Sears Canada Enter to Win Tickets to a Lg Fashion Show Event March 31st Toronto Day 4


Sears Canada has given me  4 tickets to give away to Smart Canucks readers to attend a Fashion Week Event on March 31 2010!

How do you enter? Simply be available to attend The LG Fashion Show Event and be  in the Toronto area on March 31 2010. You also must be at least 18 to enter. I am going to post an “outfit” from each day and I want you to tell me if its a hit or miss, and if it’s a miss what you’d do to make it a hit (using clothing. )  Your responses will be your entry. On March 29th at 8pm I will draw 2 random winners to win a set (2) tickets each.

Remember please DO NOT enter unless you would be available to attend the event.

Sally’s pick with “Kensie”

Kensie is a line that Sears has recently started carrying, in fact if you spend $50 or more on their fashions your receive a free gift.

Kensie Jersey Dress paired with Jessica Triumph Sandals and these darling Jlo Earrings I couldn’t find a bag that suited just so, if you find one let me know!

42 responses to “Sears Canada Enter to Win Tickets to a Lg Fashion Show Event March 31st Toronto Day 4”

  1. melissa says:

    miss i would add a belt!

  2. Veronica says:

    It’s a miss. That neckline is pretty unflattering. If you were going with Kensie, I would go with the Floral Dress in Royal Blue Multi (it’s more on trend for this season)

    With the Steve Madden Dressy Low Wedge Sandals in Metallic:

    And a scarf like this to accessorize

  3. maplegirl says:

    I like this one…. 🙂

  4. scarletdiva says:

    i really like this one, too. i find that type of garment is really flattering if you have a little something around your midsection you’d like to keep to yourself! and the shoes and bracelet are simple, elegant!

  5. Onlybluemomma says:

    I think this is a HIT!
    Love the color and that is not super tight against the body!

  6. JInny says:

    I love it!!

  7. cheapy says:

    Very cute, definitely a hit for me! Great colour for spring!

  8. Sean says:

    Great outfit. I would love to see my gf in this! I wouldn’t add anything~!

  9. Jordan says:

    yep, that’s a winner : )

  10. abfab says:

    miss. it needs a chunky bracelet such as the Sedona Bangle Bracelet.

  11. Stephania says:

    A HIT if you were going to a wedding OR a club! Funny how those two things would be synonymous…

  12. Glitter99 says:

    Hit. Sally has great taste!
    LOVE the shoes!!

  13. Katherine says:

    A big hit! I love pairing blue with silver, and it’s a great spring look! (And the dresses that are a little tighter around the bottom help when there’s a breeze!)

  14. Riya says:

    definitely hit. I love it.

  15. Daria says:

    That’s a great party dress! Total hit!

  16. shabba suraj says:

    I love the colour of the dress. It matches the colour of the shoes and the bracelet. HIT!

  17. maksik says:

    hit! great taste

  18. HawksCheerleader01 says:

    Gorgeous colour! Love the sandals!

    … It’s a HIT!!

  19. SarahG says:

    I love the shoes and the bracelets, however I would substitute the dress for the Kensie crepe dress in black. Thanks!

  20. ~IamJ~ says:

    I’m on the same page as Stephania! 😛

    The dress and hoops say clubbing but the shoes say wedding. hmmm.

    I’d change your jersey dress to BLACK and put the Attitude pleated dot skirt right over top of it. Hike up the bottom of the jersey.

    Change your shoes to the BLACK option

    Lose the earrings and replace with something way smaller like Jessica hoops:×25-snap-hoop/04237730?ptag=1

    Add a bright bag like the the Della yellow or David Jones coral:

  21. atomikgurl says:

    This dress is a total HIT!

    Personally I would go all out and add some boldness.

    Add this sleek cuff bangle:

    A bold contrasting pop of coral with this handbag:

    Finish with some super-trendy black pumps:

  22. Jessica Pang says:

    I think this one is a hit. It’s a simple, but it’s a classib with bold colours accentuated with metalic detail. I am glad you didn’t pair this with leggings or panty hose.I wouldn’t change a thing.

  23. Cat says:

    The dress and earingas are great! However, the shoes are a miss. Replacing the shoes with either Jessica/MD Satin Peep-Toe in silver or Steve Madden (MD) Patent Leather Fashion Pumps in the pink colour would change this look completely and make it HOT!

  24. Smart A Canuck says:

    A Hit!

  25. CarolD. says:

    Shoes…a little old school.
    Dress…just not a style many of us could wear, but the colour is AMAZING!
    Earrings….love, love, love them!
    Looks like Sears is finally getting it together in the fashion department.

  26. Helen says:


    I’m sorry but even the skinny model looks kind of chubby. Bottom of that dress is strange. Someone suggested adding a belt – that might help a bit.

  27. tink42 says:

    Miss here from me – I am not a fan of this dress at all.

  28. joeyjoejoejoe says:

    Seems like every other post on SC is abotu sears now… smells like an advertising

  29. 2jk19 says:

    It is a hit! I love the turquoise blue colour and the silver goes well!

  30. Lindy says:

    Wow, this really is a hit. The turquoise blue is really great for spring and those shoes are fabulous.

  31. mimij says:

    love this! a hit for sure .. love the color of the dress 🙂

  32. Natasha says:

    Miss. Not a fan of that blue – it might have worked it there had been a more exiting fabric – not just a solid blue. The shoes are great, but the earrings are nothing special if you ask me!

  33. poohbear2973 says:

    hate it.
    It makes the model look wide.
    This dress might go better with the shoes and earrings:

    I like this one, it is flirty and feminine:

    But again, I’d shorten it a bit.

  34. Sarah says:

    It’s a hit, I like it.

  35. Radeyah says:

    Miss, needs a wrislet or clutch to
    go with it. Earrings could be bigger/longer since theirs no neck showing off.

    Dress is nice, go Sally! 🙂

  36. Joyce says:

    cute…BUT i don’t think it will look nice on a normal girl…

  37. Sunnygirl says:

    It’s a hit! I like the bright colour of the dress and the earrings are great!

  38. Rebecca says:

    I really like the colour of the dress and I think it is good for anyone with a little something around the midsection they still need to shave off before bikini season!

  39. Flora says:

    Miss – the dress would be more flattering on the figure if you add a simple belt to accessorize. this one would nice with it. This bag, as it’s white, small and stylish to match the bright dress and accessories.

    Adding a boyfriend blazer like this one: can create a more put together sophisticated look. Rolling up the sleeves would make the look more feminine.

    Also, you can accessorize your bare arm with a bracelet like this:

  40. christina says:

    I think its a hit.


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