Rebecca Black: It’s Friday Friday Friday!

Happy Friday Smart Canuck readers! What would Friday be without brain teasers such as: What seat should I take, and having to remember the days of the week?  If you haven’t already viewed this horrible horrible viral video nows your chance.


But, at least with every viral disaster comes great covers better then the orignal.

Hope everyone had fun fun fun!

Thanks Boo Radley for sharing your most favourite video in the whole world with me.

39 responses to “Rebecca Black: It’s Friday Friday Friday!”

  1. greenbear says:

    Don’t play the song it will rot your brain! It has been not only trending on Twitter all week, it also has been running in my head. I do however, feel bad for the poor kid, she and her tone deaf parents probably thought she was the next big thing.

  2. Boo Radley says:

    OMG! 😯

    How can I show my face in public again 😯

    Thanks Sally 😛

  3. orchidgirl says:

    This should have been posted for April fools day…lol

  4. Lori says:

    What a contrast between the versions, I enjoyed it. Thanks!

  5. Alee142010 says:

    LOL! Wow! If she can have a different song to sing, and maybe get rid of the synthesizer making her voice tinny… Then She would probably sound pretty good.. If its a project for school, well they did a pretty good job! Thanks for posting!

  6. benji says:

    Here is another cover:

  7. lp89 says:

    AWFUL. Why post this… WHY!? LOL.

  8. Sally says:

    No, its not a school project. Basically its Ark Music studios, making this crap. Rich parents go there and they make videos for their kids. Here is the Ark Music Factory :

    Its pretty ridiculous, they have over 50 girls singing horribly written songs.

  9. Alicia says:

    I was hoping you guys wouldn’t post this LOL Sorry, but I really don’t see how these autotuned songs are ever good. They just annoy the heck out of me 😛

  10. Eeyah says:

    Did you two ever decide which seat you were taking? 😛

  11. sara says:

    I wonder if Usher and Lady Gaga will start a bidding war.

  12. Sally says:

    Eeyah, were still not sure, it’s very confusing.

  13. cindy says:

    Yes, this music video is hilariously bad and an unintentional parody of pop.
    The lyrics suck (but do succeed at being catchy!) and the music video is subpar (but it’s also not done by a traditional professional studio)

    I heard her on a clip from the news sing part of the national anthem, and though she’s not the best I’ve ever heard, she honestly isn’t half bad – she does NOT deserve all the awful things that have been said about her.

    Kudos to her for still holding her head high after all this.

  14. slide says:


  15. kingy says:

    it is a bad song, but c’mon, she doesn’t deserve death threats because of it as has been reported. and she is only 13!

  16. Miss_April says:

    I sang this all day yesterday while drinking green beer lmao

    Nothing gets me better than a song that tells me sunday comes after saturday, brilliant lyrics.

  17. Matty's Mom says:

    Oh I couldn’t even watch the whole song/video… It was too painful. But it is true what someone commented on the remake- worst song = best remakes!!!

  18. kayleena says:

    I think she did a fine job. It isn’t a professional job as previously stated by another memeber. I too don’t believe she deserves all the negative attention she is getting…I know personally I couldn’t do any better of a job, I think she followed her dream and did it well…Kudos to her!!!

  19. kathy says:

    ha ha ha ha! that’s all.

  20. jayne_a says:

    I dont’ mind the beat, but i do think it is a dumb song. But then again, i’m not 12 so maybe she’s popular with the younger kids. It’s not a song that i will play in my car.
    P.S. Didn’t the boy that was driving seem a little too young to be driving?

  21. Janetta says:

    I played this video again to torture myself.
    I ate a sausage & egg McMuffin today. Bad girl! lol

  22. T.M. says:

    Ca fait mal aux oreilles!

  23. Jen says:

    My 6 year old loves this song…and I think it is helping my 3 year old learn the days of the week. At least she was appropriately dressed – could be worse 🙂

  24. Melissa says:

    Yikes. I didn’t make it past the 54 second mark.

  25. Love&Joy says:

    I agree with Jayne…the boy that was driving seem a little to young to be driving…i noticed that too.=)

  26. Karen says:

    Damn! I didn’t last a minute either, Melissa 😛

  27. Cabmonk says:

    Oh yeah follwing her dream of being auto tuned. Wasn’t that your dream growing up, not being able to sing but letting a machine fix it for you. 😉

  28. vibrantflame says:

    I actually feel bad for this girl. She’s getting so much flack and hate thrown at her and from what I can see most of the blame should be given to this Ark Music studio. First, when you pay them, they give you a choice between only two pre-written songs. She is quoted as saying that one of the songs was about adult love, which she has not experienced, so she chose this song. And I say kudos to her for choosing to be age appropriate instead of singing about something she doesn’t know about. And who gives a 13 year old an adult love song as a chose to sing?? Second, I’m sure it wasn’t her choice to be auto tuned, that would be the studios decision. Also, her voice is not all that terrible, yes it is a bit nasally or something but Demi Lovato used to sound very similar to that when she was younger and now she is a decent singer.

    I’m not saying this a fabulous song or anything but I just think a lot of people are being pretty harsh to a young girl who was just trying to get out there and do something.

  29. laura says:

    but I happen to like it I mean there is some things lacking in it but its not so bad after all. It reminds me of the Hanson Brothers and their “mmm mmm bop” single

  30. buslot says:

    Watching this video is like going to the dentist!!!!

  31. J says:

    I think she is absolutely adorable. The lyrics are just terrible (and she did not write them) but I think she has some talent under all that auto-tune. There is an interview with her on ABC news: and she sings a bit – there are a few off notes, but I think she has potential. I’m glad she is taking all the criticism in stride – I mean, she’s only 13 years old! Any blame for the bad lyrics should be placed on the people who wrote them, not the 13 year old singing them. Worst of all . . . it’s so catchy!! I watched the video before work this morning and it kept popping into my head all day.

    Also, there’s a hilarious parody video here called Saturday:

    So, I hope she gets herself a voice coach, and dumps this Ark Music factory to get herself some real writers, and then maybe the “Black plague” will replace “Bieber Fever”, haha!

    If you want to read more about her or how the video spread or see other parodies, this site is awesome:

    Can you believe she got so popular in just a week? And there are already dozens of parodies! It’s amazing how fast a meme spreads!

  32. Katherine says:

    Thirteen year olds can do far, far worse. The song is hilariously terrible but the covers and parodies will hopefully make up for it.

    But please please please do not post this anywhere anymore. I hate this song and I do not need to be constantly reminded of it on every website I visit.

  33. Lisa says:

    The song is hideous but she’s not a terrible singer, and we’re allllll talking about her, so I think they got their money’s worth. Winning! lol (sorry! I couldn’t resist!)

  34. masid says:

    poor girl!

  35. Sally says:

    I’m not putting her down as a person, its more the mindless lyrics have hit a new a low… Its horrible shes received death threats, although its probably a 12 year old just mouthing off.

  36. Laura says:

    But still there is now reports she is feeling cyberbullied I would happen to have to agree with her on that one. So many people are talking about her but not in a good light. She came up with something catchy put it on youtube and before ya know it people either thought it was instant junk started harrassing her on it or some of the few of the people who got the meaning of it were told off about it when they thought it was cool. Now its a trend to place it on every website and talk about it…I suppose its better press for her to get her name noticed. But lets see us all get up there and make a better music video and see how fast it goes viral.

  37. Oxana says:

    Driving with no seat belt-FUN! Drinking at 13- FUN! Pregnant by 16-FUN! Fridays are so FUN! FUN!

  38. linda says:

    I thought she did a great job for her age. It was a cute video. Stop being so negative

  39. Stephania says:

    I actually just got up to the point where she starts with the chorus and had to turn it off. I can’t believe they still used auto-tune for that!

    Anyway, I also saw a clip of her on some late night show and there is absolutely NO WAY that she is 13. I think it’s a ploy to get more attention. She’s closer to 16.


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