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Okay, it seems like it’s that time again, time to check ’cause there’s goin’ be yet another “pump jump”.

If you’re not already familiar with this website, all you have to do is plug in your postal code, et voila…a list of the nearest gas stations with their current prices pops up!  I’m an App Dummy, but there’s even a GasBuddy Mobile App if you click here.

I’m not suggesting that you waste gas, and money, by driving all over town just to fill up.  However, I think it’s a useful tool to see the current costs, and hey, if you happen to be near a station with the lower price, then it’s a win-win!

And just when we all thought that Osama’s death meant good news for  consumers at the pump. 🙁  Oh well, there’s always Gaddafi!

32 responses to “Reminder : Canada”

  1. anisa says:

    yeah, killing osama was going to immediately drop the price of oil. him being a big oil tycoon and all.

  2. Mark says:

    They’re such thieving bastards! Notice it takes days to drop the price some cents and in 1 day they raise it 6. I hate the gas companies. Corrupt SOBS! I hope one day we find alternative fuel options and these a-holes are out of business!

  3. bhlombardy says:

    from the OP: ” there’s goin’ be yet another “pump jump”. ”

    I’m not entirely sure where this info comes from, but all the news reports I have heard predict price drop over the next several weeks and into July. — I’m not talking anything substantial, but the trend is predicted to go down, not up.

  4. Andy says: is the best site for ontario, you can search by city or town not just postal code.

  5. Shocked says:

    i just thankful my life works without a vehicle! for now! 🙂

  6. PINKROSE says:

    Well here today from 138.9 it will go up to 146.9…….as it was mentioned on the radio today…….GO GAS UP!!!!!!!!!

  7. anisa says:

    a 7 cent jump means $4 extra when i fill my tank.

    i don’t NEED gas right now, and to panic over 4 dollars seems a little silly.

    thankfully there are many other ways i save money in my life, and i can afford to absorb $4.

  8. Pierre says:

    I have downloaded the Gas Buddy app on my iPhone! It’s great! Gives you gas prices by price or distance wherever you are.

  9. Talimomali says: is powered by, its the same website, just a different URL. Basically anything with a “gas prices” in the URL is actually gasbuddy. The app is great, very quick and easy. You can add certain gas stations to your “favourites” list (i.e. ones you pass by on a daily basis) and quickkly see which one is best to fill up at on your particular drive by.

  10. Stephania says:

    @bhlombardy – It went up like 6-7 cents overnight! And analysis are saying that by this Summer, it’ll be hovering ’round $1.50/litre.

    If it does go down at all, it’s going be 2-3 cents, but then go back up 6, so the trend is up, up, UP!

    I dunno ’bout you guys, but EVERY BIT counts! Sure, it may mean a $4 hike/tank now, but anyone who commutes &/or drives a larger vehicle FEELS IT.

    I drive a tiny Honda and it is over $50/tank which I feel is pretty ridiculous! And this was *before* the hike.

  11. Mark says:

    Its pansies like you Anisa why we get ripped off with a smile on your face. Only $4 on top of all the other increases. The price of gas has nearly doubled in the last 4 years!

  12. Mark says:

    What can we do? We’re screwed…the fix is in. Well today I was passing by my local Petro Canada and I went in and let them have a piece in my mind. I told them they are working for a corrupt company that ripping us off.Notice how long it takes to drop the price afew cents and they hike it 6 cents overnight! Corrupt mothers bastards. Well dont ever buy any of their overpriced snacks and I pocket some every time I fuel up to makeup for the robbery. They deserve to be stolen from cause thats what they’re doing! Thats how I fight back. Free windshield fluid outside and candy, groceries inside. Fu&k them!

  13. anisa says:

    Mark, ok i’m a pansy 🙂

    what have you yourself done to fight the rising cost of gas?
    how have you made your voice heard? who have you written letters to? where have you protested? which organizations have you personally boycotted?

    A person once said “What can we do? We’re screwed…”.

    Yes we are.

  14. anisa says:

    Mark, do you sport a mullett?

  15. Mark says:

    No I dont. Im a modern guy. I fight back by ripping them off right back. Mags, peanut butter, candy, nuts, ice cream, pringles, twinkies,milk, chocolate bars…etc alot can fit into a winter jacket. Often I have taken more than Ive spent in gas. Thats how someone with balls like myself does it. Today I ripped off the latest Playboy (7.99). Thats how ive gotten it for years! Im the best!

  16. Mark says:

    You’ll keep saying that its only $2 more dollars until its $2 a litre. Your a sucker Anisa and theres too many wimps like you in Canada!

  17. NightStar777 says:

    Wow Mark you are special. Complaining to people that are doing their job doesn’t do anything. Would you complain to the Harvey’s employee because the head office decided to change the bendy straws?

  18. Theresa says:

    I clearly remember driving home from work one day in 1998 and freaking out about how high gas was. It was .59 cents. Oh for the good old days!!

    Glad to know someone out there is getting stinkin’ rich. Anisa, don’t say too loudly that you can absorb the higher cost the oil companies would love to hear that.

  19. Theresa says:

    Mark you are the epitome of class and integrity. Please comment more so we can all glean from your wisdom.

    Stealing candy…..really? The real thieves fill up and drive off…..not steal pornography.

  20. Theresa says:

    NightStar777, bendy straws….LOL!!!!!!!!! Too funny. Mark would just steal the straws……that’ll learn em.

  21. Mark says:

    Well at least I said something Nightstar, your a sucker like all the rest.

  22. Natty says:

    I highly doubt the people working in the gas station have anything to do with the prices they are told to put up. I’m sure you stealing stuff is going to suddenly wake up the big wigs up top, right?

    Good job Mark, you’re really sticking it to the man. Only, not.

  23. jason says:

    Mark does have some valid points and people should know by now that the government has their hands in this as well . Its all lobbied just like everything that gets passed good luck fighting it . We have to be like other countries and over take the government to do anything. We asked for this goverment and we got it. Dont blame me i voted NDP lol. Why dont you ask Harper for a price drop and see what he tells you

  24. Laura says:

    Come on, Mark. You know saving a few extra dollars on gas won’t make up for the rest of your pathetic life.

  25. Mark says:

    Thanks Jason and Laura your an ugly loser. You know where you can stick your comments in your fat *ss Im sure!

  26. Laura says:

    Lol. Mr. Big can dish out his “justice” to strangers but gets butthurt when someone is mean to him. Boo hoo. Is big oil responsible for your impotent wang too? Go bitch out some minimum wage employee to make yourself feel better about yourself. Just because everyone else finds you repulsive doesn’t mean you should hate yourself too.

  27. Sally says:

    Mark, please be respectful to fellow commenters.

  28. Allison S says:

    “And just when we all thought that Osama’s death meant good news for consumers at the pump. 🙁 Oh well, there’s always Gaddafi!”

    This is the type of statement that breeds ignorance (and hate/violence). I find it offensive. As much as I love a good deal, I am amazed at some of the bias and unmoderated content that appears in blog posts. This isn’t a personal journal, so comments such as the above aren’t necessary. Not a very good way to represent the site.

  29. Michael says:

    MP Dan Mctaque Gas price watcher lost his seat in the federal election
    He is known for fighting against high gas prices. This hard to believe. One wonders about the intellect of those voting in the election

    Nimrod Zack

  30. Stephania says:

    @Allison S – I stand behind my Osama comment! It is a FACT that the price of oil did go down right after Osama was killed. Even if it was a few cents, it still went down.

    And I can bet you that it’ll go down too once that whole Libya issue will be resolved. The market is extremely volatile right now, so any “perceived” changes will change the price.

    It was a joke and if you’re too PC for it, dismiss it!

  31. Sunday says:

    I read every single post, and I think it’s funny that Mark is the one being flamed considering he is the only one that makes any sense.

    I’m happy for you Anisa that you can absorb the $4. I can’t. The reason I can’t is because that $4 won’t stop there. Soon it will be $5, $6, $7 and so forth.

    As a frequent visitor to smartcanucks, I know that $4 could get me so much more.

  32. Sunday says:

    One last thing,

    Lets not forget that’s $4 dollars more as well for those trucks that deliver absolutely everything. I hope you can absorb the grocery increase as well..


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