Physicians Formula Cosmetics: New Mail in Rebates


It’s a new year and there are new mail in rebates for thirteen different Physicians Formula products. Thank you salady for posting this in our forum. Rebates are available for the following products:

1) Organic wear® 100% Natural Origin FakeOut™ Mascara $6 Mail-in-Rebate
2) Super BB All-in-One Beauty Balm Cream $7 Mail-in-Rebate
3) pH Matchmaker pH Powered Powder $9 Mail-in-Rebate
4) Youthful Wear™ Youth-Boosting Powder $9 Mail-in-Rebate
5) How-To-Wear™ Bronzer & Bronze Booster Airbrushing Bronzing Veil $9 Mail-in-Rebate
6) Sexy Booster™ Sexy Glow Bronzer $9 Mail-in-Rebate
7) Endless Color™ Nail Polish Trio $5 Mail-in-Rebate
8) Super BB All-in-One Beauty Balm Concealer $5 Mail-in-Rebate
9) Super BB All-in-One Beauty Balm Powder $9 Mail-in-Rebate
10) Youthful Wear™ Youth-Boosting Dark Circle Corrector + Concealer $5 Mail-in-Rebate
11) Happy Booster Baked Bronzer & Illuminiting Bronzing Veil $9 Mail-in-Rebate
12) Sexy Booster™ glow Blush $7 Mail-in-Rebate
13) Sexy Booster™ Sexy Glow Glossy Lip Stain $5 Mail-in-Rebate

You must include:

  • The REBATE which was affixed to your Physicians Formula product.
  • Your original sales receipt with purchase price circled

These labels are affixed to specially marked products available in limited quantities while supplies last. Click here for more information on qualifying products and to download rebate forms.

6 responses to “Physicians Formula Cosmetics: New Mail in Rebates”

  1. Vikee says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Erica says:

    I posted about this a week ago in the coupons section 🙁

  3. Kay Wood says:

    I find that even with the coupons, Physicians Formula products are extremely expensive. Maybe you should check that before you print the coupons.

  4. danip467 says:

    I’ve gotten these for free before, you just need to watch the sales. Last year they went 40% off on a 20X the shoppers day, so I paid about $1 OOP for a mascara and a concealer and made 2000 points on each.

  5. Bacona says:

    Extremely expensive??? Have you ever bought Givenchy, Lancome or Estee Lauder? Physicians is mid range to low range.

  6. Cosmetics Liquidations says:

    Thank goodness Cardinal is hooking me up with one as this is the year I plan to no longer be a rebate slacker.Have you seen any great rebates lately?

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