Sephora Canada: Give 1 (empty), Get 1 FREE FULL-SIZED Origins Moisturizer! *tomorrow only*



Tomorrow only, i.e. Earth Day, when you bring in any empty cosmetics container to your nearest Sephora, they will give you a FULL-SIZED bottle of either Origins Starting Over Moisturizer OR A Perfect World Moisturizer…FREE!

Just saw this on Facebook and knew that I just *had* to share! This is totally awesome ’cause I’m gonna hit up BOTH Kiehl’s and Sephora for their enviro-friendly freebies. 🙂

Check out the full details about this event on Sephora’s Facebook page here.

17 responses to “Sephora Canada: Give 1 (empty), Get 1 FREE FULL-SIZED Origins Moisturizer! *tomorrow only*”

  1. Maple says:

    Please beware of the fine prints: you must bring in an empty bottle of FULL-SIZE facial product. They’ll reject the trade if it’s not full-size.

  2. LegallyB says:

    Hi everyone, don’t waste your time with Sephora Earth Day promo. I went before the mall opened, and they said they “ran out” of the product within the first 5 minutes even though the mall wasn’t that busy. Sephora really fumbled this on a marketing and disclosure level: 1. Indicate on ads that this promo is only for very limited quantities; and 2. Follow what other stores that have offered similar promos in the past do, by at least providing some small samples to the customer for other products they sell, so the promo is not a “bait and switch” tactic to lure customers into the store.

  3. Christine says:

    This was awesome! My daughter and I got one each (:

  4. Stephania says:

    YES, this was a waste of time, indeed. I scrounged my house for FULL-sized empties, after you guys pointed out that they were being picky, showed up an hour after the mall opened, and the girl behind the counter said that they ran out within 15mins after opening. Apparently, there was a LINE-up outside the store.

    The girl said, “Why don’t you try Mapleview? They got a really BIG shipment!” Mapleview is like an hour’s drive…for a freebie.

    I really think they screwed up on this one. Not preparing enough giveaways. Instead, I was given this tiny, Sephora jar with like 2 pumps on the product – in place of a FULL-SIZED bottle. :(((

  5. Jessie says:

    I agree! I went to the one in Coquitlam Centre (an hour after the mall opened) and was told that it was all gone! But at least they gave me three small samples – perfume, benefit facial moisturizer and cleanser.

  6. jobluu says:

    I’m sorry to hear that the above posters did not receive the freebie. My mother and I fortunately were able to each receive one in exchange for an empty facial moisturizer and facewash. We were at the mall by 10:55am (mall opens at 11:00am) and 5 minutes into it, there were at least 20 people lining up. From the looks of it, there were about 60-70 creams for each of the two type.

  7. Jing says:

    Yes this was a waste of time indeed. I went two hours after the mall opened (Toronto Eaton Center) and was told all freebies have been given away. Alternatively, they offered three 1ml size of eye treatment product. No thanks!

    To make matters worse, when I rushed to Kiehls (which giveaway supposed to last to April 30th) I was told they have exhausted their supplies also.

  8. amelia says:

    I went to the Kingsway location in Edmonton, I brought in 4 small clean cosmetic containers (mostly deluxe sample sizes) and I got one free origins offer. They seemed to have more than enough.

  9. Annie says:

    Yes, this was a big waste of time, I didn’t get mine either. Sephora never prepares enough of these freebies…then I went over to Kiehls and same thing, they were all out of stock too. Except Kiehl’s is supposed to go on til the end of the month…but they already ran out now??

  10. Mya says:

    I’m sorry to hear that people in the bigger cities couldn’t get any due to limited stock. Everyone in my family got one and thank god there was no lineup at our store. The mall was kinda quiet actually. I would suggest to those who couldn’t get any due to limited stock to go to smaller towns and cities next time. I was there around 11:30 and they had tons left and my parents came after around 12:00ish and still had tons left.

  11. Fish says:

    I went to yorkdale mall and they were out of stock too. They didn’t offer any other small samples =( it’s obvious that they didn’t provide enough samples for people. Good thing when I went to Kiehl’s they still have lots of samples in stock!

  12. christna says:

    i went to Pacific center in Vancouver and no sample . waist of time.

  13. Jane says:

    WHAT A WASTE OF TIME. I printed the form at work,eventhough we are not allowed print personal stuffs, I still printed it. I had emptied my precious Nivea lotion container since I do not have any empty containers. When I arrived to the Eaton Centre, I was shocked of tiny freebie. OMG! I want to cry.

  14. torontogal12 says:

    @Jing I was at the Toronto Eaton Centre 10 minutes after they opened. There was a line already when I got there. I bet these were all gone within minutes

    @Jane, yes the freebie is small but it retails for $40 on the Sephora website!!!!

    @Mya very few people will drive to another town for a freebie. Some people don’t have cars and for those who do, gas is expensive and would sometimes cost more than the freebie itself

  15. Mrs. Doubtflyer says:

    Couldn’t get one here in Fairview, Pointe Claire QC either. But mind you, we arrived there at around 4pm. They didn’t even offer any other sample. They seemed disorganized, telling everyone that we had to trade in an empty origins product until I told the staff that the email states otherwise. I seen one of the customers decided to take the liberty of obtaining her own free full size “sample” of a product in spite. It doesn’t make it right but I know the feeling of traveling public transit for an hour and a half each way to not get a freebie. So We ended up going to Starbucks for free iced coffee which was in the same mall. Their coffee is very strong, kept me wired for hours. Luckily I went to keilhs the first day of the promo. I am slightly disappoint with sephora but they are usually good with these things such as the birthday freebies. Unfortunately now for the other freebies you need to spend 100 beauty points for a humble sample.

  16. Miranda says:

    ^it’s also supposed to be for Earth Day so driving around to get your free thing is kind of against the point!

  17. Mrs. Doubtflyer says:

    That is very true…Perhaps the next time they could have a system where you order the freebie online and get a confirmation number to bring in to the store you select, so that several people do not end up driving around for nothing. Or a simple plan would be to call the store before leaving to see if they ran out, which I often do not think of doing. In addition I wish fast food joints would encourage people to bring reusable mugs/bottles. It’s horrid to see a hoard of empty cups littering the area within a 5 mike radius of a McDonalds.


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