P&G Canada: United Way Warehouse Sale GTA Nov 5-6



Procter & Gamble United Way Fall Warehouse Sale

Amazing discounts on a huge variety of P&G product with 100% of proceeds donated to United Way.

Where: International Center 6900 Airport Rd, Mississauga

Open to the public:

Saturday Nov 5th 11am-7pm

Sunday Nov 6th 10am-3pm

74 responses to “P&G Canada: United Way Warehouse Sale GTA Nov 5-6”

  1. Rock says:

    Great! Thanks. Can we use coupons over there?

  2. lovesagooddeal says:

    Open to the public on a wednesday are you sure??

  3. mastersaver says:

    No coupons, great deals tho. And no taxes. Picked up alot of stuff last year. Would be great if it was open to public on the Wed. But its prob not open to the public till sat.

  4. lovesagooddeal says:

    It usually opens on a monday for employees and family and public saturday and sunday. It would be awesome if it was open on Wednesday if anyone finds out for sure let me know need to get a sitter for the wednesday wouldn’t want to bring then while I waited in line.

  5. canewbie says:

    can u give the idea of prices or any flyer of last year so we get better idea and also let us know that we have to buy stuff in a bulk or individual

  6. lovesagooddeal says:

    This is take from ruby from May’s sale I altered it a bit to the prices I paid. Canewbie this is a fabulous sale I have been going forever it is worth the drive/wait in line for these deals I spend about $300 everytime and my extended minivan is full of stuff

    Pantene shampoo 675ml $3 $2
    Pantene conditionar 470ml $2
    Herbal Essence Shampoo 1.18L $5
    Pantene shampoo 200ml $1
    Aussie conditioner $1
    Puffs 8 box lotion $5
    Toblerone $0.50 (YUMMMM i bought so much…)
    Duracell 24AAA $8
    Duracell 12AAA $4
    Always 12 count, 22 count, 18 count $3
    Always maxi pads 24, 18 $3
    Always panti liners 60 $3
    Mr. Clean spray $2 $1
    Downy $3 Paid $2 a bottle when I bought a case of4 110 loads
    Pampers (lots of pampers, i only took note of a few) Cruisers: Size 4 108 $20
    Size 5 Cruisers 23 count $6
    Size 4 Cruisers 140 count $24
    Febreze noticeables refill $1.50
    Febreze fabric refresher $2
    Febreze soy candle $3
    Olay quench face wash $2
    Cascade action pack bag $4
    Olay cleanser $3
    Any cover girl items: $2 or $5 for 3
    Pringles $1
    Trident 3 pack gum $1.50
    Duracell myGrid kit $15
    Braun 3 series 330 $30 (retail $88.99)
    Bounty 8=12 Extra Soft $10
    Crest whitestrips $10 (retail $40)
    Peanut butter $1 (woohoo)

  7. icancu says:

    Wish I was closer to the GTA area…however an 8 or 9 hour drive is not in the forcast for this girl..lol

  8. coupanlover says:

    Anyone knows this sale in other area before November 2? I am going on vacation on November 2 and before tghat I need to goto this sale . If anyone knows please let me know.

  9. Mel says:

    I stocked up two years ago and just finished my last body wash. This sale is so worth it!

  10. emma says:

    no taxes????? really?

  11. lovesagooddeal says:

    I like to go and stock up on everything. I give people stuff when they come over, I make big baskets for weddings. This time I am going to make up a basket for a family who lost their home to a fire 2 weeks ago. The prices are good no taxes and it’s for a good cause:)

  12. mastersaver says:

    All the proceeds go to the United Way, be prepared for a long shopping trip though, i went first thing saturday morning last year, waited in line for an hour then was about 2 hours till i got out.
    Last year they had 3 packs of oral b vitality w 2 toothbrush heads for $8, oral b professional 7550 electric toothbrush w 3 heads for 25 (retail 100) That toothbrush is crazy powerful!
    Also Olay daily facials 3 boxes $6
    I still have so much stuff from last year still!!

  13. mastersaver says:

    Sorry “Last year they had packs of oral b vitality w 2 toothbrush heads $8”

  14. Lindsay says:

    So is it open to the public on the Wenesday or the Saturday? Is there somewhere where there is all the information?

  15. Rosie says:

    Just watch out on some of the food you purchase. I noticed that most of the food products were pretty close to expiry.

  16. Sal says:

    When I was last there it was a bit disappointing. Still great deals but the P&G sales that I remember where they had swiffer products and Laundry stuff etc etc was no longer there. I did get terry chocolate oranges though in every flavour for a buck a piece!!! Awesome deal!!!

    and I got the oral b set with a free refil for $8.00 less than the cost of normal refills in the store!!

    Yes many of the food products were past expiry.

  17. lizamarie says:

    I couldn’t find this under warehouse sales…so how will we know the right time/dates???? thanks

  18. lovesagooddeal says:

    lizamarie they will be up soon enough I am sure:)

  19. Wendark says:

    Wow! Thanks for the info. This will be a much longer sale than normal; they’re usually only 2 1/2 days.

  20. Marleycat says:

    This event isn’t listed on the international centre website…are you sure it’s even happening?

  21. lovesagooddeal says:

    It is NEVER listed. The only place you can see it is on the sign out front. I had this problem with the last one I called them and they knew about it but they said that they cannot list it on their website?

  22. itsjustmebub says:

    Yes I am 100% sure it’s happening. i have the email direct from P&G

  23. JudyJude says:

    I went to the spring sale with my Dad. He’s a retired employee. This is the best way to do it, if you know someone the work or has worked there. You can get in before they open it to the public so you have first pick of everything. If you wait till the last day, of course things will be picked over.

  24. Sandra says:

    I will boycott anything from P&G, because of their RIP OFF for freebies. TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES – my butt.

  25. athomas says:

    Thanks for posting! Does anyone know how often they have these warehouse sales?

  26. athomas says:

    For “itsjustmebub,” can you tell us how you signed up for the e-mail notification? I was on their website and didn’t see a link to it. Thanks.

  27. lovesagooddeal says:

    I would love to know how to have a direct email as well.
    There is two a year athomas.

  28. Marleycat says:

    Any idea which hall it’s in? I called the international centre twice and they have no record of the upcoming sale…

  29. Jacqueline says:

    Hey – while you’re at the International Centre, be sure to stop by and visit the MADE BY HAND SHOW –

    Made by Hand Show
    Saturday November 5th, 2011
    International Centre – Hall 1,
    6900 Airport Road – Mississauga, Ontario

    … features original handmade work from more than 150 juried artists, artisans and designers from across Canada. A great place to start your Christmas Shopping – Bring the kiddies – facepainting and henna artisits – FREE swag for 1st 100 visitors – DOOR PRIZES and more …

    Like us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/madebyhandshow

  30. Wendark says:

    Thanks for the updated info Bub 🙂

  31. Wendark says:

    it’s usually in Hall 6. You will not see it advertised anywhere, but itsjustmebub has posted the right info. The sign out front of the International Centre on the day will be the only advertisement.

  32. nissin says:

    Can anyone confirm today is for public.
    If not, where can we donate to become friends?

  33. flyboy says:

    From what I have been able to gather… they don’t ask for an invite or anything. If you can find the sale, you shouldn’t be turned away. I am going to head over there soon.

  34. flyboy says:

    I called the International Centre trying to find which Hall the event is in… and because it is not listed on their website the vendor has chosen to be a private event and they cannot confirm or deny the location of it.

  35. itsjustmebub says:

    NO public sales begins SATURDAY as the post says

  36. flyboy says:

    I went to the International Centre as I dont live to far away and it’s not open YET! It is located at Gate 6 and they were just setting everything up, I can tell they were just starting as Skids were being offloaded from Trucks and there wasn’t thing on tables yet. I did ask a volunteer who was there when it would be open to the Public and she said Friday Afternoon. I can tell the sale will be great as I saw Skids full of Tide Products and looks like lots of stock!

  37. Stephanie says:

    Is it cash only?

  38. flyboy says:

    Not 100% sure, however last year they accepted Visa and Mastercard. There is an ATM right inside the door.

  39. Iris says:

    @flyboy do you know what time on Friday?

  40. flyboy says:

    Iris… The worker did not specify a time. Personally I will head over around 4ish. I really excited.

  41. loveagooddeal21 says:

    Has anybody gotten in who isn’t a PG employee or friend of one so far?

  42. MOM says:

    According to their website, you can’t bring your kids. It won’t be worthwhile if I have to pay for a baby sitter. All the savings will be used to pay the sitter.

  43. flyboy says:

    Loveagooddeal21… I went back there today as I was in the area and it is not open yet. Majority of it looks set up, I’m surprised how much they did since yesterday. The warehouse is LONG and LOTS of tables stuff of Stock, I did notice a huge area full of Pamper Diapers. I walked right into the the warehouse and no one said anything to me until I asked again when it will be open and she said Tomorrow, but open to the public at 11am on Saturday.

  44. loveagooddeal21 says:

    Thanks for the update flyboy!

  45. wendark says:

    You need to read the updated information at the top of the post! The sale does not open to the public until Saturday at 11 a.m. Prior to that, it is employees only and they will check for ID if they don’t know you. MOM, I don’t know where you saw the information about no kids, especially since the sale isn’t advertised, but I don’t believe that’s correct – people have always brought their kids. They accept cash, debit, visa, mastercard – NOT Amex.

  46. Iris says:

    @flyboy… Today they are not open for public anymore?

  47. flyboy says:

    @IRIS… Apparently it is only open to the Public tomorrow at 11am. However when I was there to see if it was open, I was told by a volunteer it is open this afternoon. But to be safe, just wait until tomorrow!

  48. lovesagooddeal21 says:

    MOM I saw lots of little ones there last year; not to worry!

  49. Charlotte says:

    I have been going to these sales a while now (twice a year)

    The no kids thing is not true! There are always tons of kids running around, I wish some parents would leave them at home, especially if they cannot supervise them.

    It is advertised on the billboard of the international centre the day of the sale. As far as I remember, it has always been Hall 6.

    There is no point in trying to go earlier, in my experience anyways, as you will not be let in. The employees shop first and at 11am the sale opens for the public.

  50. Iris says:

    Thanks flyboy 🙂

  51. flyboy says:

    If anyone works for P&G and got to go today… please share some deals that you saw 😉

  52. NC says:

    So we don’t need an invite tmrw correct

  53. illusion says:

    NC – it will be open to the public starting at 11AM tomorrow and no invite is required

  54. Flyboy says:

    So I just got back from the sale and it is extremely busy and I spent about a good hour in line until you actually get in there and then check out was another 45 minutes or so but yeah stocks are you running already. Update more when I get home

  55. Flyboy says:

    The sale opened at 4pm today and I got there around 5pm and was in the LONG line until 6pm. By the time I got in the warehouse stuff was already OUT OF STOCK .. Including paper towel, baby wipes, Olay gift sets, swifter wet jets. They had some great deals.

    40 rolls of charmin – $10
    Febreeze candles – $3
    Febreeze sprays – $2
    Pamper cruisers size 5 140 count – $30

  56. Flyboy says:

    Duracell batteries 16 pack – $8
    Crystal light singles 10/30pack – $1/$3
    Caramilk bars – 3/$1
    Ritz, chips ahoy, wheat things box – $1
    Mr.Clean magic eraser 8 pack – $4
    Tide laundry 1.85L – $6 limit 1pp
    Bounce sheets 120 – $4
    Jello – $0.50
    Pringles – $1

  57. lovesagooddeal says:

    Flyboy do you work there? What other deals so they have??

  58. Flyboy says:

    Loves… I do not work there. I just went and got in… If your not an employee you had to pay $5 as a donation to the United Way which was well worth it as by 6pm bounty paper towel, puffs tissue paper and a lot of the Olay products and baby wipes were already sold out. I’m not sure how much will be left for rest of the weekend as when I left there was still a huge line waiting to get in…

    They also had

    Pantene shampoo and conditioner – $2
    Herbal Essance 1.5L – $6
    Stride Gum 12 pack – $5
    Halls 12 pack – $5
    Gillette Fusion razor refills 8pk – $12
    Oral B 3 pack battery tooth brushes – $10
    Oral B triumph professional retail $150 – $40
    Kool aid singles 16 pack – $1.50
    Toblerone 42 mini chocolates – $4
    Kraft dinner cheese crackers box – $1
    Travel sized pantene shampoo – 10/$1
    Bounce dryer sheets 120 – $4

    I seriously recommend you get there early and line up. From 9-11 it’s employees and family again. However I’m sure the line will be long again and as I said before we were in it for an hour before we got in. Also there were lots of kids there so no need to get a baby sitter.

    They accepted Cash, Debit, Visa and MasterCard!

  59. SaleHunter says:

    Thanks Flyboy! I’m going to swing by tomorrow! Hopefully there will be some good stuff left!!

  60. pettyfan says:

    Do they have shopping cars, baskets for people to use… or should you take bags with you?

    I plan on going Sunday

  61. loveagooddeal21 says:

    They have carts and boxes you can use and volunteers to help u to your car!

  62. Cherios says:

    I went, it was fantastic. Went early and they let us in before 11. Bought tons of stuff but saved lots!

  63. lovesagooddeal says:

    I bought a ton of stuff as well. I love this sale and look forward to it twice a year:)

  64. carla says:

    Hey, just got back from the sale(my first ever) got some great deals. Someone in the line told me there was another one coming up on November 26th in Aurora. I can’t seem to find any info on it, so if anyone knows about it please post. thanks

  65. Spooky says:

    Someone in the forum mentioned this sale in November:


  66. Amanda says:

    Decided to try this sale today and I must say I wasn’t disappointed.

    1.18 L of Head and Shoulders -$4
    Gillette body wash – $2
    Ritz Cracker – $1
    Swiffer starter kit with duster in pink – $7
    Venus shaver gift sets – $7
    Febreze Air Effects – $1 each or a case of 9 for $7
    Cadubury chocolate covered Raisins – $1.50
    12 pk of Stride gum – $5

  67. kat says:

    febreeze air nuetralizer 9 spray cans for $7
    Stix crackers $1 per box
    Oral B electric toothbrush professional 7550 – $20 (looked it up on my iphone while at the sale, saw it being sold at Cdn tire for $85 plus tax)
    Mr Clean bottles 1.50

  68. Leslie says:

    Went today, not as good as last year when there were braun shavers, olay pro x, lots of candy. Could be they had these products and were all sold out.

  69. Wendark says:

    Hi Everybody, I am exhausted, but I wanted to share this with you: Yes, several things are now sold out, including the paper products (towels, toilet, tissue), but there’s still a lot of items leff and you will see a significant drop in prices on several things on Sunday. Many diapers have been reduced to $10 or $15; a case of 9 Febreeze air effects now $4!. I would expect to see a lot of the food items drop too.

  70. dealightful says:

    Went to the sale Saturday around 4pm and they still had some great deals. Here are some of the things I bought
    Pantene Shampoo (Regular Size bottles)$2
    Cadbury Chocolate Rasins (Big Bags) $1.50
    Covergirl lipstick and lip gloss 3/$5
    Duracell AA Batteries (16 pk) $8
    Pringles Chips (normal size cans – not snack size) $1
    Maxwell House International Coffee (Instant Mix )$1.50
    Kraft Cookbooks 2/$5
    Febreeze Air Effects 9/$7
    Gilette Skin Care – In shower moisterizing lotion $2
    Swiffer 3 in 1 starter kit (dry sweeper, wet sweeper and duster) $7
    Venus Embrace Razor and two refill packs $6
    Crystal Light Singles (10pk) $1
    Crystal Light Pitchers (4pk) $1
    Mr Clean Magic Eraser (8pk) $4
    Stride Gum 12 packages of 14 sticks $5
    Febreeze Reed Difusers 6/$15
    Old Spice Body Wash (Regular Size Bottle) $2

  71. lovesagooddeal says:

    Has anyone seen any of the prices today?

  72. dealfinder says:

    Things were almost all 50% off the original price today, but of course there wasn’t as much stuff as some others have listed. 🙂

  73. bag forums says:

    It’s really a great and helpful piece of info. I’m satisfied that you just shared this useful information with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

  74. kim says:

    Wrong date it is Nov 16&17 I work for p&g

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