Pinecone Research Canada Accepting New Survey Members


Pinecone, a coveted survey company is finally accepting new members again!  They pay on average $5 per survey that you qualify for and are very quick to pay via Paypal.

Do you know of households that would like to join the PineCone Research Panel? If so, please FORWARD A COPY of this email to each household you would like to refer so that they may click on the registration link shown below.  That household should complete the registration form themselves and submit it. REMEMBER THAT ONLY ONE PERSON PER HOUSEHOLD MAY REGISTER. Multiple registrations of the same Household will void all registrations.

Click here to register. Good luck.

86 responses to “Pinecone Research Canada Accepting New Survey Members”

  1. operabob says:

    They didn’t like my household! ;-(

  2. Mungi says:

    I wasn’t accepted either! Also on the registration form it indicates $3 is paid per survey, so $2 less

  3. Larry says:

    im toooooo old lol

  4. NT says:

    Rejected as well!

  5. Liz says:

    I was accepted (I think) but I got a login and password to answer more questions, and it says my login is incorrect! So frustrating, I am emailing them now.

  6. Mings says:


  7. sharp1 says:

    $3! That’s weird. I always get $5 and sometimes I don’t think it’s worth the time. Definitely wouldn’t do surveys for $3.

  8. Lexilighter says:

    Liz, I got the same thing and just emailed!

  9. dizzyb says:

    Rejected, too. Boooo!

  10. Oxana says:


  11. worldgirl says:

    Liz and Lexilighter….me too! I hope they can fix it 🙂

  12. Jessica Marie says:

    I’m getting the same error as sharp1 and liz, also e-mailed them to find out what the problem is.

  13. maliha44 says:

    Wasn’t accepted either 🙁

  14. DCH says:

    I got accepted, tried to sign in on the page provided in the link in the e-mail and it tells me my information is incorrect. I’m going to give it a bit, might take a little while? Kind of annoying.

  15. Lori says:

    Same issues! Logon doesn’t work.

  16. stressedmuch says:

    Was rejected… used to be a member but they stopped emailing me. I wrote disappointed and was told they do a “clean sweep” sometimes to make room for new blood. I was so sad as I always completed my surveys and did many! Boooooo

  17. Janine says:

    I was part of Pinecone last year, but I objected when they wanted my postal code and the birthdates of all the members of my family. With that information in the city, you can find me….not very anonymous. I requested that they not request my postal code and they turfed me.

  18. Shirley says:

    Not accepted either 🙁

  19. EdLeafs says:

    Boooo! this fails.

  20. chloe says:

    I got accepted but like some of you, my log-in does not work either! Haha i’m sure they are going to be bombarded with emails!

  21. dawn says:

    Well that was a wast of time . they did not like some thing . and 3 bucks not worth it .

  22. mel says:


  23. olivercat says:

    rejected!—that’s ok because after reading some of the posts I think I would probably be rejecting THEM!

  24. BMyltoft says:

    Mine didnt work either. 🙁

  25. Michnty says:

    rejected!! 🙁

  26. Katty says:

    Not accepted!

  27. jill says:

    mine didn’t work either

  28. Connie says:

    They sant me a confirmation email but my ID is invalid. Sent them an email

  29. caroman says:

    didn’t like my demographic 🙁

  30. Tabetham says:

    Rejected here as well 🙁

  31. Think It Through says:

    yep, got the invalid ID as well. Not so sure I want to bother with this company…sounds like I’m probably just asking for a lot of hassel for a few bucks here and there. Not worth it. 🙁

  32. shishla says:

    another reject lol

  33. kelly25 says:

    user id not working…. shocker

  34. Sally says:

    I usually get $5 per survey. Never got $3. When filling out surveys make sure you take your time and give as much feedback as you can think of. I’m guessing that they may weed out people who rush through the surveys with one word answers. Anyway, good luck everyone!

  35. jay says:

    I used to be part of pinecone, but stopped for a couple reasons. 1) they started bundling multiple products into 1 survey (so they didn’t have to pay more than once), 2) I only received one actual product to test, 3) I can’t remember how much they paid per survey but it really wasn’t worth the time/effort – especially when the surveys got much longer. Being a member of a focus group that pays $25-$100 for an in-person product review is much better IMHO than pinecone.

  36. Zee's mom says:

    Good call Janine.

    I considered signing up and as always read the privacy policy – standard practice for sites that want so much personal information (and in this case are gathering it to transmit to others.)

    Here’s why I said PASS.

    Under “Security of information we hold about you” (3rd to last item before questions):

    “… The information and data exchanged or transmitted by this Website is not encrypted and therefore the security, integrity and privacy of any and all such data and information cannot be guaranteed. … ”

    YIKES! Their entire purpose is to gather, process and transmit very private information and their website is not even encrypted? PASS!

  37. Roseanna says:

    Rejected and for $3.00 definetely not worth it! Some surveys take forever to compplete. Thanks for letting us know about it anyway. Much appreciated!

  38. Zee's mom says:

    Why is it that every time I write a comment the first 3 times it doesn’t show up?

    Well, this is the last time I’m going to try, and only because I think it’s important in case people didn’t ready the privacy and security policy.

    In the third to last point before questions, (under “We maintain the security of the personal information we hold about you.” it says:

    “… The information and data exchanged or transmitted by this Website is not encrypted and therefore the security, integrity and privacy of any and all such data and information cannot be guaranteed. ”

    Their only function is to gather information, process it and transmit it to their clients while keeping it private and secure, and yet they don’t even try to encrypt their website and bury that fact. PASS!

    From what I gather, information is kept private on their end only, but not secure. So they won’t tell anyone how much I make, but they won’t lock the “cabinet” that holds the information either.

    Janine was onto something… good call!

  39. michelle says:

    i believe that it only works if you forward the email from one to another my forwarded wmailes to friends and family were all accepted. It need to be forwarded and not cute and pasted

  40. michelle says:

    you have to be invited through the email

  41. coley3 says:

    my user id not working either.

  42. Natalka says:

    I’m so sorry some of you are having trouble – I’ve been with them for about two years, and am totally happy with the experience. I think it was about a year or so before that I was waiting for them to open to new members.

    Wondering if the signup problems might have something to do with the referral link? I got one too in an email from them, but am not posting it.

  43. Bigal says:

    Same thing panel Id & password not accepted! Waiting for reply from email. Good luck to all!

  44. laineee says:

    it’s a great way for them to collect personal info. just have everyone fill in the form, then reject everyone!

  45. sally says:

    Ummn… they are completely legit. its not to steal your info

  46. evil.kitten says:

    same login issues emailed them

  47. Chriscadia says:

    I tried it too and it did the same with the ID and password not accepted. I emailed the site and this is what came back.

    We have made the decision not to accept recruits through general referrals nor will we be posting recruitment on our website. We will be posting banner ads on various unspecified web sites from time to time throughout the year. This is so we may better target more specific groups needed to meet the needs of our clients. Unfortunately, this is our only way of accepting new panelists at this time.

    No use wasting your time

  48. :D says:

    I agree laineee

  49. Lori says:

    Sounds like a website just collected a whole bunch of personal information

  50. momand2kidz says:

    My log in and password are not valid??

  51. Mist_ynight says:

    They sent me an e-mail and it’s not working like some other people on here. I e-mailed them so hopefully they get back to me.

  52. toban says:

    I filled out the info and was sent a welcome email. I clicked on the link, type in the user ID and password assigned and it wasn’t accepted. I also emailed them.

  53. Lolly says:

    Same issue as others. Was sent an e-mail with a username and password but it says it is invalid when you go to the link provided in the e-mail 🙁

  54. abaantika says:

    Not accepting my demographics at this time.

  55. idubyan says:

    we did get a referral email from family who are registered with pinecone.
    We registered – rejected.
    We used this one – rejected.

    Wonder if this drive is a scam?

  56. Cheryl888 says:

    Same issue…cant log in. Will check again in the morning, and hopefully someone will have gotten answers!
    $3.00 might not seem a lot, but for a stay at home parent, a few bucks here and there is great!

  57. fred233 says:


  58. Pablo42 says:

    I’ve been a member for over two years. Never had any problems. Once I complete a survey, usually receive cheque in the mail within five days. Some surveys take only 10minutes to complete while others longer. I’m already sitting at the computer surfing the net, so why not get paid at the same time!! Those five dollars add up. I’ve also received boxes of samples to try at home and give my feeback. It’s kind of strange going into a store and seeing a product I sampled at home – cool! I’m very happy being a member and hope they keep me for a long time. Cheers!

  59. Shellie Cadogan says:


  60. Marcy says:

    I was signed up with them years ago and after setting up my account I was constantly emailed to do the same survey over and over. I did it 4 times in 6 months before emailing them back to inform them that I was waiting for real surveys that would pay (cause this one didn’t). They told me to fill out the survey they had sent and once they had the info they needed they would send me something else. Well, suffice to say I NEVER got a real survey but just a link to the same survey that didn’t pay every month. I kept it up for 18 months just to see what would happen and nothing changed only ever got sent the same link to the same survey….I was a glitch in their system.

  61. sheistanbul says:

    Rejected 🙁

  62. moochi says:

    same thing, i was accepted but was given a login/password combo that did not work. emailed them and cc’ed the it department lol.

    hopefully they will email us back!

  63. frugirl says:

    id and password don’t work…?

  64. Ashley says:

    My log-in info didn’t work either from the e-mail they sent me. Big shock. Lol.

  65. Kyla says:

    No opening for me either.

  66. Jean says:

    I participated in their program for a few years. Complete waste of time.

  67. Bigal says:

    Hi guys, I got this response to my email

    Thank you for contacting PineCone Research. In order to provide you with quicker responses we are sending this automated message. The email you just sent will still be reviewed and if there are additional questions that are not answered below you will receive a separate email from me within the next 48 hours.

    We have made the decision not to accept recruits through general referrals nor will we be posting recruitment on our website. We will be posting banner ads on various unspecified web sites from time to time throughout the year. This is so we may better target more specific groups needed to meet the needs of our clients. Unfortunately, this is our only way of accepting new panelists at this time.

    Banner ads are placed on various web sites of broad base appeal to the segments of the population that we are trying to build in our panel. Banner ad placement is not fixed over the life of the campaign and cannot be specified as to where it is placed.

    Thank you,

    Karen Scott
    Web site:
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Phone: 1-888-572-2676

    Wondering if we should go to the original website where the banner appeared? Anyone know the website the banner appeared on?

    Sorry if I’m double posting information.

  68. Bigal says:

    Sorry I just saw Chriscadia said basically the same thing that I just posted. But I still wanna try if we can find the original banner on the website it was found on….

  69. Chad says:

    Its not a scam nor is it a drive to collect emails they are 100% legit. You just didn’t qualify.

  70. Sally says:

    Guys, this was copied and pasted directly from the offer in my inbox… so I have no idea what this banner ad message is about. I was sent it Saturday morning and posted it.

    I’ve never read so much complaining in all my life! If your rejected thats not my fault.

    We’ve posted this offer about 5 times before and I’ve never seen such negative comments.

  71. frugallady19 says:

    .. i think i got acceepted……
    but my login and password are not being accepted… so
    i email them..
    jus waiting.. i thot i was the only one… guess not 🙂

  72. Catherine says:

    Just wanted to say I have been doing these surveys for more than a year and I am very happy for the $5 payment to my paypal account (comes in handy). There are some surveys that are very brief that get sent out to see if you qualify demographically for the customer who has paid them to conduct the survey, sometimes called “household questions” always brief but decides if you are the right demographic for the paid survey. I have also received several trials which I have always enjoyed (who doesn’t love free stuff?)and for those complaining, just remember pinceone is paid by thier clients and marketing is a very specific thing- certain companies are only interested in their target audience. Don’t take it personally.

  73. boyzmom33 says:

    Thanks for posting………Unfortunately I wasn’t accepted but I was glad to be able to try. I always wanted to try Pinecone, maybe some other time I’ll be what they’re looking for!

  74. karen says:

    I am disappointed I had heard a lot of good things about it. Seems odd so many of us would be rejected.

  75. Cheryl says:

    My password &/or ID were not working when I first got them….
    They are now working and I did the initial questionaire…

  76. gaga says:

    I was member one year ago and it was not worth it. As somebody said. The questions took too much time and they build up more product at once so it was never ending. I wouldn’t recommend it to my friend.

  77. Liz says:

    They just emailed me back saying the problem is fixed. Just tried it again and it works!

  78. snowy713 says:

    @ Liz, did you have to fill out the entire survey again and get a new id and password or you used the one they sent you when you first filled it out. My Id and password doesn’t seem to working despite the email sent saying that it was fixed 🙁

  79. snowy713 says:

    Nevermind, figured it out…I think I was having a blonde moment..LOL

  80. Liz says:

    @ snowy713 It was the same email and password as before, and I didn’t copy/paste I just typed it out.

    Oh, glad to hear you figured it out 🙂

  81. frugallady19 says:

    ok my pass/id is now working 🙂
    glad i got accepted….
    hopefully its worth it!

  82. Connie says:

    my id worked now and I did the survey

  83. Mist_ynight says:

    my ID worked today, filled it out now to wait for a survey.

  84. Connie says:

    I just got an email saying that I am accepted!

  85. sampler says:

    Im in…yay !

  86. Ashley says:

    Thanks! I got accepted, and am doing my first survey right now 🙂


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