Popeye’s Chicken Canada Coupons

Thanks couponlady for posting Popeye’s coupons in Canadian Coupons Section.

Popeye's Chicken Canada Coupons

Popeye's Chicken Canada Coupons

Popeye's Chicken Canada Coupons

Popeye's Chicken Canada Coupons

Popeye's Chicken Canada Coupons

Coupons expire Dec 31st, 2009.

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43 responses to “Popeye’s Chicken Canada Coupons”

  1. funkright says:

    to bad that Popeye’s closed it’s 2 locations near us a couple years ago.. chicken was pretty good tasting!

  2. Jonn says:

    What a crap coupon.
    Went to the one on Ottawa St in Kitchener..
    The place is new..
    They had a hard time understanding English.
    The chicken was so over spiced.. not eatable
    The coating was nice and crisp.
    It was just the spice.
    Maybe the lack of understanding English they filled the order wrong.
    I hate to condemn the the chain if it was just one store.
    But then again they were trained….?

  3. ed says:

    Must be that one store. Usually Popeyes makes tasty fried chicken. Better than KFC any day.

  4. Pennywise says:

    Jonn, They should give you the option of regular or spicy chicken. It probably was a misunderstanding:) It sure is delicious.

  5. Cory says:

    Just went to the popeyes in Oakville,ON off of dundas, they would not except these coupons. They said they do not accept printed coupons whatsoever.

  6. b man says:

    how do you see their menu i cant find their website

  7. John says:

    Was at the Kitchener Location got a 15pc meal deal. I got 13 pcs dark meet and 1 breast 1 wing…. humm Second asked for hot sauces did not get them… The lady in front of me ordered 2 of fingers meal she got 1 sweet and sour sauce and when she asked for more she got turned down. then asked ill pay for it, he replyed no I’ll give you ketcup.. She said I dont want ketcupo and then turned and served me. As you can imagine she stormed off.. I should have got the hint there.. The WORST service I have ever seen..

  8. Syed Abid Raza says:

    I took the coupon to the location at Mcowan and highway 7 and they told me that these are valid only for USA.

  9. oobb says:

    McCowan and Highway 7 accepted mine. Only cause our cashier was nice. These are suppose to be “hardcopy” coupons accepted from the mail [was told of]. Either way i got the chicken wrap and delta mini. it was .. okay ? have to try the actual chicken one day !

  10. Asim says:


  11. Krazy Brown Man says:

    I have to say that All popeye’s chains are only sold to people of Islamic background, being the fact that this is ‘certified Halal meat’. That being said, I find the service to be horrible at every location I go to. The wait times are often more then 7 minutes (for fast food?) and the quality of service is sub par.

    Just last night 4 of us went out to grab a quick bite and ordered 4 chicken sandwhich combos. After waiting 10 minutes, they came out to tell us there was no lettuce for our sandwhices, and offered us ONE macaroni salad as a replacement. Then we were to wait an extra 10 minutes until our food finally arrived. Needless to say we weren’t offered any gratitude and when we asked for hot sauce/ketchup after it was thrown in our face as if we were at fault. NEVER again will we eat at popeyes, horrible food, horrible people.

    -Krazy Brown man out

  12. al from agra says:

    good chicken
    horrible management
    horrible horrible service

    halal and allah don’t make it right to treat your customers like shit

    spread the word, get popeyes back in the hands of ppl who give a damn about quality

  13. Skippy says:

    These coupons came in the mail,so copying them will probably not work.
    However than you Coupon Lady for enlightening us.
    I’ve visited 3 different locations and have never had any problems in terms of food or service.
    I even saw their Chickenmobile in person!

  14. Asia says:

    Anyone having problems with stores should contact Popeyes corporate:


  15. Asia says:

    I just printed out a coupon large enough to read the fine print and it says Canada Only – so if a store say these are US coupons they are wrong!

  16. Atta Ludin says:

    Hi I want to take information about popeyes Business as a frinchise please send me information and contact phone no thank you .

    Atta Ludin

  17. Captain 3100 says:

    I Just want to compliment the staff at the Scarborough POPEYES @ Markham Rd. and Kingston Rd. They keep a clean establishment and have always been polite and have always accepted printed coupons.This particular location also has a DRIVE-THRU WINDOW for those on the go. CONGRATULATIONS for job well done!!!

  18. Beef says:

    Have eaten at several Popeyes in the Toronto area and never had a problem, servicewise. Their chicken is much better than KFC and they quite often comp you a sample of a new product they’re offering if you show interest.

    I love the dirty rice.

  19. Vanessa says:

    Have been a fan of Popeye’s since I lived in the U.S. and was overjoyed that everytime I go to Toronto I can get some! Wish there were more but I have to agree there service is terrible 🙁 I went to the one next to the Eaton Centre downtown and the supervisor was yelling at a woman trying to order when I walked in because she was complaining that her order was taking to long and he said if she didn’t like it she should leave. If I had another option I would have left and went to another one but I’m not from the city. Customer service is key in any successful business.

  20. MyBuddy says:

    I have been eating at Popeye’s in Toronto for years and noticed a decline in the quality of the food. The chicken pieces are smaller than they used to be and the prices have gone up. As for the service, Popeye’s is slower than most and you often have to wait for food, which I don’t mind (they cook it fresh). The customer service has been on par with what I get at KFC, so I pick Popeye’s for their better quality and ignore the attitude at the cash. Though I notice a difference in my digestion after I eat Popeye’s; this is really unhealthy greasy stuff, so I only have it occasionally. Their website is http://www.popeyeschicken.ca

  21. rob says:

    funny that a store would say they won’t take a printed coupon as you can download and print coupons from their own Canadian site

  22. sham says:

    when I take coupons into popeyes and then they tell me that its US only or they don’t take printed coupons, ask for the distact Manager or the store owner name, and tell they tell that I’ll take it up w/ your cop head office because they said once its printed off the website in canada or US depneding whicgh website you go to its valid don’t let the private store owners try and trick you and if the refuse what you ask just file a complient and if enoungh ppl do it they will get fined $5000 for the 1st incurence and continues on ward, and that is coming from head office, trust me it works all the time

  23. afi says:

    Hi all,
    I just moved from etobicoke to ottawa and i really miss popeye’s chicken….I live right next to the parlement so does anyone know if there’s a popeyes around here coz i cant seem to find one so if anyone knows about one please let me know……..thanks

    [email protected]

  24. Joe says:

    There is a lack of uniform standard for the HQ to govern this company outlets.
    Don’t be surprised that the outlet will not honor the coupon.
    I was at the Middlefied and Steeles Ave East store and they want 5 cents for a paper bag. When did the Toronto bylaw changed to include paper bags?

  25. Tabby says:

    The worst service ever in richmondhill 10909 and the manager is rude i dnt go anymore to tht store

  26. Will not go back says:

    I have tried the Popeyes on Kingston Road in Pickering twice. The first time I noticed a young girl who working there eating a piece of chicken with her fingers right in front of waiting customers. Then she went right back to cooking the chicken without any hand washing. When I went home I complained to the owner. She didn’t seem to care much. The next time I went back about 1 1/2 years later to try it again and this time I was greeted by the owner herself. After she hello she went right back to doing what she was before I arrived. Talked to her husband, talked to other waiting customers who had already ordered and proceeded to fill there order. If my kids did not want the chicken so bad I would have left right then and there, but I still waited. I must of been standing there for at least 5 minutes before everyone else was served and then the owner finally spoke to me. I don’t know if she if predudice or what but I was the only caucasion person in the store and she was definately rude. I waited another 15 minutes for the chicken and was served by another employee that had just started her shift. She was also rude and pleasant to everyone else in the store. I won’t go back and I would really like to know if anyone else had this happen to them and this store.
    Rude Owner and Rude staff, I won’t go back again

  27. Priya says:

    I like to eat the mash potato…and the gravy.
    Spicy chicken !! Yummy!!! Good man
    I would like to have more coupons if possible.

  28. Leonia Kolin says:

    interesting take on the subject, count me as a new subscriber!

  29. a person says:

    hey “willnotgobackagain” you sound like a pussy, stop whining. popeyes is the best. I wish they had more popeyes across the border 🙁

  30. Ryan Ceeiee says:

    I have worked in a Popeye’s before (in Toronto) people have to understand that one of the standards Popeyes has is to always have fresh chicken – that’s why you have to wait 10+ minutes sometimes. It take 12 minutes for chicken to fry and it’s impossible to predict what people will want – we tried to have as much chicken ready as possible but it has be thrown away after 15 minutes.

    I’m just saying if you want something good, you have to have patience, Popeye’s is not fast food!!!

  31. laila says:

    i was wondering does popeyes do house delivery if so is there an online menu that i can look at

    thanks 🙂

  32. Tony Finoro says:

    I look forward to trying your restaurant food in my vicinty. Could you please send me coupons for the Popeye’s Louisana Restaurant in my local area? Campus Estates Plaza, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

    My Address is: 411-105 Conroy Cres.
    Guelph, Ontario
    N1G 2V5

  33. Interesting point of view. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  34. cody says:

    we were in popeyes brantford ontario,food was good,hot love it

  35. Carol G. says:

    I would love to try Popey’s Chicken, especially now that KFC is going bankrupt, and deservedly so since they ruined Colonel Sander’s Kentucky Fried Chicken completely, which really was “finger lickin good” until KFC took over! Other than the east coast, the rest of Canada has no good chicken take out stores….unless you must include A&W Chubby Chicken….ewww!

  36. sexyeason says:

    i love my biscuits

  37. Cathy says:

    I wish the Popeye’s in Niagara Falls was good. We had it a couple weeks ago and the chicken was tough and greasy. Probably the worst chicken I have ever had. I would take KFC over it any day!

  38. I’d need to examine with you here. Which isn’t one thing I usually do! I get pleasure from studying a submit that can make people think. Also, thanks for permitting me to remark!

  39. Rial says:

    I love eating at Popeyes chicken, especially their tender chicken with a cheese tortilla wrap. There is a trick to getting coupons, you have to search for a Popeyes location nearest to your zip code and print a coupon pertaining to that location. They usually have an expiry date as well. Enjoy! More info here http://www.getfreeprintablecoupons.com/popeyes-chicken-coupons.html

  40. alex says:

    you guys should go 2 the one in Hamilton that one has excellent service.

  41. I can’t stand articles like this that don’t have any accompanyi-ng photos!!best Tera gold

  42. Dina says:

    We wish to have one or more of popayes fried chicken her in Edmonton Alberta I loooooooove Popeyes chicken aloooooooot.


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