Pediped Footwear 3 Free Pairs of Shoes – SmartCanucks Giveaways Day 22

Pedipeds Canada

I’m very sorry for my very long absence. School took all of my time and I barely had any free time to do anything else. We’re back to normal now and you should be seeing more contests as well as deals on the blog.

Today’s sponsor is Pediped footwear which I personally think offer superb products. As a child, my Mom would only buy me “medical shoes” and I’ve come to really appreciate this over time since I never suffered from any walking/feet  problems. I like how Pediped go one step further and add the “Fashion” factor to their shoes. Fashionable medical shoes sounds perfect to me!

SmartCanucks Giveaways Day 22: Free shoes from

Today we’ll have three winners each getting a free pair of shoes for their child from

How do I enter the contest?

Click  here to go to and choose the pair of shoes you like from the originals or flex series only. Then leave a comment on here listing your choice.

Contest Rules

  • 1 entry per household i.e. you may only leave 1 comment on the blog. If you want to discuss anything or share your thoughts please include it in that 1 comment.
  • The item you choose cannot be a gift card
  • Canada only.
  • You may only win a max of 2 contests throughout the whole giveaways event to give others a chance to win.

826 responses to “Pediped Footwear 3 Free Pairs of Shoes – SmartCanucks Giveaways Day 22”

  1. spiffykerms says:

    Those shoes are so cute..

    Here’s my choice:

    Andrew – Choc Brown (boot)

  2. itsjustmebub says:

    oh man what ADORABLE shoes thanks so much for this contest I will definitely check this shoe site again! 🙂

    I choose the Charlie, Choc Brown Leather Penny Loafer in size 9-9.5

  3. Aitrus says:

    Jake – Navy (Flex)

  4. Sally says:

    charlie brown flex size 11.5

    awesome Booley.

  5. ccmskates says:

    Will – Navy (Flex) ($49)
    Size 9

  6. I’ll take a pair of McKenna Choc-brown Flex for my cute niece…

    Guy in Victoria

  7. Julie Leeds says:

    EU 29/US 12-12.5,

    Dylan – Brown Boot (Flex)

    These would be perfect for my son Dylan *lol*

  8. chandra allen says:

    Let me start by saying I love Pediped Shoes but not quite as much as I love this site!! Smart Canucks is a new discovery for me and I am so greatful for it. I have found some amazing deals by visiting often!!
    If I had a choice I would go for the Josh- light brown/brown/blue they are soooo adorable!! Not sure on the size, my son is only 4 months old.
    Thanks for the opprotunity to win this.

  9. Anna Z says:

    Zach – Black/Red (Flex) $45.00


  10. Pauline says:

    So cute – I pick the Audrey-black @ $42 in originals.
    Thank you.

  11. Jennie says:

    Very cute shoes 🙂

    Josh navy/white/grey (flex) $45

    Thanks so much 🙂

  12. Ehsan says:

    Peyton, 12-18 (M), Choc Brown/Fuchsia Leather/Nubuck Shoe

  13. Marjorie says:

    Alyssa – Rustic Red (Flex) ($45)

  14. Colin says:

    this would come really handy for Christmas…

    Dylan, EU 29/US 12-12.5, Choc Brown Leather Boot

  15. Nadia says:

    Love the Isabella White, Size M

    And your mother is a very smart woman.

  16. freestuffforme says:

    Sebastian – Choc Brown (Flex) ($49)


  17. evil.kitten says:

    Oh these would be awesome for my niece =)

    Mckenna – choc brownflex $45 size US 5

  18. danielle says:

    giselle – choc brown boot (flex)

  19. sarajen says:

    isabella – choc brown (flex)
    size 23


  20. linny says:

    I would love to win the isabella flex 18-24 months!! thanks!!

  21. Jackie37 says:

    Isabella in Chocolate Brown.


    Cute shoes!

  22. MoneyIsForSquares says:

    Dylan – Brown Boot – Size 10

    Maybe these shoes can stand up to the destruction of a three year old boy. Most others can not.

  23. dolo says:

    giselle – choc brown boot (flex)
    WOW those are sooooo cute!

  24. leslie738 says:

    Yeah, the contests are back!!
    My choice is Jake Lt. Brown. thanks

  25. Marian says:

    I love these shoes 🙂

    Josh Navy/white/blue (flex)


  26. denzel says:

    I would choose the Isabella – Black (Flex) in size 8. Love these shoes!

  27. Denise says:

    Isabella -black flex size 6

  28. Neeta says:

    Dylan – Brown Boot (Flex) ($57)
    Dylan, EU 27/US 10-10.5, Choc Brown Leather Boot

  29. psychojo213 says:

    Giselle – Black (originals)

    Thanks for the contests!!!

  30. katlyn says:

    dylan – brown boot

  31. Lynne says:

    Josh – Navy/White/Gray ($32) size large

  32. bargainlover84 says:

    Mia- choc brown boot flex

    US 11-11.5

  33. urbano says:

    Jake – Navy (Flex)
    thanks 🙂

  34. Ruth says:

    I would love the Giselle Chocolate brown Leather boot (Flex) in size 7.


  35. Kathleen says:

    Josh – Navy/White/Gray large


  36. Angela says:

    Madeline-choc brown with pink straps!

  37. Ashley01 says:

    Giselle- choco brown boot

    such cute shoes! I may order somefor dd!

  38. Jane says:

    Every little girls needs a pair of red shoes.
    Alyssa rustic red US size 11-11.5

  39. declan's mom says:

    hi there
    i really like the Dylan – Brown Boot (flex)…very cute!

    Thank you!

  40. Srishayini says:

    Great selection
    Amber – Pink/White ($32) – 18 to 24 months

  41. Christina says:

    Mckenna – chocolate brown flex 10-10.5 Thank you.

  42. IRefuseToPayFullPrice says:

    I would love to win:
    Thanks for the contest!

  43. Josi says:

    Love the Mia’s in a black size 7. Perfect for next winter for Anna!

  44. Meghan says:

    Jake chocolate Brown in size 9-9.5 for my little guy!


  45. Cindy says:

    Mia – Black Boot (Flex)

  46. Cheryl says:

    Giselle-black flex please.
    I love these shoes.

  47. Lindsay says:

    Natasha Black Patent Flex – Size 5

  48. Don Seto says:

    We just had our 1st child on December 8th, and would love the Andrew Choc Brown boot.

  49. Viaes says:

    McKenna, US 7.5-8, Choc Brown Leather/Suede T-Strap

  50. derya says:

    Mia-black boot (flex) size=8


  51. brittany says:

    Andy – Chocolate brown ( flex) $45.00

    Thanks so much!!! i love there shoes

  52. MaricrisMas says:

    Giselle-choco brown boot ($41) M-12-18months…they are soooooooooo cute…plus Baby Hazel can’t seem to keep her boots on…she kicks them off…maybe these velcro ones would be good…people look at us like bad parents when they see her out without shoes 🙁

  53. Preetinder says:

    I didn’t know about this company, their stuff looks good, thanks for bringing this up and the offer!!

    Henry, 12-18 (M), Choc Brown Suede Boot

  54. gabriela says:

    Oh my God! I have so many problem with my feet, definitely not want my daughter having the same problems. My selection Giselle White Sandals $39.00

  55. serra says:

    giselle- black
    size 18-24mos
    Pls and thank!!:)

  56. Rob says:

    Zach – Black/Red (Flex) ($45)
    Zach, EU 20/US 5, Black/Red Leather Sneaker


  57. ccmp1974 says:

    Isabella chocolate brown flex are my fav!!:)

  58. Kenzie says:

    I would love a pair of Isabella – choc brown (flex) in sz. 5 for my twin girls!

  59. val goodfellow (cval13) says:

    These shoes are beautiful.
    Caroline- choc brown $32.

  60. janine says:

    Black Ashton Original…….perfect for my boy! 🙂

  61. Sherry (sierra1973) says:

    I love love love…. Pedipeds!! My daughter loves them too 🙂
    They are the only shoes she doesn’t give a fight to put them on besides runners. Must be because they are so comfortable.

    My (our) choice is

    McKenna – Chocolate Brown (flex) in size 9/9.5

    Thank you 🙂

  62. Kim says:

    Abigal Navy and Pink Mary Jane please! So freakin’ adorable!

  63. M says:

    Mckenna – choc brown – cute embroidery.

  64. amandamck says:

    giselle fuschia flex size 11 – 11.5
    love these shoes!!

  65. Veronica says:

    I would like the Zach Choc Brown/Orange in 5.5 (boys, originals)

    Thanks, great shoes. Good luck with your exams!

  66. 2cutees says:

    I would love the Mia – black boot in a 10/10.5

  67. Leann says:

    There are so many cute shoes and boots to choose from!

    Mia – in Choc Brown (11 – 11.5)

  68. Roxanne says:

    Jake brown size 1 boys

  69. Jen says:

    Andy – Choc Brown (Flex) ($45)
    This one is so cute!

  70. erin says:

    I would love the Peyton – Choc Brown/Fuchsia in size 7.5/8

  71. Katherine says:

    Mckenna chocolate brown flex

  72. jaqkev says:

    Jackie in Fuchsia


  73. Pismire says:

    Josh – Navy/White/Gray (Flex) ($45) –size US 10-10.5


  74. Katharine says:


    My choice is the Dylan Brown Boot (flex)


  75. karine says:

    wow too cute !!!

    My choice:
    McKenna, 0-6 (XS), Choc Brown Leather/Suede T-Strap

  76. Sherry says:

    Mia – Choc. brown boot (flex)
    Size: EU 23/ US 7

    Thanks 🙂

  77. Cham Yu says:

    Anya, 06-12 (S), Navy Nubuck Mary Jane Sandal

  78. Kelly says:

    So hard to choose, practical or fun….practical wins at this time of year.

    DD would love, Isabella – Black (Flex)

  79. Krystleb says:

    i would like to win the mia choc brown flex boots (they would match my babygirls jacket perfectly 😀

  80. lala-chan says:

    mia – choc brown boot (flex) ($57)

    US 12- 12.5

  81. ILuvFreeBs says:

    My choice:
    Jackie Fuchsia Nubuck Shoe
    Size 12-18 (M)

    Thank You!!

  82. Maxime says:

    My girl will be too cute with those boot!

    Giselle, 18-24 (L), Choc Brown Leather Boot

  83. shoe4me says:

    abigail – pink sandal (flex) ($39)
    size: 12-12.5

  84. Al says:

    Thanks again to today’s sponsor.
    My choice is :

    McKenna Choc-brown Flex US 7.5-8

  85. danielzmom says:

    Kyle navy/orange (flex) $45


  86. sharon says:

    Andrew – Choc Brown (boot)


  87. Doris-Claire says:

    They seem so confortable

    For me:
    Addison, 06-12 (S), Neapolitan Stripe Fabric Mary Jane

  88. Treya says:

    Lexi Pink Cheetah!

    Thanks 🙂

  89. Mom_of_2 says:

    Mckenna – chocolate brown.


  90. momoforever says:

    Dylan Choc. Brown Leather Boot. 9-9.5


  91. SueB says:

    Natasha, EU 28/US 11-11.5, Black Patent Mary Jane for my granddaughter

  92. Rui says:

    giselle – choc brown boot ($41) thanks!

  93. RobynCD says:

    Zach-Black/Red Sneaker 10-10.5 $45
    Thanks Boo!

  94. Marion says:

    Peyton – Choc. Brown/Fushia – Size 5

  95. Michelle says:

    My Choice

    Henry, 18-24 (L), Choc Brown Suede Boot


  96. Sharpie says:

    These shoes are so cute! WOuld love to win them!

    Jake-Navy(flex) size 7

    Thanks so much!

  97. Jackie says:

    Adorable! I’d pick the Peytons.

  98. patricia K says:

    thank you very much

    McKenna, EU 24/US 7.5-8, Choc Brown Leather/Suede T-Strap

  99. SweetPanda says:

    I would love the Hannah – Pink (boot), size 12 – 18 (M)

  100. LIZ says:

    I would choose the Giselle- Choc Brown Boots

    Thanks 😀

  101. Rui says:

    Giselle, EU 23/US 7, Choc Brown Leather Boot please, thanks!

  102. screamy says:

    WOW, holy cuteness overload!!

    If I won, I would pick the Annie potpourri ones. But to be honest, I think I want to buy almost all of them for my niece!

    Thanks Boo, great site! 🙂

  103. mary1234 says:

    my choice:

    isabella – choc brown (flex)
    size: 9-9.5

    great giveaway!

  104. BJ says:

    Jayden – Black (Flex) ($29)

  105. H123 says:

    Welcome back Boo! I would love to win a pair of the Jake navy flex.
    Thanks! Enjoy your break!

  106. Grace says:

    very cute shoes!!!

    Giselle – Choc Brown w/Dots (Flex) ($45)

  107. kaimui22 says:

    I would love..

    Giselle – Choc Brown Boot (Flex) size 5!

    Thanks for the great contest!

  108. Ceren says:

    thank you so much for another great contest!!
    Mia, EU 26/US 9-9.5, Black Leather/Suede Boot

  109. vinny says:

    giselle – choc brown boot (flex)

    thank you!

  110. Brie says:

    Great shoes!

    I would choose Jake- Navy/White/Gray (flex)

  111. happymomy says:

    would love to get mcKenna-choc brown (flex). Beautiful shoes!!

  112. sharp1 says:

    I love these shoes.

    My first child wore hers out. For my son, I’d love the Kyle in navy/orange.

  113. ARPL says:

    Andy choc brown suede 12-18 months!

  114. nicjosemm says:

    I would like mia black boot(flex) 57.00

  115. Momto2Ks says:

    Thanks! These are awesome!

    My choice is :

    McKenna Choc-brown Flex US 5.5 $45

  116. madilu says:

    Giselle – Choc Brown Boot ($41)- 7.5-8

  117. MamaBear says:

    It’s so hard to choose! There were a lot I really liked. I think my final choice is:

    Josh – Navy/White/Gray (Flex) ($45) in a toddler size 6 😀

    I would love to pick a pair of sandals for him but I don’t know what size he will be come Summer. It’s so hard to find good sandals for kids though!!

  118. Sunday says:

    Jake – Navy (Flex)
    Size US10

    Thanks 🙂

  119. christine says:

    Awesome my Girl needs dress shoes!

    Isabella- black flex $45 size 7

  120. Marlibu says:

    Ooo i choose:

    Audrey, (M), Black Ankle Strap

    Thank you for the awesome contest –i have heard great things about these shoes :O)

  121. Christine R says:

    It’s so hard to find good shoes that are also cute.

    Boy’s Jake-light brown (flex) size 8-8.5

  122. Kimmie_D says:

    Giselle – Choc Brown Leather Boot – Size (L). $41

    Thanks!!! 🙂

  123. purple01 says:

    There are so many to choose from, they are all cute!

    Here is my choice:

    Ava Brown/Fuchsia Leather Mary Jane ($32)
    12-18 mths


  124. Sneha2008 says:

    I love Josh – Navy/White/Gray.

  125. noms says:

    Love the classic Natasha – Black Patent (Flex)size 6 for my daughter.

  126. nannyjudy says:

    Thanks for another great contest.

    I choose JAKE-navy FLEX…….$49.00

  127. Vivien says:

    Grace – Brown w/ Dots ($32)
    Size 12-18 (M)

  128. Tiger Campbell says:

    Thanks for such a great contest!

    My choice is: Addison, 18-24 (L), Neapolitan Stripe Fabric Mary Jane

  129. caitfoster says:

    Josh – Light Brown/Brown/Blue ($32) 6-12 mths

    I love these!

  130. Tiger Campbell says:

    Thanks for such a great contest!

    My choice is: Addison, My daughter wears a size 7, Neapolitan Stripe Fabric Mary Jane

  131. wimbly11 says:

    I love Giselle – Choc Brown Boot!! Thanks Boo 🙂

  132. Vicky says:

    great shoes!thanx!

  133. tuckersmith32 says:

    Great giveaway….

    My choice….
    McKenna Choc-brown Flex

  134. K_T says:

    I love them all, but I’d like the following for my daughter:
    Ashley – Choc brown / fuchsia – $32 in (L).

  135. Nancy says:

    Oooo…. great for summer!
    My pick.
    Brady – Navy/Orange Sandal (Flex) $39.00

  136. Lina says:

    Kyle – Navy/Orange (Flex) ($45)

  137. Sarah says:

    My pick

    Giselle – choc Brown boot (flex) $57

  138. Tracy :) says:

    1) No need to apologize 🙂 Although we missed you — life happens 🙂 Thanks for coming back 🙂

    2) These shoes are absolutely ADORABLE!!!!!

    3) Chiara and Emma would LOVE to wear any of these, but since we have to pick one…. we’d love to win the Giselle choc. brown with polka-dots (32.-00$) size 12-18 mths 🙂

    Thanks again for bringing these great (and very cute) products to our attention and for the awesome contests 🙂

  139. vibrantflame says:

    These ones are adorable!

    Andrew – Choc Brown (boot)

  140. wifegriz says:

    Jake – Navy (boy’s Flex)

  141. Steenibambini says:

    These shoes are soooo cute!

    Here’s my pick:
    Demetri – Navy/Gray (Flex) ($29)

  142. Renata says:

    Peyton – Choc Brown/Fuchsia

  143. khudsiya says:

    I would love to get these for by boy’s birthday
    Sebastian – Choc Brown (Flex)– size 7


  144. Carlyfalls says:

    jake – navy (flex)

  145. Calgarymama says:

    oh my goodness – so hard to choose! I would love: Giselle – Choc Brown Boot ($41)

  146. Tanya says:

    My Choice, Hannah-pink boot size (L) 18-24

  147. Carrie says:

    My pick….JAKE-navy FLEX…….$49.00
    US 10-10.5

  148. zameluzza says:

    Mia, EU 25/US 8.5, Choc Brown Leather/Suede Boo

    I choose these once, I know a little girl that would like these and I bet so would her mom and grandma 🙂

  149. kw2kids says:

    McKenna – Choc Brown (Flex) ($45)

    It seems to be a popular choice! Thanks.

  150. says:

    Addison – Stripes (Flex) ($39)

  151. MMC says:

    Addison – Stripes. So cute!


  152. JenP says:

    love it, my choice would be

    Jake – Light Brown US 12

  153. Mixed_fruit says:

    I am in love with those Giselle Choc Brown boots too! They are perfect for my 11 mts old daughter.

    Thanks for the link. I think there might be a pair for my girl under the tree 🙂

  154. AmberLab says:

    Lots of cute shoes! Kyle-navy/orange(flex) size 8.5 please.

  155. princessdie says:

    jake choc brown (flex) for boys $49
    i gotta have these for my nephew!!!!

  156. beckgott says:

    Love it!
    I would choose the Gisele Chocolate brown with dots (flex)
    size 6

  157. Teresa2008 says:

    Giselle fuschia size 12.5, my daughter will love them!

  158. hana.z says:

    I would like mia black boot(flex) 57.00

  159. jopava says:

    love pediped! thank U
    Giselle, EU 23/US 7, Fuchsia Nubuck Mary Jane

  160. Lindsay says:

    my choice

    Amber- pink/white 32.00 18-24 months

  161. julesn2boys says:

    sebastian – choc brown flex: $49 (size 7)

    so many awesome shoes to chose from…
    thank you

  162. FreebieChick says:

    Zach 12-18 (M) Black & Red Leather Sneaker $32.00 :O)

  163. Amatul says:

    Alyssa – Rustic Red (Flex) ($45)


  164. ivanna-save-alot says:

    andrew choc brown boots $41


  165. ikoo says:

    Nadia, 06-12 (S), Red Mary Jane

    they are so cute

  166. sjrbaggs says:

    amber -original pink and white size medium thanks

  167. JEN says:

    Love these shoes…so cute!

    Conner – Camouflage (Flex)

  168. babygonnermann says:

    My pick is:

    Noah – navy (Flex) size 7.5-8

    Thank you 😀

  169. CY says:

    Andrew – Choc Brown (boot) – 06-12 (S), Choc Brown Leather Boot


  170. krista says:

    these are the cutest shoes ever!
    Addison, 12-18 (M), Neapolitan Stripe Fabric Mary Jane

    thanks 🙂

  171. Draven79 says:

    Lots of great shoes to pick from. I think I would go with the Isabella black-flex $45

  172. jycanucks says:

    Naomi – Black (Flex) ($45) size 12

    Thank you!

  173. jessandjake2005 says:

    My pick is:

    Abigail – Pink (Flex) $45


  174. Carlyn says:

    Wow, these shoes are adorable! To pick only one…what a dilemma.

    Mia black boot Flex

  175. Ams says:

    Very cute shoes! Love Jake in Ch. Brown in size 9

  176. Steph (esbee) says:

    This is great 🙂
    I’d choose:

    Josh – Navy/White/Blue
    Size 6-12 months

    Thank you 🙂

  177. Allison says:

    Those shoes are adorable!! It was hard to pick but my choice is

    Jackie-Fuchsia ($32) in 12-18 months

  178. Wendy Burden says:

    Giselle Chocolate Brown Boot. Size 4…my daughter would LOVE these! Thanks so much!

  179. Kathleen says:

    The Chocolate brown boots “Giselle”…love them….daughter had them last year and are outgrown…
    Sixe 10’s…..sooooo cute!

  180. Christine L says:

    Jake Navy -flex!

  181. JennCH says:

    Abigail, 06-12 (S), Pink Leather Mary Jane

  182. Supafly says:

    These are very well constructed shoes … my pick would be the Isabella – Choc Brown (Flex)- Size 5 (12-18 months) – $45.00


  183. Candy says:

    Isabella – Red Patent (Flex)$45.00 would make the perfect Christmas present for my youngest daughter.

  184. monkeyincowtown says:

    I would like the abigail pink flex size 6 please 🙂 Good luck everyone!

  185. Nanoo says:

    I’ll take NICKY WHITE FLEX


  186. mutchdutch says:

    Wow…what a great giveaway! I love the girls Mia black boot (sz.5 US.

  187. eva says:

    The shoes look really cute.The prices are good too, I hope there is a coupon at the end of the contest .This is a great give away. I chose Sebastian – Choc Brown (Flex) ($49) size 9

  188. jgh83 says:

    Such a hard choice! I’d go with
    Giselle, 18-24 (L), Choc Brown Leather Boot

  189. Wilson says:

    josh – navy/white/gray (flex) ($45)


  190. Islandlakes says:

    Great contest!

    If I win, I would like: Josh, EU 22/US 6-6.5, Navy/White/Gray Leather Sneaker $45. for my great-nephew.

  191. Maggie says:

    Caroline – White ($32) small

  192. Jenifer says:

    Such great shoes! I am liking the Josh Flex

  193. Barbie says:

    The shoes are so cute!!

    My choice is giselle- white sandal (flex) size 9-9.5

  194. Insane says:

    OMG! I had no idea that you could buy these online! Finding good resonably priced shoes is next to impossible here (either you buy cheap walmart or VERY expensive at the sport store). I will for sure be ordering the kid’s shoes from here.
    I’d chose the Nicky White flex!

  195. Bernice says:

    I would choose the Janine-navy/pink-size 7.5-8
    My two year old daughter not only has development delays but was born with a club foot as well. She’s only ever worn Pedipeds because they’re the only ones that I can get on her sweet little foot! The reason I chose the Janine is because I can open up the shoe nice and wide to get her foot in 🙂
    Have a great Christmas!

  196. Laura says:

    I’d love the “Grace” in size 10. Thanks!

  197. rhonda_lyn says:

    Great shoes!

    Dylan – Brown Boot (Flex) Size 6

  198. Rachel says:

    Addison – stripes flex

  199. vpinbc says:

    Jake choc brown US 12

  200. Mandeep Purba says:

    Those shoes are so cute and adorable..

    Here’s my choice:
    My son: Zach – Black/Red (Flex) ($45) OR Demetri – Navy/Gray (Flex) ($29)

    My daughter: McKenna – Choc Brown (Flex) ($45) OR Kylie – White/Pink ($22)

  201. Jennifer says:

    I like the Mckenna, very nice shoes! My youngest will adore this as she gets a lot of hand-me-downs.

  202. AlisonD says:

    Jake choc brown
    I love these shoes

  203. Monica says:

    They are all absolutely adorable, but my favorite is Alyssa – Rustic Red!

  204. Michelle L says:

    My little boy would love to wear the following:

    Dylan – Brown Boot (Flex)


  205. annie says:

    They are so cute!!!
    it’s perfect for my little girl!
    I choose McKenna Choc Brown(Flex)seize 5.5

  206. Cara S says:

    Mia – choc brown boot (flex) size 5-5.5


  207. AnnaMac says:

    Love these shoes…adorable!

    McKenna – Choc Brown (Flex) size 8

  208. dawndilinger says:

    My choice would be:

    Kyle – Choc Brown/Khaki (Flex)


  209. Cassia says:

    I’d choose Sebastian – Choc Brown (Flex)in size 12.5. Thanks

  210. Susan says:

    Very, very cute!
    My choice is: Kyle – Navy/Orange (Flex) at $45

    Thanks & Welcome Back!

  211. lalita1985 says:

    Giselle – Choc Brown Boot (Flex)


  212. Jenny says:

    I think my preschooler would love the Mia – choc brown boot (flex), to go with her brown winter jacket! Thank you!

  213. elm6 says:

    My daughter would look adorable in the Naomi Black Patent/Fabric Mary Jane in size 6-6.5 for $45
    What beautiful shoes!

  214. Noshie says:

    Jake Light brown flex
    So cute.

  215. leftie says:

    Hannah – Pink

  216. pxy says:

    Noah – navy (flex) – size 8.5. Thanks!

  217. Joib says:

    Nadia, 18-24 (L), Red Mary Jane

    These would look great on my niece! Thanks!

  218. Catherine L says:

    My choice – Abigail Pink, $32.00 size 12-18 (M)


  219. Jason says:

    Dylan, EU 21/US 5.5, Choc Brown Leather Boot


  220. Sandy says:

    Dylan-brown boot flex $57.
    Everything is just too cute.

  221. Tia says:

    Pedipeds Rock!!!!

    Caroline – white Large

    Great contest!

  222. Zee's mom says:

    Anya – Navy ($32)

  223. Steph W says:

    Oh boy, hard to choose ONE!

    Here is my choice for my baby girl:

    Peyton, 06-12 (S), Choc Brown/Fuchsia Nubuck/Leather Shoe

  224. krystyking says:

    Natasha, EU 29/US 12-12.5, Black Patent Mary Jane
    thank you

  225. jujulee says:

    Jake in Navy (flex)
    what wonderful looking shoes!!! thanks!

  226. Glitter99 says:

    I love the Kyle -Choc Brown originals

  227. JerryC says:

    I like the Jake (Navy).

  228. Greg says:


    Jayden, EU 25/US 8.5, Black Nubuck Skate Shoe

  229. sarah says:

    Thanks for the contest
    I like the Henry Choc brown suede booties.
    very cute.

  230. sonia says:

    jake navy flex size 10-10.5

  231. greeny says:

    Girls : Jackie – Fuchsia (Flex) ($49) size 8.

    Thank you !

  232. Sylvia says:

    My son would rock out a pair of Jake flex choc brown size 9-9.5
    Thank you

  233. atom88 says:

    Love these shoes!!

    Giselle, 12-18 (M), Choc Brown Leather Mary Jane


  234. Pam says:

    Samantha – pink/brown flex, size 7.5-8

    So cute!!

  235. Grace says:

    I have always liked these shoes but have a hard time finding them in stores. Thanks!

    Jake, EU 27/US 10-10.5, Navy Nubuck Shoe

  236. Ash Patel says:

    Madeline-choc brown with pink straps!

  237. valh says:

    natasha black patent mary 11 -11.5
    would be beautiful for my grandaughter

  238. JULIE C says:

    McKenna Choc-brown Flex

  239. Mandy says:

    Noah, EU 20/US 5, Choc Brown Leather Sandal


  240. JIvy says:

    Wow, these would be great for my son.

    Kyle – Choc Brown/Khaki (Flex)

    Thank you so much!

  241. HockeySpice says:

    Dylan, EU 21/US 5.5, Choc Brown Leather Boot


  242. Julia says:

    I really love the “mckenna – choc brown (flex)” ones for $45. They’re adorable!

  243. koukla dd says:

    Jake 11-1.5 navy nubuck shoe boys $49


  244. wendigirl says:

    hanah pink boot…
    for sienna

  245. johnnycash2 says:

    charlie brown flex size 13

  246. Sarah says:

    Josh 18-24 months navy/white/grey $32
    Cute shoes!!!

  247. Anita says:

    MIa – black book (flex) – so cute!

  248. NT says:

    Isabella choc brown Flex, size 7 please!

    Love the Pedipeds!

  249. Melody says:

    I like Abigail – Pink ($32) size 6-12 months. I hope I win these for my niece.

  250. vivian says:

    dylan – brown boot
    cool shoes for my son!!

  251. Carmella says:

    I love the Isabella red patent shoes!!
    My little girl could use them now, too!

  252. Nicole says:

    I love the Mia Black Boot(Flex) size 11-11.5

  253. Celine says:

    Josh – Navy/White/Gray size “S” (6-12 months)

  254. Vanessa says:

    gizelle- black w/ poke dots

  255. gail says:

    these are amazing shoes. I choose Jackie – Fuchsia (Flex) ($49) size 26 please! Thanks for the contest.

  256. Jessica says:

    Andrew, Choc Brown Leather Boot $41 SIZE 5- 5 1/2

  257. Jan says:

    I love these shoes!!

    My choice: McKenna-choc brown (flex)
    Size 8.5

  258. Christa says:

    LUV the shoes… it was the most hardest decision ever

    Claire, 06-12 (S), Fuchsia/Pink Nubuck Mary Jane

  259. StaceyB says:

    Andy – Chocolate Brown (flex)


  260. Mirian says:

    what cute shoes. I wish they had them in adults’ sizes!

    I like the Isabella, Naomi and Samantha. I like the naming of the shoes as well.

  261. asmdrangon says:

    Dylan, EU 24/US 7.5-8, Choc Brown Leather Boot(Flex) ($57)


  262. Melissa says:

    Giselle black Flex. Love these shoes and love that someone can win them. Thanks so much!!

  263. snow_yong says:

    I choose Janine (Flex), EU 26/US 9-9.5, Pink/Navy Nubuck Zig-Zag Straps. Thanks!

  264. mjtjmom says:

    jackie fuchsia size m

  265. blondpolack says:

    Jackie – Fuchsia (Flex) ($49)

  266. LPL says:

    I would like MIA CHOCOLATE BROWN BOOTS (Girl size 7.5 – 8)

  267. Marina says:

    Dylan, Choc Brown Leather Boot size 11 pleasee.
    Love the shoes

  268. jamie neary says:

    I would pick Zach – Black/Red ($32) size 18-24 months. They are adorable!!!!

  269. Tammy says:

    McKenna Chocolate Brown (Flex)

  270. orangesky says:

    Hope I win this for my little cousin!

    I would like:

    Dylan – Brown boot (flex) EU 27/US 11-11.5

    Thank you!

  271. Christina says:

    Isabella, 12-18 (M), Red Patent Mary Jane

    Thank you

  272. Lisa Pineo says:

    I love this brand! So good but always out of my price range. I’d love Sebastian – Choc Brown (Flex) for my little guy. They look like they could accommodate a higher arch which can be hard to find. Thanks!

  273. Sarah in Ottawa says:

    What I great giveaway. I would love: Jake (Flex) size 5 US. Thanks!

  274. abfab says:

    tough choice, they’re all so cute! I would love the isabella black (flex)!


  275. Angelika Masotti says:

    how adorable! had the hardest time deciding between ones for my son and ones for my daughter!
    Kyle – choc. brown and khaki – flex in 24/7.5 please and thank you!

  276. Abbys Mommy says:

    Such adorable shoes! Hope I win a pair for my daughter 🙂

    Jackie – Large


  277. Nemokeeler says:

    mia chocolate brown eu 25 us 8.5.. all the boots are so cute it is hard to pick

  278. Trinigal says:

    Andrew – Choc Brown (boot)

  279. Rimmi says:

    I would love to win:-

    Dylan – Brown Boot (Flex) ($57)
    Dylan, EU 28/US 11-11.5, Choc Brown Leather Boot


  280. Virgold says:

    Such cute shoes!

    I choose Abigail pink size small.
    Perfect for my neice Abby.


  281. 2girls says:

    these shoes are too cute!

    I really like the Annie Potpurri Flex Size 13 or Size 10

  282. Chauna says:

    Dylan boots, thx

  283. Mary says:

    Josh – Navy/White/Gray size “S” (6-12 months)

  284. Evan says:

    Olivia, 18-24 (L), White Leather Mary Jane Sandal

    These are super cute

  285. ShopGirl says:

    Mia, EU 28/US 11-11.5, Black Leather/Suede Boot 🙂

  286. mellyskater says:

    I would like Mia Black Boot (Flex) in Size 5.

    Thank you

  287. MommyC says:

    The shoes are soooo cute…..

    I choose Hannah -Pink size 18-24 L


  288. Chi of Steel says:

    Zach – Black/Red (Flex)

  289. Lydia says:

    We had the originals in Giselle for her first b-day- too cute! Would love the flex in Giselle for her 2nd b-day in January (size 7 please!)

  290. Brittany says:

    I would love to win Josh – Light Brown/Brown/Blue $32 in a size medium.

  291. Wendy says:

    I love their shoes!

    I would choose “Andrew – Chocolate Brown boot” if I were to win.

  292. keljonezie says:

    We love pedipeds in this house! I’d love to win a pair of Josh-light brown/brown/blue.


  293. Denise says:

    Love these shoes

    Lily – White (Flex) ($45)



  294. Melodie says:

    These look great – my choice is Kyle Navy/Orange flex US size 6-6.5. My 21 month old son has Down Syndrome and is still unable to walk…shoes are so important for him and I’m happy to find this website! Thank you!

  295. Rosa says:

    Thank you for such a great contest!

    Zack Black & Red Leather Sneaker(Originals) Size: 12-18(M) $32

  296. kels says:

    I would choose Henry choc-brown suede 41$
    Thanks for the chance 🙂

  297. El Chan says:

    Natasha – Black Patent (Flex)

  298. Diana says:

    My son would love the Sebastien – chocolate brown shoes!

    What a great idea to mix orthopedic shoes with fashion!

  299. May Pau says:

    Those shoes are the prettiest! I like Giselle (Fuchsia) Flex.

  300. Smack says:

    Zach – Choc Brown/Orange ($32)

  301. cindy says:

    Loved, Loved, Loved these shoes.

    Sebastian choc-brown, size 3-5.

  302. mommy2alayna says:

    These shoes are so cute! My choice is Josh – Navy/White/Gray in 06-12 (S). Thanks!

  303. Katy says:

    Noah – Navy (Flex)


  304. Carole says:

    I love these shoes – my son has fat / thick feet and these are awesome – he would love the KYLE in navy/orange

  305. Litesandsirens911 says:

    McKenna chocolate brown FLEX shoe (not sure what size yet, lol)
    thanks Boo!

  306. Agnes says:

    grace brown w/dots – $32

  307. Snowfree says:

    I would also like McKenna Chocolate Brown (Flex)

  308. Pauline Zandberg says:

    Jake Choc.Brown (flex) 9-9.5
    Pediped’s are soooo adorable…. I get compliments wherever I take my little man.

  309. LizH says:

    the brown & blue abigail’s!

  310. Susan says:

    LOVED the Isabella Flex chocolate brown (size 11)

  311. Alexa says:

    these are too cute! I’d love the Ace – Grayish Brown

  312. Vince says:

    Hannah – Pink
    Size: L

  313. Mickey says:

    I would love the Mia – choc brown boot (flex-$57) for my little girl!!

  314. Andrea says:

    Andy-Choc Brown (Flex)
    So cute!!

  315. Rainbows says:

    Awesome shoes.

    I like the:

    Isabella Black Mary Jane 11-11.5

  316. BeeBee says:

    Josh – navy/white/gray (flex) – $45

    Size: 5 years old, US/CAN 12


  317. Emily says:

    Dylan – Brown Boot (Flex)size 7

  318. mandolynn says:

    Giselle – Choc Brown w/Dots (Flex) ($45) sz 8.5

  319. Kali says:

    Faith- White patent Size XS 0-6

  320. Karen says:

    Fun shoes! Fun times!

    Abigail – Pink (flex)

  321. Jessica says:

    Caroline- Choc Brown

  322. jocb says:

    Does anyone know of any coupons for The Hangover? It comes out tomorrow and the best deal I could find is $17.99 at Best Buy.

  323. keegan hardiman says:

    would love for my little bro 🙂

  324. Nelly says:

    Jake navy (flex) 6-6.5

    Thank you so much! Great contest!

  325. Lucia says:

    Wow…hard to narrow it down to just one.
    I chose the Dylan, EU 29/US 12-12.5 Choc Brown Leather Boot

  326. budge says:

    great giveaway!

    isabella choc brown mary jane 8.5

  327. Deb says:

    Ace-Grayish Brown, 18-24 months.

    Cute stuff…nice for my grandson!


  328. Karen Mans says:

    Abbigail pinksandal size 8.5!!!

  329. B says:

    Peyton (Flex) Chocolate Brown and Fusica $45 size 5

  330. Ctarantino says:

    Cute Shoes… I’d like the

    Black Nubuck Mary Jane Size 7.5/8

  331. Drader_Babe says:

    All the shoes are soo cute, It was really hard to pick!

    natasha- black patent(flex)mary jane 6-6.5

  332. Shelley says:

    I would LOVE the Peyton flex(8)for my daughter, they are adorable!

  333. freeplease says:

    Connor – Camoflauge


  334. Wendy says:

    Mia- Chocolate Brown boots Size 29

  335. Catherine D says:

    Isabella – black (flex) US 9

    Thank you!

  336. PPYY says:

    Dylan, EU 21/US 5.5, Choc Brown Leather Boot

  337. Karen says:

    Very nice shoes! I would like:

    Kyle – Choc Brown/Khaki (Flex)


  338. nuwala says:

    Jake – Navy (Flex) ($49)

  339. Daddyslilgirl says:

    Olivia-White size 18-24 (L) thx

  340. Winkerstones says:

    Isabella – Red Patent Mary Jane for my grandaughter who’d just love these.
    Lovely shoes!!

  341. Annemarie says:

    Thanks for another great contest. I love Pediped Shoes. If I win I would love to win the Giselle – Choc Brown Boot (Flex).

  342. Shar says:

    I’ve never heard of this company, I can’t believe how great their stuff is!

    I would love to get “Mia – Choc Brown Boot (Flex)” in a EU 22/US 6 for my daughter!

  343. Lindsay says:

    Janine Pink/navy flex size 12
    Connor camo flex size 9-9.5
    please, very nice shoes!

  344. M2G2 says:

    Such a great footwear store…
    Kyle – Choc Brown/Khaki (Flex)

  345. Papasmurff says:

    this company has a good selection of shoes.

    Hannah Boot Pink in size 12-18mths.


  346. scobee says:

    nice shoe selection!
    kyle $45

  347. Jen says:

    So adorable! And great prices too 🙂

    Our choice is Dylan chocolate brown 6-12.


  348. julyprincess says:

    Jake – Navy (Flex) ($49) – Thankyou!

  349. Turkish_DeLight says:

    the shoes they have are all adorable ok here is what i really like and would love to win
    Hannah – pink boots (M)
    thanx a bunch

  350. Manon says:

    Those shoes are so cute!
    Here’s my choice:

    Isabella – Choc Brown
    $ 32.00

  351. ALDM says:

    Love them!
    Dylan chocolate brown Flex Size 12.5

  352. sidrah says:

    Kyle, EU 27/US 10-10.5, Choc Brown/Khaki Sneaker

  353. meghan says:

    i like the charlie black flex shoes for boys

  354. linbar says:

    Sweet, sweet shoes!

    Nadia, 06-12 (S), Red Mary Jane

  355. Jaclyn says:

    Mia – Choc Brown Boot (Flex) ($57)

    size 12-12.5

  356. Sabrina Vallee says:

    pair of McKenna Choc-brown Flex

  357. marion says:

    Charlie-Brown-Flex Size 10 Thanks.

  358. Amanda Simmonds says:

    My little pumpkin AJ would love to try these 🙂
    Zach, 12-18 (M), Choc Brown/Orange Leather Sneaker

  359. misty says:

    Please if I win i would like Jake Chocolate brown – flex size 5

  360. Minou says:

    Noah choc. brown sandal, size 5

  361. sonia says:

    Jules, 0-6 (XS), Gold Ankle Strap

  362. Bonnie says:

    Kyle – navy/orange

  363. tjg says:

    Abigail pink sandal size 12, please.

  364. bubbascuda says:

    WOW!!! So many choices 🙂
    I finally got my daughter to choose, since she will be wearing them! LOL

    Mia-Black Boot (Flex) size 11-11.5

    Good Luck to All!!!

  365. Maureen says:

    I really like the girl’s McKenna Chocolate Brown shoes for my little girl….such adorabale shoes!!

  366. loveygrl says:

    McKenna chocolate brown flex size 9

  367. Kulitskie says:

    Andy – choc brown

  368. Eeyah says:

    Leilani, EU 20/US 5, Blue Hawaiian Fabric Mary Jane

  369. Kayley says:

    Here’s my choice.

    Giselle – Choc Brown w/ Polka Dots size 12-18 months please.


  370. nursrebecca says:

    i would love the

    giselle choc brown boot in size 6-6.5


  371. moonwalk58 says:

    Natasha – Black Patent (Flex)

  372. Levon says:

    love the Jake choc brown flex

  373. Anne Vitug says:

    Peyton – Choc Brown/Fuchsia (Flex) ($45)

    size 9-9.5 plse

    thank you!!!!!!!

  374. Carrie says:

    Oh I love Pedipeds! Jake light brown flex 7.5-8 pls!

  375. value09 says:

    Kyle – Choc Brown/Khaki (Flex) ($45)

  376. canadian_girl says:

    jake, navy, size 3

  377. sampler says:

    Dylan – Brown Boot (Flex) ($57)
    Dylan, EU 27/US 10-10.5, Choc Brown Leather Boot Unsure about the size ? For my brothers future baby boy..

  378. lamont says:

    Giselle chocolate brown polka dots size 12-18 months. I have wanted to buythese forever. Hoping to win them instead 🙂

  379. smanda says:

    i hope i win i hope i win….
    i desperatly need a pair of boot for my little guy

    Here’s my choice
    Andrew – Choc Brown

  380. NASHARN C says:

    Josh – Navy/White/Gray (Flex)
    US 12

  381. connie says:

    Love the Mia boot size 5

  382. silver says:


    Kyle – Navy/Orange (size 12)


  383. Lianna True says:

    Ohhhh……………….. I love these shoes. My pick is for the Mia – Choc Brown Boots (flex series) in a size 11-11.5

  384. ottawagurl20 says:

    omg those shoes are soo cute..
    my pick is : Mia – Choc Brown Boot (Flex) size 7.5-8

  385. MN says:

    Dylan – Brown Boot (Flex) size 12.5

  386. Veronica says:

    Charlie – Brown (Flex) ($45)

  387. mjaas says:

    Nice shoes! I would love to have the…

    Andy – Choc Brown (Flex) ($45) size 12 (US) please!

    Thanks a bunch!

  388. Tracy Gaudet says:

    Giselle, choc brown boot (flex) size 7.5-8 ($57)

  389. vessa says:

    abigail pink 32.00
    size 8

  390. aisha says:

    Love these all! But love these most of all:

    Mia – Black Boot (Flex) ($57) EU 29/US 12-12.5

  391. sterling says:

    I would chose the Leilani – Blue Hawaiian (Flex) shoes.

  392. WestcoastMom says:

    I would chose the Caroline – Choc Brown shoes.

  393. Naomi says:

    McKenna – Choc Brown (Flex) – definitely! So cute!!

  394. Brent says:

    Awesome contest.

    Jackie – Fuchsia (Flex) ($49) EU 29/US 12-12.5

  395. Ms.K says:

    so cute!

    Mckenna chocolate brown in 5.5 for sure…

  396. Doris says:

    Sebastian – Chocolate Brown (Flex)

  397. Rachael says:

    I already have one pair and my daughter is no where near walking yet! I would love the Mckenna in Chocolate brown, size 12-18 months. Thanks!

  398. Dawn Marie says:

    Kyle – Navy/Orange(Flex)
    Size 6


  399. Annie says:

    Jake, EU 29/US 12-12.5, Navy Nubuck Shoe

    So glad this is back on! 🙂

  400. B. Luna says:

    Jake – Choc Brown (Flex)

  401. Danam314 says:

    I let my husband pick out his favorite pair for our son, if we won. He picked: Kyle – White/Navy (Flex)

  402. BP says:

    I’d love to get these, please: Kyle – Navy/Orange (Flex) ($45)


  403. BonL says:

    I gotta say, I’m lovin’ the Kyle, Navy/Orange Flex shoe!

  404. Kelly says:

    Would love boys – Kyle cho brown/ khaki 12-18 months

  405. amyt0915 says:

    Mia – Choc Brown Boot (Flex) ($57)
    Too cute!

  406. Wispy says:

    Andy – Choc Brown (Flex)

  407. Aatlaantis says:

    Peyton – Choc Brown/Fuchsia ($32)

    these ones would be my choice. I would like them in size 4! Thanks

  408. Winue says:

    Leilani, EU 22/US 6-6.5, Blue Hawaiian Fabric Mary Jane

    awesome, thanks

  409. mommom says:

    I hope I will…..
    for my cute little daughter
    Giselle, EU 20/US 5, Fuchsia Nubuck Mary Jane

  410. coupon girl says:

    andy chocolate brown $45

  411. Dinglehopper says:

    – Caroline, Choc Brown!

  412. katjwt says:

    oh my gosh – how can I only pick one??? they are all so adorable!
    Jackie – Fuchsia (Flex) ($49)

  413. Karin says:

    Giselle – Choc Brown Boot (Flex) ($57)

    Those are ADORABLE! *fingers ‘n toes crossed!*

  414. Idnamy says:

    So cute! I would choose Mckenna – Choc Brown size small.

    Good luck to all!!

  415. Booja says:

    Beautiful shoes!

    Mckenna Choc Brown 12-18 months..

    so glad the contests are back

  416. cdnvballbelle says:

    Too cute
    As I do not have a little one these are for my friend’s daughter

    Giselle – Choc Brown Boot (Flex)

  417. Teri S says:

    Kyle – Choc Brown/Khaki – size 6-12 months (s)


  418. sandray says:

    I would choose
    Isabella – black (flex) $45
    size 12 black Mary Jane

  419. Nicole says:

    Would love the following for my son:
    Harvey – navy – size small


  420. kay2371 says:

    My 4yr son picked out his favourites for his baby sister:

    Jules, 12-18 (M), Gold Ankle Strap $42.00

    Thank you!

  421. ghemotoc says:

    I really like their products 🙂 Thank you for the site!
    My choice is: Lily – White ($32) – Lily, 18-24 (L), White Leather Mary Jane

    Thanks again!

  422. curls says:

    Giselle – Choc Brown w/Dots (Flex) ($45) for my polka dot loving monkey 🙂

  423. caryn says:

    I love the Charlie flex in black size 8.

  424. Leigh Matheson says:

    The Isabella, so pretty.

  425. kulasa says:

    josh navy white grey! originals pls! thank you!

  426. nikki says:

    If I won – I would pick Henry – choc brown suede ($41) size 6-12 months. Thanks!

  427. Jen L. says:

    I would choose the: Jake – navy (flex)

  428. MD says:

    grace brown w/dots – $32

  429. Andre says:


  430. yukito says:

    Dylan – Brown Boot (Flex)


  431. delila says:

    Mia – Black Boot (Flex) ($57)- us: 12-12.5

  432. Meg1112 says:

    Charlie-black 12-18 months

  433. muthra78 says:

    If I won the contest I would like Grace brown/pink in size 9, Addison – stripe in size 9.5 and Tiffany – pink (flex) size 9.5. Thank you 🙂

  434. Cathy says:

    Amber- Pink/White. 18-24 L

    So Cute !!

  435. Emily says:

    I would like the Hannah Pink boots, part of the Original collection, size 12-18 months please.
    Thanks Boo, don’t worry about the long absence, school is tough! Esp at Queens

  436. Emily says:

    I would like the Hannah Pink boots, part of the Original collection, size 12-18 months please.

  437. Jalca says:

    McKenna – size 6-6.5

  438. Nancy says:

    As a mother with 3 boys, I’d love:
    Dylan – Brown Boot (Flex) ($57)


  439. guihua says:

    Giselle – Choc Brown Boot ($41)

    Thank you!

  440. Cindy Mathies says:

    My little grandson would love to win the Henry shoes in chocolate brown suede ($41) size 6-12 months! Thanks! 🙂

  441. Laurie B says:

    I would LOVE the Jake light brown Flex in size 7


  442. zzy says:

    Giselle – Choc Brown Boot (Flex)

  443. JT says:

    Nice site, love the sizing chart and the ease of finding shoe size in stock. Beautiful shoes and reasonably priced.

    My choice is Kyle, 12-18 (M) White/ Navy Leather Sneaker


  444. nancy lafrance says:

    I love those shoes they are so cute. I have a few pairs and my kids love them.

    Naomi – Black (Flex)

  445. Cate says:

    Love these shoes! My choice would be the Hannah size 6 – 12.


  446. MANISH TOMER says:

    Kyle – White/Navy ($32)

    Kyle, 0-6 (XS), White/Navy Leather Snea

  447. Trinity991 says:

    Janine pink/navy flex. $27 size EU 23.

  448. aisha kulsoom says:


    McKenna – Choc Brown (Flex) ($45)

    it will be a nice christmas gift!!!!

  449. Madeleine says:

    Zach – Black and Red (Flex) $45

  450. lizzyurb says:

    I would choose:
    Jake Light brown nu buck (10-10.5) $49.00


  451. cecilia says:

    sooooo cute – I love the Mia – Choc Brown Boot (Flex)

  452. luvlulu says:

    Everything is so adorable!!! Please put me down for Mia black.

  453. Bloodymary says:

    Dylan, EU 25/US 8.5, Choc Brown Leather Boot
    Thanks a lot!

  454. Rebecca says:

    Abigail – Pink Sandal (Flex) ($39) SZ 5-5.5

    these shoes are so cute!
    Welcome back Boo!

  455. Michelle says:

    Mia – Choc Brown Boot (Flex) ($57) size 8.5
    Xing fingers 🙂

  456. amiv says:

    The Natasha (Flex) in black patent would make a little girl very happy.

  457. Mandy says:

    The cutest little shoes
    I love the little Henry chocolate brown suede boot (size small)
    Thank you

  458. Julia says:

    I would love the Josh Navy,white,blue for my little boy!!!!

  459. Annie O says:

    Love the McKenna choc brown – wish I knew these shoes existed earlier for my older daughter!

  460. maybe says:

    Jake – Choco Brown (Flex) size 6

  461. Niraj Kumar says:

    Plain and simple. I think these are classy boots for kids with adult touch. It made me feel bad though because I could not wear them when I was kid 🙁 My choice is Jake – Choc Brown (Flex).


  462. Amber says:

    Jake – Choc Brown (Flex)size 7 – thanks!

  463. arlene says:

    Jayden – (flex) black size 7.5-8. my grandson will look great in them.

  464. Aussie says:

    Henry- choc brown suede size small.


  465. Karen says:

    So cute. Josh navy/white/gray in a size 7.

  466. Kristina says:

    Welcome back Boo!

    Josh – Navy/White/Gray
    Size 11 for My Giant

  467. Fion says:

    I love the chocolate brown andrew boot! (originals)

  468. Leff says:

    Zach – Black/Red (Flex)

  469. newmama_ns says:

    LOVE Pedipeds!!! It’s so hard to choose but we picked the Peyton Chocolate Brown/Fushia Original Shoes.

    Thanks for another great contest!

  470. dannimac15 says:

    Great to have these back!!!! Love checking out the new sites every time.
    I think that the Demetri(original) in a large would be great for my son
    Thanks again

  471. michael25 says:

    Caroline – Choc Brown

  472. Sarah says:

    My daughter would love Jackie in size 10. They are the cats meow!

  473. ratatouille35 says:

    Would love to get the Josh – Navy/White/Gray (Flex)

  474. lori says:

    Hannah Pink Boot Original

    12-18 months

    My daughter would look so cute in these 🙂

  475. Rebecca says:

    Hands down, my favourite baby shoes!

    I’ve been meaning to get my little man a pair of Andy, Demitri and Zach!

    We always get compliments on Pedipeds.

  476. Kara says:

    Giselle, EU 23/US 7, Choc Brown Leather Boot

  477. mel says:

    josh navy white grey leather sneaker flex
    thanks 🙂

  478. Matty's Mom says:

    Would love Josh in light brown and blue please. Size Large.

  479. Heidi McMaster says:

    Love these! My choice would be Jake Chocolate Brown.

  480. theramz says:

    What a great contest! Thanks Boo!

    Isabella, EU 28/US 11-11.5, Black Mary Jane

  481. bluerose says:

    charlie brown flex ,connor -camouflage flex for boys.
    mia black boot, peyton-choc brown/fuchsia for girls.
    WOW so many nice shoes….:)

  482. Ally says:

    Hannah – Pink

    these are so cute!!

  483. carolp8 says:

    I like the McKenna-choc brown shoes from the Flex series

  484. Ashley S. says:

    Giselle – Black ($32) Size L (18-24 months)

  485. Canaci says:

    oh I love Pedipeds! My daughter would be so cute in the Isabella – chocolate brown mary janes:)

  486. ownedbytoby says:

    Kyle – Choc Brown/Khaki (Flex) ($45) Gorgeous!

  487. Cin says:

    So many styles to choose from. Beautiful shoes and they are healthy for kids feet!

    Giselle~girls 12-18 months Fuchsia Nubuck Mary Jane

  488. cheapskate101 says:

    Peyton – Choc Brown/Fuchsia ($32)


  489. Ivan says:

    Welcome back, Boo! You’ve been dearly missed!!

    My choice is Brady – Navy/Orange Sandal (Flex) ($39) for Boys
    Brady, EU 29/US 12-12.5, Navy Leather/Orange Nubuck Sandal

  490. Kyles_Mama says:

    Oh! I want to win the ‘Kyle’ shoes for my baby Kyle! I like the White/Navy ones, size 5.5

  491. Kait says:

    I love these ones: Giselle, EU 26/US 9-9.5, Black Nubuck Mary Jane

  492. Candace says:

    I love the Giselle (Flex) – chocolate brown with dots…EU size 20. Thanks!

  493. Joanne says:

    giselle Choc brown boot

  494. anisa says:

    original harvey pls ty
    very cute shoes, might buy them if they were on sale!

  495. pateyface says:

    I LOVE these shoes:
    – Kyle – Choc Brown/Khaki (Flex) ($45) Size 7.5-8US

  496. Shannon says:

    Jake – Light Brown Flex
    smallest size

  497. Amanda Ogilvie says:

    Natasha black patent flex shoes – $45

    Thank you!

  498. Maria says:

    I would love to win the Josh shoes for my son Joshua!!! So Cute! He’s 4 months old and would look so cool with those little shoes!!!

  499. KLK says:

    Giselle Chocolate Brown Sandal in 10-10.5CDN/US size.

    Just Beautiful!

  500. Lynn says:

    Cute shoes!
    Jake – Navy Flex, size 6, please!

  501. Jing XU says:

    Hannah – Pink (boot)($41) Size: 12

  502. Melissa says:

    I like the following:

    Demetri size S Chocolate Brown/Light Brown athletic shoe ($32)

  503. canadiangirl5279 says:

    What cute shoes!!!

    Giselle Chocolate with Brown Dots, Flex size 6 -6.5 please….Thanks!

  504. Kerri Rae says:

    Kyle, 6.5 Choc Brown/Khaki Sneaker

    VERY cute shoes!

  505. rhiannon1891 says:

    Kyle size 8.5

    Really really nice shoes!

  506. happy2 says:

    Isabella Choc Brown Flex – $45

  507. MaddensMomma says:

    Jayden, size 5, Black Nabuck Skate Shoes

    so cute!

  508. Amy says:

    Zach – Black/Red (Flex) $45.00


  509. Umm_Ibrahim says:

    Very nice….

    Andy – Choc Brown (Flex)

    Size 8.5

  510. Jenny says:

    Dylan – Brown Boot (Flex) $57

  511. ukonjacki says:

    Jake navy Flex Size 11

    Adorable AND good for my lil’ man’s feet!

  512. Aileen says:

    Dylan – Brown Boot (Flex) $57

    Fingers crossed.

  513. firefly says:

    jake chocolate brown (flex) size 6

  514. Trish says:

    I would choose the Abigail (pink) and how convenient, it is my daughters name.

  515. Karen says:

    Isabella, 18-24 (L), Red Patent Mary Jane

  516. Lindsay says:

    Zach Red/Black Flex Leather sneaker Size 12-12.5. Thanks so much.

  517. Sabina says:

    Hannah, 18-24 (L), Pink Leather Boot $41.00

    they are cute and my baby needs some shoes lol

  518. Brenno says:

    These are such cool kids’ shoes.
    The Dylan brown flex boot for my little cousin.

  519. these are nice…….
    Giselle, chocolate brown leather, size 12, they have big cute dots on them!

  520. stellar11 says:

    great contest!

    Andy – Choc Brown (Flex)

  521. mommyto3 says:

    Giselle ~ black!! (Flex)

  522. nicole says:

    I love the Jake Navy Flex for my baby boy – looks just like a “big boy” running shoe!

    I would LOVE to have a pair of these for my little guy as I received a pair of 12-18 month pedi-peds for him as a gift but when I tried htem on his feet at 11 months, they were already too small and not returnable 🙁

    (he is a big baby and does have really big feet for his age….but I was SO sad not to get to use these awesome shoes!)

  523. zoobia says:

    all the shoes r really cute but plz send me Mia – Black Boot (Flex) ($57) in size 12

  524. nicole says:

    Boo – if I win my e-mail address was a typo!

  525. Tammy Hynes says:

    Definately the McKenna chocolate brown leather / suede t flex shoes are my choice. Size 6-6.5 would be perfect. I love these shoes!!!

  526. Tray says:

    So cute!!

    I would love the Andy shoe in Chocolate brown for my son!!

    Andy, EU 28/US 11-11.5, Choc Brown Suede

  527. Stacey says:

    McKenna Choc brown flex. Size 10 please!

  528. Talia Bogaski says:

    I would love love LOVE the “mia – choc brown boot (flex)” in a size 9-9.5 (or the black boot if that one’s not available in that size)


    or black..

    Thanks for the entry! *crosses fingers*

  529. Dominic says:

    So many gorgeous shoes to chose from!!!! I’d love to have the Josh navy/white/blue in size S (6-12). Thanks a bunch!!!

  530. Lola says:

    McKenna Choc Brown Flex – size 7 please 🙂

  531. Kris says:

    Mia, choc brown boot, flex size 11

  532. Joanna says:

    I love the Mckenna Choc Brown Flex – size 12-18 months…my little one says thank you!!xo

  533. Sunflower3313 says:

    Kyle choc brown

  534. Buffywannabe says:

    My niece is named Isabel, so I think I should choose (flex) Isabella-black. I will have to confirm with her mom before I pick the size. I like the idea of the flex shoes(extra insole for longer wear). Isabel has a twin sister and providing they don’t wear out, her sister can wear them. Thanks.
    P.S. Smart Canucks is an awsome site. I’ve learned about new websites that I have never visited before.

  535. spiritedside says:

    Giselle, EU 21/US 5.5, Choc Brown Leather Boot are just the cutest! I love the colours!!!!!

  536. amymom24 says:

    Thanks for the chance! My choice is the Peyton – Choc Brown/Fuchsia (Flex)

  537. taran says:

    zach- black/red(flex)-$45
    size 10-10.5

    love those shoes for my DS

  538. Michelle says:

    Boys Connors camo…size 8 please.My 2 year old nephew just broke his leg…he could use a pair of these after he heals!!Great shoes!!!

  539. nottinkerbell says:

    Dylan Brown boot for me. Cute shoes 🙂


  540. Mary says:

    McKenna Chocolate Brown (Flex), for my eldest grand daughter…she would just love to have those shoes…and from her Nana to boot!! Stylin’…I’m gonna win!!

  541. Wendy says:

    I would love the Abigail – pink for my baby girl!

  542. heather says:

    I would love the JOSH -flex style in a size 9! They are excellent shoes!

  543. Jenevieve says:

    I would love a pair of Dylan- Brown Boot (Flex) Size 8.5 🙂

  544. GeM says:

    Mia – Black Boot (Flex) ($57)
    EU 26/US 9-9.5

    For my little cousin!

  545. cnava_21 says:

    Really cute. I would love the Kyle shoe orange/white $32.00!

  546. Cara says:

    Definitely the Kyle in choc brown/khaki …perfect for my 3 year old.

  547. Danielle says:

    I LOVE the Giselle chocolate brown boot (flex) in size 5!!

  548. Marissa7234 says:

    Josh – Navy/White/Blue ($32)

  549. Smart @ss Canuck says:

    Annie, EU 20/US 5, Pink Potpourri Fabric Mary Jane

  550. Kat says:

    Here is my pick:

    Zach, EU 27/US 10-10.5, Black/Red Leather Sneaker

    Too cute!

    Thank you!

  551. bluejellybean says:

    i love the Jayden in black, perfect for my new little nephew!!

  552. rachel says:

    Demetri – Light Brown/Choc Brown ($32) in the large size

  553. Bookworm gal :) says:

    my little girl would look so adorable in the McKenna Choc Brown Flex 🙂

  554. Bookworm gal :) says:

    my little girl would look so adorable in the McKenna Choc Brown Flex 🙂

  555. momof3 says:

    Sebastian – Choc Brown (Flex) ($49)


  556. urouj862 says:

    lovee these shoes

    My best pick:

    Jake- Light brown- size 12 (flex) 49.00$

  557. dina says:

    Henry – Choc Brown Suede

    please, please, please 🙂

  558. poohbear2973 says:

    Kyle Choco. brown/khaki flex

  559. 1boy1girl says:

    I would choose the Abigail pink Flex

  560. Bridges_48 says:

    I’d love a pair of Zach red / Black Sz 6 for my son


  561. chocoholic says:

    Pedipeds are fantastic.

    Mia – choc brown boot, size 8.5

    Thanks for the contest!!

  562. yy says:

    Mia, EU 22/US 6-6.5, Black Leather/Suede Boot

  563. Delia F says:

    Abigail pink flex 45.00 size 11

    for my daughter Abigail!

  564. trrifk says:

    Jake – Navy (flex) size 8 please!

  565. Loucheryl says:

    Dylan brown boot – flex: size US 5.5

    Love the shoes!

  566. rlsaucy says:

    Abigail, EU 26/US 9-9.5, Pink Leather Mary Jane

  567. Sarah says:

    Giselle Choc Brown Boot (flex) is what I would like to win!!!

  568. caraa_94 says:

    Jules – Gold
    Thank you!

  569. magenta323 says:

    Nadia in Red… the ‘Couture’ styles are too cute!

  570. yummyant says:

    Andy-chocolate brown Size 6

    Thanks 🙂

  571. Michelle says:

    Katelyn – White original


  572. countrydaisi says:

    I love the Peyton – chocolate brown/fuchsia.

  573. dgefrerer says:

    Kyle White/Navy Flex *fingers crossed* Thanks!

  574. DustyShadow says:

    Dylan – Choc Brown Boot ($41) Size S

  575. Sticky says:

    Giselle-choc brown boot (flex)


  576. Happy Munchkin says:

    Dylan, EU 29/US 12-12.5, Choc Brown Leather Boot (Flex)

  577. Amie Doucette says:

    These are totally darling! How on earth to pick ONE Pair!?
    The Connors are my sons fav! =)

  578. JamsWife says:

    OMG the girls shoes are way too cute!!! I wish I had a little princess to buy them for!

    Jayden – Black (Flex) ($29)

  579. Heather says:

    Dylan – Choc Brown Boot $41
    Super cute!!

  580. Wynn says:

    Fingers crossed xx

    Zoe – Metallic Pink

  581. Alesha says:

    I like the Giselle boot.

  582. Kenning says:

    Love this contest!

    Hanna- pink

  583. snowballbelland says:

    josh -light brown/brown/blue 32$ size L

  584. JHSinclair says:

    Annie Potpourri are lovely! So funky and yet cute, and they would hide the dirt well too I think! In size 8.5.

  585. Alix says:

    I would love the Isabella – Choc Brown size 12-18months for my daughter!


  586. Brendan Walashek says:

    Jake – Choc Brown (Flex) ($49)

  587. Kristine says:

    We would love to win a pair of the Amber, 12-18 (M), Pink/White Athletic Shoe

  588. Jane says:

    Beautiful shoes!

    Kyle for us $45 9-9.5

  589. Niki says:

    I like the Jake shoes in the flex line….perfect for my grandson!

  590. Shannon says:

    Freaking cute! I love andy – choc brown (flex) ($45), they are like little Wallabees. My little man would be off the charts of cuteness in those.

  591. Alisa Roukema says:

    Great shoes!
    I would love the Giselle – Black in size 8.5

  592. Hiba says:

    I like the Mia, EU 24/US 7.5-8, Black Leather/Suede Boot for my daughter

  593. jaxflower says:

    The Amber in pink and white are adorable! Thanks for starting up the contests again.

  594. Jess says:

    Dylan, EU 28/US 11-11.5, Choc Brown

  595. Kristel says:

    I’d love to have the Natasha Black Patent shoes (Flex) in size 5 for my lovely daughter.

  596. About_time says:

    Welcome back Boo!

    Kyle – Navy Orange (Flex)

  597. Won says:

    So cute…I have a thing for baby shoes. My little cousin would like the Brady Navy/Orange sandals(flex), please.

  598. mrstucker says:

    So hard to choose just one pair! I think the Jake (light brown – flex) would be so cute on our boy!

  599. Laura says:

    Fantastic shoes!!!

    My choice would be

    Hannah – Pink
    Boot $41.oo
    size S

  600. Christina says:

    Abigail – Choc Brown/Blue Velour ($32) size 12-18 months. Thank you!

  601. Sophia says:

    Ace – Grayish Brown


  602. khorton says:

    Giselle – choc brown with dots (flex)

  603. freebie lady says:

    These ones I like!!! Josh-navy/white/gray (flex) ($ 45 )

  604. Nadine says:

    Ooh, the Mia Brown Choc Boots are adorable and very weather appropriate right now! : )

  605. sha says:

    mia- black boot (flex) $57

  606. Leanne says:

    Love these shoes! I would pick the Isabella – Choc. Brown Size 11. Good luck everyone!

  607. Julie says:

    Hi, I would love the Zach black/red flex, size 10. Thanks!

  608. chanty says:

    Jake – Navy (Flex)

  609. Tracey says:

    Would love Zach black red size 12 US/CAN. Thanks!

  610. darebear says:

    Kyle – choc brown/khaki

    These would look great on my little boy 🙂

  611. Jen says:

    kyle: navy/orange sneaker US7.5-8. I would love these shoes for my little guy. Pedipeds are the best!!!

  612. MamaCC says:

    I love these shoes! 🙂 I choose the Jake, EU 24/US 7.5-8, Choc Brown Nubuck Shoe – $49

  613. Jen says:

    My choice is…

    Kyle Choc brown/Khaki Flex Sz 6

  614. Kristen says:

    Abigail – Navy / Pink Sz 4

  615. Ella says:

    I like the: McKenna – Choc Brown (Flex)

  616. jetbee2007 says:

    So many to choose from – I have to go with the Jake – Choc Brown (Flex)in size 11-11.5.

  617. Linda says:

    Love these shoes….for my little girl Natasha – Black Patent (Flex)

  618. Lisa says:

    Josh navy/white/grey (flex) $45

  619. Ilene says:

    Giselle chocolate brown boot – size 5
    I love pedipeds! Great giveaway!

  620. Heather says:

    My granddaughter would look so cute in the Abigail pink shoes- size 10

  621. Pinkyts says:

    Kyle Choc Brown/Khaki
    Size 6

  622. snowfree says:

    Great boots, I pick Giselle chocolate brown flex boot 57.00

  623. S.J. Yew says:

    Addison – Stripes $32.00 size small

  624. Princesstefer says:

    Abigail – Pink (Flex) $45

  625. VW says:

    Isabella Choc Brown (Flex); US Size 6

  626. Littlemoe0 says:

    Mckenna in chocolate brown (flex)7.5-8, they are just too cute. Love them, thanks Boo.

  627. vicki says:

    I never think I will win so I never enter but I couldn’t pass this up. Love, LOVE these shoes…my choice is AMBER size Medium…good luck to everyone 🙂

  628. jdoolie says:

    The boys KYLE (flex) navy and orange size 8

  629. wishbonelove says:

    Mia – Choc Brown Boot (Flex)

  630. Jenn says:

    Kyle navy orange flex size 12…oooooh how I love these contest ideas, great job by the way!

  631. Marie-Eve says:

    The jake shoes size 12, they would look so cute on my son.

  632. fms says:

    I adore the Mia (flex) boots in chocolate brown!

  633. Himja says:

    I would like,

    Hannah – Pink


  634. Aidenz.Maman says:

    Yay, a new contest!!
    I love these:

    Conner, EU 22/US 6-6.5, Green Camo Fabric Sneaker

  635. Agnes says:

    I love them !!

    Giselle – Black (Flex) ($45)


  636. Rocky says:

    Hannah – Pink (boot) ($41)

    Wanna win!

    Thank you..

  637. Jenn says:

    SO adorable. My vote is for the Addison – Stripes (Flex).

  638. dori says:

    Kyle – Choc Brown/Khaki (Flex) ($45)

    so cute! my boy will loves it 🙂 thank you

  639. aguskak2 says:

    I would love Giselle (Flex) for my daughter , please !!
    Thank you

  640. Rob KOwalski says:

    My daughter would love them! The lily white shoes size 13

  641. reality2pm says:

    Wow they are so adorable!
    Want to give them to my neighbour’s kid:)

    Giselle – Choc Brown Boot (Flex)

  642. Laura Chaloner says:

    LOVE the “Grace” shoes!!!

  643. bahou says:

    wawoo, j’aime beaucoup le noah-choc brown (flex), pour mon petit garcon de 10 mois, merci de nous donner cette chance,j’aurait jamais l’occasion de lui acheter cette paire de chaussure,si cute mais cher pour moi

  644. Natalia says:

    I would like to have Giselle Fuchsia -flex size 6-6.5 Nubuck Mary Jane for my small princess!
    Thank You!

  645. kathryn says:

    I choose Ace – Grayish Brown in size 18-24 months! thanks, what a great contest.

  646. Sasser says:

    Charlie – Choc Brown in a size Large.
    Cute shoes!!

  647. chez123000 says:

    These shoes are so cute. I would take the Dylan-chocolate brown boot if I win. thanks again.

  648. Leanne says:

    So cute…my choice is Jake light brown nubuck size 5

  649. ellenw says:

    abigail – navy/pink ($19) in size 3! Thank you so much

  650. kris says:

    Giselle – Choc Brown Boot (Flex) my daughter will love these

  651. amycanada77 says:

    aww what cute little shoesies 🙂

    I love the
    Caroline – choc brown Suede Mary Jane($32) size xs

    Thanks so much

    Good luck all

  652. Jing says:

    Kyle – Orange/White ($32)

    so cute,wish I can win one for my son.

  653. Dianne Van Tol says:

    hannah – pink (boot) (41)
    Size- 06-12 ( S) pink leather boot girl

  654. Dianne Van Tol says:

    To cute! My granddaughter would love these warm boots.

  655. HappyMom says:

    Adorable shoes!!!! My pick – Amber pink/white,($32), size 12-18 m.

  656. carjan says:

    I love these little shoes my favorite is Josh- navy white and blue size small and will be on the hunt here to find more for my little grandson!!Thanks!!

  657. Burcu says:

    Boys originals Ace – Grayish Brown

  658. Heather Cole says:

    I love these!!
    If I were to win, I’d like the Isabella-White size 12-18mths please!!

  659. ACL says:

    Kyle – Choc Brown/Khaki (Flex) ($45)
    Kyle, EU 25/US 8.5, Choc Brown/Khaki Sneaker

  660. Erin Martin says:

    jayden – black (flex) ($29)
    Size 7

  661. Leslie says:

    Awesome shoes!!! Cute! I’d like a pair of Caroline, chocolate brown, in size 7.5 for my daughter! Thanks for the contest!

  662. bebbie says:

    The shoes are so cute…… here is my favorite ones, Gabriella-metallic pink($42)>. thanks!!!!!

  663. Sarah says:

    I love pedipeds! I would choose the addison shoes in size 7 for my daughter.

  664. Emily U says:

    Love pediped shoes! Ashton size 18-24 months

  665. Kari says:

    I adore pediped shoes! They are fantastic for developing feet, and look adorable! I would love these for my daughter:

    Mia, EU 23/US 7, Black Leather/Suede Boot

  666. Stemmy says:

    Pediped shoes are great! I would like the addison stripes in 6-12 months

  667. Paula says:

    These shoes are so cute. My daughter would love them all!

    Isabella, EU 29/US 12-12.5, Choc Brown Mary Jane

  668. ed says:

    The Katelyn shoes in original are so adorable. Would love it for my sweet pea. Thanks. 🙂

  669. alison ingertsa says:

    I would love to have the Addison-stripes original in girls shoes!
    Great shoes!


  670. Jennifer says:

    Beautiful! Hope I win!

    Mia – Chocolate Brown Boots (Flex)


  671. Karen says:

    I love these shoes and would love to see my new granddaughter in a pair of Natasha – Houndstooth.


  672. Lee Ann says:

    These shoes are awesome! I am a firm believer in good shoes 🙂
    henry – choc brown suede (boys originals)


  673. cng says:

    I love the Giselle boots! Size EU 23/US 7.

  674. Grayce says:

    Andrew – Choc Brown (Boot)

    Thankss! =]

  675. laugust says:

    I like Dylan – Brown Boot size 7.0 or Mia Choc Brown Boot size 11 – 11.5


  676. mlongboat says:

    Isabella, EU 29/US 12-12.5, Choc Brown Mary Jane (Flex) So Cute!!!

  677. NicksBride says:

    Kyle (flex)

  678. Anna says:

    The Madeline is oh so sweet! Thanks.

  679. JEnnD says:

    Originals – Ace Grayish Brown 18-24(L)

  680. Alisa says:

    What a great giveaway! My choice would be Jake – Choc Brown (Flex) ($49) size 5

  681. Nicole says:

    What a wonderful prize to the person who wins!

    I’d sure love to win the Boys Henry boots in Choc. Brown Seude. Size 0-6 — perfect for a frigid Alberta winter! :O

  682. Karen says:

    Just heard about the website on the news tonight! Great!

    I love the Mia-Chocolate Brown Boot (Flex)

    Thanks so much!

  683. MSimone says:

    The Ace – Grayish Brown size Medium.

  684. JTaylor says:

    I love the Addison shoes in a size 3 1/2. All very cute.

  685. KBailie says:

    I love the Demetri Light Brown /Choc Brown ($32.00! They would look adorable on my son 🙂

  686. CDavies says:

    Oh it was so hard to choose one… I’d pick Conner – Camouflage (Flex) ($32) in size 12.5 for my 3 year old who is walking a little pigeon-toed… maybe these would help!

  687. Lana S says:

    I love these shoes!! They are so stylish. My favorite is the Kyle – Choc brown/khaki in size 9

  688. cslll says:

    zach – choc/brown orange. Size Medium. Please.
    Hope I win. hehe. Thanks

  689. Blanca says:

    My choice Giselle Chocolate Brown Size Medium. Wish me luck! Thanks.

  690. honeydoo says:

    i have no use for these, but they’re ADORABLE! omg 🙂

  691. Carla says:

    Love Sebstian size 12.

  692. Erin says:

    Henry – Choc brown suede…BUT THEY ARE ALL ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!!!!!!!

  693. Tara says:

    Well, I am diggin’ all these shoes but my choice for favorite would be Zach-Black/Red (Flex)

  694. chana says:

    I love the mia (flex) in 10

  695. shan says:

    Grace- brown with dots please

  696. Ericka says:

    Isabella, EU 26/US 9-9.5, Black Mary Jane – Thanks for doing this Boo! 🙂

  697. Lindy says:

    Such cute shoes. I’d like the Andrew Choc Brown boots please. Thank you.

  698. Fozzie says:

    Very cute! I like the Annie – Potpourri Size M (12-18 m)

  699. Michael says:

    Great site!!

    We love the Hannah – Pink (boot)


  700. Trixter says:

    Giselle – chocolate brown with dots FLEX

  701. Jen says:

    I’d pick the Josh in navy/white/grey, size L. Thanks!

  702. Joan Forbes says:

    Annie Potporri would thrill my 5 year old Grandaughter-and me too

  703. Tiffany Wettergreen says:

    Jake-light brown, size 12-18 (M)

    Thank you!

  704. Monica says:

    My choice is the Jake-Choco Brown


  705. Vivian says:

    My Daughter would Love to have the Abigail Pink Flex Size 11.

  706. alison says:

    OOOOOH! I love the Henry boots, chocolate brown seude in size 6-12 months
    for my soon to be born nephew!

  707. Pam says:

    Giselle Choc Brown w/dots shoe! thanks so much for a great website, fingers crossed!

  708. Darrell says:

    Demetri – Light Brown/Choc Brown (Size Large) for my Son.
    Thanks so much!

  709. Sameeta says:

    My daughter already has a pair of Pediped shoes but i’m sure she’ll love another…

    I love the McKenna – Choc Brown (Flex) ($45)

  710. Evelyn says:

    Kyle-Choc brown/khaki (Flex) – my son would love a new pair of shoes to fit the splints that he’s getting in the new year! I hope 2010 will be his year to learn to walk!

  711. Angela says:

    McKenna, Choc Brown Leather/Suede Size 9-9.5 are my daughter. Here’s hoping!

  712. Bianca says:

    Loving these shoes!

    My pick:

    connor – camouflage (flex)

  713. Aud says:

    Flex, Kyle navy/orange size 18-24 (6-6.5). So cute! Thanks!

  714. Momma1 says:

    Pediped shoes are the absolute best for baby feet that are growing and forming. Very stylish shoes for every occasion and sooooooooo comfortable for babies that they don’t even know they’re wearing them.

    Isabella – Black – Size 18-24mths (L)

    Thank you!!

  715. Michelle says:

    Kyle- White/Navy 12-18 months
    this would be a great start for him, just started to walk 🙂

  716. Stacy says:

    Love them! My choice is the Natasha – black patent (flex)

  717. Sus says:

    My pick are the

    Jake, EU 23/US 7, Navy Nubuck Shoe! Those are stylin’!

  718. Lisa says:

    I can’t get onto the website to choose…I have been trying for 1/2 hour now. 🙁 They sound like they are great shoes by the responses! My daughter would appreciate any style in a size 8 or 8.5

  719. linda says:


    These are sooooooooooooo cute! My little man would look super stylin in these sweet boots.

  720. rho says:

    OMG these are the cutest and most stylish shoes. my daughter would love them and look sooo cool in them., especially with her skinny jeans. i love the Jackie fuschia size 8-9 toddler

  721. PEImommyof2 says:

    These would be perfect for my son!! I love all the styles too hard to choose!!!

    Dylan – Brown Boot (Flex)

  722. Deena says:

    I would like the Josh Navy/white/Grey for my little guy. Size 12-18 (m)

  723. andrea says:


  724. Cathy says:

    I like the Abigail pink size 8 – 9 they would look so cute on my granddaughter

  725. CONNIE says:

    Got a pair for my first grandson and we fell in love with pedipeds.
    My choice: Charlie – choc. brown – 6-12 months – originals.

  726. gana says:

    i chose zach blk/red flex for my cute and nice

  727. vkiho says:

    audrey- black $42
    size 6-12 months (small), black ankle strap.

  728. anita kaiser says:

    Awesome shoes! we would love the Annie – Potpourri in an 11 – 11.5!

  729. raleigh says:

    Grace Brown w/dots These are the cutest 🙂

  730. Debbie says:

    Love the Mia Black Boot (Flex) Size 9

  731. Sarai says:

    My choice is McKenna – Choc Brown (Flex) in a size 10

  732. Waterwings says:

    I like the Jackie – Fuchsia (Flex) ($49).


  733. terrarankin says:

    Addison, 18-24 (L), Neapolitan Stripe Fabric Mary Jane
    these are so adorable!

  734. Trina says:

    Giselle Chocolate Brown Boot – Size Medium – $41.00


  735. Ace says:

    Awe. A must have for my Buster.

    Dylan-Brown Boots

  736. Lemdrop says:

    I LOVE Pediped shoes! Great quality!
    Thanks for this contest. 🙂

    Giselle-Black Flex in a size 10


  737. sujan says:

    Nice shoes and sandals too

    Brady – Navy/Orange Sandal (Flex) ($39) Size 11

  738. Carol says:

    Oh I love site! I have forwarded the link onto my daughter and daughter-n-law so they can shop!

    I would love these for my new grandaughter
    giselle – choc brown boot ($41)


  739. Rashmi says:

    Nice shoes!!

    Would love to get these for my daughter :

    Giselle – Choc Brown w/Dots (Flex) ($45)

  740. Lora says:

    Super cute shoes! Nice site.

    My son would look adorable in the Josh – Light Brown/Brown/Blue shoe (Original).

  741. Olivia says:

    Mia – chocolate brown boots Size 12.5

    LOVE ALL THE SHOES! Adorable!


  742. Olivia says:

    Mia – choclate brown boots (FLEX) Size 12.5
    My daughter would love these!!!

    Thank you!

  743. cdylan says:

    omg, the shoes are adorable but my choice would have to be the brooke-houndstooth $19 . The reason for that choice is that my 17 year old daughter loves anything houndstooth and she has a 7 month old baby sister (her dad and stepmom’s) who she would just love to see wearing those, thanks for the contest (:

  744. mmatheson says:

    Kyle – 32.00 – Size 6months

    Thank you!

  745. dilbrt says:

    Isabelle Flex, size 8, please. 🙂

  746. speedytrini says:

    Zach – Black/Red $45.00

    Size- 6-9mths

    Merci 🙂

  747. Lindsey says:

    We love these shoes for our little girl!
    Giselle white sandal – size 6 please!

  748. Charlotte says:

    I would pick the McKenna, 18-24 (L) for my daughter.

    Thanks, great contest!

  749. Jason says:

    My little guy would love a pair of the
    Charlie Brown (Flex) size 9

  750. Kristy says:

    Audrey – Black
    18-24 L

  751. AEmgee says:

    McKenna – Choc Brown (Flex) Size 5

  752. Jane says:

    Charlie, EU 25/US 8.5, Choc Brown Leather Penny Loafer

  753. Charlene Caldwell says:

    Love them….I choose Andy- chocolate brown Flex size 9. Thank you

  754. Jennifer Fossum says:

    McKenna – Choc Brown (Flex) 45.00 size 9

  755. megan says:

    how cool!
    i love Andy, chocolate brown. US 6-6.5

  756. melissa says:

    Mia brown boots – choc brown .. size 10

  757. melissa says:

    mia boots ,,, choc brown (10) … so cute

  758. Jen says:

    My 15-month old daughter loves Pediped shoes. She has the Giselle Boots and loves them (as does Mom)

    I would love if she had the Naomi silver (flex) for Christmas. Size 6-6.5.

    Thanks for the contest!

  759. Camille Paulhus says:

    I would love a pair of Kyles

  760. Curt says:

    Mia – Choc Brown Boot (Flex) size 6

  761. 4boyz says:

    I love these shoes! I have 4 little boys. My youngest is 1yr. He gets lots of hand-me-downs but I don’t skimp on shoes. I like the Brady Navy/Orange sandal in size 7.

  762. leanne says:

    i WAS going to pick the hannah pink ones, seem super realistic, BUT then i saw the jackie fuchsia. so cool. i have a 5month old so anything that be be grown into would be awesome!

  763. leanne says:

    i was re looking, and i meant the fuchsia flex!

  764. Loginy Sivagnanam says:


    My choice is Giselle, EU 29/US 12-12.5, Fuchsia Nubuck Mary Jane.

    They will be so cute on my daughter.



  765. Harmony says:

    McKenna – Choc Brown (Flex) ($45)

  766. camisol says:

    I would choose the Addison – Stripes (Flex)$39 size 8.5 as they seem funky and unique just like my little girl!

  767. Kim says:

    Giselle – Choc. Brown Sandal (Flex) ($39) US/CA SIZE 5

    These are ideal for my little one- and her big feet! Haha. Great color combo- love how the little dots are cutouts, adding dimension. The perfect sandal for spring/summer 2010. A plus! in a color that won’t get dirty easily!

  768. sonya m says:

    My son, Shea, would love the Zach choc-brown!

  769. Melissa A says:

    My son lives in these shoes. His choice would be Jake, US 9-9.5, Choc Brown Nubuck Shoe.

  770. Zookeeper says:

    Dylan Brown Boot in the flex line.

  771. Ying Chen says:

    zach – choc brown/orange ($32), size M

  772. Annette says:

    Peyton-chocolate brown/fuschia- $32
    size 12-18 months

  773. KatieKate says:

    Jake Navy Flex $49 size 5

  774. amycanada77 says:

    I hate to break it to everyone that has been posting tonight but this contest is OVER

    SmartCanucks Giveaways Day 22 Winners
    Thank you for sponsoring yesterday contest

    Here is a video of today’s winners. The winners are:

    •78 Kelly
    •328 Deb
    •480 Heidi McMaster
    Congrats! Please send an email to smartcanucks at gmail dot com to claim your prize.

    Published by Boo Radleyon December 15, 2009in Announcements.

  775. amycanada77 says:


  776. Nic says:

    @Leanne & Melissa…you cannot submit more than one entry! Once you make your choice and press submit, that’s it.

  777. Sticky says:

    The above comment also applies to

  778. R. says:

    Hi there,

    This site definitely has some adorable stylish shoes, my choice would be the Jake (light brown) flex and this would be for my nephew who is a 4 year old.

    ~ Happy Holidays ~

  779. Charmaine says:

    I would love:

    The original Josh Navy/wht/blue, size 6-12months

  780. Dana says:

    jackie – fuschia

  781. Elena says:

    Dylan – Brown Boot (Flex) size 8.5

  782. Sherry (sierra1973) says:

    Who won this wonderful contest?

  783. Manvir says:

    Wow very nice, Giselle- chocolate brown with dots (flex)

  784. Mikey says:

    I choose Conner-camo print $32. Super cool…

  785. Veronika says:

    Hi Boo,
    I would like the style : Taylor in size 11-11.5 from the Flex series.
    Thanks so much and Happy Holidays

  786. yu says:

    I choose ZACH in size 9-9.5. They are so cute.

  787. Melissa13 says:

    This contest is CLOSED!!!! Why do people keep on trying to enter old contests??

  788. annettekt says:

    I like the Flex Dylan!

  789. Kelly says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Giselle choc. brown with coloured dots shoes! They were the first baby shoes I bought for my daughter and they lasted soooo long. I still have them and can’t part with them. I would love to have the Flex pair sz 5.5 to 6 for her now.
    (Love this site!!!)

  790. cgb says:

    Adorable shoes!
    My choice is:
    Dylan: Brown Boot

  791. Martha says:

    Addison – Stripes (Flex)

    Such cute shoes!!

  792. StaceyB says:

    Andy Chocolate Brown Flex

    Thanks, I love these shoes!!!

  793. Deb says:

    Love the Isabella Choc brown in the Originals, size 6-12mths

  794. amie says:

    I love the Isabella in white size 18-24m

  795. rishukhosla says:

    like alyssa red size 7

  796. Melissa13 says:

    This contest is OVER!!!!!!! If ever in doubt just look at the date right under the contest info.

  797. KatieKate says:

    Kyle, white/Navy size 5.5

  798. Gayathri says:

    CUTE SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!! Amber pink/white

  799. Veronika says:

    Hi boo,
    Taylor chocolate brown sandal in size 8 Flex


  800. Cindy says:

    Great shoes!
    Kyle – Navy/orange
    Size 10.0 – 10.5

    Thank you.


  801. Johanne says:

    I absolutely love the Jake Nubuck navy blues … they look so comfy so that the new walker can have have his shoes bend to him rather that having to bend to them. Thanks for the info!!

  802. smanda says:

    I absolutely love these shoes for my son.

    My first choice would be Andrew – Choc Brown (boot)

    keeping my fingers crossed!!!

  803. Niraj Kumar says:

    Great shoes !! I liked Jake – Choc Brown (Flex) ($49) very much 🙂

    I am hoping to win it !

  804. KatieKate says:

    I love Kyle, Navy and Orange size 5.5

  805. Denine says:

    These shoes are adorable!!! My little guy would look so handsome in a pair of the Original “Ace” pedipeds, 06-12 month (S), Grayish Brown/Black Leather Shoes!! Thanks for hosting this contest!

  806. dawn says:

    Kyle – Choc Brown/Khaki (Flex) – size 23

  807. Natalie says:

    I would love Adrian – pink (flex) (for girls) size 6-6.5

  808. Laura says:

    LOVE the Giselle choc. brown w/ dots (flex)

  809. Candace says:

    Love the Abigail shoes in chocolate brown.

  810. Kim says:

    I would love a pair of the Adrian flex in navy/orange size 5 for my son.

  811. Lauren says:

    We LOVE Pediped’s!! Would like Giselle Grip and Go’s (brown). Size 19EU.

  812. Jenn says:

    The only shoes that fit my daughters feet! She would love the Amy-dark brown and light pink in a 24!!

  813. Michelle says:

    Great Shoes!!

    Elizabeth Lt Brown – size 5

  814. Johanna says:

    Giselle brown Grip and Go, size 5 (12-18 months)

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these shoes. It was tooooo difficult to choose just one pair!

  815. cand says:

    The Christopher Chocolate Brown in Size 12-18 months looks like a great shoe for a new little walker!

  816. Karin says:

    Abigail purple size 6 to 12months

  817. Linda says:

    Adrian Navy & grey size 21

  818. Linda says:

    I have Triplets of my own and these are the best shoe invented! My sister-in-law has 7 month old twins and I’d love a pair for one of them. Love – Adrian – Black, Grey & Olive (Flex) ($45) (boy) or
    – McKenna – Choc Brown (Flex) ($45) (girl)

  819. Vanessa says:

    Hi Smartcanucks!! I must say wow, what a great site!! I am fairly new to this online community and I am so glad to have found you!! You always have great tips, and this contest is truly amazing! I could just picture my little guy, wearing the adorable Pediped flex Sydney’s in chocolate brown this summmer. How adorable are these shoes??? Thank you for this opportunity smartcanucks!!

  820. Jane DeVito says:

    I would love to start getting these adorable shoes for my grandson! I would like to win the Flex Amazon Red size 6.

  821. Nicole & Livia says:

    My daugther has been wearing these since she was 6mos old. They are awesome shoes…pricey but worth every penny!

    We’d like Grip n Go Abigail White Multi, size 22 $45.00

  822. Suzanne says:

    I love Pedipeds! My little guy has been wearing the Sydney Chocolate Browns all summer and we just love them.

    From the “Originals” line-up, I really like the Christopers in Chocolate Brown…very cool for the little dudes 🙂

    Awesome product!

  823. Sonia says:

    Grip and go – Brody or Joshua navy sandal nice! My little guy would love these! Size 6-6.5


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