Shoppers Optimum & PC Plus Merging In Jan 2018


shoppers optimum ending in 2018 - PC Optimum Program

Starting on February 1st 2018, both PC Plus and Shoppers Optimum will be no more.  They are merging both programs into a new PC Optimum program.  Often rumoured, this has now been confirmed with leaflets showing up in stores and the story being covered by major news outlets.

On February 1st, all of your Optimum Points and PC Plus Points will be converted at their full value.  But the value will depend on your level, as 8000 points is worth $10 to Shoppers Drug Mart and not the $16 you could redeem points for at higher levels.

Collectors will then use a single card or app and continue to earn points on money spent at Shoppers and PC stores like No Frills, Loblaws and RCSS. Personalized offers will be available on your card to use at all stores. I am guessing this means the end of 20x offers, and if Shoppers Drug Mart doesn’t make some major pricing changes to make up for the difference in points, many of us shopping there a lot less.

The new program will use the current PC Plus redemption system. 10,000 points valued at $10, 20,000 points at $20 and so on to a maximum single transaction redemption of $500. Shoppers can use their reward money at any of Loblaw’s nearly 2,500 stores and the company’s websites.  You will earn 50 per cent more points for almost every dollar spent at Shoppers Drug Mart locations to help account for the higher number of points needed for each redemption level.

No confirmation yet, but I am hoping this finally means earning per dollar for current PC Plus stores.  If you are in Quebec, you can redeem Optimum Points up until May or convert them.

Watch for an email to merge your points starting in 2018!


20 responses to “Shoppers Optimum & PC Plus Merging In Jan 2018”

  1. Victoria Lollino says:

    Does this mean you don’t earn optimum points at shoppers? Just pc? So really shoppers is taking away their program?

    • david says:

      you earn points at both shoppers and loblaws brand stores, , the new points are called PC optimum points. they will be earned at all stores and more importantly be redeemed at all stores.

    • FallenPixels says:

      Sounds like you will earn 15 points per $1 at Shoppers, and get one set of personalized offers for SDM and PC Plus stores. You can redeem the points at either SDM or the grocery store.

  2. Scouponer says:

    I got an email and it said they would still have 20x events and spend your points events as usual.

    • FallenPixels says:

      Yes, but will they have them weekly? I often use my card offer as it is better, but given that you will only receive one set of offers for both stores, no more 3k on $10 for me!

  3. Nic says:

    Love the maximum of $500 redemption! I always disliked the $195 max at SDM because I usually redeemed for game consoles and couldn’t cover the whole cost. I was always worried about the programs merging however this may not be bad. I would love to see points per dollar spent added to all stores, not just SDM.

  4. diane rumley says:

    I guest I will redeem all my PCPLUS & OPTIMUM PTS. before February 20181 I GUESS LOADING THEM FOR MANY YEARS FOR NOTHING!

    • adora says:

      You’re mistaken. You don’t have to cash them out. They will be merged and you won’t lose the points.

      Our concern here is that with Optimum, we get a lot more value at the annual bonus redemption before Christmas. If you have enough points for that, you totally should redeem. Otherwise, the remainder will be converted to a new system.

  5. Jonathan says:

    Does this mean an end to the bonus redemption weekends at SDM?

    • FallenPixels says:

      The terms state they can still have them, but who knows. They have changed things up a little over the last year anyway with less redemptions, more $75 spends or beauty requirements. Guess we just have to wait and see what happens

  6. adora says:

    I think they are fixing the wrong problem. My concern is that they both offer shitty personalized offers.

    • FallenPixels says:

      My SDM offers are usually pretty good, not all of them obviously, but I get offers on the stuff I buy regularly. My PC offers either have items I stocked up on the previous week due to a sale and couldn’t possibly need more yet and often things completely unrelated to items I have bought. Or my pet peeve, points for every $3 spent on items that are usually $2.49 etc forcing you to buy 2 for points

  7. adora says:

    One more thing.

    Optimum points allows you to transfer between friends. Use it to your advantage before it is gone.

  8. Christopher says:

    Shoppers isn’t taking away any program. Loblaws owns Shoppers Drug Mart; therefore there doing whatever they please.

    I would cash out your points before the new year, you don’t know what changes come and next thing you know your points are invalid; that is only a suggestion.

  9. mary says:

    will my pc points and my optimum points be as one?

  10. Yun says:

    I did a points conversion test and apparently the points are converted based on 95000pts=$170 ratios.
    check your points:

  11. droubieoo says:

    At time of transition, your points will be converted at their full value. So if you have 95,000 points ($170) only your points will convert so you will still have $170 worth of PC Optimum points. Plus, you will have whatever PC Plus points you had at that time, all on one card. No Need to panic and redeem all your points. Smart thing will be to keep earning as usual! There will still be bonus redemption days at SDM and 20x etc at SDM as per usual. These new changes are much better for the customers and I wouldn’t worry about them changing again any time soon.

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