Presidents Choice Canada Get a $10 PC Gift Card with $40 in P&G Products

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Here’s a great opportunity to use all those new P&G coupons you just got.  Spend $40 or more in P&G products at a Loblaws store and get a $10 PC gift card back in the mail.  All purchases need to be made in one transaction and must have been made between January 13 and 31, 2012.  The participating P&G products are: Tide, Downy, Febreze, Bounce, Cascade, Dawn, Mr. Clean, Charmin, Bounty, Puffs and Iams.  For full details and the mail in form, please check out your in store coupon board.

Thanks to CouponDude and couponlady for finding this great offer.

12 responses to “Presidents Choice Canada Get a $10 PC Gift Card with $40 in P&G Products”

  1. Monica says:

    Do they make this rebate form available online?

    • maybe says:

      I don’t think it was available online last time but they should have a bunch in store on the coupon board and even by the participating products (at least at my store they do).

  2. Minou says:

    Too bad it’s not on Pampers.

  3. Rosie says:

    Darn – I did my $40 for Bounty and Charmin on Dec 31 when Loblaws had them on sale for $4.88. I used up all my previous P&G coupons.

  4. Qponsaver says:

    does it have to be $40 after all coupons? hopefully not, that would be great!

  5. Sarah says:

    I’ve never heard nor seen a “coupon board” in a store. I think its unfair that this offer is limited to Loblaws only and not nofrills and/or superstore.

  6. Carrie Hamm says:

    I might be wrong but isn’t loblaw the owners of superstore and extra foods.

  7. JimC says:

    Sarah — the promo is in today’s Superstore ad, so I suspect it will work at all Loblaws affiliated stores.
    I believe you can use coupons, like the hi-value ($3, $6) ones in recent Bounty 6Roll packs, as I didn’t see a disclaimer to the contrary. I am also assuming it is the retail price adding to $40 before coupons and tax, that triggers the $10 gift card. If so, the challenge is to decide how good a deal it is paying $6.97 for Bounty (6s), and Charmin (12s) vs the $4.88 of last week, and $4.99 (Bounty at Shoppers this week).
    ie, all P&G qualifying items are on “sale”, but not even close to what they were recently, and no doubt will be again in the months ahead.
    Any thoughts on this would be appreciated, and thanks for posting the promo in the first place.

  8. shan says:

    They had the mail in voucher at customer service last time.

  9. Sarah says:

    I’ve been thinking about this. The kicker is this promo is going on when PG brands are inflated so was trying to figure out how to get around that. I could price match, which I am going to but even if I get 2 packs of TP and 2 packs of PT with my coupons it still wouldn’t even be close. I would never buy these items unless they are my bottom sale price because in the end buying them more expensive just to get the $10 back isn’t the best deal. Buying the cheapest you can get is. I might have to pass on this promo.

  10. Rosie says:

    So if I’m using coupons, as long as my stuff is over $40 before taxes and coupon use I’m okay. Because obviously, after I use all my coupons I will be under $40.

  11. JimC says:

    If anyone finds out about using coupons has an impact on the $40 qualifying amount, could you please post? thanks
    ie. If one wants to use a $6 coupon do you need to buy $46 worth of product?

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