Sirens Clothing Canada Save 30-50% Starts Tomorrow



Sirens is holding another 30% off store wide sale tomorrow for a limited time only.  They also are offering 50% off if you have a Sirens Platinum Card.  While I think all these huge store savings on Remembrance Day isn’t in the best taste; to each their own I suppose.  I’m not sure if you can combine this with the $5 off $25, it’s worth a try.

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4 responses to “Sirens Clothing Canada Save 30-50% Starts Tomorrow”

  1. Mike says:

    Does anyone else find this photo offensive?

    A concerned parent and feminist

  2. Marky Mark says:

    No, shut up.

    A concerned bigot.

  3. O.S.N.A says:

    If this offends you…….you’d better tie yourself onto something ’cause this is just the way the world is. Also, if you are a concerned feminist, perhaps you should take on a different view when it comes to things like this. Women, back in the old days, were pretty much not even aloud to have an opinion. Now, look at that pic. Big Decision Betty!!! Girls think for themselves, speak for themselves these days. Now……….do you honestly think that this girl was forced into posing for this pic??? And do you think she’s upset about how much money she made doing this photo shoot? I’m thinking…..Probably not. Every woman, and every person should be able to make their own decisions. All should have and express their own opinions as well, however, open your eyes. We are living in the now. It is today. Tomorrows will keep on coming. OUT

  4. lacey says:

    First off…I agree with Mike, this picture is offensive and very sexual in nature, as are most advertisements these days, unfortunately.

    A friend of mine recently wrote a mall manager to request sexually provocative advertisements placed in store windows to lure people in be re-directed to stay within the store, as such displays are not family friendly, as she has a 2 year old daughter whom she does not wish to be exposed to said material. Any advertisements being placed in such a public location, i would argue, infringe on those rights of children and young girls, and any other individual who do not appreciate the bombardment of provocative images.

    what you have described as the freedom for today’s girls i.e the ability to speak and act for themselves…I think is a bit understated.
    I think social pressure, and the mentality that you have expressed plays a huge role in the way women dress.

    the every fact that you state “this is just the way the world is today” goes to show the social pressure and expectation are so great,that many women, would likely not even question why they dress the way they do, because it is so culturally pervasive.

    to suggest anything different is totally taboo, that to me, suggests a huge limitation on one’s freedom to choose NOT to be bombarded by a sexualized culture.

    the voice that says objectification of male or females, esp. in sexually provocative or explicit manner is morally wrong or in the very least, limiting the freedom of those who choose to live more modestly, is a voice that should be heard and is not unreasonable for this day and age.

    The problem with this generation’s obsession with freedom, is that everyone want’s to talk about freedom, but no one want’s to talk about what kind of limits must be placed on some freedoms, to guarantee other freedoms.


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