Shoppers Drug Mart Tell A Friend Event: Join Referral Groups Managed by Cyanne

Shoppers Drug Mart Tell A Friend

Cyanne has once again again volunteered to run the referral chain on Smart Canucks to help us get up to 9,545 free Optimum Shoppers Points.

Instead of only earning 5,000 points for shopping during that event we cooperate together on Smart Canucks by forming referral groups so that we all end up getting 4,545 additional free points 😉

The rules are very simple to follow but please make sure you read them before you sign up. If you sign up for the event on your own without following Cyanne’s instructions we will not be able to include you in a group and you will not get the extra points. So please do NOT sign up for that event yet.

Basically we all get assigned into a group, we then all make a purchase of a minimum of $20.00 (before taxes and coupons) between Tuesday, January 11th and Thursday January 13th, 2011 . You will get 5, 000 bonus Optimum points on top of your regular points for shopping on those dates plus if everyone in your group shops you get a bonus of 4,545 points!  An easy way to make 9,545 points!

And remember: if you got the email from Shoppers Drug Mart DO NOT Sign up yet

29 responses to “Shoppers Drug Mart Tell A Friend Event: Join Referral Groups Managed by Cyanne”

  1. Litesandsirens911 says:

    I would like to participate, but the link is to an August the email and instructions in that article still the right one I should sign up to? Thank you.

  2. sunshine says:

    im in! (since theres no other link on where to actually sign up, i’ll book my spot here)..thanks.

  3. Boo Radley says:

    Cyanne is updating the FAQs as I type this and starting a new thread in the forum. Will Include the link to the forum thread as soon as it is up.

    I just thought I’d put this on here asap so that people don’t go signing up on their own and then get disappointed that they can’t join the referral groups.

  4. harrlett says:

    I started my own group thks……..its more beneficial for me to have my own lol sorry

  5. Minou says:

    But Harrlett, if you sign up as a member of an SC group, you get those points as well as the points from anyone you refer yourself after you’re part of the SC group! Guess it’s too late for you now, though!

  6. Boo Radley says:

    harrlett, can you please explain how it is more beneficial to have your own? Because I don’t see it really

  7. Litesandsirens911 says:

    thank you, i signed up 🙂

  8. mom2boxers says:

    I’m soooo excited! Thank u!

  9. Naomi says:

    Thanks! Will sign up.

  10. mhk says:

    Signed up!

  11. lynn says:

    thanks signed up soo looking forward to this

  12. spoony says:

    excellent! i’ll be signing up for sure 🙂

  13. ryry says:

    I am so excited about this 🙂

  14. cjunk says:

    I would like to join and will follow the other thread for instructions, but I cannot seem to view my optimum points online. I always use fake birthdays when registering for such stuff and can’t remember the birthdate I used, don’t remember what postal code I was living at when I registered for optimum years ago but none seem to work, and password (can’t seem to remember the right one). So for these reasons, I can’t see points online but there is no way that I can see to reset these. Is that mandatory for registering and if so, is there a way to reset online info?

  15. Katrina H says:

    This sounds like fun!

  16. Paula says:

    I’m confused, don’t I get 5000 pts if I refer someone on my own and only 4545 if I refer someone through the group? Can someone explain this to me? I am missing something I think…

  17. Sandie says:

    I will NEVER refer a friend/family member to Shoppers Drug Mart. Their customer service is below par and not to mention seriously over priced. I had to buy something from there last night due to an emergency and I paid 14.49 for the same item that I can get at Wal Mart for 7.47. Talk about serious mark ups. I would rather shop at Wal Mart even with their sometimes poor customer service, at least I don’t get robbed with each purchase.

  18. Mmmhmm says:

    @ Paula: from my understanding you will get the 5,000 points PLUS 4,545 additional points.

  19. Lynn says:

    Please sign me up (don’t want to be a leader)… [email protected]

  20. Minou says:

    cjunk, it might be a good idea to call Shoppers. I’m sure they could help you to change your address and reset your password.

  21. Minou says:


    I agree that SDM’s regular prices are high. The sale prices are great, though.

    Shopping at SDM becomes an art for the people who are really focused on earning points. Often, sale items like food and toiletries go on sales that are as good as or better than supermarket sales. Coupons can be used to lower the cost further. On a 20x point day, people can spend $50 before coupons that gets reduced to $25 after coupons, and then get about $20 back in point value.

    Some Shoppers stores have food sections. Milk and eggs are generally at competitive prices, and cheese goes on sale pretty regularly. There are sometimes great deals on pasta, soup, bread, applesauce, frozen and canned salmon, pasta sauce,crackers, etc. I paid $1.59 for a styrofoam container of mushrooms the other day at Shoppers, and the same size container goes for $2.59 at my local Safeway!

    Paper products are a good value, too. I really like their Life brand tissues and toilet paper (worked out to $1 for 3 double rolls this past weekend). The paper towels are good, too.

    It’s important to make a list from the weekly flyer before shopping so you can make sure you get the best deals.

    This refer a friend thing is great, especially when you go through an SC group. You get back nearly 10,000 points just for spending your $20. That’s about $20 back at bonus redemption. If you refer friends who shop, they each get 5000 points, and you get 5,000 points for each one.

    When things go on sale at Shoppers and there’s a great point event, I take the items off my supermarket shopping list and add them to the Shoppers one. The things I buy at Shoppers are things we need anyway, and I only buy them when they’re at a great price. I don’t buy unnecessary things.

    Since November, 2009, I’ve redeemed for $1575 in free merchandise. I used some points this year to buy Christmas gifts/treats/stocking stuffers/electronics, which was a big saving for my family and made a difference in our holiday spending.

  22. mommyto3 says:

    @Minou, If you use all those coupons and your subtotal goes under the $50 do you still get the 20x points? My shopper’s told me it won’t work…

  23. SavingMentor says:


    Yes, you would still get the points because coupons are treated like cash as long as they are not free product coupons. Any coupons that have a dollar value on them are like paying with cash so their value will count towards your purchase total as far as points are concerned.

  24. kellerbaby says:

    Spend some more and save!

    I did some shopping at SDM around Christmas, and received a $10 SDM coupon on any purchase of $10 or more!

  25. Jennifer says:

    Hi all
    I would like to join this refer your friend event on here.
    I am already at save 30 dollars my goal is save enough points to buy a wii…

    my email is Removed email
    if anyone would like to add my email and if i could get anyones to do this thanks everyone

    from st.catharines ont

    good luck …

  26. Jennifer says:

    sorry i joined the refer thing on my own sorry but if anyone wants tos till help em get some points add my name thanks ..

  27. Sally says:

    You never posted it in the right place anyways.

  28. Kristina says:

    I shopped today at shoppers (but I did not refer anyone) and I spent over $20 before taxes and coupons. However, the bonus points did not show up on my receipt. Does it take a while for the 5,000 bonus points to show up on my account?


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