Rexall Canada printable coupon: 30 airmiles when you spend $30

I heart Rexall.

No really, I do.

I hate that other drugstore … you know the one with the insanely high prices and the rewards program that tries to distract you from the insanely high prices …. 😉

As I was saying – I heart Rexall

Now they are offering us 30 bonus airmiles with a $30 purchase. Valid until May 3rd, 2010.


Click here to get your printable coupon

Thanks to Melody113 for this coupon

23 responses to “Rexall Canada printable coupon: 30 airmiles when you spend $30”

  1. Emily says:

    Thank you! That other store IS expensive. It’s unfortunately more convenient for me to get to than Rexall 🙁

  2. spammy10 says:

    Never shopped at Rexall, but we just got 2 in our area. Are they really that great??!! Better than the other store??

  3. itsjustmebub says:

    let’s just say it …
    Shoppers Drugmart sucks! lol

  4. mlongboat says:

    I ♥ SDM. Rexalls selection isnt as good. AND I dont get their flyer so I never shop there.

  5. itsjustmebub says:

    @ mlongboat – i am shocked and appalled.
    lol … kidding 😉

  6. Sally says:

    Lmao Bub are you looking for a roasting? heheheheh…. Love the post!

  7. itsjustmebub says:

    *cough, cough*

    i was just trying to be polite. my feelings on SDM are quite alarming lol

  8. Sally says:

    Hehehe, Im assuming u read the SDM thread I made…

  9. itsjustmebub says:

    let’s just say it didn’t exactly help my opinion of them lol

  10. Natalka says:

    Wow, way different experience here – plus we don’t get AM, we get Aeroplan…

    Sheesh, I hate Rexall – they never have stock of what’s on sale, and their regular prices are WAY higher than ‘the other store’s’ regular prices. At least the other store – which I have hearted for decades – has great specials weekly, and an awesome points program – which if used combined with deals, is very thrifty shopping, indeed.
    I’ve given ‘your store’ tons of chances, but am now really sick of going through the flyer, making out a list, and coming home with nothing week after week – sheer waste of time.

  11. irene says:

    Rexall is actually pretty pricey, but they have good sales once in a while.

  12. itsjustmebub says:

    @ Natalka + Irene – really?!?!?!?! oh man I am shocked

    Well i guess the key is
    a) I hate SDM lol
    and b) do what works for YOU 🙂

  13. operabob says:

    Regardless of how you feel about them 30AMs on $30 is approximately a 14% discount because of reduced costs elsewhere.

  14. sam says:

    Love Rexall but has anyone else experienced that they do not take P&G coupons anymore

  15. kris says:

    i find rexall just almost a bad as shoppers for prices.

  16. mlongboat says:

    Oh bub………

  17. Justine says:

    We sure advertise a lot for SDM despite hating it so much, just saying.

  18. Wannabeawinner says:

    I have to disagree. It seems like SmartCanucks has taken a stance against SDM. Too bad, I find the service at SDM (in general) a lot better. There are a lot more locations, they are a lot cleaner and pleasing to the eye, the rewards program is great if you take advantage of the bonuses, and the sales are better, IMO.

    I find Rexall has the exact same prices and sometimes higher, less locations, FAR less product offerings at each location, lack of service, boring sales, etc.

    On another note, what’s with the seriously biased posts coming up more frequently these days? Sheesh, I feel like we need to start buying at SC-approved places now!

  19. Rich says:

    Curious (and impressed) as to where you found this coupon. It is not listed in the Offers section. Metro also has a 50 bonus coupon that is still active that airmiles isn’t showing either.

  20. katieo says:

    Thanks for posting this! I went yesterday evening and used the coupon. I also got 12 product air miles plus another 4 for using my Mastercard for the purchase! 😀

  21. Lesley says:

    I am a SDM fan. I usually only shop their sales, and they have great prices every week. I buy many of my sundries there now and their milk is the cheapest in Ottawa at 3.99 for 4L. I don’t find their rewards program ‘distracting’, I think it is one of the best ones out there.

  22. itsjustmebub says:

    @ Wannabeawinner
    Boo welcomes our opinions when we blog.
    There are TONS of blogs supporting SDM right here on SC. I just personally don’t like it, and I’m welcomed to say so as it sparks up conversation right?

    If you have wonderful service at SDM in your area then that’s great!

  23. Sally says:

    Lmao theres probably 10 negative SDM points in the history of Sc and 500 poisitve ones 😉 thats a small ratio.

    Not only that but if the bloggers of Sc didn’t put some imput of their opinion the blog would be blander then plain toast, this is what makes Sc rock.

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