PC Financial Mastercard: Get 100,000 PC Optimum Points When You Make Your First Purchase With A New Card

Many of you who collect PC Optimum points already have a PC Financial Mastercard to help rack up those points, but for those who don’t already have one, there is now a great promotion that will get you 100,000 PC Optimum points when you apply for a PC Financial Mastercard and make your first purchase at a participating store.

You have until August the 30th to take advantage of this promotion by applying for a PC Financial Mastercard. The 100,000 PC Optimum points has a value of $100, so definitely the time to apply if you have been thinking about it.

There is no annual fee for a PC Financial Mastercard, and depending which of the three cards you qualify for, you can earn up to 30 PC Optimum points per dollar spent at PC grocery stores, 45 points per dollar spent at Shoppers Drug Mart, 30 points per litre at Esso/Mobil, 30 points per dollar spent at PC Travel, and 10 points per dollar everywhere else.

Click here to apply. 


12 responses to “PC Financial Mastercard: Get 100,000 PC Optimum Points When You Make Your First Purchase With A New Card”

  1. Cindy Azmier says:

    I do not have a pc optimum card or master card.

    If I get the master card does it come with the pc optimum card also or do I have to apply separately.

    • Dr. Splendid says:

      Hi Cindy,
      We’re not sure, please contact the PC Optimum customer support and they’ll be able to answer your questions!

    • Mike Rees says:

      The PC Optimum account is separate and then you link it to your card. It’s absolutely worth having, though. Best rewards program around, imo.

  2. Paul Cheung says:

    I’ve got my pc financial mastercard in mid July, and have used that once already in participated store. Just wondered when will the 100,000 points rewards will be given?

    • Stephanie says:

      You have to make 5 Separate purchases over 20 dollars In order for 100,000 points to show up.
      You’ll receive an email when you’ve made the qualifying purchase amounts stating your 100,000 points are on the way—- this is what happened to me and mine just showed on my acct today .
      Hope this helps, cheers

    • Patti Crozier says:

      Did you ever get a response from PC Mastercard about your 100000 points. I have not received anything either?

  3. Harneet Kaur says:

    I got my pc mastercard mid July and used in superstore and shoppers but I just received 20000 welcome bonus points not the 100000 points I want to now when can I receive rest points.

  4. Harold Grant says:

    what are the participating stores and how much do you have to purchase?

  5. Carrie says:

    To qualify it says after your first purchase you will get your 100.000 points .I have had my card since july 18th have made lots of purchases and I have not received my points either .I will be calling the pc mastercard

  6. Melissa says:

    It is misleading. I made a few purchases and no 100,000
    points. Called them and was told it could take up to 6 weeks! They need to tell that to people upfront.

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