Rogers New iPhone 3GS in Canada on June 19th + Price Drops + 6GB Data Plan is Back!

iPhone 3GS Canada

@keithmcarthur an official representative for Rogers and Fido has tweeted about Rogers plans to introduce the new iPhone 3G S to Canada, the price drops on the iPhone 3G and the return of the 6GB data plan! According to his Tweets:

Both Rogers Wireless and Fido will offer iPhone 3GS starting June 19.

Rogers/Fido pricing is $199 for 16GB iPhone 3GS; $299 for 32GB iPhone 3GS on a three-year voice and data plan.

8GB version of the iPhone 3G will drop to $99 on June 19 at Rogers and Fido with a three-year voice and data plan.

Rogers is reintroducing the $30/6GB data plan for iPhones effective tomorrow, June 9. Offer available for a limited time.

Rogers/Fido are only national carriers to offer $25/500MB plan. 93% of iPhone users use less than 500MB so this is the right plan for most.

Other Questions answered by keithmcarthur:

Q: Will current iPhone users be able to exchange iPhone 3G for 3GS at prorated cost perhaps?
A: There will be a no-contract price for customers who want to upgrade before they’re eligible for a subsidy.

Q: I got my 3G in August of last year.. how long before I can upgrade w/o penalty?
A: Hardware upgrade subsidy usually available at 2 years.

Q: $30/6GB for Fido as well? (crosses fingers)
A: Yes, $30/6GB plan available for Fido too.

Q: is the $30/6gb available to all existing customers? or only new activations?
A: all iPhone customers.

Q: will this 6GB data plan be available for blackberry users possibly as well?
A: We haven’t made any announcements about 6GB promo plan for BlackBerry.

Q: Is it possible to pre-order the 3GS with Rogers or Fido?
A: No – there won’t be pre-orders.

Q: Is the no-contract pricing for those who aren’t yet eligible for a subsidy also applicable to Fido customers or just Rogers?
A: There will also be a non-subsidized price for Fido.

Q: Any idea what the no-contract price will be and if it will also be available on the 19th?
A: No contract price will be available on June 19.

Q: Can you comment on whether and what Rogers will charge for tethering?
A: Tethering will be included for customers with data plans of 1GB or more until at least the end of the year.

Q: Rogers is reintroducing the $30/6GB …limited time… How limited is limited? Are we talking a month or end of summer?
A: We haven’t said yet how long 6GB contract will be in market for iPhone.

Q: why is it that Rogers wants us to sign up for a 3 year contract, yet in the US it is 2 years? Greed…
A: Canada is a very different market than US.

Q: Can you pls confirm if Rogers has an exclusive on iPhone? Other carriers rolling out HSPA networks soon. iPhone 3GS is HSPA
A: We can’t comment on details of our contact with Apple.

29 responses to “Rogers New iPhone 3GS in Canada on June 19th + Price Drops + 6GB Data Plan is Back!”

  1. Thatguyrob says:

    It is still silly that the old phone is available for the US for 2 years at a price point of 99 and its 3 years in Canada, no matter how different the markets a year on contract to a company is worth A LOT (especially with forced voice+ data plan your looking at 50+ a month)

  2. Calvin says:

    Considering that Canada has 1/10th the population with a larger land mass than the us the extra year is understandable. This new phone seems better but seems like alot of the upgrades are software based. Although I must confess I would like to have it.

  3. Jenny says:

    I think there is no issue if old phone is still available in US or not…anyways the thing I would like to say is that most of the user of iPhone 3G were waiting for flash in Camera of iPhone 3GS but still No flash is available…but the good thing I like is its Voice control, I hope it also support VoIP apps like Vopium and others especially which are available on App store.

  4. Shannon says:

    No point in getting 500mb for $25 when you can get 6gb for $30, I would rather pay the extra 5 bucks a month and pretty much never have to worry about exceeding the data plan (also be ok to tether). And yes we are a totally different market than the US, AT&T has something like 6x the customer base than Rogers – leaves them with a little more flexibility. Yay iPhone 3GS, can`t believe its only 10 days away!!!

  5. N.M. says:

    I was just watching BT and they were talking about this… apparently the old Iphone is $99 in the US and $110 in Canada. Just wanted to let you guys know.

  6. Beckster says:

    Just tried calling fido to get the $30/6GB data plan…lady said its not available yet, and she’s not sure when it will be. She said to call after June 19.Hmmm???

  7. Tiger Campbell says:

    So, can someone PM me..this stuff is Greek to me but I like the phone and have used it previously. I want to get the My5 plan on the phone as I currently have it with my current Rogers contract (I have 2 years remaining on my contract). How much extra per month would this phone cost me?? Thanks!

  8. Pdx says:

    You can’t exchange your old phone for the new one if you’ve gone over the 30 minutes in the Rogers “Worry-Free” refund policy. This is in fine print so watch out for that.

  9. Gazoobee says:

    fido and Rogers seem to be giving us a bad deal yet again. It’s interesting that they are not even providing the information that most people want to know also. For instance if I get the new one and give the old one to my partner, can she use it or is it still “locked”? Also, is there any kind of break for two iPhone families or are we still looking at a collective $140 a month for two users? That’s freaking outrageous just for service for two phones, especially when you consider that both of them together are only going to use about a thousandth of the bandwidth I’m paying for on the *single* phone I have now. Another issue is whether or not I can just buy a damn off contract phone and use it on fido. If fido is going to be selling “no contract” price phones itself (leaving potentially thousands of iPhone 3G’s to be sold on Craigslist or given to wives and husbands), why the hell can’t I just buy one from Apple and get a proper warranty on it?

  10. paul says:

    Thanks Apple, Now I can take videos with my phone, something that I could do with my 5 year old phone.

  11. JLSTF says:

    I phoned rogers today to ask about the 6GB $30 plan they said i qualified for it but they would take away my value pack and put on the new 6GB plan but i would loose from my value pack “Call Display” “Text Messages” and “Visual Voicemail” But i could re-add these on for $15-$20.

    So now my bill will be $15-$20 higher plus tax,AND they would reset my contract back to 3 years. When i ask why my contract would be set back to 3 years(i am only 6 months in to a 3 year contract now) They said since they are offering me such a discounted rate on the 6GB plan they have to reset me back to 3 years……..BULL***T.

    And for the new Iphone 3GS you only can upgrade if your phone is 2 years old,so if you want the new 3GS and your phone is not 2 years old you will have to buy it straight out and pay full price but they didn’t have a price yet for the phone they said call back on the 19th.

    Same old Sh*t from robbers all the time.

    If anyone has any info please post thanks

  12. zeter says:

    hehehe, new iPhone (they added S to 3G).
    good one.
    if I could replace my 3G with 3GS for some reasonable fee I’d do it because 3G is crap (seriously. low-quality product for high price) but to buy pretty much the same phone with pretty much the same features for full price (they don’t even know how much they should charge for it – probably trying to figure out how to rip off their customers and get as much profit as possible) – not gonna happen.
    I’ll wait another year for new iPhone (3GSZ ? or maybe 3G Turbo ?) and replace my 3G. They will probably come up with some new cool ideas like adding new 4px camera.

  13. CRUZ says:

    I called Rogers today and asked about getting this new 3GS but because I got my “3G” a few months ago they said I did not qualify, she said I would have to be in my current contract for 2 yrs. I got mad and she said just to wait until later this year because the 4th Gen Iphone will be coming out!!!! She sounded convincing, not sure if this is true.

  14. Dylan says:

    what really made me angry was that from the questions and answers above someone asked whether or how much rogers will charge for tethering? are you F#@&ing kidding me?? why in hell would you even give them any thoughts of charging for tethering after all we are paying for the Data why shouldn’t we be able to use what we paid for? so they can charge us again for something that we already paid for this is just ridicules these criminals robbers are getting away with what ever the F@#$& they want it isn’t fair we pay they highest prices in THE WORLD and we have the LONGEST CONTRACTS IN THE WORLD isn’t that enough? in the US you pay $15 for unlimited internet and here we pay 25 for 500mb and now they try to play sweet to offer the “PROMO” 6BB/$30 which is still very expensive now on top of all the outargues voice plan prices we have they try to even charge us for tethering after the end of the year?? if people agree to pay that fee then we must be the dumbest nation in the world to accept that crap after so much. i’m sorry if I sound like i’m boiling right now but many of us have had enough of these robbers and criminals and we don’t have much choice but we really have to do something about it, all of us have to get together and stop this

  15. Headrush says:

    Rogers web site states:

    1) MMS is included in the $15 Visual Voice Mail pack.
    2) No extra charge for tethering if you have a 1GB or greater data plan. (Data counts against your data plan)

  16. TRYING says:

    I fully agree with Dylan’s comment. I think we have to take steps to stop Rogers from getting away with anything they want. Thanks Dylan for making a great point

  17. Danny says:

    To Gazoobee:

    A colleague of mine is paying $80 a month for a two iPhone contract.

  18. Sam says:

    U guys are bunches of idiot, why not stop paying rogers during the contact so the company will lose money and they would make customer support better

  19. Headrush says:

    Hey Sam, before you start calling people retards, get a clue.
    Many companies (such as Canadian Tire) are automated to make credit report updates as soon as you are late.

    You really want late payments entries on your credit report in the HOPES that Rogers incoming monies is so slow that they make changes, and that fast, good luck.

  20. Stfn says:

    Calvin, please stop with the population/landmass argument. It is patently false. You need only look at the distribution of Canada’s population to see that we are no less densely populated on average than other countries with much better service. The problem here is lack of competition.

    Rogers should have been barred by the Competition Bureau from buying Fido. The Competition Bureau had the power to do this and has in the past barred mergers among banks and other corporations to prevent the creation of monopolies and other unfair structures. In this case, as we are all seeing now, they dropped the ball. There are other structural issues that have prevented foreign carriers from entering the market but this (the merger or Rogers and Fido) is, IMO, the main juncture where the industry in Canada went wrong.

  21. stormy says:

    i just bought the phone in march09 i had the original iphone american one which i thought was to be roger;sbut i bit the bullit and bought the 3g my fault for $.250 and was put back into a 3yr contract also my husband was put back as well if they do not allow me to buy a phone i will buy my husband contract out and go to tellas and wait my contract out and never look back ilike rogers i am 60yr it is just too expensive for me plus i still own my 1st phone outright.maybe somebody will sell their 3gsyou it is like the old story what if!

  22. Headrush says:

    Device only 32GB iPhone GS from Rogers – $780

    Good god. more than some laptops. You people that really think that Rogers is subsidizing almost $500 when they force you to get a 3 year contract are amazing.

  23. ace says:

    Can i use the iphone on prepaid if i pay full price or not?

  24. mike says:

    you people are all babies if u dont like the price dont get it grow up

  25. Mike says:

    Guys / Gals
    You are all right in what you say. Having Rogers and a few others monopolise Canada is really a disgrace and a humiliation to us all but as they are the only service providers out there right now if you want a mobile phone then you have to use one of their networks.Most other countries offer many different pay as you go sim cards that you can use from any country I notice Canada does not promote that kind of thing. I hate the fact that Rogers does not always offer you the best deal for you even though they have one they will always wait until you enquire.
    I had pay as you go with an ordinary phone and they requested $29 every month just for text and messenging plan that I never used. I am now on the 15 cents/min plan that works out much cheaper. I had to contact them just to see if it was available. There are many sharks out there and Rogers is just one of them. Money in Alberta was easy to come by for most people during the good old days but sadly is like everywhere else now so dont let the big boys take advantage of you. They had the good times now let them give something back whilst the going is not so good.


  26. karim says:

    i want to know the price of the 16 gb 3gS iphone in canada , without contract ? can anyone reply to me at my e-mail:
    [email protected]

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