Smart Canucks Free Giveaway Mini Contest: Hop On Blu Ray and Dvd March 23rd!


To celebrate the (soon) arrival of Spring Smart Canucks is giving away a copy of Hop on Blu Ray and Dvd combo pack. (Releases March 23rd)

Haven’t heard of the movie? Click here to view the pre order on Amazon.

To enter simply comment below about anything Spring related.

Rules and Regulations:

* Unless otherwise stated one entry per household i.e. you may only leave 1 comment on the blog. If you want to discuss anything or share your thoughts please include it in that 1 comment.
*Age of majority only
*Canada only no purchase is necessaryΒ  to enter, odds of winning are dependent on number of entries received.
*You may only win a max of 2 contests throughout the whole giveaways event to give others a chance to win
*Contest ends March 21stΒ  2012 at 11:59 (est) and the winner will be announced shortly after potential winner answers a skill testing question.
* You must use a valid email so I can contact you with details on how to claim your prize. Persons who enter with an alias(fake) email will forfeit their prize and a new winner will be drawn.

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595 responses to “Smart Canucks Free Giveaway Mini Contest: Hop On Blu Ray and Dvd March 23rd!”

  1. janice says:

    Great contest .
    I love Emerging from hibernation to take long strolls in springtime .

  2. Amy says:

    Can’t wait to watch this with the kiddies πŸ™‚

  3. Eric says:

    I love when the snow finally starts to go away and I can put away all the winter gear.

  4. Kate says:

    Spring to savings this season with SC!

  5. 7mountains says:

    Already started spring cleaning in the garage. Great contest!

  6. Cdnchk says:

    I think the best thing about spring is the yellow daffodils!

  7. Maya says:

    I love the longer and brighter days that Spring brings…

  8. Stella says:

    Talking bunnies are cute.

  9. Darlene says:

    I love seeing the tulips bloom.

  10. Jocelyn says:

    I realized today how ready I am for Winter to be over and Spring to be here!

  11. Lyn2005 says:

    Looks like it’s time for me to do Spring cleaning!!! πŸ™‚

  12. Hilda says:

    my bulbs are starting to come up. don’t remember what I all planted so time for the surprise

  13. imasmartcanuck says:

    Nice, I haven’t seen Hop yet. As for the topic, this “lousy Smarch weather” is finally going away, and I hope it stays away. Looking forward to a warm Spring with plenty of tulips πŸ™‚

  14. Barbara says:

    Today I sighted two Canada Geese and about 20 Bald Eagles here in Southern Manitoba. The raptors migration is in full swing so Spring can’t be far off.

  15. Amery says:

    Would be great to not have to wear my winter coat anymore and look forward to flowers blooming!

  16. yen says:

    Love spring- the tulips are soo pretty

  17. sunshine says:

    I love spring cuz they usually have the prettiest coloured clothing and accessories

  18. Seapotato says:

    Can’t wait for the flowers to come up!

  19. kelly says:

    spring, spring, what a marvelous thing!!!

  20. joline says:

    love having more sun!

  21. nikki roba says:

    I love watching everything get green again

  22. Anne99 says:

    The best thing about spring is that the flowers come out and the leaves reappear on trees!

  23. Sean says:

    Glad that spring will be arriving soon.. return of cycling season!

  24. Kristen says:

    I can’t wait to start wearing nice spring-y clothes!!!

  25. Vivian says:

    I love the flowers start blooming especially daffodils.

  26. Jen says:

    Ahhh the smell of spring air.

  27. Amber says:

    Love the flowers, but hate the showers.

  28. Jax says:

    I saw a robin in our backyard yesterday – always a sign that spring is near!

  29. I love Spring, you can finally put the winter jackets away and enjoy the sun, and flowers blooming. LOL

  30. JoanneGuay says:

    Spring. A time of rebirth. The birds are singing, everyone is happier. Love it!

  31. T.M. says:

    Time to stop dressing the kids in multiple layers!

  32. Melody113 says:

    Easter time is my favorite time in spring

  33. sunshine says:

    Spring is when the cherry blossoms bloom. How beautiful?
    BTW- saw this movie in theaters last year. LOVED it!

  34. Tammy says:

    The kids are loving the mud puddles! Haven’t seen this movie yet, would love to!

  35. katherine deagle says:

    I cn’t wait to have the annual “eggie” hunt now that my 2 grandchildren are old enough..

  36. PurpleChocolate says:

    I really need winter to end and spring to arrive, cause I need a fresh start. Fresh spring air and plenty of sunshine would be just the right incentive! πŸ™‚ (Plus a good family movie is always a bonus! :)) Thank you SmartCanucks!

  37. Pierre says:

    Spring, hooooooo yeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!

  38. nicole says:

    spring definitely brings out my cleaning side, i’m already on the get organized train!

  39. Leeanne says:

    Love seeing my tulips pop up!

  40. TrixyLuxx says:

    I love when I can have some ice tea outside after doing some indoor spring cleaning at my house!

  41. Sophia says:

    I love seeing all the little ones with their brightly coloured rubber boots and rain jackets – just makes you wanna smile! Definitely a sign of spring!!

  42. jones03 says:

    i love that this year we seem to have skipped the dreary, rain-filled spring (for the most part)…and seem to be getting an early start on warm weather!

  43. sunshineorchid says:

    My spring cleaning was done right after x-mas, lol!! I’m sooo ready for spring!

  44. melanie (taybri0204) says:

    Love going out without 2 layers on and being able to enjoy the outdoors again.

  45. BRANDI says:

    I cant wait for spring so i can start planting my vegetable garden and have fresh veggies all summer and i cant wait for all my new flowers to start blooming!!!!

  46. bigboyliam says:

    Can’t wait for Spring!!

  47. angela says:

    This movie looks so cute..
    I can’t wait to start getting warmer weather and the flowers start to bloom

  48. bluerose says:

    Sunny with a high of 10*c hurray for Spring.

  49. sadie_alcazar says:

    tulip festival here in ottawa..and new spring movie!

  50. Murray says:

    So nice to see the buds emerging on the trees, and feeling the bright rays of the spring sun. Also wonderful to hear the songs of the birds.

  51. Laura says:

    Spring is definitely coming!!! I saw a few small tufts of grass popping through where I live! woohoo!
    This movie looks cute!

  52. Brenda says:

    Love the sun and hanging out laundry on the line for that fresh spring smell!

  53. calgarymom123 says:

    The weather gets warmer, and I can take the kids for a walk to the mail box!

  54. Carol I says:

    Love the longer brighter days, flowers starting to sprout up!! Starting to get rid of all the winter things…..

  55. MoTaffy says:

    Love the spring flowers. Thank you for another great contest offering. πŸ™‚

  56. Mandy May says:

    Spring has sprung. I know this because the dreaded bird that sings outside my bedroom window at 3:00 am has arrived.

    Very excited to see HOP……hopefully the blu-ray can hop it’s way right into my son’s Easter basket :O)


  57. sweetmomma says:

    I love spring! Everything is fresh and new again! The perfect weather not too hot/cold. I need to invest in some rubber boots for the rain though.

  58. Dayanara says:

    Oooh I heard this movie is cute! I cannot wait for the spring, albeit feels like it is already here, lol. Main reason I cannot wait is it means summer is around the corner and that means fun in the SUN!

  59. Joanne says:

    I love the warmer weather and the ability to not wear a coat outside πŸ™‚

  60. Felipe says:

    Spring haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,,, nothing else matter than the upcoming spring time, and my frien hop trying to do some chocolate give away door to door to all my friends and famyli,,hahhaha

    hopefully funny..

  61. MonkeyGirl says:

    Can’t wait to pack away the snow suits!

  62. RedEng says:

    Almost time for our annual Spring Blizzard.

  63. Sophie Belland says:

    Can not wait until I can play in the mud with the kids !!!!!

  64. deedubb says:

    Time to put away the winter tires along with the ugly rims!

  65. Mary Walsh says:

    The movie makes me think of spring! Happy happy!!

  66. Amy says:

    I love trading in snow boots for rain boots πŸ™‚

  67. kim barrett says:

    I am so excited for the warmer weather and to put my winter coat away. Thanks for this contest – would love to win this!

  68. SamA says:

    You know its spring when we do the first dollar store run for new outdoor toys. The kids play outside while I tidy up the back yard and porch. We love spring!

  69. Annemarie says:

    I LOVE spring it my favourite season!!!! πŸ™‚

  70. Bargain Seeker says:

    I already miss the skiing season. Snow is disappearing too quickly.

  71. Jenna M. says:

    The weather in the GTA has felt like spring all winter long. Yesterday (March 12) it was +15C and the kids were playing in the backyard without jackets (it was very sunny)!

  72. Can’t wait to see the trees start budding and growing new leaves again πŸ™‚

    It’s my favourite part of spring. It’s like magic.

  73. Anna C says:

    I love spring because I can get out and work in the garden again.

  74. mjcf says:

    My trees are budding and my flowers are starting to come up! Love spring time!

  75. carotte says:

    spring is my favorite season because temperature is perfect to do bicycle riding.

  76. Lisa bolduc says:

    in my part of town,, dq opening is an indication of spring!!

  77. Brenda says:

    I’m so glad spring is almost here. I’ve missed my song birds πŸ™

  78. Betty says:

    I love how the days get slowly warmer and longer in spring!

  79. LJW says:

    What a great movie to watch to start the Easter celebration!

  80. Christa says:

    I love when the tulips first break up in the soil.

  81. canadian_girl says:

    Our daffodils are already 6″ tall! Spring is on the way!
    Great contest, thanks!

  82. Mms says:

    Spring the best time of the year!!

  83. jessie bruffell says:

    I love opening the windows for the first time to suck in that sweet spring air.

  84. chris says:

    Tulip Festival!
    and spring cleaning…

  85. Amanda says:

    I am so enjoying the spring like weather lately….just not looking forward to the SPRING CLEANING!:(

  86. Anna Michele says:

    here comes Peter Cottontail coming down the bunny trail hippity hoppity Easters on it’s way, would love to win this for my lil pack. Good luck everyone.

  87. Lori says:

    Spring showers – how refreshing!

  88. Stahr says:

    I love being able to have my windows open.

  89. Greg says:

    Looks like a Great Movie.. Already Spring cleaned the yard yesterday πŸ™‚

  90. Debbie Kennedy says:

    Spring livens me up. Love to be able to see the ground again and to be able to get outside!
    cleaningrhouse at yahoo dot com

  91. Lcheng says:

    can’t wait to go camping again!

  92. Natasha says:

    Winter never really came in Toronto this year, and it seems like an early spring is already here!

  93. saraf says:

    I HOP I HOP I WIN. LOL, πŸ˜‰

  94. Michelle says:

    I love all of the extra daylight of spring!

  95. Genevieve says:

    Would love it so much to receive a gift like this to start spring with the kids πŸ™‚

    My kids will jump like bunnies if I win it

    Thank you Smart Canucks for offering a contest
    good luck everyone πŸ™‚

  96. Danielle Thomson says:

    Can’t wait to just be outside enjoying the sunshine and checking out the blooming flowers!

  97. Lisa says:

    I cannot wait to see the tulips start to bloom, and even more so i cannot wait to move the winter clothes to the back of the closet and bring out all of my spring and summer clothes πŸ™‚

  98. Maddie2008 says:

    Great contest

  99. Michelle says:

    Looking forward to the snow melting and warmer weather!

  100. cpan22 says:

    Spring is my fav season….cannot wait to start enjoying the nice weather:)

  101. Sue says:

    Love, love, love Spring. Can’t wait for it, although here in Calgary it hardly feels like we had winter!

  102. zeekid says:

    I love spring because it means the end to snow. There is nothing like the smell of a spring rain

  103. springbreeze says:

    Spring is my favorite time of year. Cant wait to get outside with my daughter.

  104. Marci says:

    I love the Spring and the sound of happy kids playing outside

  105. Dizzyb says:

    Bring on spring, and being able to leave the house without piling on several layers of clothing!

  106. wendyjane says:

    DD likes spring dance (her words) πŸ™‚ LOVE EB!

  107. felicia says:

    My son was born in the spring and this would be a great gift!

  108. Lisa says:

    I love to play in the puddles with my son!!

  109. nicolearies02 says:

    Love the spring because of 3 reasons. One is my youngest daughter birthday. Second it my birthday and third it will be my eldest daughters birthday. We are all 2 weeks apart. There is nothing nicer than birthday cake and warmer weather. The movie would make a great family movie night.

  110. Peachykeen2007 says:

    I love that my kids get to go outside for hours and play and get fresh air and exercise, love that I get to start on my gardening

  111. donna272 says:

    Spring is in the air, Love it ……

  112. Kerri says:

    Spring is such a great time of year! I can’t wait to spend more time outside with my kids!

  113. wifegriz says:

    Spring makes me smile!

  114. Jennifer says:

    Yay for Spring and Yay for HOP.

  115. Gen says:

    I love the sunshine and that we can finally open our windows to let in the fresh air!

  116. wilderlady says:

    can’t wait to start a veggie garden!

  117. Cindy says:

    with this early spring I have to start planning my garden earlier than I expected!

  118. MomofTwo says:

    I can’t wait to watch this one with the kids. What’s better than celebrating Easter and HOP with family?

  119. Gisela says:

    love it!!!!

  120. FS says:

    Nice to see the longer days.

  121. Jimmy says:

    Love Spring – nice weather and I can play with the kids outside

  122. Sacha says:

    I am so excited to see if the tulip bulbs I planted last fall bloom this spring!

  123. Debra V says:

    Yay for the thought of spring finally!

  124. tiggersassy says:

    I love seeing the first tulips and crocuses peeking out of the earth!!

  125. doris says:

    I love seeing the tulips come out of the ground

  126. Melissa says:

    Bare legs, open toe shoes and sunshine.

  127. Digi says:

    Favorite part of Spring is birthdays!
    Mine and DD’s lol.

  128. Kara says:

    I love watching the bunnies that live in our yard change colour as the snow melts! Yay for spring!

  129. Gloria says:

    Daffodils poking their heads out of the ground and the robins on the lawn.

  130. coupon girl says:

    crocus are budding in my garden -spring is in the air

  131. Lindy says:

    The first buds on the trees and the first buds opening on the multitude of flowers and watching them grow and emerge into a rainbow of wonder as spring brings forth its wonderland of beauty with a nature field of wonder!!

  132. Grimmie says:

    Sunshine, warm weather, flowers and trees blooming in full force, colours of all kinds as spring brings forth its invigorating blast of beauty is what quickens my heart is what spring is all about and what I love about it!

  133. Kim Locke says:

    I love spring as it means Easter is coming and that means chocolate!!!
    I also look forward to spending the break with my family in Nova Scotia.
    The sunlight makes me not want to go to work and stay outside all day rollerskating πŸ™‚

  134. momof_four says:

    I saw my first robin this morning – and snow drops are in bloom!

  135. couponfreak says:

    I really enjoyed my children Springing into the puddles yesterday our yard was one huge grass covered slip and slide! I don’t even care about having to Spring Ahead the sun was up and everything was beautiful!

  136. Aarica says:

    I love painting eggs with my son. And that the days are longer!

  137. Barbra says:

    Would love to see this movie.

  138. Diana says:

    April showers bring May flowers

  139. Barbra says:

    Until then, I am loving the thought of decorating eggs and Easter hunts.

  140. Becky says:

    I love how everything seems to come back to life once the snow has started melting.

  141. eyeseeyou333 says:

    Spring time brings out all the life in my gardens. IT reminds me to make my kids pick up all the land minds in the backyard hehe… We live close to the main beach in Wasaga and as the snow all melts we can hear the waves hitting the beach… what a great sound!!

  142. GalSavings says:

    My daughter loves everything Easter right now. She’s 3 and majorly getting into the holiday this year. She’d love to watch this movie!

  143. Linda B. says:

    Spring is just around the corner. Sunshine, kids out on bicycles and flowers popping up!

  144. Annabelle88 says:

    The best part of Spring ? my two favorite guys’ birthdays, easter … and best of all, warmer weather !! Would love to see Hop, my son is so into easter and bunnies right now since we just bought a bunny πŸ™‚

  145. luv2teach says:

    I love spring because you can sleep the whole night with the bedroom windows open. That fresh air gives me my greatest sleep!

  146. Kim says:

    It felt like spring here yesterday. The weather was so nice! The snow is melting. I can hardly wait until the grass is nice and green again!

  147. carriekat says:

    I am LOVING the puddles here in Winnipeg! I love the smell of spring the most!

  148. ALuong says:

    Spring is the best time of the year! Winter clearances, spring cleaning, warm weather and great weather for outdoor activities! Love spring and enjoying this great Toronto weather this week! Woohoo!

  149. Colleen says:

    I put out all of my Spring/Easter knick knacks yesterday… it may not be spring outside, but it’s spring in my house!

  150. Rosie says:

    Spring – showers, Easter, lots of chocolate (YUM), tulips

  151. Brodie says:

    No more scraping the ice off the windshield!

  152. Jennifer says:

    Love to see the snow disappear!!!

  153. little_orch says:

    The absolute best feeling about spring is when you no longer have to wear socks :):):):) I hate socks! Bring on the sandals

  154. Fiona says:

    Looking forward to the warm weather and more sunshine

  155. Nadine says:

    Woot! The best thing about spring by far is that it is when my darling daughter’s birthday happens! Can’t wait! This movie would be cute to watch with her, especially since she is getting “big” , fast!

  156. Juli says:

    Go away snow…hello April showers that brings May flowers! Spring is a fresh start for everything!

  157. EastEndGuy says:

    Time to clean out that garage, so I can open the door without risk of neighbourhood ridicule. πŸ™‚

  158. RACHEL says:

    Bye Bye snow, I won’t miss you AT ALL. Hello goopy, mucky yard, can’t wai until I see some springtime flowers!
    P.S. I am dying to see this with my kidlets.

  159. neelkamalll1979 says:

    Spring is almost here so that means summer isn’t too far!

  160. Polly says:

    Can’t wait for Spring’s arrival…

  161. cmartin21 says:

    Such a cute movie, we took dd to it for her bday last year, this year hopefully we can give it as her gift….ps..i saw some trees budding yesterday at the zoo, such a WONDERFUL feeling

  162. amy says:

    I love it when the snow starts to melt and the flowers start to poke their little heads out.

  163. ccmskates says:

    Tip toe through the tulips!

  164. Leanne says:

    Gardening… I come!!!

  165. mandydrama says:

    I love playing outside with my daughter. Love this weather!!

  166. bargain_hunter_lola says:

    It’s easy to tell Spring is almost here! The weather has been beautiful, and the longer days are so nice! Can’t wait to break out the flip flops!!!

  167. viji says:

    I would love this movie, i have twins and they would really appreciate it

  168. danip467 says:

    already started spring cleaning all those spaces that filled up with random clutter over the winter….why does it do that?

  169. jasperandchar says:

    The kiddies would be sooooooooo happy…

  170. Neil Looby says:

    I’m really looking forward to the upcoming yard work! I have 300′ of gravel pushed up from the road to deal with. (Note sarcasm πŸ™‚ )

    A free movie would be great for distracting the kiddies while I work. πŸ™‚

  171. Carrie says:

    can’t wait for walks to the park with my kids πŸ™‚

  172. KKY says:

    Spring is one of the four temperate seasons, the transition period between winter and summer. Spring and “springtime” refer to the season, and broadly to ideas of rebirth, renewal and regrowth. The specific definition of the exact timing of “spring” varies according to local climate, cultures and customs. At the spring equinox, days are close to 12 hours long with day length increasing as the season progresses. -Wikipedia

  173. aatlaantis says:

    I love spring!

  174. ducky says:

    Can’t wait for Spring weather!

  175. francine says:

    This is the first movie we took ds to. he loved it but ended up falling asleep towards the end lol.

  176. tjg says:

    We loved Hop when we saw it last year in the theatres, seeing it again would be the perfect way to welcome Spring!

  177. ilovegratis says:

    All the beautiful flowers. Just love Spring!

  178. Amber says:

    We have not seen this movie yet! would love to bring it home for Easter! I love opening all the windows and letting the fresh air into the house again!

  179. Trinity991 says:

    I love the smell of spring – it always reminds me of new beginnings.

  180. Melody says:

    I love spring! I can’t wait for my yard to be green again!

  181. Agnes says:

    Loved yesterday’s weather! Spring spring spring!

  182. Regs says:

    Can’t wait to start cleaning up the yard. As soon as my back heals! *Eyeroll*

    Thanks for the chance.

  183. sctich says:

    It always looks so bleak outside after winter when the snow all melts away. I love seeing all the bulbs sprouting up and adding a splash of colour outside my window.

  184. monkeyincowtown says:

    What I’m most looking forward to this spring is planting my garden and having an Easter egg hunt with my kids πŸ™‚

  185. thumpersmom says:

    I cannot wait to be able to plant my garden!

  186. Jenn says:

    Looking forward to spring because I can hang ALL the laundry outside and get that great smell!!

  187. katjwt says:

    Welcome Spring! Can’t wait to finally run outside again!

  188. Matty's Mom says:

    This sounds like really a cute movie- hoping that the random generator likes me πŸ˜‰

  189. elissa says:

    Looking forward to having the kids play outside more and not having to look over the snow banks to find them!

  190. Elisam says:

    I love spring because of the blooming flowers

  191. Jonnie (JB) says:

    I can’t wait for spring. We are getting little hints at it now and spring fever is starting to set in.

  192. Jon Jon says:

    Hey, HOP into my DVD player, would ya?!

  193. karen says:

    I love that i dont have to run around finding mittens and hats before the bus comes in the morning!!!

  194. Sam says:

    My favourite things about spring are the beautiful colours and the baby animals.

  195. Chris D says:

    Warm Weather!

  196. Loletifie says:

    My kids will love it!

  197. NovaScotiaGirl says:

    AAhhh Spring, fresh air, warmer weather and lower heating bill!!!!!

  198. Dawn M says:

    I love springtime, as the kiddies and I get out a lot more to do some geocaching!

  199. Angela Brown says:

    The warm weather!

  200. Peterman says:

    The smell of fresh earth and snow melting away!

  201. CaraMiaxxx says:

    Spring time brings smiles to everyone’s faces πŸ™‚

  202. Grace says:

    Easter time is my favorite time in spring

  203. Chi Kin Lo says:

    Can’t wait to start getting warmer weather!!

  204. Tammy says:

    My favorite things about Spring is the fresh air coming in your house when you open the window, the bright smile on my little girls face because she knows we can go outside and run around and blow bubbles.

  205. Minou says:

    Can’t wait to get the kids out of the house!

  206. Amy says:

    Can’t wait to get out of sweaters and start enjoy more of the warm weather.

  207. princesskimmi says:

    My Favorite thing about spring is spring cleaning – I love the clean air smell that comes when you open your windows wide and air out the house.

  208. Kim says:

    Can’t wait to “Hop” into spring!

  209. Tara says:

    My son’s birthday is in the spring and he is sooo excited! Plus, spring in Calgary is always so beautiful!

  210. Lynn says:

    I can’t wait for the flowers to start blooming, I love tulips.

  211. Nicki says:

    Love the longer daylight days & the warmer temperatures. Can’t wait for the dreay brown lawns to turn green!

  212. Chris E says:

    Love spring except for my allergies.

  213. madilu says:

    love Spring! Everything looks so bright and fresh! its a beautiful time of the year!

  214. Stacey H says:

    Spring has sprung! With the taste of Spring yesterday, I can’t wait to get out and start gardening.

  215. Rylkat says:

    I love spring! This morning on my way to work I saw that the crocuses in my front garden are starting to come out. On the drive to work I saw about 20 geese heading home. πŸ™‚

  216. Spudislander says:

    It is 12 degrees today- the birds are chirping!!!

  217. Koolaid says:

    I love spring because my son’s birthday is in the spring!!

  218. Coriander says:

    I’m excited that spring is coming, and I get to see it through new windows!

  219. lastquarter says:

    Looking forward to stash away heavy winter jackets πŸ™‚

  220. Melissa says:

    Ahh, this looks really cute to watch with my children. Thanks for giving a movie away!

  221. Jo says:

    End of hibernation. Time for walks, bbq’s and drinks on the deck. Love spring !

  222. Cinny says:

    This would be good for my niece and nephew. Easter is coming soon!

  223. char says:

    Felt like Spring yesterday,here it Ontario. The weather was BEAUTIFUL:)

  224. Tracy says:

    Spring and Easter this year also means my oldest son’s fifth birthday!

  225. Lisa says:

    I Love Spring, it’s what gets my through Winter although this year the Winter was not bad @ all! I just love the flowers in bloom, how colorful it makes our city look, that the trees are no longer bare & that it also means Summer will be here before we know it! I love all the seasons & the colors they bring! Also love Smart Canucks for making me a smarter consumer!

  226. Shelly says:

    I love spring break

  227. Caroline says:

    Whoever feeds the wolf in the winter will be eaten by him in the spring.

  228. benji says:

    My baby is due this spring! YAY! Best Spring ever!!!

  229. Amy says:

    I love Spring…watching the joy on my sons face as he splashes through the puddles makes the long Northern winters worth it!!!

  230. ValK says:

    So excited about spring arriving! The birds churping, the smell of flowers blooming, the fresh green grass, & last but not least. The sign that summer is not far away!

  231. Catherine says:

    Just the word “spring” puts me in a good mood!

  232. gjpayne says:

    Glad spring is around the corner… And the kids have been waiting for this movie release!!!

  233. Sarah says:

    It looks like spring but feels like summer

  234. seaglass says:

    Every Spring I keep a look out for baby birds and animals need help from the “Toronto Wildlife Centre”. I get excited when I see wild baby rabbits and gorgeous blue robin egg shells.

  235. Redundant says:

    I can’t wait to start getting warmer weather and the flowers start to bloom

  236. terrarankin says:

    my kids cant wait for the easter bunny to come!

  237. Angelos170 says:

    spring time = my birthday which I sometimes share with Easter

  238. MichelleG says:

    Would love to win this movie for my granddaughter…..what a perfect Easter present!

  239. Paola Perez says:

    Spring Time for me is Spring Cleaning Oh and finding my cute floral skirts and colorful shoes, sandals and purses ! πŸ˜€

  240. Buttercup says:

    I’m a lunch supervisor at a local school so every Easter I give the kids an easter egg. I’m known all year long as Ms E.B. πŸ™‚

  241. Tara S says:

    Would love to win this! What a great Easter movie for the kids and I to watch as a family!

  242. Joyce says:

    Nine more days until spring!

  243. Henrietta says:

    the bikes are out and green is popping in my garden.

  244. thatgengirl says:

    Has anyone started their spring cleaning yet?

  245. ownedbytoby says:

    I can’t wait to ditch the winter boots and jackets…hurry up Spring!

  246. Lori3271 says:

    The boys will love this movie and yes, spring cleaning started on Saturday so we could take a break and enjoy Sunday

  247. Alison says:

    One of my favourite things about spring is seeing all the beautiful flowers starting to bloom again!

  248. Rachel says:

    I love the smell of spring time, all the snow melts and the scents come alive!

  249. Ashley says:

    I love Spring because of the pretty flowers and the warm hot sunshine, but most of all i love watching my children play and enjoy the park and the yard as a family with out freezing our butts off πŸ™‚ i love spring πŸ™‚

  250. Sara says:

    Love not having to bundle up the kids to take them out.

  251. Chantal Leblanc says:

    The best thing about Spring is the smells. Even when it smells a bit like poop, because we know when we smell that, good times are starting.

  252. Rebecca says:

    The best part about spring is that LAST spring, I gave birthday to a beautiful baby boy, and now every spring I’ll get to celebrate that with him!!

  253. Grant says:

    spring means finally getting out of the house.

  254. Rana says:

    That means Spring Break >>> best time of the whole year…

  255. Kath says:

    My kids and I love hopping into spring, especially to see what the Easter bunny may bring!

  256. coley3 says:

    I love spring. Its so fresh and invigorating out. Can’t beat going for a run with fresh spring air.

  257. nic says:

    waiting for the Easter bunny!!

  258. Shewta says:

    Days are longer, more sun and it’s my two kids birthday!!!!!!Yeahhhh !!!

  259. Steve-O says:

    Spring in NL = Still a chance for snow!

  260. Jessica says:

    This looks like the cutest movie EVER!!!! I was going to take my children 2,3 &5 to see this in theater but the 2 older got the chicken pox πŸ™ I can wait for this dvd to hit store.
    Spring is in the air, can wait to see our flowers bloom. The tulips are already poking out πŸ˜€

  261. Andrea says:

    I can’t wait for spring so that I can start to get out with the kids everyday for walks. So sick of snow. My kids would love this! Thanks for the opportunity to win πŸ˜€

  262. Nikki says:

    This would be great! My son loves music and bunnies πŸ™‚

  263. Gab says:

    I love walking the dog!

  264. andreawtbay says:

    so nice to take the kids outside and not have to bundle up in 23 layers of fleece and snow pants. the longer days are nice too!

  265. Laurie says:

    Days are longer.

  266. AnnieP says:

    I love spring, especially so that I can get out with the kids to play more often. My lil’ guy would love this!

  267. Sarah says:

    Listening to the birds and seeing all the flowers and trees start blooming.

  268. Amy Jackson says:

    Spring means better weather…. I hope!!!

  269. maliha44 says:

    Warm weather, flowers blooming!

  270. Nadine says:

    Love spring… can’t wait to see ‘green’, so sick of all the winter blah colours.

  271. wondering says:

    Excited for the semester to end!

  272. Justin says:

    Spring will soon be here and the bunnies will be changing colours!

  273. Ivan says:

    Spring reminds me to start preparing for summer trips!

  274. Christina Murray says:

    my daughter would love this dvd. She is a late easter baby and loves all things bunnies

  275. Beth says:


  276. CL says:

    hooray for Spring! i celebrate a loved one’s birthday on the first day of Spring every year so I never forget what day it is.

  277. Cindy says:

    I love seeing my kids in all their rain boots and coats splashing in the puddles

  278. andrea says:

    Spring rocks!

  279. papasmurf says:

    What a great gift to give the kids this Easter

  280. Tracy says:

    Spring Flowers are my favorite!!

  281. oochie says:

    I have tulips in my Garden!!! spring is in the air.

  282. Tracy Woodbeck says:

    i would love to win the movie. I was going to buy it for my niece and nephew. Good luck to all.

  283. Crystal says:

    Nature Walks!!!

  284. Danielle says:

    I love when Spring finally comes and everything feels so fresh and new!!

  285. Nancy says:

    Spring means that my kids can run around outside more! Yay!

  286. Mandy says:

    spring means rain

  287. Charlotte says:

    birds are singing and the trees are starting to bud, spring is right around the corner <3

  288. Linda says:

    Fun contest!

  289. Dareen647 says:

    I love spring because you wake up to the sound of birds chirping. It just makes the world seem much more beautiful.

  290. Aman says:

    I love spring..sunny..warmer weather…flowers all around πŸ™‚ just love it

  291. ninna says:

    Great contest! Thank you SC for sponsoring it! As for spring-related discussion: I have tulips pushing up already in my garden! Yay spring!!! πŸ™‚

  292. spanneen says:

    It’s raining today therefore it is SPRING!! Also started wearing my sandals πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  293. Melanie Ash says:

    I love watching bunnies hop around!

  294. ann says:

    love the colorful flowers. they’re coming out on spring.=)

  295. rosa says:

    Just in time for Spring! Glad it’s warming up so soon.

  296. pinkps says:

    Can’t wait for spring and pack away winter clothes!

  297. Amberley says:

    Can’t wait to go outside and get dirty!
    And packing away all the coats and scarves and mittens will be satisfying too! πŸ˜‰

  298. FreebieChick says:

    Love the pastel colors of Easter

  299. Crystal says:

    I love spring because that means summer is just around the corner!

  300. Sunshine G says:

    It’s nearly Easter!

  301. claire says:

    Springtime is the best!

  302. Sarah says:

    I love the flowers blooming!

  303. Courteney says:

    I absolutely love spring! The flowers in my yard are blooming already!

  304. Lana says:

    I took my daughter to this movie last spring and we LOVED it!! We have been waiting for it to be released since then!! πŸ™‚ The perfect Easter movie!!! πŸ™‚

  305. asmdrangon says:

    Love spring!

  306. Jessica says:

    I can’t wait to get out and enjoy the weather with the kiddos!

  307. Tanya says:

    I thought spring was already here! Yeah!

  308. naej says:

    I like when snow is melting and the sun getting warmer

  309. torontogal says:

    Great contest. I’m glad that winter here never really came and we’ve basically had spring for the last few months. But looking forward to crocuses and daffodils!

  310. arlene says:

    Out out dirty brown snow – bring us green grass and beautiful flowers !!!

  311. Coralee says:

    Rain, rain go away come back another day!
    Bring on Spring! Hop, Hop Hop into Spring!
    April Showers bring May flowers!

  312. mommyoftwo123 says:

    Would love to have this spring movie for my kids!!

  313. Mrs_Mssn says:

    Spring can’t come fast enough!

  314. Buffy says:

    I love spending Easter with my twin neice’s they will be 4 this year. I know they would love the see the movie HOP

  315. Angela5210 says:

    I love opening the windows and letting the fresh air in.

  316. Pewmaster says:


  317. caryn says:

    i love everything spring the warm weather and the earth coming alive with new live is amazing!

  318. tonka says:

    I want the easter bunny to bring this movie so that we can watch it.

  319. AMAC says:

    Spring means it takes half the time to get my two young daughters ready to leave the house (i.e. no heavy coats, boots, mittens, scarves etc.). Plus, it is easier to buckle them up in their car seats. Hooray!

  320. Matt says:

    Seems like Spring has come early here in the prairies! Mid-teens in March, crazy! Just means I get to go spend more time outdoors a little earlier this year πŸ™‚

  321. Kelsey says:

    Love spring time! Glad to see the nice weather has arrived!

  322. Colton says:

    Spring makes me feel like I’ve been reborn every year :3

  323. Dee says:

    spring is just around the corner! πŸ™‚

  324. Mitch says:

    hope i win…enjoying the march break weather!

  325. kyliec says:

    Love spring. Can’t wait to bring my kids to see cherry blossom. <3

  326. Melinda says:

    We took the bikes out for the first time today, and it was glorious!

  327. Michele says:

    Spring always puts the spring back into my step…. : )

  328. Gary says:

    Time for SPRING cleaning!

  329. Matthew says:

    The snow is melting away and Spring is certainly on the way!

  330. Loree says:

    Spring has sprung in Saskatchewan!

  331. Sue says:

    The spring air is so crisp and rejuvenating it gives my children and I an extra boost of energy and a skip in our steps.

  332. Donna says:

    Spring, my favorite season.I love the freshness in the air, the greenery coming back… What a mood uplifted!

  333. Mark says:

    Springs means I can wash my car… Clean car yippee!

  334. Leon says:

    I love Spring! the air smells so fresh and the whole place gets green and lively again !

  335. Star says:

    Thanks for the contest! =)
    We have a few daffodils and tulips popping up in our garden, so I guess that spells spring.

  336. Cindy says:

    Spring! Seasonal allergies aside, what’s not to LOVE about it??

  337. Tiffany says:

    I’m looking forward to the flowers blooming.

  338. Mia says:

    Great giveaway!
    Happy Spring Time everyone!

  339. Sunshine says:

    I love the flowers in spring, can’t wait for my tulips. My DD loves the babies that come out (ducklings, baby birds, etc).

  340. Tara says:

    I love the bright colours of clothes and also flowers are starting to bloom. It is just sooo pretty during spring.

  341. Ronnie says:

    I know its spring when my sisters start calling to say their Crocus are the first up. One year the sisters of whom Crocus are always the last, went out and bought a planter full of Crocus, dug a hole in the front of her garden stuck the planter in it. Then she took pics of it and forwarded it to the rest of us.The real funny part was when the other sister went out to see hers were not up yet so got mad and blamed the squirrels. lol hers came up a week latter. lol

  342. Godfree50 says:

    Its amazing watching the springs bulbs try to come up with my child and hopefully watching this movie also

  343. Sharpie says:

    Spring is my favourite time of the year!:)
    Thanks for the contest!

  344. What better way to celebrate Spring and all the signs of re-birth than to celebrate the birth of a new grandson !!!

  345. Bonnie says:

    I love being able to open the windows and have a nice spring breeze blow through the house!

  346. Noreen says:

    I love the sounds of the robins and redwing blackbirds at this time of year. I know spring is coming. The grass is getting greener also.

  347. Lorelie says:

    This was my sons first movie at the theatre and we cannot wait to see it again!!!

  348. Kim says:

    Spring is in the air!!!

  349. Lucie says:

    Ah, spring thaw is the best! It’s a hopeful sign that summer is on the wayl

  350. Bargain Kitty says:

    Spring is a wonderful time of year! Love watching the bulbs peak through the soil. Just love the fresh air too. Great contest and thanks for this giveaway!

  351. Sandie says:

    Colour springs forward
    Wildlife creep out from shelter
    The sun calls to us

  352. karine rose says:

    i love smell of spring!

  353. Connie C. says:

    I would love to see The movie “Hop” in the spring, and watch my kids hop and jump around outside!

  354. Nayya says:

    My bf just removed the plastics in the windows yesterday! the windows are so old in this appart lol.. now we smell the fresh air through the windows! Oh well.. at least 10+C all week long.. I love spring!!!

  355. Norma says:

    excellent movie for this time of year!

  356. diane king says:

    easter time movie–great contest

  357. Beth says:

    so wonderful to see all the signs of spring. Cant wait to see this movie. Love it!!

  358. Dianne says:

    Love the feel of the warm spring sun on my face.

  359. olivercat says:

    I love the fresh spring air! Planting time! Just getting out of the house without wearing multiple layers!

  360. Militsa says:

    Tulips !!!!!

  361. Cindy says:

    Spring is in the air… I hope πŸ™‚

  362. Yersine says:

    Take less time to get the kids ready for daycare in the morning!!!
    Love the warm air also!!! πŸ˜‰

  363. Kim W. says:

    Love the movie Hop!

  364. Jenn says:

    All the baby animals being born

  365. Adrianna says:

    Started planning my gardens for spring…so excited!

  366. Abby says:

    i like this movie πŸ™‚

  367. Bree says:

    I love the flowers coming up!

  368. Brenda says:

    This movie is a great lead in to Easter – my kids would love to have a copy!

  369. AJ says:

    Mmmmmmm!!!! Maple syrup. You just gotta love spring time. My kids love Easter. I wonder if it has anything to do with the chocolate?

  370. Ken says:

    spring = winter thaw and a lake in my front yard πŸ˜›

  371. Analyn says:

    What i love about spring is when all the wonderfull bright colors pop out, like flowers the green grass, the sun and warmer air.

  372. Teresa says:

    I love drinking my morning tea on my front porch with my kids still in their pjs, feeling that warm sunshine on my face, looking at all the crocuses, tulips, and daffodils opening up, smelling the southern breeze and listening to the cardinals waking up!

  373. Jenny Jardine says:

    I love spring, the days are brighter, the kids are happier and everyone seems to have a spring in their step πŸ™‚

  374. Tal says:

    I can’t wait for the warmer weather! No more snowsuits to put on…yes! I’ll be looking for some rainboots for my little girl so we can go splash in the puddles together! πŸ˜‰

  375. Mark says:

    Great contest…my 7 year old son has been really wanting to see this movie for over a year now so please pick us! SPRING IS IN THE AIR!

  376. Rockin' Kitty says:

    To me, spring says. “Good-bye winter!!”

  377. Jenny says:

    yay! spring is here, can’t wait for the tulips to bloom.

  378. Cindy says:

    I just love all the candy that comes with springtime and easter! Better than Valentine’s day!

  379. Holly says:

    I look forward every year to the return of the hummingbirds.
    Although hard to think about that today as it is snowing here in Chilliwack,BC.

  380. Andrea Williams says:

    I never thought the snow would be melting so soon, but it already looks like spring here in Winnipeg! Can’t wait for the flowers and green grass!

  381. Sue says:

    My tulips, daffodils and hyacinths are already sprouting and I have seen numerous robins already, in early March in Ontario….what a beautiful early spring and cant wait to see this movie with the grandkids

  382. Chrissy says:

    What a wonderful way to celebrate such a wonderful season. Spring is in the air!!

  383. CHRISTINE says:

    Spring is looking forward to dressing my 2 y/o in fewer layers and not having to remind my 12 y/o to wear a hat and mitts….oh, the joy the warmer weather brings!

  384. Dominic says:

    Srping is in the air and short dresses and skirt will be on soon! Oh Yeah! Love spring!

  385. Cheryl says:

    Spring means smelling the chocolate in the easter isle at the Walmart!!!

  386. Karebear68 says:

    Snow this morning, now all melted and the sun is shining! Definately almost Spring! Lol!

  387. Tammy says:

    Just in time for Happy Easter!!!

  388. sugrbare says:

    Here comes Peter Cottontail
    Hopping down the Bunny Trail . . .

    Was my favourite movie when I was a kid

    So when spring arrives, so do I, singing silly songs

  389. Anu Chopra says:

    Spring is great! Looking forward to not wearing winter jackets anymore!

  390. CandyLand says:

    I love getting out in the garden and having the kids play along side me.

  391. poohbear2973 says:

    bye snow
    hello flowers

  392. Melodiem says:

    My favourite season is SPRING…can’t wait for the tulips to bloom!

  393. Mercedybear says:

    I love the extra boost of energy and happiness in the spring time!!

  394. AmberLab says:

    Sad to see the snow go, but Easter is always a fun part of Spring. Took DS to see Hop in the theatre last year, it is a super cute movie.

  395. Brian White says:

    Can’t wait to win this as I hardly ever win anything and my kids would love it

  396. Chefgirl says:

    I hope that spring is really here…I can’t wait for the tulips and daffodils!!!

  397. SAMANTHA says:

    Looking forward to working on my garden!

  398. I love the sights and sounds of spring! A renewed sense of self!

  399. Nat says:

    I like the return of beer-on-the-patio weather!

  400. Angela V says:

    My daughter loves anything cute. So this entry is really for her.

  401. mommamoison says:

    Can’t wait for spring!!! I want to eat outside, have picnics, bar-b-q!!! great contest!

  402. Spring just seems to promise a lighter load – no winter clothes, driving is easier due to no snow, walk to work – not trudge.

  403. masid says:

    Ooo! good contest. We’re looking forward to visiting the zoo this spring!

  404. pickgal says:

    spring showers bring may flowers! πŸ™‚

  405. SANDRA says:

    Ahhh Spring………welcome the flowers, sunshine and melting snow.

  406. Alyssa says:

    April flowers bring May showers!

  407. Laurie W. says:

    I love the fresh green colour of the new grass and leaves.

  408. oceanblue says:

    Spring – love getting the kids out the door and enjoying fresh air, sunshine and warm temps! πŸ™‚

  409. we love to take long strolls outside with the kids and see what sping is giving us!-

  410. Lydia says:

    Its March break and me and my beautiful little girls ages 9 and 3 are enjoying playing in the backyard and watching the honey bees working hard getting nectar from our purple spring crocuses in our garden..always our first sign of spring! What a great week for March break having fun outside in spring time with my girls!!!!

  411. Valerie Cain says:

    Spring is great, spring is near,
    Spring is coming so have no fear.
    Walking, biking, baseball, fun,
    enjoying that wonderful blazing sun.
    But on occasion there is some rain,
    so what to do, hmmm lets use our brain.
    We could do spring cleaning, or dust or mop,
    or maybe we could watch our free movie ” HOP “.

  412. shabley says:

    I love the fresh spring air and opening all of the windows.

  413. Melanie G says:

    Looks like a cute movie!

  414. Heidi says:

    Best early spring weather ever!! Fabulous March break.

  415. Phileasha says:

    I am so excited for spring! Hopefully it stops snowing by then πŸ™‚

  416. Janice says:

    I love the spring flowers popping up and blossoms on the trees:)

  417. Courtney says:

    HOP is adorable and spring weather is well on its way so I’m double happy!:D

  418. Clarissa says:

    I love having sunlight later every day into the evenings and the smell of rain that spring comes with!

  419. alisha says:

    I love the new bright colors in the malls these days!

  420. cecilia says:

    spring? i love the flowers and the warmer weather. and it’s still bug-free! bring on the spring!

  421. sharp1 says:

    I love, love the flowers in the spring. Somehow you appreciate them so much more when you haven’t seen them in awhile.

    On a side note, I took my kids to Hop last year on my birthday. I hadn’t been to a movie in years and I was excited to go see anything. Right before EB poops out jellybeans, the movie cut out and they were unable to fix it. We all left disappointed with our refunds. Then my kid threw up all night because she ate to much popcorn!

  422. Eugene says:

    Enough of the rain and gloomy days! Looking forward to the tulips blooming and the arrival of spring!

  423. Nancy says:

    Spring – oh so happy – the end of cold winter days – no more boots and heavy coats – doesn’t take much to make me happy πŸ™‚

  424. Mandy says:

    The kids & I have not seen this movie yet it looks super cute, and I can not wait for Spring!

  425. Ruth says:

    I love the cherry blossom trees that line our city streets!

  426. Andrew says:

    Can’t wait for everything to start looking a whole lot greener.

  427. Tammy says:

    Yeah! Spring is right around the corner, but summer weather is already arriving. What a bonus!

  428. Bree says:

    I can’t wait for the smell of fresh grass and flowers!

  429. Denise says:

    I love spring. I can’t wait to get out and plant a garden

  430. Mary Lou says:

    Would love to win this! I’ve heard great things about this movie. Thanks!

  431. couponclipper373 says:

    Spring is a wonderful time of the year, especially in Winnipeg. This past winter wasn`t as cold as some can get, but it`s still nice to take off all the extra layers of clothes and boots.

    My bunny, Audrey Hopburn, and I would LOVE to win this movie. I`ve already seen it, but Audrey hasn`t (they don`t allow rabbits in movie theatres).

    Thank you very much for this opportunity to win. πŸ™‚

  432. Laurel T says:

    We just had our first thunderstorm of the year on March 19 in Winnipeg! My power went out for almost 2 hours! Definately not expected:)

  433. Chris says:

    Love spring!!! Nothing beats that fresh spring air…..or sheets dried outside in it ; )

  434. KathyN says:

    Yay for Spring, goodbye Old Man Winter! πŸ™‚
    Count me in!

  435. waitingforsummer says:

    Spring is when my allergies start. Can’t wait for summer!

  436. Shelley says:

    I love the colours of spring.

  437. Moe says:

    Today was not like Spring,
    It was like mid summer.
    We had to put the Air on!

  438. picklehead says:

    I love the fresh smells of spring.

  439. missy_ma says:

    oh how wonderful spring is.. in the fall we put on extra weight to keep us warm for the winter.**** cause like i say its cheaper then a new winter jacket..*** and in the spring we start to jump rope, and hop around like little bunny rabbits to get fit for the summer :d oh and I cannot forget…… the spring is when my boyfriend gets that funny look on his face when I talk about how exciting it will be when we get to spend all our time picking blueberries in the summer :d lol..

  440. szelok says:

    Can’t wait to see this movie!!

  441. MAGGIE says:

    Can’t wait for my first spring in Victoria, bc!

  442. Darci Paice-Bailey says:

    Spring means flowers & the start of garage sale season!

  443. Debbie says:

    Love the sight of the blooming cherry blossom trees.

  444. Tara says:

    I love the feeling of getting outside, enjoying the warmer weather and seeing the gardens come alive with colour.

  445. marine says:

    Can’t wait to watch this!

  446. Carla says:

    I like spring because there is so much new life.

  447. Lana says:

    I feel so refreshed when I can smell spring in the air, can’t wait to start planting flowers!

  448. Asma umm humaira says:

    I love the flowers arriving!

  449. momof2 says:

    Never seen this movie yet. What a great giveaway=)

  450. Theresa says:

    family dinners… outside on the patio.Nice!

  451. AnnaC says:

    I’m looking forward to watching this when it comes out. Looks really cute.

  452. canadian_girl says:

    Me, me! Pick me!

  453. Ali_81 says:

    I love this weather! Great for bbq’ing and then going inside to watch a movie! lol ~Thanks!

  454. Nice Sass says:

    Spring has sprung, the grass is riz; I wonder where the blue birds is.

  455. wilderlady says:

    already hanging my clothes out on the line! love this gorgeous weather!

  456. nancy says:

    the best thing about spring is the longer days,more sun and being able to go out with the grandkids without having to layer everybody with coats, hats boots and mitts

  457. naiddia says:

    i love the green grass, and spring cleaning.

  458. luisa says:

    Best thing about spring is putting away all the winter gear- hats, mitts, boots! YAY!

  459. mary says:

    spring has sprung

  460. Liz says:

    Snow tires off for sure!!

  461. Wendy H says:

    Seeing the first tulip leaves pushing up through the ground warms my heart!

  462. Supafly says:

    They’re calling for 25 today in Moncton, and 30 tomorrow! Than it’s back down to 5 on Thursday! Gotta love Spring!

  463. April says:

    Aw! I’ve been meaning to see this for awhile, been waiting for it to be released. I hope I win πŸ™‚

  464. Marie D says:

    Oh what a lovely day.. I believe Spring has Sprung… well, for a few days, anyway… according to the weather forecast.. Time for a walk.. the birds are singing a chorus this morning..
    have a great day, Marie

  465. Jen says:

    Spring is such a happy time. The nice weather sure helps!

  466. Koolaid says:

    Spring is when I miss the snow but look forward to the upcoming swimming in the lake!

  467. Connie says:

    spring time is full of life

  468. Nydia says:

    Spring is here! At least in the sense of the weather in Ontario, it is! I love no winter coats or boots!

  469. megan says:

    I love to see the fresh bloom of sprouting flowers in the ground.The sound of birds in the trees.

  470. JL says:

    Looking forward to those spring walks πŸ™‚

  471. Lisa says:

    This looks like a fun movie the whole family would enjoy! Love Easter & Spring time!

  472. Mo H. says:

    I can’t wait to start painting and redecorating. Spring is in the air !!

  473. ryanmike says:

    Spring has sprung. Here in Southern Ontario, the high today is supposed to be 22 degrees. Beautiful spring day πŸ™‚

  474. Monica says:

    Spring time is so fabulous with the tree’s budding leaves, and the grass turning shades of green. Also the ability to get the my young children out to play more in the sunshine.

  475. Jennifer says:

    Believe in the Bunny! Can’t wait for warmer days.

  476. Margaret says:

    Spring is definitely in the air

  477. Ginette says:

    Our huge Cherry Blossom tree is ready to burst into Spring! Can’t wait!

  478. SAR says:

    First day of Spring is today!

  479. SAR says:

    This is my second post about Spring — hopefully I can win this movie – looks so cute!

  480. Laura says:

    Spring is my favorite time of the year, I love watching the flowers bloom πŸ™‚

  481. Jason says:

    Let’s hop to it!

  482. brandyzz says:

    Spring reminds me of all the weight i was supposed to loose before spring started.. OOPS. Can’t wait to see the movie!

  483. wendymac says:

    Spring in March? Sorry to be a dissident voice but Spring belongs in late April or May. Running and ducking for cover now….

  484. wellcalm says:

    Spring means finding a new wardrobe, time for a new look.

  485. MayaP says:

    Happy first day of spring everyone!!!

  486. Wendy Petit says:

    Sick of snow! Bring on Spring πŸ™‚

  487. LN says:

    Love the smell of Spring. And good to know summer is next!

  488. Shelley says:

    Sounds like a great movie!

  489. Lauren says:

    When I was a kid I loved to go puddle jumping. Now I drive through them in my car πŸ™‚ lol

  490. Narathip Wall says:

    It’s the first day of spring today! And we are ready for it!

  491. Steph says:

    love the sun and warm air…and putting away all the winter stuff!

  492. Anne says:

    I love this weather. Bring on the warmth … and the chocolate bunnies! πŸ™‚

  493. Kerri says:

    I love spring! I love that I can take my one and a half year old outside finally to play at the parks and go for walks!

  494. Valerie says:

    My son was born in the spring time it was a great moment!

  495. koala36 says:

    Love Spring Cleaning, it always makes everything feel so fresh

  496. Katrinacool says:

    spring is all about easter and allergies.

  497. dawn_sweety says:

    I love the fresh air and being able to walk to work, makes me feel so much healthier but a 30 min walk in the winter is a little too cold for me.

  498. angelamary says:

    What a way to enjoy the first day of spring – sunshine and heat. Yay!

  499. adriana says:


  500. Applepie says:

    Spring is finally here. Love seeing the flowers starting to bloom.

  501. Julie says:

    So happy the snow is gone, it’s spring! Time to enjoy the outdoors again!

  502. wendy says:

    yeh the birds chirping the sun shining and feb blahs are over !!

  503. Sherry says:

    First day of spring…love it!

  504. Savy Shopper says:

    Spring – sure can’t beat it.

  505. Melissa says:

    I love Spring… can’t wait for it to get a bit warmer on the West Coast! πŸ™‚

  506. parislove says:

    It may be spring but there is still snow in my backyard

  507. Sandra says:

    I love it when there is no snow left on the ground! then it is truly Spring!! πŸ™‚

  508. Melz says:

    It’s great to run outside when the snow is gone πŸ™‚

  509. Alaina Krokis says:

    Finally!!! Bring on the sun!!!

  510. Sajitha says:

    The new blooms, butterflies and the April showers…Love everything about spring..

    This looks like a cute movie my 4 year old would love…Thanks for the contest ..

  511. Patty Parent says:

    Spring is such a fabulous season! You can always tell it’s near when even the children are tired of snowy days and heavy clothes!

  512. Vera Herelle says:

    SPRING HAS SPRUNG !!!!! At least i hope it has.Spring is an amazing time of year!!!Just watching the flowers sprout put’s me in awe of our world.

  513. Markvh says:

    Spring… Good bye Winter… I hope!!

  514. Sherrybobins says:

    What HAPPENED to Spring?! It feels like Summer!!

  515. Sarah says:

    aaaahhh, spring – finally! not that we had any kind of real winter here in southern Ontario! πŸ™‚ but yes, the season of cleaning and kids bouncing off the walls inside the house if they can’t get out to play! LOVE IT!!!

  516. Lorna says:

    my favourite thing about spring is wearing sandals time to get the pedicure stuff ready – cant wait to show off my pretty toenails tired of heavy shoes and socks can’t wait

  517. LS says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing all the spring flowers.

  518. Melanie Heppner says:

    spring had no idea we just had a blizzard last night and i hear another one is on its way ,but sure am looking forward to spring and warm weather hopefully it might show up this year never can tell in Saskatchewan.

  519. Heather says:

    I am so excited about our weather this week, feels great to go outside and enjoy.

  520. michelle donovan says:

    spring,,my favorite time of the year. love waking to the sun shining and seeing the first sign of floweres coming through..and looking forward to easter and having some time off work with my children. would be even nicer to sit down after easter supper and watch the movie

  521. maritess sahin says:

    because i’m always in front of my computer, I changed my desktop background into this different candy coloured letters to feel the spring vibe…too much of a spring eh?!

  522. Eva says:

    I love the smell, the flowers, the birds.

  523. Brenda Harris says:

    Spring has sprung, the grass has ris’,
    I wonder where the birdie is?
    There he is up in the sky,
    He dropped some whitewash in my eye!

    Iβ€˜m alright, I won’t cry,
    I’m just glad that cows can’t fly!

    ee Cummings.

  524. gails says:

    I love that I get to enjoy my tulips in the garden this year with my girls. I also love that we can bbq!

  525. heather says:

    Love this awesome weather, lovin’ the sunshine!

  526. macw1960 says:

    Absolutely beautiful weather here today and I am wearing shorts. Crocuses and daffodils are up. The birds are chirping and building a nest in my backyard maple tree. Hoping to see no more snow. πŸ™‚

  527. jj says:

    i watched this movie and thought it was so great, i think my kids would love it too

  528. Enuj says:

    Spring is definitely my favourite season.

  529. Tammy says:

    Spring is like the revitalization of life! The flowers starting to come up, people walking, birds chirping! Amazing time!

  530. Charlene says:

    I love spring for its new beginings and planning my gardens! Melting snow (yeah!!!) and being outside more.

  531. SANDRA says:

    new beginings and sunshine…..bring it on!!!

  532. MrsHardie says:

    Looks like a fun movie !

  533. momof4monkeys says:

    spring has sprung and we are getting outside more for rainy day walks and sunny days in the park πŸ˜€

  534. Beth says:

    Happy to see Springs arrival brought summer weather with it. Love this movie, another hit that is great family entertainment.

  535. Lisa says:

    Loving the spring and this movie looks fantastic, Thanks!

  536. Kim says:

    Can’t wait for the warmer Spring weather to arrive!

  537. Melanie says:

    Spring is here!!! I saw a Canadian goose on the weekend! I love spring!!!

  538. cj says:

    I heard birds singing today!!

  539. Renee says:

    Yay for Spring the the banishment of all things cold and wintery πŸ™‚

  540. Sureha says:

    I love wearing my flats again and being able to take long walks to enjoy the beautiful weather.

  541. Colleen says:

    Love to get outside for a good run in the spring

  542. nej26 says:

    My kids and the whole fam will love watching this movie…Aaah, Spring!

  543. Kit says:

    can’t wait to golf!

  544. Emma Walpole says:

    Love the fresh air spring brings and of course wearing all those sandals!

  545. nic says:

    LOVE daylight past dinner time!

  546. Mindy says:

    SPRING!!!! did we have a winter??? LOVE LOVE the weather we walk EVERYDAY sometimes more then once πŸ™‚

  547. Leftee says:

    It’s finally Spring!!
    Saw lots of robins in the yard and people are smiling.

  548. Traveller says:

    Spring + Easter + Holiday + Contest = Priceless

    Almost was bitten by a mosquito while doing yard work yesterday. LOL.

  549. Angela says:

    We are enjoying the Spring like weather here in Atlantic Canada….only wish it would last.

  550. Vivvy says:

    Yay! The sun’s out, it’s warm. It’s Spring!

  551. Becky says:

    I am loving the warm weather we have been having lately. Would love to win this to put in my son’s Easter Basket. πŸ™‚ Thanks SmartCanucks!!

  552. SusanEllen says:

    Its even Spring in Winnipeg! This has been the shortest winter ever!!

  553. Keykey says:

    Great giveaway just in time for Easter!!

  554. Liz says:

    Lovin’ the warm weather and sunny days!

  555. nash says:

    Lovin’ this great weather. So happy to see flowers in my garden!!

  556. heather says:

    Vitamin D!! Loving the natural vitamin D!!
    πŸ™‚ Hop-ing to win! :)=

  557. ErinsMom says:

    Loving the nice weather!!

  558. Gena says:

    This nice weather is a great start to the spring season!!

  559. Tanis says:

    Why is spring not here yet!?!? πŸ™‚

  560. Nancy says:

    My favourite things about spring is seeing all the beautiful flowers starting to bloom again

  561. Carolyn says:

    Ah spring. Love the warmer weather and being able to walk places with my girls and not having to drive as much. Better for my health and better for the environment.

  562. Nanc91 says:

    My favourite things about spring is seeing all the beautiful flowers starting to bloom.

  563. Gabriela says:

    I can see the buds on the trees, beautiful spring has sprung! Great time for a giveway! πŸ™‚

  564. Julie V. says:

    Spring means I can finally take out my newborn daughter for the first time to enjoy walks outside in her stroller!

  565. Dennise Brown says:

    YAHOO!! Spring has FINALLY sprung…Nice to hear the birds singing and not having to bundle up

  566. EDNA says:

    boots,scarf,mittens, shovel are history spring is here!!!!!!! Hello Sandals

  567. Taylor says:

    I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE spring weather!

  568. Elaine Buonsante says:

    My mood just lifts when I see the first colourful flowers blooming!

  569. sarah_300c says:

    Today was the warmest day here, it got to 24 degrees. I love this kind of weather, warm but not as hot as a summer day. It is so nice to sit on the deck in the morning and enjoy my coffee. Love it.

    Thanks for the contest.:)

  570. michelle says:

    I can’t wait to smell the flowers in the spring

  571. Amanda Scott says:

    Here comes Peter Cotton Tail, hopping down the bunny trail. Hippity Hop and Easter’s on it’s way. I love Spring time!!!

  572. Jennifer says:

    I love the budding trees and flowers and all the birds singing πŸ™‚

  573. claire says:

    I love spring weather and spring colors

  574. Nishi says:

    After the winter snow & bare trees it looks like every thing comes to life with the arrival of Spring. I love Spring , the fresh air, birds chirping & budding flowers & trees.

  575. cathy kenny says:

    I love this beautiful weather. The dogs love seeing the squirals come out and play and run through the grass.

  576. I love the warm breeze that runs through my home. The warm weather is definitely an awesome change from the cold winter. I’m glad I’ll be able to finish my final projects and papers this year at university without depressing gloomy skies and chilly temperatures. I am absolutely in love with the heat and rays of sunshine. Hop is a great, cheery, and funny film to watch πŸ™‚ Spring is my favourite season and Easter rules! πŸ˜€

  577. GoJays says:

    My daffodils are blooming! πŸ™‚

  578. Romana says:

    LOVE love the warm weather and flowers !

  579. Og says:

    Spring lifts my spirits. Nothing better than being able to open the windows in the morning, take a deep breath, and let the sunshine come through.

  580. kay says:

    Spring is the smile you get as soon as your step outside!

  581. nuclear_rikku says:

    Can’t wait for the flowers!

  582. juanda says:

    Spring is getting 25+ degrees in March πŸ˜€

  583. Ceren says:

    I love spring!! can’t wait to have my own garden this year!

  584. Johanna says:

    I love daffodils!!!

  585. Ami1984 says:

    I love every thing spring, the new fresh smell and the green new grass is one of my favourites oh and being able to open windows rocks!

  586. RACHEL says:

    My favorite spring thing is hangning the clothes out to dry….I love the fresh clean smell from the air outdoors.

  587. Crystal says:

    Spring doesn’t come to Newfoundland until at least June πŸ™

  588. ashley says:

    i cant wait for easter and see alot of family!!!:)

  589. Mariecelle says:

    I love spring, not too cold, not too hot, perfect!

  590. Jen says:

    I love hearing the birds chirping in the mornings! Yay!

  591. corrie-lynn says:

    would love this too add to the movie collection we are starting for our son!

  592. Laura Williams says:

    This movie looks adorable! I would love to own it <3

  593. Sherrikellow says:

    Looks like a great movie to watch with the kids.

    I love the extra hop spring puts in my step!!! Love it

  594. jeff says:

    My kids love being able to play in the park again!



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