Protesting for Profit

I came across this unconventional radio interview at Blue Blogging Soapbox about the seal hunt. It really bothers me that out of the thousands of endangered species out there, so much focus has been put onto the seal hunt, one of the few remaining sources of income to many Newfoundlanders. I am totally against cruelty to animals, but I don’t like being manipulated by organizations who aren’t very honest about their claims and have profit objectives.


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  1. Nietz says:

    Seems upfront to me. Greenpeace is a non-profit organization and doesn’t literally use the term as a business does. The money is just used for less public-aware issues than cute seals can attract.

    A corporation is concerned with retaining revenues and earning a profit. Greenpeace has to spend all of the money they collect on the environment.

  2. Lila F says:

    New Faundland has a better,bumming resource-tourism that can be expanded further. Seals have a right, just like other creatures on this planet to live without being exploited to extinction or just slaughtered for a buck. There are many alternative food sources for us humans,tofu, beans etc. that allow us to stop the massive meat consumption, or to reduce it drastically. Seal hunters can and are inteligent,capable human beings that can find alternatives.

    I love animals, and would like to see people not take them for granted.
    There is so much beauty that they posses,

  3. DarthJosh says:

    There’s a lot worse garbage going on in the world than seal clubbing. Why can’t people spend their time doing something more useful? Oh, right. It makes them too much money.

  4. Jim Johnson says:

    This bit of truth from the past is a good thing to see. I arrived in Newfoundland in 1980 from New Brunswick. The seal hunt has long been a topic where Newfoundlanders were misunderstood. The harvesting of fish, the processing and then the placement of the product into a box labelled with name of a Boston Fish company was an okay thing to do. The harvesting of seals when there exists a market to use the whole animal both pelt and carcass is a similar situation. Despite the manufactured videos that show the contrary the hunt for both seals and fish are persued as humanly as possible.
    The problem here is that the Cod are the endangered species and their number one preditor are the over abundant seal population. I have no answers to this situation but I have my fingers crossed that it will work itself out.

  5. LeeTsa says:

    Sure, let’s save all the seals and watch them suffer and starve due to overpopulation and lack of food for them. That’s better, sure…

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