Push Up Bra Adds 2 Cup Sizes? You Be The judge.


This has been all over the news the past few days, Andrej Pejic pictured above was hired to model bras for Hema, a department store in Holland.  The bras claim to fame is that it adds 2 cups sizes.  Sure, right? We’ve all heard these ridiculous claims before. But, what if I told you Adrej is actually a male and has no breasts at all!  Yes, thats right the beautiful model above is a male and has posed as a male and female for many years now.  He is stunning as a male and female, and yes he was born this way.  Very creative advertising. Unless told I woulda’ never thought this was a man.  When I saw this on Tmz, the whole Bra advertising was kinda lost though.  All I could think about was the model.

18 responses to “Push Up Bra Adds 2 Cup Sizes? You Be The judge.”

  1. jeo220 says:

    Well, I’m a little speechless – he’s way better looking than me. Obviously the bra works! I tried on one of these “2 sizes bigger” bras and felt completely ridiculous. I don’t mind a little help, but I refuse to look fake. Great post!

  2. .Karen says:

    Not sure why people care. Will the partner not be able to tell once the bra comes off?

    Also, I have severe back problems because I was born with those extra cup sizes. Pretty sure people shouldn’t try to look like that without having to deal with broken and herniated discs.

    Society needs to get over its big breast obsession. It’s not healthy.

  3. Sally says:

    This post wasn’t really about Boobs. It was about the amazing model. Sorry you missed the main point.

    At any rate any bra that can make someone with no boobs look like they have some is a god send to many. Especially those that have had their breasts removed etc.

  4. rc says:

    i’m just kinda surprised that they hired him over any number of women who could prove what the bra can do just fine. also, that definitely looks like a dude. i don’t ‘miss the point’ but i think this ad campaign is strange

  5. Jen says:

    My one sister has 34H boobs… I so want to see if the bras will make her “2 cup sizes bigger”! If not, false advertising! LOL!

    He is GORGEOUS as a female!

  6. SY says:

    “definitely looks like a dude”…what?! If that model walked down the street, I can assure you nobody would be able to tell that it was a man.

  7. Theresa says:


  8. tudorchick says:

    is there a bra that takes cup sizes away? someone can have my d’s if they want…

  9. Sally says:

    I think a lot of “guys” will say it looks like a dude just to try to seem like they “knew” but its silly. My husband thought it was a chick totally.

  10. abittired says:

    Interesting but the fashion world makes me sick sometimes. It lacks diversity and any type of woman other than an average woman is an acceptable model, even a man.

    Though the fashion world is so exclusive, in some ways we buy into it, putting our selves down, talking about who is “fat”, indulging in eating disorders and general unhealthy behavior. Complaining about how wide our hips are and such, like the rules of puberty should not apply.

    Then we talk about women who are not free in this world, when many of us hold ourselves in petty chains and can’t even see it.

  11. SY says:

    In general, the fashion industry reflects what society wants to see. People love to complain! I’m sure people would still complain if magazines were full of overweight women and saying that the fashion industry is promoting an unhealthy lifestyle. I’m not saying that super skinny models are healthy either, but mainly I’m saying that not everyone can be pleased. But their formula obviously works because the industry is still thriving.

  12. minimusiclover says:

    Well, that puts me in a general state of ‘awe’. Must be great to be able to take any modelling job you want. Would love to see what his male modelling looks like.
    And yeah, these additional cup size bras are pretty crazy. I saw it at La Vie en Rose first and then of course at La Senza (where you can’t buy a normal one anymore, their all like 2 or 3 sizes up -_-). I seriously don’t understand it. I mean I guess that it’s cheaper than surgery, but girls should learn to love themselves. And I figure people would definitely notice the sudden change, I mean, it’s not the least bit subtle. I guess they’ll find out come swim suit time, unless those have quadrupled by that time.

  13. Anonymous says:

    minimusiclover, I wear padded bras exclusively (although I have never tried a +2 cup size bra), and I resent the implication that I don’t “love my body”. I’m a 34 AA, which is hard to find at most retailers and stores like La Senza don’t even carry them. When I can find them, they’re usually in the children’s section and don’t seem to fit properly (i.e., cup diameter is too small). Padded bras fill out the size difference between my breasts and the smallest cup size most retailers offer.

    Further, mainstream clothing is designed for women with a larger breast size than me; any top that’s not stretchy (for example, a cotton button-up blouse) leaves a large void in the chest area if I don’t wear a padded bra, and makes me look like my chest is caving in. I love my body AND enjoy the look that padded bras provide. Please don’t make blanket assumptions.

  14. sunshine says:

    well you know why they call it a wonder bra,
    because once you take it off, guys WONDER where it went

  15. misskitty_79 says:

    minimusiclover: I absolutely do love my natural size (30A), but like Anonymous, I find it extremely difficult to find professional clothing that looks good on me w/out the aid of a padded bra. So yes, I wear them, happily, because the cost of a bra is infinitesimal when compared to the cost of having to have all of my clothing tailor made. So, please, don’t try telling me whether or not I love myself!
    As for people “finding out” come swimsuit season? Whoever said it was a secret?! There are plenty of times that I don’t bother wearing a bra as one of the many advantages to not having to permanently lug around the extra size/weight is that my breasts will always be perky, no matter what my age. 🙂

  16. Lisa Hallman says:

    Somebody take my DD’s please. But I absolutely love this little info bite, i would have never thought he was a boy. BTW… i tried to find some more masculine photos of him and at best he looks like legolas from Lord of the Rings. So in terms of gender, I think he looks better as a girl. But at the same time, I’m sure we could make him look more boy like. He’s even got a facebook profile… very unique individual.

  17. Anonymous 2 says:

    Misskitty_79 and Anonymous: I couldn’t agree more. I have the same body type and have actually been mistaken for a ballet dancer because of my lean figure. Wearing these bras doesn’t mean that we don’t love our bodies. As women, we all need to spend more time appreciating ourselves the way that we were born. My husband is very happy with my breast size as they will remain perky and won’t look like tube socks in a few years.


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