Quiznos Canada *Exclusive* Giveaway: Enter for a Chance to Win a Gift Card!

Quiznos Canada is celebrating Canada’s 150th, #Quiznos150, by introducing 2 new delicious pulled pork sandwiches! The new BBQ pulled pork sandwiches are made from 100 per cent Canadian pork. Available for a limited time only, the two Canadian-inspired sandwiches include southern style and spicy chipotle.

Quiznos Canada has a fantastic exclusive giveaway to SmartCanucks’ readers! Enter today for a chance to win one of four $25 gift card. All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post with your opinion on the new sandwiches or your favourite Quiznos sandwich! The last day to enter this giveaway is August 16 2017, at 11:59PM ET. The random winners will then be announced.

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87 responses to “Quiznos Canada *Exclusive* Giveaway: Enter for a Chance to Win a Gift Card!”

  1. OL says:

    I love the philly!

  2. Thomas says:

    The pulled pork was actually really good. Hadn’t been to quiznos in a while.

  3. Mark T says:

    I love the traditional but looking forward to trying the pulled pork.

  4. Paul says:

    Italian classic FTW

  5. Marla says:

    I like the veggie sandwich

  6. Leanna says:

    I love the Italian Classic too!

  7. Nish says:

    I would love to try the spicy chipotle sandwich. Sounds yummy!

  8. Andrew D. says:

    Pulled pork!

  9. ali says:

    my favourite is the angus steak

  10. Celine says:

    Chipotle Steak & Cheddar is my favorite!! Mmm mmm mmm

  11. Joy says:

    Personally, I’m thrilled about this – as I absolutely adore pulled pork sandwiches! (If we’re eating out, and there’s pulled pork on the menu – I’m in!) But choosing between these two beauties – I’d pick the Southern Style BBQ Pulled Pork in a heartbeat – mozzarella, cheddar and pork? Doesn’t get any better than that!

  12. Tom says:

    Pulled Pork looks delicious

  13. Matt says:

    The honey bourbon chicken sandwich is awesome!

  14. Olga says:

    Tuna sandwich

  15. Arjon says:

    If I say I don’t like Lou’s pulled pork, will it decrease my chance of winning?

    Good thing I don’t dislike it then. ;p That said, if I had to choose right now, I’m leaning toward the beef and swiss melt.

  16. Steven says:

    That’d be great to try the pulled pork sandwich!! yummers!!!

  17. king says:

    I have only had the tunafish and it was great. I would love the chance to try the pulled pork, I love pulled pork! I usually go to Subway because it’s cheaper and closer.

  18. Ann-Marie V. says:

    Honey Mustard Chicken.

  19. Teddy Lin says:

    Peppercorn steak. My favourite.

  20. Lor says:

    My favourite has to be the Honey Mustard Chicken Sub – the dressing is spectacular!

  21. Angela Canto says:

    I’d love to try the Pulled Pork!

  22. Crystal says:

    These new sandwiches look delicious and I can’t wait to try them!!! 😀

  23. Meera says:

    Honey mustard chicken sandwich is my favourite one.

  24. nicolthepickle says:

    I love pulled pork. I’d go to Quizonos just for that. The spicy chipotle one sounds the best to me.

  25. win says:

    I like the honey bourbon! yummy !

  26. Rob H. says:

    Love to try the Spicy Chipotle pulled pork… hope it brings the heat!

  27. Matt says:

    I would like to try the pulled pork

  28. Jeanie R says:

    I love pulled pork sandwiches!! These sound delicious.

  29. Sampler says:

    I usually go for the Italian classic but I would love to try out the pulled pork..looks yummy ! *Drools*

  30. Aprile says:

    My favourite is carbonara!

  31. Angele says:

    Love the veggie guacamole sandwich!

  32. Jonnie says:

    I’m excited to try the southern style pulled pork! My favorite Quiznos right now is Chiptle Steak and Cheddar

  33. Candy says:

    Pulled pork sandwich is my new favourite! Love it! The sauce strikes a good balance with the sub.

  34. Carmen Roy says:

    I am looking forward to taste this new dish.

  35. Cheryl says:

    The pulled pork sounds great.

  36. Rebecca says:

    My fav is the meatball sub.

  37. Geoffrey Stephenson says:

    hmmmm Toasty

  38. Jim says:

    Beef and Swiss melt is hands down the best

  39. Angela says:

    pulled pork chipotle — amazing!

  40. Mary Walsh says:

    Southern style pulled pork is just the best!

  41. Conrad says:

    My favourite is the meatball sandwich

  42. Kare says:

    Looks delicious!!!

  43. Eliz T says:

    The Beef and Swiss melt is perfection!

  44. jennifer says:

    Absolutely need to try the pulled pork sandwich.

  45. verica says:

    Those pulled pork sandwiches sound delicious!

  46. Ffleecy says:

    Definitely want to try the new pulled pork sandwich! The whole family wants too!

  47. Nick says:

    Looks yummy! Any vege options as well? Thanks for celebrating 150 years!!

  48. Chiranjit Basak says:

    Hmm…..Difficult….very difficult…not Meat Ball………not Veggie…….. I think…… Honey Mustard Chicken.

  49. Lisa says:

    I love pulled pork! Looks super yummy!

  50. Ashley says:

    I like the turkey bacon one.

  51. Maggie W says:

    Hot sandwiches are always good, especially pulled pork sandwiches. If there is a choice of spicy pulled pork and regular pulled pork, that will be great!

  52. David Fleming says:

    The Italian Classic is definitely my go to sandwich, but share the gc with me and I’ll give the pulled pork a chance.

  53. Lena K says:

    Definitely the honey bourbon chicken. Healthier meat choice with no compromise on taste.

  54. Impostor says:

    Black angus steak is my go-to at Quiznos but this would replace it for as long as it’s around.

  55. Sandy Turner says:

    My go to at Quiznos is the Honey Bacon Club, but I would love to help celebrate Canada’s 150th, #Quiznos150, by trying the new delicious pulled pork sandwich at Quiznos. Thanks for the fantasic giveaway to SmartCanucks’ readers, I would love to win a $25 gift card.

  56. kerry says:

    I would love to try the new Quiznos’s pulled pork Sandwich,especially the southern style one.

  57. Jonathan says:

    Pulled pork! 🙂

  58. Maggie2 says:

    Mmmmm, Quiznos! The new subs look delicious. I would try the Spicy Chipotle pulled pork.

  59. StacyH says:

    I love pulled pork! Thank you for the contest!

  60. Natalka says:

    Love the beef and swiss – would love to try the pulled pork!

  61. MK says:

    I would love to try the new delicious pulled pork sandwich at Quiznos! Thanks for the chance to win!

  62. Matthew S. says:

    I won’t lie, I waited till it was on for the bogo promotion, and it was REALLY good… It’s become my new go-to at Quiznos!

  63. Cheryl says:

    I always love a good sandwich. Quiznos consistently delivers! I love the turkey bacon club.

  64. Abby says:

    My favourite is the veggie with guacamole.

  65. Maribelle says:

    That pulled pork sub looks delicious!

  66. Annie says:

    I can’t wait to try the pulled pork sandwich!

  67. steph Hooper says:

    honey bourbon chicken! thanks for the opportunity!

  68. ERIN MCSWEENEY says:


  69. Christine says:

    Turkey Ranch and Swiss, the best sandwich ever!

  70. Irish Girl says:

    I love turkey bacon ranch but I wouldn’t mind trying the pulled pork. Looks delish. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  71. wntblue1 says:

    my fav sandwich is the italian classic. its my go to treat every week.

  72. Aliyah says:

    Turkey ranch and Swiss is my fav

  73. Mary says:

    Pulled pork sandwich sounds delicious, would love to try!

  74. viv1 says:

    bbq pulled pork. yummy. i will have to get a couple.

  75. Jamilla says:

    Veggie with guacamole.

  76. Kate says:

    The pulled pork is really good!

  77. Kyle says:

    Tried both last time when there was a promotion, not impressed. Won’t buy unless there is another promotion.

  78. Donnalee says:

    The veggie sandwich is amazing! Much better than anything I can buy from the competitor 🙂

  79. THI says:

    Pull pork all the way

  80. Marion says:

    Chicken honey mustard for sure. It is the toppings that make it extra special. Peppers are my favourite.

  81. Monica says:

    Love pulled pork!

  82. Mike D says:

    My favorite has to be the Honey Bourbon!

  83. Carol D. says:

    Honey mustard chicken!

  84. Yoona M says:

    Angus steak for me!

  85. Oliver Sutherland says:

    Pulled pork looks great to try
    Love your subs. Thank you for the chance to win and putting on the contest and best of luck everyone in the contest cheers

  86. Miss Splendid says:

    Thanks to everyone who participated in this exclusive Quiznos giveaway! The random winners are:
    Carol D.
    Congratulations! We’ll email you shortly! 🙂


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