Shoppers Drug Mart Canada Bonus Event September 18th – 23rd

Another bonus redemption is happening at Shoppers Drug Mart Canada next week, making your points worth even more! This event will be valid for six days, from September the 18th to the 23rd.

On these six days, you can redeem 50,000 points for up to $65 off, 100,000 points for up to $140 off, or 200,000 points for up to $300 off! It’s up to you to ensure you have the correct amount of merchandise for the level you are redeeming at. If you are only at $290 and choose to redeem the 200,000 points, you will be missing out on $10 worth of items, so make sure you ask for the subtotal after all of your items are scanned.

There is a two day sale on Saturday and Sunday, and here are some of the featured items:

  • Nestle Favourites 50 count $7.99
  • Christie Cookies or Quaker Granola Bars $1.99
  • Crest Toothpaste or Colgate Toothbrushes 88 cents
  • No Name Paper Towels $2.99
  • Wonder Bread $1.99
  • No Name Butter $2.99
  • Dozen Eggs $1.99

Click here to view the flyer on our forum. 

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