Rogers caves on Ridiculous iPhone 3G plans, offers up 6GB for $30 a month

Rogers caves on Ridiculous iPhone 3G plans, offers up 6GB for $30 a month

Rogers’ original iPhone plan was unacceptable and was met with huge outrage. At fear of getting a bad reputation and people realizing that they’re one of Canada’s worst monopolies, Rogers lowered the cost of their plans. Just a reminder that this doesn’t make them any lesser of a monopoly.

via Engadget:

Those kind, gentle Canadians have been oh-so-politely demanding a few heads on sticks ever since Rogers’ super-spendy iPhone 3G price plans were announced. Well, apparently their cries have been heard, and now Rogers is launching a promotional offer along with the iPhone of 6GB of data for $30 a month — not quite unlimited data, but close enough — which can be added on top of any regular voice plan. The promo will be available for iPhone buyers who activate with a three year contract before August 31. Also, perhaps in a bid to dispel some nasty rumors about a major iPhone shortage, Rogers will be hosting 8AM launch day events at six Rogers Plus stores in major Canadian cities, complete with a free breakfast. Mmm, breakfast.

Click here for more details on this new Rogers iPhone deal

10 responses to “Rogers caves on Ridiculous iPhone 3G plans, offers up 6GB for $30 a month”

  1. Eve says:

    HA! I just got out of my Rogers plan after 3 years. They started me on a plan they said would be $20 ($60 for 3 people), but I ended up being shuttled (mysteriously) into a $120 plan (that would be the baseline if we didn’t make long distance calls, which we do sometimes, because we signed up for the plan after being told long distance between family members would be free).

    I give it 3 weeks before iPhone users mysteriously find that they too have been kicked out of the promo plan they signed up for.

    In conclusion, Rogers is the Devil.

  2. I’d like an iPhone, as I never take my iPod to work, but would like it there, and I always take my phone…but they’re just too damn expensive. Not really the phone itself, but the crazy-ass plans. The $30 data plan is better than what TELUS forces you to get if you get a BlackBerry, but I’m afraid of Rogers’ pricing, etc. Plus I don’t know how their service works here.

  3. Skippy says:

    I hate Rogers period!

  4. br says:

    I would hardly call this “backing down”

    an introductory offer does no good to those of us locked into a contract currently, and cant get an iphone right away.

    plus what.. after Aug.31st they go back to gouging us again? Ridiculous

  5. amycanada77 says:

    We originally were holding out for the Iphone – but we are with Telus … and they aren’t getting it… at least not anytime soon.

    So we went and bought a blackberry curve last month (updated from a year old Palm Treo), Telus gave us free data plan for 6 months and then $25 thereafter – they also threw in free caller id and text messaging for a year and they added 100 free LD minutes which we never had before. After all the complaining I went through for the past month I’m shocked to say I actually now like them … well at least all the discounts they’ve thrown our way. We just got our bill in yeserday and it was half the price of what we have been paying!!

    oh man I think I’m actually promoting Telus….

  6. jimmy! says:

    So is $30 just to be able to use “data” meaning its $30 on top of an existing phone plan or is $30 including phone usage and browsing.

    sound too good to be true?

  7. amycanada77 says:

    iPhone 3G Voice & Data Packages

    iPhone packages include all the voice minutes and data you’ll need to fully benefit from the breakthrough device.

    Monthly Fee* $60 $75 $100 $115
    Weekday Minutes Included 150 300 600 800
    Evenings and Weekend unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
    Evenings are from 9 p.m to 7 a.m Monday to Friday and Weekends are from 9 p.m Friday to 7a.m Monday
    Data Included 400MB 750MB 1GB 2GB
    1MB= 1,024 KB 1GB=1,024MB
    Bonus Sent Text Messages 75 100 200 300
    Visual Voicemail – New with iPhone Included
    Visual Voicemail allows you to go directly to any of your messages without listening to the prior messages, so you can quickly select the messages that are most important to you.
    Access to Rogers Wireless
    and Fido Hotspots Unlimited
    Bonus 3 months Unlimited Local Calling
    Additional Weekday Minutes
    (per minute) 35¢ 35¢ 25¢ 15¢
    Additional Data 50¢ per MB for the first 60 MB, 3¢ per MB thereafter
    Additional Sent Text Messages
    (per message) 15¢

    Can be viewed much more clearer here:

    Other pricing options are available. For example, you may choose to combine one of our new data plans ranging from $30 per month (for 300MB) to $100 per month (for 6GB) with a voice plan.

  8. amycanada77 says:

    So Jimmy I’m not exactly sure what you get with the little 30 bucks when with 60 you only get 150 anytime mins free eve and wknd, 400mb of data, and 75 txt msgs … so the $30 plan has to be at least half of this …???

  9. Karin says:

    Rogers is not the devil, you just have to LOOK what you’re signing up for and ask for the bottom-line price, in addition to purchasing things from the corporate stores and not some user car salesman at Wireless Wave =)

  10. minicue says:

    I guess that it is not about Rogers. It is all about iPhone. If you want the iPhone, you don’t have other choices.


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