RBC Royal Bank of Canada Freebie: FREE Apple iPad Mini When Opening a New Bank Account!

rbc free ipadOpen a new All Inclusive Banking Account with the Royal Bank of Canada RBC and you could receive  a FREE Apple iPad Mini Device!

There are two different All Inclusive RBC Banking Accounts you can choose from:

  • RBC Signature No Limit Banking – This is RBC’s most popular bank account option. This account has unlimited transactions and a lot of banking service fees are waived or discounted. The monthly fee is $14.95.
  • RBC VIP Banking – This is RBC’s unlimited banking package that has all banking fees waived on multiple accounts as well as other quite popular services. The monthly fee is $30.00.

Once you have one of these bank accounts set up, you can set up either pre authorized payments or regular pay roll direct deposits to receive your FREE Apple iPad Mini. Once the transactions appear in your brand new RBC bank account, Royal Bank of Canada will send you a brand new Apple iPad Mini Device for absolutely free.

Unfortunately this offer is not available for previous RBC Bank Account holders. This has to be your first bank account with RBC to qualify. This offer expires July 31st, 2014 or while quantities last.

Click here for more info on how to receive your FREE Apple iPad Mini from RBC Canada.

21 responses to “RBC Royal Bank of Canada Freebie: FREE Apple iPad Mini When Opening a New Bank Account!”

  1. minimusiclover says:

    I don’t really know if this is worth the hassle (~$100). It looks like the monthly fee comes out to $10.95, and in order to have that waived, you need to open other accounts (eligible credit card & investment/mortgage). I think it would only be worth getting this if you’re planning on opening a few accounts with RBC.

    • frank says:

      I opened an account with RBC AND HAVE bEEN PAYING THE 14.95 per month, and now they do not want to give me the iPad …..
      The reason is that my balance is not enough .
      This is not fare and I do not know what to do.
      647 858 2255 cell.
      [email protected]

      What about consumer help ?

  2. SarahSuz says:

    The ‘rules’ are contradictory – unless I’m reading them wrong.

    In one section it says,

    “In order to receive the Promotional Offer, your Eligible Personal Deposit Account must remain open and in good standing, and may not be downgraded, for thirty (30) days after you fulfill all qualifying conditions for the Personal Banking Base Offer.”

    …and then in another it says,

    “If you have received the Promotional Offer, RBC has the right to charge your account or send you an invoice for $319 plus applicable taxes if your Eligible Personal Deposit Account is closed or downgraded at any time prior to August 31, 2015.”

    So… is it 30 days that the account needs to stay open, or until August 2015?

    It’s an 16 gb iPad mini with wifi that is selling on the apple site for $419. It’ll be a fantastic deal if you only have to keep the account open for a couple months, but not that good if it’s for a year and a bit.

    • Syd says:

      Thanks for digging in the rules. Unfortunately, they’re not contradictary and pinpoint the catch.

      To qualify in *receiving* the iPad you need to keep the account open for 30 days and fulfill some other easy conditions. Everybody’s fine with that. Basically, if you close the account within the first 30 days, you receive nothing.

      However in order to be able to *keep the iPad for *free**, you basically need to keep the account open until September 2015. If you close the account before that date they have the right to bill you for the iPad, meaning it isn’t free anymore.

      So as minimusiclover pointed out, it’s only worth it for people who plan to keep and use the account for over a year, because in the end RBC is just financing you the iPad with their monthly fee. Over a year you end up paying 179.40$ in banking fees.

      Not worth the hassle in my opinion.

  3. Dudester says:

    It always suprises me people pay monthly banking fees. At $10-15 per month you could quickly buy an iPod Mini. I’ve been with President’s Choice for years and have paid no fees- wake up consumers!

    • jmatteis says:

      I thought the same thing, but an iPad Mini retail is still $319, plus tax and eco fee, so you’re looking at $360. Bank account for a year at $11 (not sure how the promo rate applies) X 12 is $132 and you’re still getting banking service, or even at $15, it’s $180, so a half price iPad mini??? Sign me up! I also have had PC for years but lately am frustrated that even though they’re a CIBC partner, you can deposit large sums of cash at a teller (don’t trust ATMs with large sums at a time), you have to pay for other services, money orders, etc… May give this a try and then cancel in a year! Would be nice though if they were offering the iPad Mini Retina, or even the AIR.

  4. Theresa says:

    Can’t imagine the length of the strings attached to this “deal”.

  5. Michael says:

    Thanks Syd for catching the “catch”, I missed that and was on my merry way to a “free” iPad. Now I’ll skip it altogether!

  6. Corey says:

    if you thought they would just give you an ipad for opening a bank account for 30 days you are an idiot. I think its a great idea they charge less than my current bank account and I had to switch banks for my new jobs payroll. If you are a new customer its the greatest thing. If you are a loafer and just want free hand me outs bring a dog to tim hortons for a timbit. all these people with a false sense of entitlement. RBC owes me an ipad for nothing. what a scam they actually want my business! These business owners make me sick always trying to exchange their business skills and assets for monetary gain! GIVE ME EVERYTHING FOR FREE NOW!

  7. Chris says:

    Received the Ipad today!! Great deal for me as I was already paying bank fees and looking for a new bank. RBC beat my Line of Credit interest rates and guaranteed to also beat my mortgage on renewal. Im a happy banker 🙂

  8. Candace says:

    Not happy about the iPad offer. I’ve been a loyal RBC customer for years and no one in my family qualifies because we have had full service bank accounts too long. Perhaps RBC should look after their existing customers who don’t receive any “perks” rather than luring new customers in.

  9. mamdy says:

    Where can I call to see if my iPad in on the way… Been waiting since november

  10. sara says:

    this is one of the biggest hoax ever advertised by a major bank.
    they promised,at the beginning, an ipad worth $419. then they lowered the value at $319. but now,conveniently,they are saying that they will give you the basic iPad mini worht $249. they think the people are stupid!
    my advice is to call the head office and file a complaint with the appropriate authority. if this doesn’t bare fruit, threaten to call the major media outlets and expose their
    deception. it absolutely works

  11. Brandon says:

    I’m still waiting for mine since October. For some reason I don’t think it’s coming. When I inquired about it 3 weeks ago it was apparently “in the mail”. I can’t believe a bank would actually do thi to people.

  12. Dan says:

    Anyone know of any other upcoming bank freebies? Wife and I got our iPads each without any issues in the timeframe stated thankfully!

  13. Terri says:

    For those of you who are still waiting for their ipad mini’s like I am be aware that if you set-up a direct deposit and it was for anything other than your payroll such as child tax benefit, disability from the government, etc it may not have quailified you for this ipad which is what I was told when went into the bank for the second to see where my mini was. The first time I was told everything was fine and if I hadn’t received in a few more weeks to check back with bank but should receive it anytime. Fast forward to today and was now told my direct deposit didn’t qualify but was never told when I opened the account that it had to be a specific type of direct deposit. This account was just going to be a saving/chequing account for non-essential expenses and my thought was that my child tax benefit would be the easiest thing to use so that I didn’t have to change all my payroll deposit and automatic withdrawals that I have set-up on my other accounts at a different bank. Apparently there was some confusion with the terms & conditions which have now been changed. I was told that even bank staff were confused and not clear on this. Really, they are selling the service how could they don’t have understood the terms, conditions and quailifications for this promotion. If the bank does not rectify this situation and send me an ipad based on what I set-up not being told anything different I will be closing my account at RBC. If the branch service manager was aware and just chose not to tell me because it would cost her a new account than that is very poor customer service.


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