Sears Canada new website design! Hunting for bargains made easier!?!? save 10$ off $100

searsold relaunched their website with a new design less then 2 weeks ago.  I seem to want to compare it to layout but a tad different. As of now I’m having a hard  time navigating since I was so use to the old layout. However I am finding a lot more information on one page and a lot more categories. I do like that I can view all the current promotions, and the deal of the day for the Outlet all on one page.

Right now there is 40% off selected housewares and Christmas Decorations as well as the Gift With Purchase for Clinique when you spend $26.50.  I need to order my Clinique soon before the promo is over.

Have you checked out the new yet? What are your thoughts?

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20 responses to “Sears Canada new website design! Hunting for bargains made easier!?!? save 10$ off $100”

  1. itsjustmebub says:

    hmm, will definitely check it out.
    I HATED their old website lol

  2. JSAM's Mom says:

    Beware though of their ‘sales’. I bought a Lagostina pot set at Costco for $218. Sears regular price was $600 for the exact same set. Even at 60% off during their last sale, Costco’s regular price was still cheaper. Always price check! (I’m sure this happens with other retailers, too, which is why I always price check, but why such a huge difference?)

  3. Sally says:

    Oh I hate that Jsams mom! I’ve had that happen with so many retailers now I research to heck when I’m going too make a purchase over $50!

    Once I bought a toy at Zehrs for 40$ walked over to Walmart and the same one was 14$!

    The Zehrs one went back immediately!

    Or my blender story. Buy it at Walmart for 49, that Saturday it went on at Canadian tire for 19$!!!!!


    Sometimes I find really good deals on the site, sometimes not so much.

  4. AL says:


  5. Shannon FinkHelfrick says:

    Unfortunately their new website lost the wishlist that we had been adding to for Christmas and for our Renos. This amounts to hours of re-inputting…expecially as we use it for quick referencing so we can price check so we don’t overpay there. I am not at all impressed with the new website. I find it considerable slower!

  6. Sally says:

    Al, I just count the 3$ as shipping and to me 3$ is pretty darn cheap. Not many other places would ship a full kitchen set for 3$.

    If I shop at Home Depot online my shipping might be as high as 50$ then if im not happy with the item I’m out my 50$.

    So 3? Isn’t much to me 🙂

    Shannon, that really stinks 🙁

  7. JSAM's Mom says:

    Ah, but wait….my mom lives in a rural area, and recently went to place an order and they wanted to charge her the $3 shipping fee, PLUS a $4.95 handling fee to have it delivered to the depot in town. So she changed the pickup location to one near my work, and the handling fee disappeared. So I guess from now on I’ll have to run out on my lunch to pick up my mom’s Sears orders to she doesn’t get dinged with bogus charges.

  8. Sally says:

    Really????????????? WOW! I live super rural as well and have never come across a service fee. I am going to call and ask whats up with this!

  9. JSAM's Mom says:

    I’ve never seen it before either. She ordered a bedspread, a shirt and 3 bras. Don’t know why they came up with that charge. If you find out, I’d be interested in learning of their excuse….oops, I mean explanation. 🙂 lol

  10. Ciel says:

    The catalogue orders used to be no charge a few years ago if sent to a Sears catalogue pickup site (Sears store or retailer carrying the catalogue–one retailer closed this year in my town and only allowed Sears Card orders in past few years; so for COD orders, I had to go to a Sears store to pickup my order). Then it was a charge on COD orders, but not on Sears card orders.

    Regarding the $4.95 fee, the first fee in this link is for direct-to-home shipping. That is in addition to the $3 catalogue charge. So if that $4.95 fee is worth saving, then using a Sears catalogue pickup outlet/store is the best idea.

  11. Sally says:

    OOOOOh that makes sense then! I always get mine shipped to depot.

  12. JSAM's Mom says:

    My mom picked depot shipping – she always does and it’s her default shipping. I didn’t believe her and tried it myself, and it came up with a $4.95 charge when I tried to have it sent to her local depot. Maybe it was a technical glitch? Let’s hope so!

  13. baggylady says:

    You really do have to be careful with Sears, though. I found they hide those hidden costs a lot. My first purchase didn’t show the total amount including all charges until AFTER it was charged to my card, then I saw the $3 handling fee, which ticked me off. I read most of the details on shipping already to try and figure out if there was any charge to ship to store for pick up and it said no charge, so I thought “great”. For such a giant chain, it’s ridiculous to charge at all for “handling”.

  14. Blondpolack says:

    Here is some interesting info I just received the other day on Sears Canada that I had no Idea of, I will be rethinking wether I buy thru sears or not

    I agree with this completely. There’s another thing that I’ll bet a lot of people aren’t aware of about Sears – their credit card has been taken over by Chase, a US bank.


    Sears Canada call centre for catalogue orders in Regina, closed on Sept. 17/09. That left 250 people out of jobs. The call centre in Belleville, was also closed leaving 230 people without jobs. Now when you call your order in you will be speaking to people in the Philippines. That’s right folks Sears has moved its call centre to the Philippines because it is cheaper.
    I don’t know about you people but with the way the economy is I know I will no longer be shopping at Sears. If they can’t keep the jobs in Canada then they can move all their stores to the Philippines.

    Please pass this on. We need to make a stand. Our economy is not going to get any better unless these big companies start sourcing in the country that they do business.

    If you do a search on Sears Canada Vs Sears Philippines you will find alot of blogs in relation to this

  15. Sally says:

    Sears Canada is an American company though, the outsourcing unfortunately doesn’t surprise me in this day and age 🙁

  16. Bert says:

    I think the three dollars is a reasonable fee. It doesn’t matter if you order a pair of shoes or a whole bedroom set it is still three dollars. I work at a catolgue dept at SEARS and you would be surprised the number of people who order a COD (cash on delivery) and never ever pick it up. They change their minds and sometimes it is a whole bedroom set, living room furniture or tractors. This stuff has to be shipped back to the company and it is not free to ship this. I think it is a reasonable fee. Soon I wouldn’t be surprised if there was no longer COD ordering for this reason alone. We can’t go after all these people for the three dollars. Anytime you order on line anywhere there is a shipping and handling fee, did you ever check those infomercials 19.99 plus shipping and handling. Three dollars is nothing.

    About the call centers. I agree it should have remained CANADIAN. But if people stop shopping at SEARS then I too will be out of a job…and then you have the trickle down effect. I know SEARS employs a large number of people trough out Canada and they are one of the top retail places in respect to wages. So let me keep my job and keep on shopping at SEARS.

  17. rose frose says:

    well, people, i was a dedicated sears shopper. no longer! first, the 3$ fee; that was annoying, cuz it’s not MY faultwhen what i order isn’t the way it looked in the catalogue, or doesn’t fit. then they switched to this foreign place, where they can’t be well understood (i have a hearing loss and have trouble with accents), and then- here’s the real kicker, folks- when my item is not available (which also happens more than it used to) i ge asked-repeatedly- if i would like a different size or color! hello! i ordered the size that should fit, and the color i wanted! had i wanted something else, i would’ve ordered sometthing else!
    it’s interesting to hear about the site redesign, because that’s exactly what was my final straw today. it kept telling me i had to specify a sears pickup location, but would not give me a way to do so. we went round and round for nearly an hour! it ate my wishlist, too. i had a $150 order, but i will go ffind these things at walmart or somewhere else. sears is not the only business around, and i will put my $ where my mouth is.

  18. Chain Saws says:

    Wow! Thank you! I always wanted to write in my site something like that. Can I take part of your post to my blog?

  19. Blogs says:

    Hi, I can’t understand how to add your site in my rss reader. Can you Help me, please 🙂

  20. jjlynne says:

    I will NEVER shop at Sears again! I jumped online in early December to order gifts for family and friends and specified a pick up location. I was told I should receive an email within 24 hours and also that my order would take 6 – 10 days to fill. I never received the email. So I called in to inquire about the status and was told by a very rude gentleman that only one of the 7 items would be able to picked up on December 23rd and the rest on December 30th!

    I expressed my displeasure with the entire thing and asked him to cancel the order except for the one item that could be picked up on the 23rd, and refund my credit card.

    On December 23rd I went to pick up the white cardigan, being in a rush I didnt look in the bag until I got home. What a surprise, I had a pair of black gloves and short sleeved cream colored silk shirt??

    Back to the rude customer serviced rep that was supposed to cancel the order, I get a call on December 30th that there are items to be picked up. I went back to the store with my gloves and silk top I never ordered to complain and make sure the order was properly canceled and learned something very interesting.

    The reason I am having all these problems is because all of this is being processed in the Philippines. Cheap labor is worth more than good customer service and timely delivery.

    What an aggravating experience!!


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