Shocking news! The Beebs Got His Hair Chopped Off. What Do We Think Canada?


So it’s no secret that I don’t mind the Beebs. In fact I repect the kid.  Not only was he born and raised close to where I live but he’s simply Canadian.  Anyways Justin Bieber got his hair chopped off for a more “mature” cut.  What do we think? Hit or miss? Should of he kept his signature locks?  I think it looks cute and trendy. I wonder how many young boys will be at the hair salon tomorrow getting the new Justin do.

*If you can’t take a light hearted joke, maybe just skip past*

68 responses to “Shocking news! The Beebs Got His Hair Chopped Off. What Do We Think Canada?”

  1. golfglove says:

    WHO CARES ????

  2. Sally says:

    apparently not you grumpy arse lol. Take a joke.

  3. Laura says:

    Makes him look older. Good business decision.

  4. KJ says:

    I honestly bet your are right that all the kiddies will be getting their hair cut just like Justin. I honestly think the shag look is out…and how can those kids see where they are going with all that hair in their faces…

  5. PINKROSE says:

    I do not like his new do 🙁

  6. J says:

    he looks 3X dorkier now 🙁

  7. Scarecrow says:

    Now he looks like Hilary Swank

  8. V says:

    Breaking news, eh ?

  9. sweetmomma says:

    Haha! I think he can make it work! My friends over 30 will like him more now! LOL!

  10. JadeSpade says:

    I’m not really a fan of Justin but looking at the hair style, the new one makes him look older. I liked the old hair style on him.

  11. Sally says:

    Hes not a boy, almost a man” haha he should do a duet with Britney 😛

  12. ergo2 says:

    looks ok , but he needs to run a comb through it. or maybe he just woke up?

  13. dawn says:

    One who cares two what is with his parents this kid should be in school and to the ones who thinks he is a roll model think again PS he still looks like a girl .

  14. adora says:

    He looks like Hilary Swank in Boys Don’t Cry.

  15. Andie says:

    i think it was a good idea, but he looks exactly like Emma Watson now.

  16. Minou says:

    Well, it’s an improvement!

  17. JulieA says:

    Took my daughter to see his movie last week. I really like this kid. He;s got a good head on his shoulders, he’s kind and polite, has good moral values, and has an entourage that really cares about him as a person, not just as their income. I like his new “do”. He’ll be a legal adult soon, and this haircut suits this stage of his life.

  18. Skippy says:

    Leave it to Bieber

  19. E says:

    who cares?

  20. Sally says:

    My husband “ugggghhhh why did he do that” WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!

  21. Jen says:

    I think he looks like a girl either way.

  22. Melody Halls says:

    I’m glad he got rid of the Zach Efron doo.

  23. tavisxavier says:

    Seriously, why is this listed here? Who really cares?

  24. alee142010 says:

    I think he looks better with this new haircut. Seriously though, I’m a fan (not obsessively) but I’m surprised with some of the comments on here.
    We don’t know him, so do we have any business dissing him?

  25. Sally says:

    It always makes me giggle when the same person puts negative comments again and again under the same ip. We get the point. You dont care.

  26. Sara says:

    I think this is funny, I liked his old style, he was known for that hair do.

    Plus it is on here for eveyone to have a giggle if they follow the pop trend. If you don’t enjoy it don’t comment. Its like the offers that are on here that you may not be interested in, some like some don’t, but it doesnt mean to get to make snarky remarks. Relax!!!

  27. Shwa Girl says:

    Justin is a Canadian doing good = he’s on the world stage. 1 POINT FOR HIM

    Justin markets himself well with Usher. 1 POINT FOR HIM.

    Justin is not on drugs or a baby daddy, like some of the other pop stars gone bad. 1 POINT FOR HIM.

    Justin makes me proud to say :”I AM CANADIAN!”:)

    Shwa Girl

  28. Peppermint Patty says:

    Like it, he looks like a big boy now. Why in Canada must we eat our young?

  29. Zeta McMillan says:

    ewwww…thanks a nasty new doo!
    I liked the old style much better

  30. Folly says:

    I like his new hairdo. He looks less dorky to me.

  31. alaanna says:

    hotohootototo <3 :$

  32. itsjustmebub says:

    LOVE IT.

  33. Moi says:

    Good on you Sally……nice to lighten it up on the blog

    Booooooo to the others

    PS….his hair….um er…….Vulcan sideburns…..others yeah team!


  34. arlene says:

    I can’t stand him, but at least he doesn’t look like he’s wearing a mop

  35. TD says:

    i think he looks waaaaaaaaaay better

  36. Mrshappy says:

    is it just me or does he have weird lips

  37. KoonB says:

    lookin good’ 😉

  38. Kathleen says:

    He looks great! More mature I think it was a very wise decision. Go Justin! Go Stratford!

  39. Suzanne says:

    He’s cute no matter what!

  40. Violet says:

    He look cute. ohhh I wish I was 15 again. My walls would ave been plastered with posters and newspaper clippings of him.

  41. AmberLab says:

    I disliked the old style big time. It was like a soup bowl chop. The new one looks much more neat and organized.

  42. justme says:

    Lawy lawdy! He finally looks like a BOY!!! Hahaha! And to JulieA, very nice comments, I agree with you completely 🙂

  43. psychojo213 says:

    ANYTHING is better than his old style.

  44. maliha44 says:

    Looks better than his old style. I highly doubt many boys will be getting this haircut, though the girls might! Lol.

  45. anisa says:

    so the ugly girl just got a little uglier…

  46. jen says:

    I like his new hair! Now I think he’s cute. 🙂

  47. dealsniffer says:

    LOL I love reading the comments on here almost more than the story itself. lol you know I normally couldn’t care less about celebrities cutting their hair but I gotta say that I was very interested in seeing his “new do”. lol I personally think it looks better-he doesn’t look like he’s 12 now. lol now he looks like maybe 14-15? I am also happy for him and his success because he is Canadian!!! and he is a good kid as well. good role model… for now. I hope he stays away from bad stuff like drugs and stuff.

  48. melis says:

    I think he’s adorable and funny. I like his new hair cut – I was wondering how long he’d have the shaggy cut for. He grew out of that quickly.

    P.S. When I see something I don’t care about on this blog, I SKIP PAST IT. You don’t see me commenting on all the baby-related deals posts with WHO CARES???? etc. We know Sally likes JB, and this is a blog… so WHO CARES that she posted about it?!

    I consider all the great deals I score from skimming through here – I can deal with a few irrelevant posts here and there. Seriously people.

  49. vibrantflame says:

    It definitely makes him look more his age….but I can’t decide if it actually looks good on him….bet there are a lot of girls out there who wish they could have a piece of that hair that got chopped off! lol

  50. vibrantflame says:

    I would also like to add that I find it so silly when people click through to “leave a comment” only to say that they don’t care or it’s stupid. This is NOT a “deals only” site, there are many different facets of this site, one of which is occasionally leaving funny or interesting blogs. I personally look forward to these and actually miss them as I haven’t seen too many lately. If you don’t like it, just skim past it, it’s so much easier to do then wasting your time leaving comments on how much you hate it.

  51. Janetta says:

    He looks more mature and..hipster-chic..
    I say it’s for the better! I’m sure it gets pretty tiring flicking hair out of your eyes every couple of minutes. Give that young neck a rest, haha. Whoo hoo, no more helmet head!

    Can’t wait until he’s in his late 20’s.

  52. Lori says:

    I don’t care, that being said anyone freaking out about him doing it need to realize it is not their hair therefore they have no say in what he does with it.

  53. Sally says:

    I held stocks in that hair. Now its all gone.

  54. Airline_guy says:

    really i could care less.. its just not news to me.. if it interests someone else.. then by all means, make news of it..

    i am still giggling about the surprised look on his face when he didnt win the Grammy.. lol poor lad

  55. kerry says:

    I don’t like it,the old cut was beautifully sculpted,with precision.I especially like the cut he had on the
    Grammies,that was very classy and attractive..

  56. sally says:

    I was just reading that he also donated the chopped locks of hair to various chairities to auction off etc. I wonder how much a lock of Justins hair will go for.

  57. SuperM says:

    So many adults say they don’t like him – but let’s face it – he is doing something right. My hubby says he sucks and can’t sing. I say – good for him for doing whatever is working.

    And – I like the haircut 🙂 He is a cute kid.

  58. Teresa says:

    My first thought was that he now looks like a young Ryan Philippe and quite handsome. But, hey, I’m OLD and I also know that hair grows almost as quickly as styles change when you’re that young!

  59. Chao says:

    hahaha, nice to know he got a new style! yeah, it’s time to change his looks because I didn’t like his hair style at all. I’m agree with Teresa, he looks like Ryan Philippe in that picture. looks much much better I think lol

  60. Kathleen says:

    Growing up means changes, and change he must. However, he is doing Canada proud, so keep up the good job, young man. He is a good looking youngster, and just wait until he matures to see how handsome he will be then.

  61. Patsy says:

    I’m just glad to see a teenage celebrity who hasn’t been arrested, caught drinking and driving, pregnant, in rehab…

    I think he’s a smart kid! I took my DD to see Megamind on monday and they showed the preview for his movie, I actually wanna see it ( I know, I know LOL) but DD HATES him ( or maybe secretly loves him, she is 7) so I will watch it when it comes out on video!

  62. tudorchick says:

    well,he looks like less of a girl.and that old cut of his..who does that look good on? virtually no one i have seen.and if he donated his hair to charity even better

  63. Melodiem says:

    My 11yr old daughter is devastated! She wants to get her hands on some of the locks being auctioned off for charity 🙂 I agree that Justin Bieber is an awesome role model and I wish people would back off — he’s just a kid! (Let him be one)

  64. Ann says:

    I like his new do, he’s a good Canadian role model. I also enjoy reading things other then deals here, and agree with Vibrantflame that if you don’t like it, just skip past it.

  65. Lindy says:

    I think his new do looks really nice and it makes him look more mature.

  66. candice says:

    way better! looks like a normal person now 🙂

  67. SUE says:

    much better. I can’t help but compare his ‘rise to fame’ to that of Brooke Shields. Her mum was the main force in setting her career up as is his. And, truth be told, I have no interest in either one! LOL


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