P&G Canada United Way Warehouse Sale GTA May 7 & 8

pgProcter & Gamble United Way Spring Warehouse Sale

Amazing discounts on a huge variety of P&G product with 100% of proceeds donated to United Way.

Where: International Center 6900 Airport Rd, Mississauga– Hall 6

When: Open to the public:

Saturday May 7th 11am – 7pm

Sunday May 8th 10am – 4pm

72 responses to “P&G Canada United Way Warehouse Sale GTA May 7 & 8”

  1. Peppermint Patty says:

    Olay! Olay! Olay Olay! Feelin’ hot hot hot.

  2. itsjustmebub says:

    LMAO Patty I lerv you

  3. lovesagooddeal says:

    I a pretty pumped for this I wait for it twice a year!!

  4. VeeVee says:

    LOVE this sale!!! Amazing prices and a great cause!

  5. Josie says:

    Does anybody know when the on in Pickering is held? I remember going maybe 2 years ago in the summer!

  6. izawa says:

    how great are the deals for this?

  7. dandelion says:

    Sadly I live by London 🙁 do they do anything like this around here?

  8. Mom2three says:

    I’ve been watching out for this sale for quite a while…I always stock up on everything…Thanx for sharing!
    Make it a great day!

  9. Rosie says:

    Great – just in time! I’m out of Tide and toilet paper.

  10. Ferdo says:

    Do they take coupons?

  11. itsjustmebub says:

    No coupons accepted

  12. Jen says:

    Josie, me too, I love the Pickering one! They didn’t do it last year – I sure hope they do it this year!

  13. hadathickwallet says:

    Oh thanks so much!!!! LOVE this sale,anyone with a family or a home to clean will not regret going! 🙂

  14. Katherine says:

    Does anyone have any prices for items, just to give me an idea of what to expect?

  15. Karen says:

    I am also curious what to expect … is there a lot of product? Is it super crazy and hard to make your way around?

  16. amandamck says:

    Dandelion, the closed sale for you would be in Brantford, june 4th, Giant United Way sale, Proctor and Gamble are a huge supplier to the sale, lots of Glade! Check United Way Brantford website for more details.

  17. freefreed says:

    Someday they will do one out west….yes, I am only dreaming!

  18. lovesagooddeal says:

    I think it is worth the drive for sure I am about an hour and a half away I stock my cupboard right up. Ideas for prices they had 22 load powdered tide for 3 a box (no tax) if you bought a case you saved even more money. Olay products whatever they had were 5 bucks. Pantene a buck or 2 a bottle. Chocolate bars 25 cents each ummm they had some diapers the last one they were 10 bucks for pampers but they only had size 3 and 6 when I was there. I got maxwell house coffee I think it was a dollar a jar (cupboard is STILL full of it from Decembers) I hope this help with some ideas it’s always different and I always spend a few hundred dollars at each but my minivan is at capacity on my way home

  19. Chloe says:

    This sounds awesome but when I check the International Center events, this is not listed.

    Why ?

  20. lovesagooddeal says:

    I am not sure I have never found it on there either. I wend in Dec and it wasn’t advertised AT ALL until the saturday on SC I am not sure why it’s a big secret.

  21. Pat says:

    So I’ve been to the P&G warehouse sale before…Same as Chloe above, I don’t see it on the International Center website. Is this 100% that it will be at the International Center?

  22. lovesagooddeal says:

    It had NEVER been on their website. I have looked high an low and have never found it. They are really not big on Ads for sure but I have always listened to SC and never had a problem before Hope this is helpful

  23. supercheap says:

    Hi- does it make a difference which day you go on? Do they run out of stuff on the sunday? Does time of day matter?
    It looks like I can’t go until Sunday afternoon so I am a little worried!!

  24. lovesagooddeal says:

    Saturday more selection. Sunday less selection buttttt they drop the prices by another buck or two to get rid of them. Hope you get a good deal even if you have to go sunday afternoon!

  25. vanessa says:

    Does anyone know what methonds of payment that they accept at the sale? is it just cash and debit? or do that take amex and visa?

  26. Jackie says:

    It’s listed on the International Centre website…but says ‘Open to Friends and Family of P&G’. Is this true? and if so, do we need some sort of printout or invitation?

  27. lovesagooddeal says:

    Nope I have never used anything, and I have gone several times

  28. oochie says:

    I would like to know what type of pymts, also how long do you have to wait in line? Thanks

  29. Shopper says:

    The sale is at the International Centre, but it si only for family & friends.. which means you need an invitation to get in..

    The sale they had in December was also open to the the general public but no luck this time round 🙁

  30. lovesagooddeal says:

    WHAT REALLY:((( I have been counting down the days for this sale this is terrible now I want to cry

  31. lovesagooddeal says:

    No worries eveyone I called the international center and they said that it was for employees but they would not turn away the general public because it’s for charity.

  32. oochie says:

    Thank goodness, I had my whole trip planned out. Is it cash only they take?

  33. lovesagooddeal says:

    They take debit too but i pull cash out when I go like 2-300 cause I could always go wayyyyy over my limit. Not sure if they take credit card

  34. looking for a deal says:

    Does anyone remember how much Pampers diapers were last year? or baby wipes?

  35. Lynn Howse says:

    I am hoping for the Pickering one again this year as well. I’m starting to run out of the Olay in shower moisturizing cream that I bought 3 boxes of before beacuse it was so cheap!

  36. lovesagooddeal says:

    Pampers Diapers were 10 bucks a bag in size 3 and 6 only no wipes but they also had swimming diapers I am not sure how much cases were but it worked out to be cheaper to buy bags

  37. Linda says:

    Does anyone know for sure if they will allow general public in. I will be traveling from out of town and getting a babysitter, it would really suck if I got turned away because I dont have an invitation.

  38. lovesagooddeal says:

    It is for sure, P&G emplyoees have all week to shop. I have to do the same so I wanted to make sure as well need a sitter and driving an hour and a half

  39. Charlotte says:

    I’ve been to several advertised and not so advertised (read; only on the billboard outside the International Center) sales of P&G.

    I have never had any issue entering or anyone even asking for an invitation or even seeing other people in line with invitations.

    Since this sale is advertised on the website of the International Center I do not believe for a second that people will be turned away.

  40. anisa says:

    i think we’ve all bought enough P&G products among us for them to pretty much consider us family ;p

  41. Yuki says:

    thanks for informing us! 🙂
    does anyone know if there will be HYPOALLERGENIC detergent available or just the regular stuff? i really hate the smelly detergents they have out there now!

  42. sampler says:

    I heard that the prices arn’t as good as the prices we could get when we use our coupies on sale items…..

  43. M says:

    Hi- can anyone confirm whether or not you can pay with visa? Thanks!!

  44. SALLY##2 says:

    i’v egone for the past 3 yrs.stocked up on hundreds of items then retunred them back to retail stores for full price! amazing find thanks sc

    and yes they accept visa mc and amex………… i’ve borrowed my sisters amex several times iwthout her consent for this event

  45. joan brown says:

    anyone know if they have the P&G sale in Montreal and if so when. Thanks

  46. Yan says:

    My mom and aunt work at P&G…

    We have sooo much chocolate now muhahaha

  47. steve says:

    hey “yan” do u know if this is open to the general public???????????

  48. ruby says:

    Hi folks, just came back from the sale. Here are some prices:

    Pantene shampoo 675ml $3
    Pantene conditionar 470ml $2
    Herbal Essence Shampoo 1.18L $5
    Pantene shampoo 200ml $1
    Aussie conditioner $1
    Puffs 8 box lotion $5
    Toblerone $0.50 (YUMMMM i bought so much…)
    Duracell 24AAA $8
    Duracell 12AAA $4
    Always 12 count, 22 count, 18 count $3
    Always maxi pads 24, 18 $3
    Always panti liners 60 $3
    Mr. Clean spray $2
    Downy $3
    Pampers (lots of pampers, i only took note of a few) Cruisers: Size 4 108 $20
    Size 5 Cruisers 23 count $6
    Size 4 Cruisers 140 count $24
    Febreze noticeables refill $1.50
    Febreze fabric refresher $2
    Febreze soy candle $3
    Olay quench face wash $2
    Cascade action pack bag $4
    Olay cleanser $3
    Any cover girl items: $2 or $5 for 3
    Pringles $1
    Trident 3 pack gum $1.50
    Duracell myGrid kit $15
    Braun 3 series 330 $30 (retail $88.99)
    Bounty 8=12 Extra Soft $10
    Crest whitestrips $10 (retail $40)
    Peanut butter $1 (woohoo)

  49. ruby says:

    Re: steve
    If memory serves me right, it’s open to public after 11am tmr.

  50. ruby says:

    no admission fee

  51. Disappointed says:

    So not worth it.

    We got there by 1, spent about an hour in line watching people come out with massive amounts of stuff. By the time we got in though? Not much to be had.

    The Crest Whitestrips were a great deal at $6 (per week’s supply), Oral B Vitality brushes with refill for $8. There were some myGrid accessories for $5, but no more kits. There was hardly any Mr. Clean left ($1 per spray bottle, so a great deal!) Batteries were bulk and not packaged — 12 or 24 AAA batteries in baggies. But a lot were dented/scratched/gouged when you looked carefully.

    Nice N Easy hair colour (limited colours — blonde or brown) for $2. All in all there was enough for us to make it worthwhile. There were still some stacks of shampoo and Olay face clothes (3 boxes for $6.)

    There was no toilet paper, paper towels ($1 per roll? I don’t think so… I can get a better deal on sale at WalMart), Puffs or Halls left. Very little stock in diapers – a lot of piles were empty. There were no razors or refills (Except in one gift package that was too pricey for what it was.)

    BE WARNED about the perishables though — all the KD, peanut butter, cookies etc… we checked dates and a LOT expired in April! Or they will expire in June or over the summer. I saw people buying massive quantities of expired products without even realizing it.

    My final gripe — This is a warehouse sale. Not a playground for your brats. Leave them at home, or keep a leash on them. So many kids running around, opening packages, eating candy on the floor of the sale… ripping flowers out of the flowerbeds outside. And so many parents who just didn’t care. Thank god for the Estee Lauder sale that doesn’t allow kids in the building at all.

  52. lovesagooddeal says:

    I got there early and was one of the people taking tons of boxes. I went with 3 other women and we had my minivan stocked right up. Yes things expire sooner so def. watch that for sure. As for kids Thank god someone feels the same as I do. I left my kids at home it’s not romper room if you have to stand in line forever why on earth would you want to bring your child anyway? My suggestion if you want the stock you MUST get there early it’s the only way.

  53. lisa2401 says:

    DO they restock everyday. By the time i got there today everything was gone. I am thinking of going again tmr, but want to know if im just wasting my time?

  54. Disappointed says:

    @lovesagooddeal — I’m all for shopping days with your kids, if it’s somewhere fun for the kids. Standing around in line is NOT fun for anyone. It’s rather cruel to them, and to everyone else around them when the parents choose to ignore the whining and misbehaving. 🙁

    @lisa2401 one of the volunteers I asked (and the cashier) indicated that there were no further skids of product being brought out. Everything was on the floor already, and they knew nothing about any more being stocked. Hence the items that were sold out by the time I got there would continue to be sold out. There was a bulk order pick-up at the back, for employee pre-orders only. Sadly, I’d imagine that nothing else will be there tomorrow. I might be wrong, but I’d wait and check what others have to say before showing up.

  55. Karen says:

    I got there at about 10:50 and clearly that was NOT early enough 🙁 I didn’t get inside until about 12:05. Although, really I think the only other thing that I would have bought was the puffs box of 8, but they were gone by the time I got in. The only perishables I bought were two boxes of crackers … I will have to check the dates. I didn’t see too many bratty kiddos inside, but I saw a little boy outside ripping chunks of cement off the top of a flower planter outside and dropping them on the ground to crack into pieces. Whoever it was that was taking care of him (mom, friend, aunt??) said NOTHING!! He also walked down the MIDDLE Of the flowerbeds trampling all the flowers. I left my lil guy at home!

  56. Vincent says:

    apparently today i had to drive someone to the airport so i decided to check out this warehouse sale. I got there at like 9:10 and they said it was okay for the general public to go in. There wasn’t a lot of people at that time. By the time i came out there was a line op for peole going in since it was only for employes at that time . guess i was lucky 🙂

  57. Tony says:

    Went there about 3:00 and most sold out….total waste of time going. All empty skids

  58. Disappointed says:

    All paper products (except the $1 rolls of paper towels) are now gone.

    Olay face cloths are gone. Duracell myGrids are completely gone. 🙁 There was a lot more Mr. Clean than there was yesterday though, but at $2 per bottle (rang up yesterday at $1!)

    No tax was charged yesterday at all. None charged again today either.

    There’s nothing more worth going for though. If it was sold out yesterday afternoon, it’s still sold out. There’s a little more stock of the remaining items though, but they weren’t giving anything way at case prices yet today.

  59. taiba says:

    went there on sunday, the prices that were listed by ruby were knocked down by %. for example crest white bought it for $6 and Braun 3 series 330 $20. few prices were reduced, i wish i went there on Sat. I wanted Downy and Tide.
    does anyone knw when the next sale going to be? it was good deal, can’t belive hw much i spent. no more shampoo for another 2 yrs i guess.

  60. Disappointed says:

    The prices posted above were the same prices on Saturday — we got the Braun Series 1 and Series 3 for the same price = $10. We asked about a case price on the single roll paper towels (since they weren’t really selling at $1 per roll) and were told by someone in charge that the cashier asked that there would be no bulk sales or price reductions since stock was low.

    I did end up with about 8 Crest White Strips @ $6 each (some on both days) for me, my family, my friends etc. Same with the Oral B brushes and the Braun razors. And 72 of the Terry’s Chocolate Oranges. I can’t stand those things, but apparently they’re regularly $4 and up. And my dad, husband, mother-in-law etc. all love them.

    We took a chance going back on Sunday and did score some deals, but a large amount of stuff I was hoping for was long gone… and the claims of new stock for Sunday were false. There were new piles of TP and paper towels, but nothing else. Everything that was gone early Satuday was still gone — no laundry detergent at all, no feminine hygiene products etc. On Sunday morning they limited the TP and paper towels to 1 pack per person. Compared to Saturday when people were walking away with 10 or 12 each. I say either limit across the board or not at all. As one of the first 10 in the door on Sunday I was a little bummed over the limit. Less so when I realized the prices weren’t actually that great — maybe $1 saved per package.

    I believe the sale is in December-ish and May-ish.

  61. lovesagooddeal says:

    That really sucks about the limits for sure there was limits of 8 of each product last year but not this year. I know I myself took advantage of the fact there was no limits for sure, but lots of people took away a lot more then I did. The women I spoke to said there was skids out back with number 7 on them and she told me that they were for sunday sorry if there was none available the next day that’s just what I was told. The next sale will be up in the air for a while last year it was July 25 ish and the next was December 5 ish so since they had the sale in may I am thinking maybe November. The next warehouse sale is in Brantford. I am volunteering for this sale so I will know what the prices for this sale are as of June 2. The sale is on June 4. I have heard that this sale is BETTER then the one in Toronto if anyone is making the trek for this one. I have never been but heard that people line up at 4 in the morning and the sale opens at 8. I don’t know if it will be posted on here or not and I am unsure of how you do it.

  62. Disappointed says:

    Thanks for the info loves!

    My in-laws are near Brantford, so I may pass it along to them to attend. As it is I have a bag of stuff for them from this sale.

  63. lovesagooddeal says:

    No problem hope everyone can attend I am going to try to list prices on here and in warehouse sales on the forum so everyone has an idea of what is there

  64. cc says:

    I would love to know when is the next sale???
    I am really missing this as this is how I get to stock up on my cleaning supplies. This is going about two years now for me I have not even gotten a invite….

  65. Lee says:

    Howdee ho,
    Wondering if anyone knows of any P&G Sale coming up soon… I am willing to travel.. whether it be in Toronto, Durham (Pickering), Brampton, etc…

    Please anything would be helpful!

  66. yvonne dixon says:

    does anyone know when the next proctor and gamble wharehouse sale will take place pls pls help
    thanks yvonne

  67. erwin says:

    does anyone know when the next proctor and gamble wharehouse sale is coming up and the location…..the mail list I signed up for when I went to one 3 years ago I never got told and seem to have missed many since then

  68. Pat says:

    From the forum, the next P&G warehouse sale is this weekend:

    November 5th and 6th weekend. Saturday – 11am – 7pm
    Sunday – 10am – 3pm

    Location:International Centre
    6900 Airport Rd, Mississauga

  69. Gabrielle says:

    Does anyone know when the next one in 2012 will be? Pretty please? 🙂

  70. Teresa says:

    Please, does anyone know when is going to be the event 2012?
    I have not found anything on the web
    thank you

  71. Portobella79 says:

    I’ve read that it will be on May 12th and 13th at the International Centre in Mississauga again. it was posted in the SC forums under warehouse sales.

  72. Gabrielle says:

    Does anyone know when the next sale will be? I’ll drive Anywhere from Niagara Falls to the GTA to past Brantford lol. Really want to go to one 😉


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