Shoppers Drug Mart Canada: Fill It To Win It Contest


Shoppers has a cool new contest. Simply choose what you love about summer, fill your virtual basket worth $100 of Shoppers items and enter your basket for a chance to win.  When I entered my basket I got a free popcorn when I spend $5 or more at Shoppers.

Click here for the full rules

Click here to play

Good Luck!

30 responses to “Shoppers Drug Mart Canada: Fill It To Win It Contest”

  1. Courteney says:

    I got the popcorn as well.

  2. itsjustmebub says:

    woot got mah popcorn too. kids will love that

  3. melissa says:

    me too!

  4. 2jk19 says:

    i got the popcorn too!

  5. nikagirl says:

    That was fun!
    Thanks for the heads up. I got a coupon for popcorn as well.

  6. Zay says:

    me also!

  7. Bargain Seeker says:

    Same here.

  8. krysta says:

    popcorn here as well

  9. yen says:

    got popcorn too!

  10. sharicat says:

    I really had fun with that. got the popcorn coupon too. Hope shoppers takes the printed ones.

  11. RedEng says:

    I thought the prize might depend on what you put in your basket, but it doesn’t. I got the popcorn too, let’s see what tomorrow brings.

  12. puzzlecat says:

    I guess they only give out popcorn coupons. That was a total waste of my time. I’m allergic.

  13. puzzlecat says:

    Got popcorn coupon too. Must be all they’re giving out. So sad…I’m allergic. Wasted my time.

  14. krysta says:

    they have to. its a shoppers promo

  15. krysta says:

    it says you can do it once a day?? maybe every day is something new?

  16. Buffy says:

    I received popcorn as well. It also says there is a bonus if you use your optimum number. Where’s the bonus?

  17. Joy says:

    Popcorn out here in the ‘Peg. Hopefully it’ll be something different every day – otherwise, we’re gonna get sick of poppy-corn pretty soon!

  18. 2jk19 says:

    After myself and 2 others I knew completed it and all got popcorn I was convinced that was the only prize! It is one of my sister’s fav snacks that they have! It is worth $3.99 I believe regular price and it is quite a large bag. They have sweet & salty and white cheddar. Nice of them to offer a freebie like that and $5 is not hard to spend there! AND they give over a month to use it which is good – I hate to rush out and try to find something to buy to take advantage of such promos – then it usually isn’t worth it. THANKS Shoppers AND OP!! I’m curious to see if tmrw brings something new as krysta suggested!

  19. torontogal12 says:

    @sharicat. It’s a Shoppers promo, they will definitely accept a coupon printed from their own website

  20. supermandy says:

    I did it this morning (Apr 24th) at 6:39… I got popcorn too.

    But this is the first ti,e I did it… so we’ll see…

  21. supermandy says:

    Also note that the coupon doesn’t specify what you ‘cant’ spend your money on.

    so I assume prescriptions and giftcards are fair game. If they say no to prescriptions at the store level – then try gift cards – which you can then use to pay for subscriptions.

    I remember the good old days when I could get 20x the points when buying a gift card… then the same day I redeemed the gift card and also got 20x the points 🙂 Then they wised up 🙁

  22. Dotty says:

    Did anyone try to play today? I played yesterday, and just tried again this morning, but got a message saying that I already submitted today (I didn’t) and to try again tomorrow…

  23. ANGRY says:

    Same here. Says I played already today even though I played before the daily draw cut off time. I’ll try again 24 hours after I played yesterday and see if that makes a difference. Useless Shoppers… grrr…

  24. Natalka says:

    Me and a few others on SC aren’t able to play even though the 24 hours have passed…. so don’t know what’s up with them. Will try in the afternoon.

  25. NOTSOANGRY says:

    I tried it again after 24 hours and it worked, I got popcorn again. 🙁 maybe its something new every week otherwise it looks like popcorn as the new household snack lol

  26. FreebieChick says:

    Popcorn here too

  27. Diana says:

    They defined their day to end at 6pm.

  28. Fei says:

    tried today – still getting the popcorn coupon… 🙁

  29. Kaye says:

    I got the popcorn coupon too, but my store didn’t let me redeem the coupon because I was using other coupons for unrelated products (because it’s “not valid with any other offer”). They also refused to honor it because it had no bar code. Why is Shoppers putting out a coupon their stores aren’t even taking??

  30. Muriel says:

    I’ve been playing everyday since this started and,every day it’s popcorn.I sent them an e-mail about this and I’m waiting for an answer back.I love dealing with Shoppers they have some great savings sometimes and I love getting the points.I also asked the question,do we have to send in the same basket everyday or can we change it.I’m waiting on answers from both questions.They will answer back because they have answered other questions for me before.


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