:


  681. Sue says:

    Daisy and daisy-like – painted daisy, gerber daisy, sunflower, michaelmas daisy, aster, goblin, cornflower. They make me happy. Even the common daisy weed, covered in ants!

  682. Pam says:

    I love tiger lillies

  683. Fei says:

    I love orchids and lilies

  684. Cindy says:

    Tulips because they represent spring!

  685. Sue says:

    Daisies – gerber, painted, michaelmas, goblin, even the common daisy weed, covered with ants. They make me smile.

  686. Swati says:

    Lotus (yes! it is a real flower!) is my favorite 🙂 It is an aquatic plant

  687. Ernie M. says:

    Strangely enough, I would say it is Hostas. I love all the varieties and the fact that they last all spring, summer and into the fall !

  688. Lisa says:

    My favorite flowers are lilies.

  689. Lynn says:

    I love May’s Lily of the Valley!

  690. bluejellybean says:


  691. sueplay says:

    Tulips – especially the red ones.

  692. Tammy says:

    Gerber daisy’s.

  693. kingy says:


  694. Stella says:

    Peonys are my favourite.

  695. Grimiie says:

    Roses are my favourite flower. They smell so divine and are absolute perfection to look at and lift my spirits each and every time I come in contact with them!!!

  696. kittyboots says:

    Daisy….He loves me he loves me not….

  697. kittyboots says:


  698. Antoinette says:


  699. Michelle says:

    Roses are my Favorite

  700. Meg says:


  701. Tara says:

    My favorite flower…Roses 🙂

  702. Super Mel says:

    Pansies are my favorite… and any flower my kids pick for me including dandelions 🙂

  703. Sue says:

    My favorite flower is alstromeria….beautiful!

  704. Meegs says:

    Love Daisies!!

  705. MissJ says:

    Bird of paradise is definatly my fav! so gorgeous and exotic!

  706. Ghada says:

    I love Billy Button flowers, they are just so cute!

  707. Michelle says:

    My favorite is orchids.

  708. Caroline says:

    I always love Lilies. They’re so elegant.

  709. Lana K says:


  710. Tracey H says:

    I love snapdragons!

  711. Andrea F. says:

    Tulips are my favorite. I am lucky to live where the Tulip Festival takes place.

  712. Natalie says:

    Gerber daisies are one of my favourites!…Hard to pick just one though!

  713. Julie Carswell says:

    My favourite flower is pansies, and they are also my moms favourite!

  714. Teri says:

    My favorite flowers are orchids.

  715. Cassie says:


  716. Seaglass says:

    Cosmos blowing in the summer breezes are my favourite.

  717. Danifish says:

    My favourite flowers are Tulips!

  718. Dinglehopper says:

    My favourite flowers are tulips

  719. Sally says:

    I really love all flowers, especially those that are pink! My favourite may have to be ornamental poppies – pink ones of course!!!

  720. Cam Salter says:


  721. Christina says:

    Purple lilacs!

  722. ccmskates says:

    White roses with red tips. 🙂

  723. Jon Jon says:


  724. Esther says:


  725. I love all flowers, so it’s difficult to choose a favorite. However, if I must choose, it would be roses. Ummm, so beautiful! Next would be lilacs for their wonderful perfume.

  726. Andrea says:

    I like carnations and lilacs.

  727. CaperGoo says:

    I love Tulips!!

  728. Marianne Lombardo says:

    I love all flowers, so it’s difficult to choose a favorite. However, if I think about it, I think roses would be the ones. Ummm, so beautiful.

  729. Zhennie says:

    I like crocuses

  730. Lisa says:

    My favourite flowers are daisies. Simple and naturally beautiful. 🙂

  731. kduever says:

    Gerber Daisies!

  732. Sarah says:

    ooh this is a hard one, id have to say lillies and freesias are my favourite flowers 🙂

  733. Nicky says:

    I like the simplicity of yellow five-petalled buttercups.

  734. Jemma says:

    Roses are still my favourite, followed by carnations

  735. Jenny says:


  736. Michelle says:

    Ive always liked daisies.

  737. Danielle says:

    I love multi coloured dasiys 🙂

  738. sarina says:

    My favorite flowers are pansy’s

  739. Rob says:

    Irises are my favorite flower.

  740. Trina7171 says:

    My favorite flow is the Stargazer Lilly. The smell is so sweet!

  741. Suzann says:

    Simply adore Forget-Me-Nots.

  742. Ashley says:


  743. Maria L. says:

    Tulips!!! C:

  744. Angela V says:

    My favourite flower is the carnation. When I first started dating my husband he asked me if I wanted Roses. I said no because they die too quickly and that carnations last a long time and are pretty.

  745. Bridgey says:

    The Iris ……… Childhood memories !!!!!

  746. Motower says:

    I love lilies of the valley 😉

  747. marta h. says:


  748. starrynight8765 says:

    Gerber Daisies

  749. Jelena says:

    My favourite flowers are Gerberas !!!

  750. jjwbuster says:

    Wild Roses

  751. Chris E says:

    My favorite flower is the white daisy that you see in the grass. All things are beautiful.

  752. Monika says:

    I’m in love with lilies.

  753. Anjee says:

    Red roses!!!!!!!!!!

  754. lisa says:

    My favourite flower is the gerbera daisy!

  755. Chris says:

    Tulip for sure because they come in so many different colours and the colours are so vivid.

  756. Laura says:

    My favorite flowers are tulips!

  757. Doris Ayles says:

    I love roses. They remind me of my grandmother who also loved them.

  758. Eve Honeywell says:

    My favourite flowers are hydrangeas 🙂

  759. precious_angel says:

    Roses!!!! the most sweetest smell.. come in all colors… and its also my dogs midle name!!

  760. sharda says:

    I love pink Roses. It reminds me Love and Life..:)

  761. shorty says:

    Gerberas of course !

  762. s360 says:

    orchids or roses.. hmm
    I think right now I’m going towards Orchids!

  763. zook says:

    I love daffodils. They are a sign that warmer weather is on the way, they are cheery shades of yellow, and most of all, the deer don’t eat them!

  764. sharda says:

    I love Pink Roses. It reminds me Love and life.

  765. sharda says:

    I love Pink Roses. Its remind me Love and LIfe

  766. lisa says:

    my favorite flower is the lilly 🙂

  767. AMYCANADA77 says:

    pink gerber daisy
    white lily

    Happy Mother’s Day everybody!

  768. alexandra says:

    I would have to say orchids are my favourite – phenomenally beautiful. 🙂

  769. Maya says:

    Tulips (for their majestic look) or gardenias (for their wonderful smell).

  770. Magnolias. Just wish they would stay around a little longer!

  771. MoTaffy says:

    In the spring, the answer has to be the crocus.

    By late sumer, fall… the gerbera daisies make my heart sing.

  772. lauren anderson says:

    Lily of the Valley!

  773. Connie says:

    favorite flower is tulip

  774. ANNIE says:

    roses (:

  775. MoTaffy says:

    In spring, I love the crocus.
    In late summer/autumn, the gerbera daisies.

  776. bdnjdsmom says:

    My favorite flower is the peony. Thanks for the great contest!

  777. Kimberly-Anne says:

    I absolutely love orchids!

  778. AD says:

    orchids, they were my wedding flower!

  779. Josephine says:

    I haven’t got a favourite flower. I’m allergic.

  780. Jessica says:

    Bleeding hearts are pretty and easy enough for a plant killer like me, to grow! Lol

  781. Elizabeth says:

    lily of the valley – beautiful delicate flowers that take care of themselves

  782. Heather says:

    Gerbera Daisies 🙂

  783. xxkatiexx says:

    pink daisies 🙂

  784. linda says:


  785. linda says:


  786. AGKCSS says:


  787. Lisa N. says:

    I like white lillies! 🙂

  788. Rebecca M says:

    I actually recently gained an interest in flowers. My favourite is tulips!

  789. Laura says:


  790. Laura says:

    I love roses

  791. bonnie says:

    i have to say the purple bearded iris like the one you have in your pic are the ones i like best

  792. Dave says:

    I like roses

  793. Angelos170 says:

    Pink or orange Asiatic Lily! My grandmother used to have tons of them in her gardens 🙂

  794. Nadine says:

    I think the crocus is my favorite, because it is purple, and, on the prairies where I hail from, one of the very first wild spring flowers. Pretty!

  795. lisa says:


  796. Analyn says:

    Orchids and Tulips!

  797. Ivone K. says:

    Daffodils, bright and cheery, they’re like a reminder that beautiful sunny weather is coming soon!

  798. Cslll says:

    My favorite flow­ers are orchids.

  799. Jessica says:


  800. CarlaW says:

    My favorite flower is a pansy. It reminds me of my Grandma <3

  801. Linda Peters says:

    roses and more roses, thanks

  802. annie says:


  803. Lynne says:

    Blue irises for me !!

  804. Rene says:

    I happen to love orchids. My mother loves lilies!

  805. Darlene says:

    Roses are my absolute favorite. My middle name is Rose, and I also have a small rose tattoo on my leg..

  806. Jon says:


  807. love88 says:

    I love jasmine!

  808. Stephanie Lau says:

    My favourite flower is the Peony!

  809. wendigirl says:

    my absolute fav is lilacs…mmmmm

  810. afshi says:

    I love Sunflowers.

  811. Jess says:

    I absolutely love Moon orchids, their beauty is so radiant, and they are such a unique flower. Watsonia are also delicate and a beautiful flower. Happy mothers day to all the moms!

  812. Vivian says:

    My favourite flower is a hyacinth. Not only is it purple, it is also blooming this time of year. It also has special meaning to me, as it was my grandmother’s middle name. When my first daughter is born, I intend to name her after both a beautiful flower, and a beautiful woman, Ayesha Hyacinth.

  813. siu says:


  814. Claudia says:

    Tulips are my favorite!

  815. Laura says:

    orange begonias

  816. my fav is rose and jasmine

  817. Maureen says:

    I love Mandevilla, they bloomall summer long well into the fall
    with beautiful pink or red tube like flowers.

  818. Maureen says:

    I love Mandevillas they bloom all summer long well into the fall with beautiful pink or red flowers.

  819. heather says:

    My favourite are Freesias 🙂

  820. heather says:

    I love Freesias!!

  821. radhika says:

    I luv yellow roses

  822. Anna says:

    I love all flowers, but my favourite would be rose of sharon.

  823. Darlene Walker says:

    My favorite flowers are tulips! My mom was born in Holland, and when she died, my sister and I transplanted some of her tulips to our garden. They always bloom for Mother’s Day!

  824. debbie says:

    i love calla lilies

  825. Annie Li says:

    My favourite flowers are purple and white orchids. I’m not a big fan of the outdoors because of the bugs and insects. Therefore, I have this flower indoors and whenever it blooms its just beautiful!

  826. Tiajuana says:

    Calla Lillies!!

  827. kbeamish says:

    My favorite….. roses!

  828. Isabel Sproule says:

    Whenever I see an Allium , I think of my Dad who planted the bulbs many years ago , and I enjoy the beautiful purple flower every year when it blooms in my garden .

  829. Joan says:

    I love roses.

  830. Tracy Garratt says:


  831. Tracy Garratt says:


  832. Birds of Paradise (though I should say roses as it is my middle name haha)

  833. Amy M says:

    My favourite flower is a rose.

  834. Laura McCrate says:

    Bleeding Hearts are my favorite. We had them growing along the side of our house in my childhood home, and they are so beautiful. Every time I see them it gives me a wave of nostalgia, and they just make me so happy. I can’t wait to start growing my own with my 5 year old daughter so we can make new memories. 🙂

  835. Tiffany McLellan says:

    I would have to say snap dragons! Colorful but most of all when I squish them to make them look like they talk it reminds me of when I was a kid!

  836. parisa says:

    My favorite flower is a sunflower.

  837. Jeremy L says:

    My favourite flower is tulips.

  838. Jenny L. says:

    I love Oriental lilies especially ‘Stargazer’ and ‘Casa Blanca’!

  839. sunnygirlto says:

    orchids are my fav

  840. Andrea says:

    I love orchids 🙂

  841. Elaine says:

    my favorites are hydrangeas

  842. dena says:

    Sweet Peas

  843. Connie says:

    Orchids are my favorites!

  844. francine says:

    my favorite flower is anything my son picks for me.

  845. Arshes says:

    Peonies. Large and puffy.

  846. Ekaterina Markakis says:

    I love Orchids but my very favourite flowers are the one I receive from my daughter on mother’s day because she has taken the time to choose them 🙂

  847. Ekaterine says:

    I love orchids but my very favorite are the flowers I receive from my daughter because she has chosen them 🙂

  848. Blue Berry says:

    Cherry Blossoms

  849. Judy Williams says:

    Gotta love freesias for their lovely scent.

  850. silvia says:

    I love Dahlia’s

  851. silvia says:

    My favourite would be the Dahlia.

  852. Jenny Liu says:

    I love tulips.

  853. Burcu says:


  854. Marjory says:

    my favorite is Peonies

  855. Jen says:


  856. wendyjane says:

    Hydrangea’s are my absolute favourite

  857. belinda says:

    Favourite all time flower – magnolia

  858. wendyjane says:

    hydrangea is my absolute favourite

  859. David Huang says:

    iris is my favourite.

  860. Brenda says:

    Gerbera Daisies are my absolute Favourite, they are so beautiful & come in so many colours.

  861. Kristan Arens says:

    Blue Orchids are my favorite!

  862. Georgia says:

    Calla Lilies – their simplicity and elegance is a reflection of what I aspire to.

  863. Rebecca says:

    Roses… any colour!

  864. Cristina says:

    I would have to say violets

  865. Emily says:

    My favourite flowers are Lilacs, they are so nicely scented.

  866. Kelly says:

    My favorite flower is peony.

  867. SarahG says:

    Can’t go wrong with roses!

  868. Melanie says:


  869. Donna007 says:

    Tulips all the way…

  870. Alyson says:

    Begonias. I love them, and my cats think they’re yummy ;

  871. Renee says:

    Loving the lillies. I also have a bit of a soft spot for the dandilions i get picked every day although probably for different reasons haha

  872. sjose says:

    Calla lilies are my favorite. 😉

  873. Trent says:


  874. Nancy says:

    I love peonies.

  875. Laurel says:


  876. Lan Huang says:

    Tulips are my favourite!

  877. Angela Canto says:

    I love pink roses!

  878. Brenda says:

    I love all kinds of flowers but my favorite is carnations.

  879. Terri says:

    Sweet Peas

  880. honeybee. says:

    Right now, my favorite flower is tulip as ours have finally bloomed!:)

  881. Ribbons says:

    I love the small blue irises!

  882. Corinna L. says:

    I love daisies

  883. Michelle S. says:


  884. Ivan says:

    I love carnations for Mother’s Day.

  885. Nush says:

    orchids 🙂 I also love cherry blossoms

  886. Michael says:

    My favorite flower is the “Myosotis” (also know as “Forget-me-nots”) mainly because of its small size and color.

  887. Asma says:

    my favourite are roses!!

  888. Carrie Porter says:

    Stargazer Lilies…Beautiful to look at and smell great!!

  889. zeekid says:

    red tulips

  890. Darlene says:

    Hydrangeas are my favorite!!

  891. Risu says:

    Cherry blossoms! 🙂

  892. Debby Kulchar says:

    I love Hyacinths – they smell so beautiful

  893. Nichelle says:

    My favorite flowers are Lilies and Gerbera Daisies.
    [email protected]

  894. SueB says:

    I love daffodils. A sign of winter ending and Spring has arrived.

  895. Sylvia T says:

    Calla lily

  896. joannejt says:

    My favourite flowers are Lilacs.

  897. Janet Crockett says:

    Sweet Peas are my favourite.

  898. ilovegratis says:

    my fav are ger­ber daisies

  899. Thao says:

    I love orchids.

  900. Marina says:

    I’d have to say orchids.

  901. shawnna says:

    I like peonies

  902. Tiffany says:

    Sunflowers are my fave

  903. Liane says:

    my favorite is the tulip

  904. Chau says:

    My favourite flower is the alstroemeria.

  905. Leah says:

    My favorite flowers are all Campanula. So pretty and delicate.

  906. Lee says:

    My favorite flower is Hyacinth. They are so fragrant.

  907. Lisa says:

    I love gerbera daisies

  908. Cory says:


  909. Joanne says:

    Orchids are my fave

  910. Jason says:

    i love sunflowers

  911. krysta says:

    daisies! they are understated and gorgeous

  912. mickey53 says:

    Orchids are my favourite.

  913. rk says:


  914. xox2010 says:

    My favourite flower would be the tulip…. Honestly, I like quite a few flowers but I guess tulips are my favourite;)

  915. Olessya K. says:

    I love orchids!

  916. sir_mew says:


  917. Lindsay says:

    My favorite flowers are daisies, roses (of various colors … not necessarily the traditional red ones), and tulips.

  918. Melissa says:


  919. Manisha says:

    All flowers——-from wildflowers to roses
    love jasmine

  920. sandy says:


  921. Kathleen says:


  922. Megan says:

    Roses….any colour!

  923. masid says:

    Those deep purple tulips are really beautiful. I think those are me fav right now.

  924. Leah Plaizier says:

    I really like Gerber Daisy’s. They’re so perfect they almost look fake!

  925. rev says:

    My favourite flowers have to be “Birds of Paradise”!!! Thanks for the contest. 🙂

  926. catamo says:

    Gerbera daisies!

  927. Kate says:

    My double peonies in my back yard – can’t wait for them to burst open!

  928. mnyyoungs says:


  929. Emily says:

    I love roses

  930. Jenn says:

    My absolute favourite flower is a lily!

  931. Faye says:


  932. Cinny says:

    I have so many favourite flowers but I’ll have to say peonies. They smell wonderful and look so pretty. The only thing I don’t like are the ants!

  933. Holly says:

    I love Lilies. But at this time of year I just want to see flowers growing in general 🙂

  934. roseofblack25 says:

    I think everyone can tell by my username that my favourite flower is roses! I just hate how fast they die 🙁 They are so pretty but never last when I get them.
    Um thanks for the scary reminder that I forgot about Mother’s Day :p Guess I better get on that!

  935. Shannon says:

    StarGazer Lilies are my favourite. I have them plated all over my gardens and they were my flower of choice for my wedding.

  936. Nic says:

    I love Gerber Daisies!

  937. Fransiska Awasis says:

    My favorite flowers: red roses, of course!

  938. Maria says:

    Lilie’s for me please, lovely scent that lasts for days.

  939. Shannon says:

    StarGazer Lilies are beautiful

  940. Suzanne says:

    My favorite flower is Black Eyed Susan’s.

  941. Joanna says:

    I absolutely am in LOVE with tulips 🙂

  942. Adriana says:

    tulips! so pretty!

  943. Jessica says:

    My favorite flowers are lilacs!

  944. Maya says:

    I love all flowers but my favourite would be peonies!

  945. Pam says:

    My favourite flowers are Tiger Lilies…. I have two blue ones tattooed on my back. They’re beautiful flowers! 🙂

  946. Mitch says:

    birds of paradise…they are just really cool!

  947. nicki says:

    Would have to be Lilacs – so fragrant – so beautiful!

  948. Yersine says:

    I love tulips in any color!!!!!!!!!

  949. Karen Petrie says:

    I love the smell of carnations:)

  950. Supriya says:

    I love Tulips

  951. Quetzelle says:

    My favourite flower is the cherry blossom.

  952. ena says:

    morning glorys

  953. Dareen647 says:

    My favorite flowers would be tulips!

  954. Joseff says:

    definately tulips for this gal!

  955. Rk86 says:

    Passion fruit flowers are definitely the ones i like the most look wise, but i also like dandelions because of the honey my grandfather use to make from them

  956. Soumaya says:

    I love roses, especially the red velvet ones. My parents live in Tunisia and they have roses in their garden all year long. Every time I go there, I spend hours looking at the roses and smelling their subtle scent. We also make rose water and cook some delicious recipes with it.

  957. couponnoob says:

    Lilacs. I wish there was a way I could grow them on a balcony, or all-year round somehow.

  958. Kelsey says:

    I looooove spider mums!!!

  959. papasmurg says:

    I love the jasmine flower. It reminds me of my grandfather,

  960. papasmurf says:

    I love the Jasmine Flower. It reminds me of my grandfather.

  961. Mandolinatou says:

    I love hyacinth’s…especially the bright purple ones.

  962. Heather says:

    I luv white roses!

  963. Bre says:

    I love tulips, they are my favorite, my second is daisys 🙂

  964. sarah_300c says:

    My favorite flower right now is my coral colored Hisbiscus. I keep it indoors all year round. I cut it back in the fall and by spring it is blooming again. It gives one or two blooms every day. Each bloom is between 6-8 inches across and it only lasts for one day but is replaced by another bloom the next day. It blooms all summer until I cut it back again in the fall. Such a beautiful plant! Would recommend it to anyone.

  965. Bre says:

    tulips & daisies

  966. Amy says:

    My favourite flower would have to be roses. I do love arranged bouquets, though.

  967. toban says:

    My favorite flower is Hibiscus. Beautiful exotic tropical flower

  968. Amy says:

    My favourite flower would have to be roses.

  969. shazia says:

    I love Jasmine, in my childhood we use to string them and gift them to mom. Happy mother’s day to all mothers and mother to be.

  970. toban says:

    My favorite flower is Hibiscus

  971. Annamaria says:

    Calla lilies…so elegant and beautiful…remind me of my wedding day 🙂

  972. rei says:

    i like sakura flower the best!

  973. My favourite flower are lilies

  974. Adrian says:

    I think that canna flowers have got to be the most beautiful flower… doesnt matter what colour

  975. Shannon says:

    My favorite are gerbra daisies…pink!

  976. Kathleen says:


  977. Kirsty says:

    So hard to pick just one, but I do LOVE peonies!

  978. Leslie says:


  979. Nishi says:

    I Love flowers & Hydrengea is my fav!!!

  980. Anita says:

    Lily of the Valley, I love the scent!

  981. Brian White says:

    Favorite is easily the daffodil

  982. Laura says:


  983. Aarica says:

    I love yellow with brown center daisys

  984. PR says:

    my fav flowers are orchids

  985. known says:

    mine has to be lillies

  986. Liliana55 says:

    My favourite is daisy

  987. FallenPixels says:

    gerbera daisies

  988. I like Dandelions!

  989. Mission says:

    Love Gerbera Daisy, found it so special and elegant but very hard to upkeep

  990. Grace says:

    favorite flower is rose

  991. Karen Habing says:

    My favourite is the poppy , because its my Mothers birthday flower.

  992. Tanya Savoie says:

    I Love Lillies
    Great mother’s day contest =)

  993. Talimomali says:

    Forget Me Nots! I have a little wildflower bouquet in a cup on the table right now made of them

  994. Amanda says:


  995. Lucy says:

    My faves are lilacs and dasies…..the only thing about lilacs is they don’t last long enough……

  996. chloesmom says:

    Gerber daisies!

  997. Colleen says:

    My favourite flower is the forget me not. They are all over the place in my yard. They are so cheerful and resilient….just like moms!

  998. parislove says:

    I love violets ( not african) lilacs ad lilly of the valley.

  999. Michelle says:

    I love Hyacinth, they smell so nice
    Roses too, they smell awesome
    Jasmine as well, although I don’t see the plants in Canada

  1000. Charity says:

    I love Gerbera’s the most! Sakura blossoms and Peonies are beautiful too!

  1001. Drew says:

    I love sunflowers.

  1002. charmaine says:


  1003. Meagan says:

    I love gerbera daisies

  1004. dawn says:

    lily of the valley

  1005. Zeta says:

    I like Orchids

  1006. monica liu says:

    My favorite flow­ers are lilies.

  1007. monica liu says:

    My favorite flow­ers are lilies!

  1008. Susan Dube says:

    I love flowers with a beautiful scent .. liliacs and roses the most

  1009. ange says:

    It’s hard to choose… but I would have to say my favorite is the tulip.

  1010. susan says:

    I love tulips and lilacs.

  1011. M2G2 says:

    Rose and sunflower

  1012. sarah says:

    My fav are yellow tulips

  1013. DD Shiu says:


  1014. Exquizeet says:

    My favourite flower has got to be the flower named after the most important star in the solar system, the sunflower!

  1015. FS says:


  1016. diva55 says:

    I love flowers all kinds my fav orchids are fabulous & delicate !

  1017. diva55 says:

    I love all kind of flowers as they have a way of brightening up a room , a garden etc. The orchid is one of mt fav

  1018. itsmewhoelse says:

    I discovered the beautiful Datura last year.

  1019. flavia says:

    i love irises 🙂
    or really any combination of flowers that are yellow and purple. they look good together

  1020. Candice says:

    My favourite would have to be white carnations. I love their spicy scent.

  1021. Edith MacFarlane says:

    I love orchids. Especially now that I can get them to rebloom over and over again!! Love them.

  1022. Edith MacFarlane says:

    I love orchids. Especially now that I can get them to bloom. Love them.

  1023. Esther says:

    My fav. flower is roses.

  1024. Hope says:

    Love purple pansy’s!

  1025. Connie says:

    Lilacs, especially since they are currently in season!

  1026. Linda says:

    I love. Most flowers but a favorite I think would be roses

  1027. Eric says:


  1028. Jen says:

    I love gerbera daisies!

  1029. coley3 says:

    My favorite are Sweetpeas. They are beautiful and smell pretty too.

  1030. Jax says:

    Mine changes all the time but right now I’ll go with hydrangea.

  1031. Alisa says:


  1032. LegallyB says:


  1033. tudorchick says:

    gerbera daisies

  1034. asmdrangon says:


  1035. Lee says:

    Tulips are my favorite!

  1036. DarthSprawl says:


  1037. JN says:

    My favourite flower is the orchid!

  1038. mhk says:

    My favourite flower is the frangipani!

  1039. Lorna says:

    I love hydrangeas they are just so pretty and the white ones remind me of big popcorn balls

    Have a great mothers day all – love you mum

  1040. Therese Flores says:

    Although most common, my favorite flower is the carnation because of its endurance. So many bright and beautiful colors too! I believe it symbolizes me perfectly.

  1041. Ruth says:

    I love purple lilacs! Also sweet peas and stargazer lillies

  1042. Leigh W says:

    My favourite has to be a peach coloured rose!

  1043. LuLu says:

    Red Roses for sure. They were my wedding flower. I still remember the smell. Just beautiful!!!

  1044. Jillian says:

    Daisies! So simple and pretty 🙂

  1045. Jillian says:

    Daisies! So simple and pretty!

  1046. Jessica says:


  1047. wen says:

    Favorite flower is carnation

  1048. Sinduja says:

    I love tiger lilies!

  1049. Jenlively49 says:

    My daughter picked a tulip for me last night, that isy new favorite 😉

  1050. Theresa says:

    I pick roses, any color…so beautiful.

  1051. Maddie2008 says:

    Lillies have always been my favorite

  1052. Wavey Biles says:


  1053. islandlakes says:

    Lily of the Valley. They remind me of my mother.

  1054. Sumi says:

    Roses….just love them!

  1055. Mamaof4boyz says:

    Poppies are my favorite! So many colors, sizes and shapes to chose from 🙂

  1056. Michelle says:


  1057. Punkyboo says:

    Peonies, they are just gorgeous.

  1058. Andrea says:

    My favorite are roses of course!!

  1059. Brenda says:

    My favorite flower is the peony!

  1060. Janet says:


  1061. Dudica says:


  1062. Karen Williams says:

    I was out for a walk last evening and came across May Flowers. They remind me of my father who always brought them home to my mom.

  1063. jennifer says:


  1064. Karly says:

    Gerber Daisies. But really, I’m always happy to receive any kind of flower 🙂

  1065. Mary Brown says:

    My Favourite flower is Roses . I also like Carnations they are one flower that lasts long when you have it in a vase.

  1066. sadia says:

    roses naturally!

  1067. jamd says:


  1068. Cheap says:

    The Thistle.

  1069. jamd says:


  1070. Marion says:

    I love all flowers, but the lilacs bloom around Mother’s Day, so they are my favourite at this time of year.

  1071. jennh says:

    My absolute, hands-down favourite flower is the peony. Any colour, but white or pink always brighten my day!

  1072. Colleen says:

    Lilacs are my favourite!

  1073. katie333 says:

    I love tulips, trying to get it so that I can have them all year round by buying different types. 🙂

  1074. mmelody6 says:

    I love roses 🙂

  1075. tinytea says:

    I absolutely love ROSES!!!! My favorite are the beautiful red ones.

  1076. Mary Duvall says:

    My favorite flower would have to be the Calla Lily.

  1077. Danielle says:

    My favourite flower is the carnation…I know everyone always says they are the cheapest and to never get them for a woman blah blah blah but I truly think they last the longest, smell the sweetest and come in so many colours that they always cheer me up.

  1078. Liz says:

    Birds of Paradise!

  1079. Marichu says:

    my favorite flowers are gerber daisies. They just look cheerful to me.

  1080. Vanessa says:

    Gerbera daisies!

  1081. Mikaela says:

    Sunflowers 🙂

  1082. Maria says:

    calla lily!

  1083. jezz says:

    cherry blossoms…means summer is coming!

  1084. jezz says:

    cherry blossoms, means summer is coming!

  1085. newfielady says:

    Any kind of Lilly draws me in. I absolutely love them.

  1086. Colsgirl says:

    Lilly of the Valley, so pretty

  1087. nicolthepickle says:

    I think a Lilly of the Valley is so perfect and beautiful.

  1088. laura:) says:

    I love Lilly of the Valley, because it is a beautiful flower on it’s own and my mothers name is Lilly and she the most beautiful flower to me!!!

  1089. laura:) says:

    I love the Lilly of the Valley not only because it’s a beautiful flower on it’s own, but because Lilly is my mothers name and she is the most beautiful flower to me.

  1090. Heather says:

    I LOVE tulips!

  1091. Aidan says:

    orchids and roses!

  1092. maliha says:

    My favorite is the red rose 🙂

  1093. Caitlin says:

    I love Lilacs. 🙂

  1094. maliha says:

    Red roses are my favorite 🙂

  1095. Bargain Kitty says:

    Love hyacinths – they have such a beautiful fragrance.

  1096. sunshine says:


  1097. Grace says:

    My favourite flower is the hibiscus. It looks and smells great and reminds me of sunny, tropical days in Hawaii.

  1098. MyCupcake says:

    My favourite flower is a yellow Gerbera.

  1099. sharp1 says:

    Tough one, but I will go with tulips as my top choice.

  1100. lecale says:

    lilies of all kinds

  1101. Lucy says:

    Gerbera Daisies!

  1102. Sneha2008 says:

    I love tulips.

  1103. jmac says:

    I love pink roses.

  1104. Martha McDowell says:

    My favourite flower is marguerite. It is a beautiful flower that seems to glow in the sunlight. the reason I chose a marguerite is that my best ‘mother’ of all times is named Marguerite. She is 93 years old and is the sweetest lady anyone could ever know!

  1105. Annie Chow says:

    Orchids are my favourite! <3

  1106. kristine says:

    I love tulips!

  1107. Kris says:

    Favourite Flower: tulip

  1108. kristine says:


  1109. Joyce Shaw says:

    My fav is fragrant ROSES…enjoy them when they’re blooming…then hang them upside down and enjoy the dried petals !!

  1110. Figment says:


  1111. leff says:


  1112. n0va59 says:

    Mine is Daffodil as well

  1113. Crystal O says:

    Roses!, classy and beautiful

  1114. big momma says:

    Gerber daisies

  1115. Sue St Louis says:

    I absolutely love the simple daisy!

  1116. Sue St Louis says:

    I love the simple daisy!

  1117. stylishghal says:

    Orchids are my favorite flowers! 😉

  1118. smileyKT says:

    I’m actually a sucker for roses 🙂 they are such elegant flowers!

  1119. jackie37 says:

    I love sunflowers!

  1120. Talia says:

    Morning glory. 🙂

  1121. Bonnie L. says:

    I love Lilacs … not just because they let me know that Spring is really and truly here … but also because of their wonderful scent. In fact, I have a huge bouquet in my family room at present, and the aroma is fantastic … better than any air freshner!

  1122. daniela says:

    my favorite flowers are gerber daises!

  1123. dan says:

    I love roses

  1124. Kris says:

    Lilies are my favorite type of flower, though I particularly love water lilies.

  1125. Deanna says:

    My favourite flowers are daffodils!! I especially love the white with the orange centers.

  1126. Sarah says:

    tough to choose just one, but I’d have to say gerbera daisies 🙂

  1127. Ben says:


  1128. Sophia says:

    Roses, roses, roses……all colors!!!

  1129. tshkc says:

    tulips! =D

  1130. Marusella says:

    My favourite flower is the Gerbera 🙂
    The vibrant colours make me so Happy!

  1131. Alie says:

    Tulips and lilacs are my all-time favourites!!

  1132. GalSavings says:

    I love dragonsnaps!

  1133. denise murray says:

    My fav flower is called bright eyes, its a beautiful pink flower that I put in my garden a few years ago… soooo pretty!

  1134. denise says:

    I love “bright eyes”. Very pretty pink flower

  1135. Mary Walsh says:

    I love tulips

  1136. roselyn says:

    My favourite are the roses!

  1137. Jenn C says:

    Pink Gerber daisies, hands down!

  1138. Laddy says:

    I love peony

  1139. Laddy says:

    I love lilies

  1140. nikkioconnor @mybabyangelface says:

    Virginia Bluebells. They are a wildflower that can be planted under trees, do well in acidic/ shady soil. They spread around but their roots arnt too deep. If you google images them you will see beautiful forests filled with these Bluebells – painting perfect!

  1141. Anne-Marie says:

    Sunflowers 🙂

  1142. Shawna says:

    Plox are my favourite!

  1143. ninna says:


  1144. Jenny N says:

    I love orchids the best

  1145. meguwo says:

    White Hydrangea

  1146. pat says:

    the trillium

  1147. Bola says:

    I love lilies

  1148. Nathalie Viau says:


  1149. Bernice says:

    Black Rose

  1150. brad says:

    roses and orchids

  1151. Jillei83 says:

    Lilies – My daughter is named Lily 🙂

  1152. Laila says:

    Pink carnations, They last forever

  1153. missbee217 says:

    My fav is the Easter Lily I have no idea why…they are just SO perfect!

  1154. missbee217 says:

    My fav flower is the Easter Lily 🙂

  1155. bob says:

    my farvoret floweris tulips

  1156. Tracy says:

    i would have to go with begonias

  1157. ann says:

    i love the fragrant lilies=)

  1158. Tracy says:

    I would have to say begonias

  1159. Jen says:

    Really big Sunflowers.

  1160. Yvonne El Gemayel says:

    My favorite flower is the Red rose, typical I know , but just can’t resist it !!!
    Happy Mother’s Day everyone : ))))

  1161. Elaine Buonsante says:

    Irises are my favourite!

  1162. Adela says:

    Red roses…

  1163. Adela says:

    Red roses …

  1164. Katie says:

    My favourite flowers are hyacinths. They are delicate, smell pretty and come in a wide range of colours!

  1165. Katie says:

    I love hyacinths because they are delicate, smell pretty and come in a wide range of colours!

  1166. JadeDragon says:

    I love any flower that I don’t have to grow. This is a great way to get comments on the blog!

  1167. Gabrielle says:

    I love sunflowers! Such a happy flower! 🙂

  1168. Vandana says:

    I love pink lotus flower.

  1169. Janice says:

    My favourite is Mandevilla pink parasol. Hot pink trumpet flowers on a beautiful dark green vine. Reminds me of a tropical paradise.

  1170. mei says:

    i love orchids!

  1171. Sarah says:

    Peonies! Simply beautiful and fragrant.

  1172. CaraMiaxxx says:


    I have a tree in my back yard that bloms every year just in time for my birthday.

  1173. Kim says:

    Sunflowers 🙂

  1174. jones03 says:

    yellow roses=)

  1175. Sunshine G says:

    I love daffodils – they say ‘spring is here!’

  1176. juicy says:

    cabbage roses

  1177. Mariecelle says:


  1178. Jen says:

    My favs are big beautiful magnolias and pink sakura cherry blossoms!

  1179. Bettyboop says:

    Daffodils 🙂

  1180. Shirley says:


  1181. Chastin M. says:

    Hands down, my favourite has to be the Hibiscus flower – also called Gumamela in the Philippines. This plant reminds me of my childhood, making bubbles with my friends and siblings!! (how we did it was to crush the leaves until it became sticky – add water and make the bubble “blowers” out of wire hangers! lol) This plant doesn’t grow here in Canada so it’s always so nice to see them in random nurseries or tropical vacation spots!

  1182. Anna says:

    Gerbber daisy

  1183. Margie Maclennan says:

    I adore the beauty of the peony. The red, pink and white bloom each spring and are an heirloom reminder of our parents and grandparents gardens.

  1184. Aprile says:

    Roses are my favourite

  1185. Katherine says:

    Definately Carnations for me. but Lady’s Slippers are a very close second.

  1186. lizziebargain says:

    I really like irises.

  1187. Lorelai says:


  1188. Tiffany says:


  1189. Kristin says:

    I love hydrangeas… especially the blue/purple variety. Morning glories are a close second!

  1190. Dimitra says:

    I love dahlias.

  1191. Jasmine says:

    My favorite flower is the Jasmine. Its smell is intoxicating and its made it into many stories.

  1192. Janice Saranpaa says:

    I favourite flowers are tulips…

  1193. Kate says:

    My favourite flowers are Kermit Mums. Happy Mother’s Day to all of SC’s moms!

  1194. Inna says:

    I love white lilies. Happy Mother”s day

  1195. MoneyIsFor Squares says:

    My favourite are bleeding hearts.

  1196. Happy Mom says:

    Daisies are my favourite flowers. Happy Mothers Day!

  1197. Jasmine says:

    Jasmine is the best flower. cause its my name!

  1198. Linda says:

    I love asters, but pinks run a close second!!

  1199. Becky says:

    I like lilies 🙂