Save up to 60% and stay 2 nights free with Sandals and Beaches Resorts


Until February 15th Sandals and Beaches Resorts is offering up to 60% off and 2 free nights when you book online.

Can someone please call my husband and hint to him to check this post? Sandals is a great resort and I’d love to go! I could really use some sunny weather especially since we live in the snow belt of Ontario.

Click here to check out this limited time offer.

15 responses to “Save up to 60% and stay 2 nights free with Sandals and Beaches Resorts”

  1. Lana72 says:

    I’ll call yours if you call mine : )

  2. benji says:

    Keep in mind, 60% off is the hotel only…..airfare is not included.

    So you’re looking at about USD450+/night, not including airfare. Airfare can be cheap with Sunwing or Westjet, but still, keep that in mind when looking at this “deal”.

  3. Sally says:

    I honestly didn’t see anything for 450 usd night. I found rooms for under 200$ a night, which is very reasonable for an all inclusive resort, considering we end up paying that to stay at a nice hotel thats not inclusive when we go on overnighters in Ontario. Yes airfare is not included, but they do offer a lowest price guaranteed on their rooms. I’ve had some friends stay at these resorts before, that have already booked through this offer and told me they saved a ton, compared when there not on sale. So thats why I thought it was decent.

    I guess it depends what kind of resort, and or hotel you generally are accustomed to.

  4. Houston says:

    Expensive and cold. Nobody on this board is going to use this. Normal people looking for deals use sell off vacations. There are plenty of better deals out there.. especially during a US recession.

  5. Jennifer says:


    I’m getting married this year and this deal helped me out I saved approx $1600, I’m so happy.

    Houston, not everyone is down or out, nor should you assume so. Sure there are some rough times, but people are still vacationing, and spending.

    Thanks for the deal Smart Canucks.

  6. benji says:

    I clicked on the cheapest resort there was (based on the website’s own main page) and it came up at USD450/night.

    Either way, folks, read the fine print…that price doesn’t include your airfare, so it’s not a package.

    Jennifer, it’s great you’re doing so well when so many people are losing their jobs and homes. I wouldn’t be bragging when many are suffering.

    Sally, you’re right though – it may have been the dates I chose (the real dates I do have off)…so who knows.

    But I just want to emphasize it’s not a package…the only discount is on the room itself, not any airfare, and airfare can be a big chunk of travel plans.

  7. Stephen says:

    I’ve been to Sandals Regency in St. Lucia and it was fabulous. There are resorts out there that are cheaper and there are probably some that are better too. At regular prices Sandals is definitely a rip off. However, you’ll likely get a lot better experience at Sandals than you would at a cheapo resort. Also, all inclusive really means all inclusive at Sandals. Very few things are not included.

    The Grande on St. Lucia is also aweseom … we visited but didn’t stay the night there. There are 3 Sandals resorts on St. Lucia fairly close to each other and when you stay at 1 you can move about between all 3 of them. Something like a total of 13 awesome restaurants between the 3 of them. All the way from upper class fancy down to beach grills.

    If you can afford it, go for it! Do your research on Trip Advisor and make sure you get a recently rennovated room. When you arrive, insist on it if they try to “upgrade” you to an older more rundown room.

  8. Stephen says:


    I think the 2 free nights is only for Beeches resorts (more family oriented and not quite as good as Sandals). There are some free nights offers @ Sandals but they require you to stay in some of the more expensive suites and many of those aren’t all that great compared to the standard rooms … especially when you consider the price.

  9. Sally says:

    I think the all inclusive means meals, activities etc.

    I’d love to go but this year were trying to pay off any debt we have (other then our mortgage) so maybe swing to save enough to go to Florida next winter with the kiddies.

    I just thought it might help others out and or its sometimes nice to dream of warm weather when its so cold here.


  10. S J says:

    Another great all inclusive Resort i have heard about is Star fish, little cheaper than Sandal woods.But I have only heard thats good never been there.

  11. Sara says:

    Hi. Just came back from Sandals in Jamaica (two weeks ago). We used this deal online – you can book flights through the website also. We booked a suite with private pool – got one night free, a $250 spa voucher and including flight it cost us under $3000 which is quite reasonable considering it includes food, drinks, etc.. I looked on all the “deal” websites and this was far and away the best price for a Sandals resort. It was great.

  12. Ryan says:

    Ya, not sure why people are bashing on the deal. This deal is fairly standard though it gets offered every year, it is slightly better this year than past years but still not bad.

    I normally go to a Couples resort in Jamaica, they offer similar deals like 50% if you book between july-dec, they have a much better grid of what time is best to book to get the best deal.

    These places are considered a 5+ star, where scuba diving, golf is included, food is always a bit better, quality of drinks is better and so on. Once you go to one of these places nothing else will compare.

  13. benji says:

    I wasn’t bashing the deal…just making people aware that it doesn’t include air (and the dates I looked at certainly wasn’t a “deal”).

    I’ve stayed at Sandals in Cuba…LOOOOVED it!

  14. mememe says:

    To Benji: um… I dont think any one was bragging its kind of rude to say what you said.. and im very sorry if you lost your job but its no need to take it out on others! sorry but your comment really hit me as bitter, and just plain mean.

    But, on another note! this is a great post! ive been waiting for a sandals promotion! thanks so much.

  15. mememe says:

    And its because people are scared of this so called “recession” that they stop spending, companies stop hiring and lay people off which makes less money and ends up bad for the economy. so really its our own fear that is causing this all because someone said the economy is not doing so great! we are all just making it worse!


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