SampleSource Fall Sampler Should Go Live At 9am Eastern Time This Morning!

I may be wrapped up in virtual kindergarten and grade one at 9am should this go live today, so I will give you the heads up bright and early this morning. Since it didn’t go live last Tuesday, it’s almost certain that the SampleSource fall sample box will be available at 9am eastern time this morning.

Make sure that you have an account and that your information is up to date before 9am. Once it goes live the site becomes extremely busy and you may not even be able to make an account at that time, and samples may be running out as you are attempting to register.

If you order your sample box come back and let us know how many samples you were able to get this time!

Click here to visit the SampleSource Canada website and watch for it to live at 9am eastern time. 

20 responses to “SampleSource Fall Sampler Should Go Live At 9am Eastern Time This Morning!”

  1. madryn_m says:

    It’s live now! Go go go!

  2. K says:

    Got it (16 items) – Important to relog in if you were logged in before 9 AM !

  3. Elle says:

    16 samples!

  4. Orla Morgan says:

    I got 12 samples, most I’ve ever gotten!

  5. Christopher says:

    I got 7-8 samples, good.

  6. HappyCouponSaver78 says:

    16 samples! last time I was aware but very tired due to *red blimp* And the first time I got them 16 samples wow! For the first time I was knowing the time at 6 am pst!!

  7. HappyCouponSaver78 says:

    I got it 16 samples!! Last time I was aware of the time but I was too tired due to red blimp!

  8. HappyCouponSaver78 says:

    16 for me!

  9. Tweets77 says:

    scored 16 samples with no glitches at all!

  10. Kerry says:

    Got 12,but got no email so went directly to sample source.Wasted five minutes because of it

  11. Arteme says:

    I got 12, rejected one item I had no use for. Very happy. 🙂

  12. Sheila says:

    I got 9, two actually sold out just as I was about to click!! Still happy – it has become so popular. Hilarious

  13. Kinguy27 says:

    How y’all getting so many?! I got 4.

  14. Christine Reynolds says:

    I never got any email saying they were out

  15. jen king says:

    i got 19 this am!

  16. JJ Nick says:

    Whaaat? I just got my email from sampler today Oct 9 at 11am. I responded in 15 min and got 2 samples: a coupon for instant icing, and an RxBar

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