Free iPod Shuffle or Nano from TD Bank Canada Trust Again?

TD Bank Canada Trust Free iPod

Some rumours have been surfacing on in the forum, mentioning that TD Bank will soon and once again offer a free iPod shuffle or nano if you transfer your account from another bank to theirs’.

I couldn’t verify this news, but considering the huge success of this event last year and the year before, I wouldn’t be surprised if TD Bank offer this promo again. If anyone works at TD Bank and gets more info please let me know and I will post it here.

If you want to prepare for this event, first step is to open an account at another bank. PC Financial is a good choice since they offer accounts with no annual fees.

Here is the information from last years’ event

Free NHL Fan Packs

This has been one of the most popular freebies on the forum so I’m sharing it with my blog readers too 🙂

NHL List for Free Fan Packs:NHL Teams Free Fan packs

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

For more information on which clubs send out fan packs and what they send please consult the discussion on the forum here

VIP Student Price Card (SPC) for non-Students


I posted this a long long time ago so thought I’d post it here again for those who missed it the first time round.

So you’re not a student but you still want to make use of the loads of shopping benefits the Student Price Card (SPC) offers? Here’s the solution:

Subscribe to Lou Lou magazine for 1 year for $17.95 here and you’ll get an SPC VIP card. On this VIP card it says “Student ID Not Required VIP”.

Even for $17.95 (instead of $10 for the regular SPC) I still think this card is worth it. You’ll also get Lou Lou magazine which in my honest opinion is one of the more interesting and useful magazines out there. I think it’s much better than Roger Publishing’s other fashion magazine, Flare.

To get this VIP SPC card and Lou Lou subscribe here

General Mills Canada: The Free Cineplex Movie Admission Continues

This is from this week’s A&P/Dominion flyer:

General Mills Canada

You get a free movie ticket with cereal that costs $3.99… An awesome deal

Dominion & A&P Canada Flyer: Less than Half Price Sale

Awesome deals this week at A&P and Dominion:

A&P and Dominion Canada

Click here to read the full flyer

Christie Canada: Free Create-A-Cup Milk Cup

Free Create A Cup

Click here for more details and participating store locations

20 Things You Didn’t Know About Sesame Street

Other / Canada

Sesame Street

Jim Squires posted a superb article at fjetsam about 20 things you didn’t know about Seasame Street. I couldn’t resist posting this interesting list here 🙂

1. Baby Bear is Jewish.

2. The Count is nearly two million years old.

3. The Count’s laugh after counting each number was discontinued over concerns of it frightening children.


Ship in a Bottle

Other / Canada

Ship In a Bottle

Did you ever wonder how they put a ship inside?

Here’s how it’s done

Here’s an astonishing gallery of “impossible bottles”

Pizza Pizza Canada: Extra Large Pizza + Cineplex Offer

That’s a pretty good deal for $13.99 🙂

Pizza Pizza Canada

Shoopers Drug Mart 20x Secret Event: Join our Referral Train to get Loads of Extra Optimum Points

Shoppers Drug Mart Canada

Every 3 months Shoppers Drug Mart has an event where if you spend $50 or more you get 20x the optimum points
e.g. if you spend $50 you get 50 x 10 x 20 = 10,000 points.

During that event, if you refer someone (let’s call him John) and he spends $50 or more you will get 1000 points for referring him!

Now let’s say John refers Jane and Jane spends $50 or more… you’ll get 1000 points as well although you didn’t directly refer her!

So what we’re trying to do here is have a chain so that each person refers the next person and we get 1000 points for each person below us in the chain who spends $50 or more on the x20 event day!

To join the train please add [email protected] to your Microsoft MSN Messenger contacts and I will message you with the details
You can also read more about the event here

Shoppers Drug Mart Canada: Electronics Clearance

Thanks to dgr81 of rfd for allowing me to post this Shoppers Drug Mart electronics clearance here:

Where: Shoppers Drug Mart
When: Starts February 24, 2007
Locations: Across Canada


– all prices should be in the system by Saturday February 24
– this is a clearance, so new products will not be ordered by stores
– yes you can combine the following prices with 20X the points
– feel free to post if you have a specific request/question
– not everything is listed (too many to list) but please post specific request and I will get back to you

I cannot tell you stock at any stores so don’t ask me!
– if you are calling the stores asking for stock please be polite!
– you’re welcome


XBOX 360 Pro Bundle – $399.99
XBOX 360 Wireless Controller – $39.99
XBOX 360 Tony Hawk Project 8 – $49.99
PS2 Tony Hawk Project 8 – $39.99

Cellular Phones:

Virgin Samsung A640 – $99.99
Virgin Audiovox 8910 – $69.99
Virgin LG 3300 – $69.99
Virgin Nokia 6015 – $49.99
Virgin Nokia 2125 – $49.99


Canon A410 – $139.99
Canon A520 – $179.99
Canon SD30 – $199.99
Canon A610 – $199.99
Canon DC20 – $599.99
Canon ZR500 – $299.99

Fuji 2650 – $199.99
Fuji 2800 – $199.99
Fuji A120 – $129.99
Fuji A340 – $199.99
Fuji A350 – $179.99
Fuji E500 – $179.99
Fuji F10 – $299.99
Fuji S3100 – $199.99
Fuji S5200 – $249.99

Kodak C300 – $99.99
Kodak C330 – $99.99
Kodak DX3215 – $199.99
Kodak Z700 – $179.99

Olympus D390 – $129.99
Olympus D575 – $169.99
Olympus Stylus 600 – $199.99
Olympus Stylus 710 – $229.99

Sony S500 – $139.99
Sony S600 – $179.99
Sony W30 – $219.99
Sony W50 – $269.99


20GB – $199.99
30GB – $199.99
2GB Nano – $129.99
4GB Nano – $149.99
512MB Shuffle – $54.99
IPOD Universal Dock – $34.99

Various Other Items:

Archos 30GB Personal Video Recorder – $249.99
Cobra Mobile Navigation System – $399.99
Sony HiFi Micro System – $79.99
Creative Instant Webcam – $29.99

Old Navy Canada – 25% off Maternity, Baby and Kids – Extended

Nat who works at Old Navy just told me that Old Navy’s Kids, Babies and Maternity sale has been extended:

I was informed this weekend that the maternity, kids and baby sale at old navy should be going on until Feb 25

The Top 50 most visited websites by Canadians

Other / Canada

According to (which are well known for ranking websites) below are the top 50 most visited websites by Canadians.


  • is on the list but isn’t
  • TD Canada Trust is the only bank on the list
  • Future Shop is the only major electronics store on the list
  • Friendster and AdultFinder are both on the list.. hmmm.. I wonder if that means anything?
  • There are 2 Asian websites on this list. Are they Canadian-asian websites? Can someone please let us know what these websites are about?
  • The government’s website is at number 14! Does that indicate that our government is more or less Bureaucratic than before?

2 Yahoo!

3 Microsoft Network (MSN)

4 Google

5 YouTube

6 Windows Live

7 Thefacebook

8 Myspace

9 WikiPedia


11 EBay Canada

12 EBay
14 Government of Canada

15 Microsoft Corporation


17 The Internet Movie Database

18 CNN – Cable News Network

19 Megaupload


22 Flickr

23 Digg

25 MLS Online

26 Go

27 BBC Newsline Ticker

28 Plenty of Fish 100% Free online dating site

30 CBC Television

31 Future Shop Canada

33 Photobucket image hosting and photo sharing
34 About

35 Apple Computer, Inc. Apple
changed so that our Lazy Canadian is happy 😉
36 The Weather Network


38 文学城


41 TD Canada Trust


43 Digital Point Solutions

44 Friendster


46 Kijiji


49 新浪新闻中心

50 Adult Friendfinder

Coupons Canada: Toronto 2 for 1 Outdoor Adventure Show

Toronto Adventure Show

From February 23rd – 25th Toronto International Centre, which is located at 6900 Airport Road, will host the Outdoor Adventure Show.

You can get 2 for 1 admission to this event using this coupon

Click here to get the coupon

Canadian Freebies and Samples that make it to your mailbox

On the forum a huge number of freebies are posted daily ranging from full bottles of products to gift cards. But if you’re not patient enough to go through the forum posts we compiled a list of the freebies that always make it to your mailbox 🙂

Thanks to all forum members and especially iced_faerie, bcteagirl, Nat and cndlady for helping me prepare this list.
Free Tylenol Rapid Release Gelcaps Sample

Free Tylenol Ultra Relief Sample

Free Tylenol Arthritus Pain Sample

Free Tylenol EZ Tabs Sample

Myoflex & other Bayer products

Pepcid Antacid

Nestle Baby Bag

Cetaphil cream and cleanser sample

Recipe booklets about Pork

SMRT4U rings

Olay Total Effects

Free Zantac75 sample

Calcia Sample

Oil of Olay Sample

Sunsilk Shampoo Sample

Similac (Diaper bag and full can of powder milk)

Enfalac’s First Connections ( a free can of Milk)

Puppy Chow Coupon for free bag

Kitten Chow Coupon for free bag

Tena Pads

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