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This week’s contest is a FUN one 😀
What was your most embarrassing moment(s)?
ONLY 1 entry per person this week (but you are welcome to comment on other’s stories).

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This week’s contest is a FUN one 😀
What was your most embarrassing moment(s)?
ONLY 1 entry per person this week (but you are welcome to comment on other’s stories).

Contest info: New $10 gift card or paypal winner chosen daily.


100 responses to “SmartCanucks Contest – Free $10 Giveaway Daily – Most Embarrassing Moment”

  1. FreebieChick says:

    My most embaressing moment would be when someone asked recently if my 6’3″ 15 year old teen was my younger boyfriend! Ackkkkkkkk!

  2. AndreaP says:

    Alright may not be embarassing to all of you, but I guess I get embarassed pretty easy…my boyfriend…his face was redder then mine!

    We took my now 5 month old to the doctors for her first check up, (she was a preemie so her first out of hostpital appt wasn’t until she was about a month old) We were sitting down in the waiting room waiting FOREVER like normal when Lailah got hungry. I nurse her so I picked her up and got all situated…well I started to leak…and my daughter instantly yelled out…OH NO MOMMMMMMMYYYYY WE FORGOT YOUR BOOBIE PADS!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is only 3 and so not knowing by the horrified look on my face she said it atleast 3 more times! Everyone in the room turned and looked at me, most laughed until tears came lol…and the older lady beside me says “Don’t worry hun, out of the mouth of babes! You will get used to it.” I don’t think I could ever get used to that, my doctors receptionist still mentions it to this day lol…oh well….life goes on….

  3. The_Scarecrow says:

    Probably not very embarrassing compared to others, but in junior high I remember we were supposed to write a short story and read it in front of the class. I was so nervous that day that the teacher would call my name since I didn’t even start it, but she did call it. So me standing at the front of the class feeling very nervous I just started making up a story on the spot looking at blank paper. When I get really nervous I get giddy and sometimes I can’t stop laughing, so that’s what I did the time Im telling this ridiculous story to the class….. ya, I failed that assignment.

  4. safarmerswife says:

    When I was younger and working overseas, I went tanning a lot. I found this one tanning place (they are really nice in europe, very fancy) and after a longer tanning session I was leaving (feeling very tired etc) the receptionist said “bye”, I turned around to wave bye and walked right into the glass door. 🙂

  5. sarah says:

    I would say that for me I was walking on a sidewalk (that was even to the grass and in the summer) and I fell out of my shoes (no heels) and off the sidewalk. I was hurt but no one I was with though much of it, so they continued to walk while I tried to walk with them to the restaurant. When we where done eating I was not able to put any weight on my foot so my husband (boyfriend at the time) had to run and get a car and then carry me to it. Everyone was looking and not sure what was going on. To make matters worse when we got to emergency the drop off stops where all full and he had to help me our of the car to a bench and go part as he was in the ambulance area. While he was parking the car a nurse came out and asked what was going on. I was explaining things to her as my husband got back to me. He carried me to Emergency and they asked him to leave the room so they could ask me if he did this to me.

    When the doctor finally got to see me he was very nice but said it would likely not have been as bad as a break if I didn’t continue to try and walk on it.

    It was so much fun to tell everyone how I broke my foot falling off a sidewalk.

  6. koala says:

    Wow. This still makes me feel silly to this day.
    It was grade 7.
    You know how you forget to talk with your inner voice?
    Well, the teacher was doing her blah, blah, blah.
    In a semi conscious state, I clearly yelled out “Shut-up”.
    Boy oh boy, did I get reprimanded for that one.

  7. ottawa says:

    when i was a teen, my friend and i were walking down a sidewalk downtown when a cute guy passed so i did one of those double takes watching him walking away. Wasn’t watching where i was going because i was to busy watching the guy so i walked straight into a telephone pole. my friend must have bust a gut she was laughing so hard. we see a cute guy now and say “cute guy, THUMP!” 10 years later and it’s still being picked on lol

  8. Céline L says:

    My most emberassing moment happened a few years ago. I was working midnights and was really not feeling well in the middle of my shift at work so my boss drove me home. I realized when I got home that I had started my period and had made a mess on his front seat. Thank god it was leather and easy to clean up. I called him as soon as I got home to apologize and he totally brushed it off. I guess it was because he was head of the HR department that he was so cool but I was mortified.

  9. Jennifer says:

    When I was about 6 I had a little toy that glowed in the dark (a Glo-Worm) and I had to sleep with it each night since I was scared of the dark. One night I woke up and could not find it so I started to cry, my parents came in and found it in the covers. They left to go back to bed and while holding onto the toy for dear life I realized there was a little hole in the bottom of the hard plastic toy. Thinking it was like a finger puppet I put it on my finger and went back to sleep feeling so smart that now I would not lose my toy.

    Problem was that when I woke up in the morning my finger had swollen inside the toy and I could not get it off. My mom had to take me to the emergency room so they could cut it off and make sure I didn’t damage the nerves at all. Not only was the fact that I had to go to the hospital bad enough, the toy was a character from a TV show named stink bug and to this day my parents still refer to me by that nickname.

  10. CurlyDee says:

    I was driving to work during Spring clean up time in my neighbourhood and I noticed that someone had put out 4 beautiful old wooden chairs for the garbage. Being a bargain hunter I immediately thought that I could take them home and refinish them, but they were much too large for my car. When I got to work (I work in a school) I was telling the special education teacher how much it killed me to leave them there, and she offered to let me use the van that the school transports the kids in to go back for them and take them home during my lunch hour. I prayed that they would still be there by then because they were on a busy 4 lane street and I was sure someone else would pick them up.

    Once lunch came I hopped in the van and drove back and found the chairs. I loaded the first two in the van and noticed there was a box of books also in the trash pile, so I started browsing through the books (one man’s trash is another’s treasure right?). As I was taking my time browsing I heard a few cars honk (the van was stopped on the street in the right lane) but I just ignored them and assumed they were upset about the inconvenience of having to drive around the stopped van.

    I kept looking through the books until I heard multiple cars honking and honking and someone yelled out their window at me “Stop picking through the garbage and move you van!”. I turned around and realized that the van had an automatic school bus like safety stop sign that came out of the side and traffic was backed up both ways for blocks! No one could pass the van, so they were all sitting in thier cars watching me pick through the garbage!

    I was so embarassed that I jumped back in the van and drove off – leaving the last two chairs behind:(

  11. Chrissy says:

    Well this was embarassing for me, but not nearly as bad as it was for my sister.
    We were shopping for my prom dress and i had taken off my bra to fit into the dress properly, and i couldnt get the zipper up, so i said to my sister ”Hey can u give me a hand im stuck”
    I had the dress pulled down around my hips facing the door/drapes and my sister pulls open the drapes and sees me standing there
    shes goes OMG OMG and yanks it back LOL I was so red in the face, i turned around and got her to do it up again. When we were finished at the store
    she was so red in the face and i was laughing hysterically, she then tells me, ”Lifes not fair, how come i didnt have boobs like yours when i was your age!”

  12. saraL says:

    it’s hard to pick only one embarrassing moment because i have so many! i picked this one because it’s a two for one deal. 😛

    in highschool [i was in grade 9] at the end of the day, i was leaving the building with a group of friends. we happened to be passing the boy that everyone adored/drooled over, even the teachers loved him. he was standing on the stairs looking up to the top floor and talking to his friend and i was stuggling to put my backpack on without setting my bag and books down. i shoved my arm roughly through the sleeve and accidentally grabbed this boy right between the legs! everyone in the hallway went silent and i took off out of the building like a shot. i prayed he wouldn’t know who i was.
    the next day, my friends were joking around about it. i was joking about it too, thinking that would make me feel better about the whole thing when we turned a corner to realize he was standing right there. his friends and my friends thought it was hilarious but he didn’t seem so amused to be manhandled by a ninth grader. :/

  13. Purdee says:

    This happened 6 years ago. I was taking a test in University. It was a math theory course and I was good at it so nothing to worry about, right? We were seated in a large theatre, everyone skipped a seat so that there were two empty seats on either side of you. So half way through the exam I felt so sick, my head started to spin and I wanted to puke but I tried to hold it in. I kept digging through my bag to find something in case I really have to puke. Then all of a sudden – I started to puked – so I held my backpack opened and puked in it. I hoped that no one saw it. Then a hand came out and offered me some kleenex. It was a cute guy sitting a seat away from me!! I was mortified but gladly accepted the kleenex. Then I continued with my exam. Needless to say, I discarded the backpack after that.

  14. Amanda says:

    When I was about 7 months pregnant I needed to go catch the bus on Sherbrooke street in Montreal (for those of you who have never visited it is a pretty major street). I was between sizes because my belly had grown to enormous proportions and had low riding pregnancy pants that were a little big rather than pregnancy pants that were a little small for the sake of comfort. Well when I saw the bus across the street I decided to run as soon as the light changed to try to catch the bus and while running my pants started slipping. So I grabbed them up and caught the bus. I was a little embarrassed but not overly so.

    My partner though missed the bus and I saw him across the street laughing in hysterics. When he caught up to the metro stop he kindly told me that he and everyone else on sherbrooke saw my crack. Apparently my pants grabbed my underwear on the way down.

  15. cslll says:

    Wished it was only a dream but it wasn’t. It was when I was rushing back to school after lunch. It was a very hot summer day so I took off my school uniform, one piece dress with a long zipper at the back. I was running late so I quickly put my school uniform back on and started running. I ran half way and then realized I didn’t zip up my back. Yikes. no wonder I didn’t think it was as hot on my way back. Once I realized it, I was all sweaty because I was so embarrassed.

  16. night_star says:

    back in 1996 my mom bought me these new chunky heels shoes to school – I thought they were so cool with a 2 inch platform then another 3 inch heel. I thought I was so cool (and not being part of the “cool” crowd I thought I would show them all up)

    Well after school I was on the bus showing them to my friends when the school bus stopped at my spot. I walked to the front of the bus, took the first step down, twisted my ankle and fell all the way out of the bus in a rather big flop. The busdriver looked paniced and I told him I was fine getting up and brushing myself off. Once the bus was gone I had to limp home.

    My “cool” shoes weren’t so hot anymore.

  17. Zay says:

    I was seven and was with my mum in the Bay during a busy christmas shopping weekend. We were riding the escalator to the next level and I had so many bags to carry that my arm was killing me. I put one of the bags down and decided to stretch my arm, well that wasn’t smart as I realized I had flung my arm up and knocked the toupee off the man in front of me! I was so scared I ran and left the bag. I found out later it was a gift for me, roller skates! Lucky we got it back. Still today I keep very still on the escalator.

  18. brown_gyal says:

    I am in charge of the children’s liturgy group of our local church. When the mass begins, the children have to line up in front of the altar, and I lead them into a separate room, where we discuss the readings, then the kids walk back to the church and gather at the altar.
    One Sunday morning, right before mass could start, I had this urgent need to go to the washroom. I hurried in, quickly did my thing, washed my hands and walked out. On the way to the altar, I heard the kids smirking and laughing amongst themselves. Giving no thought to it, I walked in front of the congregation and did my usual routine. When we were up at the altar, the priest kept giving me a weird look, and then he finally came up to me and said that I had toilet paper stuck to my shoe heel. Everyone burst out into laughter since the priest had a mic attached to him, and the whole congregation was able to hear. Needless to say, my face was flushed, I was soo embarrassed. To this day, whenever I walk into the church, I still have some people remember the incident and smirk among themselves.
    This is one of those events that when you read about it, its funny, but you would never ever think it would happen to you. When it does, you just want to crawl under a bridge and hide your face for the rest of your life 😛

  19. Julie says:

    It was midterm madness at my university and I had been spending a lot of time in the library studying. The library was during that period of time open for 24 hours so I even slept there. When I woke up, it was empty, I went down the spiral staircase and I really had an intense urge to fart so I did but I did not anticipate how loud it would be. The fart echoed throughout the 8 floor staircase and the janitor and a whole group of 10 or more students starting laughing and could not stop. One of the guys called me Mcfarty. When he saw me around campus he would say hi Mcfarty. Moral of the story: when you think there is nobody around, there usually are a bunch of people that are going to pop out of nowhere.

  20. casperjj says:

    My oldest is 6 now but when he was three, we had arranged a playdate with our neighbour’s son across the street. They had just moved in so it was our first time in the house. We arrived and went directly to their family room when my little guy says “Oh my, what a mess!” Needless to say, I was mortified. After she got over the shock, my neighbour handled it incredibly well and just laughed.

  21. Litesandsirens911 says:

    My most embarrassing moment of my life( and my family’s, as you will see) came last year when we decided to stop in a bakery/cafe. My children each got to pick out a treat, so when it came time to order, I ordered our treats, and my 7 year old son said he wanted the Reece’s Peanut Butter cup cookie…this is how it came out when I asked for it:

    “I will also take a Reece’s PENIS Butter cookie please” OMG the whole bakery patrons started to laugh, I went beet red, my husband and girls were mortified, and my son hid behind my husband and said “oh my God, she’s not my mother!”..The bakery clerk laughed and said “wow, I’ve never heard THAT one before”…I wanted to DIE..

    That will be the most mortifying, embarrassing moment of my life!

  22. Erica says:

    during my university education I was wearing a skirt with flip flops. It had rained earlier and as I was walking down some steps I slipped and up went my skirt and I mooned everyone who was around me, and then to make matters worse I fell down the steps. Not my finest moment.

  23. michelle says:

    i was working in a lab at the university and i had been standing the front of the sink washing equipment. I didn’t realize there was a full sized tupperware bin behind me, full of water. I took a step back and fell right over. I didn’t fall IN but my pants were wet… I’m glad I didnt’ fall in though because the bin was full of water AND glassware.

  24. Sara says:

    Last month we got married in the Caribbean.

    We were doing pictures by the Ocean, the train of my dress was wet and became very heavy. I didnt realize it until I went to move and the dress didn’t go with me and I fell face first into the Ocean.
    Then while trying to stand up a wave came and knocked me very hard causing me to fall backwards.
    Theres a full set of pictures….including the bridesmaids and my husand standing laughing hysterically beside me instead of helping me up!

    This was on the resort property with many people watching!

  25. Lulu says:

    One of my most embarassing moments happend a few years ago… on the phone. I was playing around with the settings on my brother’s cell phone, and somehow accidentally locked it. We tried everything to unlock it to no avail. On the screen, there was an option that said HELP or SOS, and I thought that would connect me to the phone operator, so I pressed it and anxiously waited for an operator.

    A guy answered and said, emergency services! So I began to explain to him how I locked the phone, wasn’t sure what I did, don’t know how to unlock it, on and on… when he suddenly interrupted and asked um, excuse me, do you have a real emergency? I was confused and said huh? What do you mean? Then he finally said this is 9-1-1 emergency. Wow… I called 9-1-1 to report a phone problem! Needless to say I was very much embarassed… and told him no… I thought HELP meant the phone operator. He laughed, and said if you don’t have an emergency, then have a great day.

    This has been my icebreaker story for a while 🙂

  26. Shannon says:

    Well, when I was a teenager I used to dance in competitions, and this one time…I fell off the back of the stage. *thump* Only a few feet down but man, it was embarassing to have to climb back on…didn’t miss a beat though! HAHAHAHA

  27. Amy says:

    Hmm…I have these daily!!!

    Recently at a Scrapbook event I got black ink on my hand and inadvertantly wiped my lip leaving a “Hitler” type moustache on my face. No one told me for a few minutes – they just pointed and laughed.

    I carried my 4 year old who was too “tired” to walk around Zellers last week not realizing that the way I had her on my hip pulled my v-neck shirt down to expose my entire left boob (thank goodness for bras!!) My friend who I was with turned around and almost fell over laughing – who knows how long I had been walking like this – LOL!!!

    Oh – so many more, I could go on and on!!


  28. jujubes says:

    My moment would be when I was playing around while cleaning up. I was running with a chair in front of me when I tripped and fell over face first. I landed with my butt in the air. I didn’t want to see their faces so I stayed in that position for a couple of seconds and just blushed. lol The fact that I just stayed in that position was probably more embarrassing than the fall itself.

  29. Alyssa says:

    I happen to be the klutz of the family so it was no wonder this would happen to me. My younger brother’s graduation from University was held at the fanciest theatre in Miami so we were all dressed up along with the glam crowd that was also in attendance. I am a leader (or bossy – as my family would claim!) type so I was picking where to sit and as I lead everyone down the stairs towards the front of the theatre, I toppled over and rolled down the stairs right towards the stage! It was not a pretty sight, especially since everyone was already seated and the ceremony was about to begin!

  30. MC says:

    I was taking a cooking class that I was late for one evening, so I hurried up and shower and grab the pants I had wore the day before and got dressed. Since I was driving then nothing major happened until I got to the class and started preparing for the class; we were all standing and walking when someone approached me and said I had something on my foot… OMG! it was my underwear that was hanging loosely down my pants. I picked them up quickly but was so mortified and checked whether I was wearing underwear at all, it was from the night before!)

  31. sonia says:

    ok, this is a bad one: when i was in grade one, i was a really really shy kid. one day, i had to pee, but was too afraid to interrupt the teacher while she was talking. so i accidentally peed in my seat. it was one of those scooped metal seats. and i shimmied around until my pants ‘absorbed’ all the wetness! of course when the bell rang i ran out of there, and when i got home my mom asked why my pants were all wet. i told her i fell in a puddle! i can’t believe i just admitted this story!

  32. benji says:

    This is a little graphic and dirty, but this is very much the most embarrassing moment for me ever.

    In high school, I was at my boyfriend’s apartment hanging out. I had to go to the bathroom – number 2. I tried to take my older sister’s advice and never crap a guy’s house, but I couldn’t hold it any longer.

    So I went to the bathroom, crapped, and flushed.

    I was washing my hands and I looked over….why wasn’t the water going down? Why is my crap rising up?

    Oh no. No. NO!!!!!

    So I franticly was trying to do something jiggle the handle….I grabbed the plunger and started plunging…nothing!! Water spilled over the top, and like a daredevil over Niagara Falls, over the edge went ‘business”. Ack!



    “You didn’t flush did you?”, he says.

    Ya no, I always leave feces in the toilet. “Um…yes…?” I say.

    “Unlock the door!! Let me in! The toilet’s broken and the only way to get the water down is by playing under the lid! Let me in!”

    The toilet’s broken? Thanks for telling me that. And let you in? Not in your life. “Just tell me what to do!”

    “No! Let me in! Quit playing around!”

    Playing around? Yeah this is so much fun. “NO!”

    BANG BANG – “Let me in! It’s going to leak into the apartment below!!”


    Okay, so I needed to get rid of my turd on the floor. What to do?

    Bingo! In the garbage was an old toilet paper roll, so I scooped up my turd…fit in the toilet paper roll quite nicely…..anyways, wrapped half a roll of toilet paper around it and put it in the garbage.

    I opened the door, and my boyfriend gave me a dirty look. He had no idea what I just did, and to this day, I have no idea if he found out. Perhaps the soon to be obvious scent of crap might have clued him in, but he never said anything. He stopped the flowing water almost instantly and we mopped up the water.

    I swear…I look back and I’m still so embarassed.

  33. Weeeooojr says:

    There was once when I was little and told my parents that I could sit on the toilet and not to worry. I hopped right into the bowl and got all wet. My older brother and sister were laughing at me 🙁 Of course I can sit on the seat now…but mu butt was too small back then.

  34. Boo Radley says:

    OMG, Benji I read that while I was eating lol

  35. Hotdot says:

    So my most embarassing moment was in high school and I haven’t lived it down yet.

    My friends and I were at a high school football championship game and the whole school was in the stands because we got let out early to go. We were at the local stadium and my friends and I decided to race to the top of the stairs. I won of course!

    The bad idea was racing down. About half way I slipped on a step and the whole school watched me tumble down the stairs and hit my head on the railing at the bottom. The EMS was there and it was a whole huge production that they even annouced it over the speakers that someone was injured. HOW EMBARASSING!

    I have a little scar on my upper lip from the damage.

  36. Kathy says:

    The place I work at usually has men come in and I always part with ” Have a good day sir!.” Then finally a woman came to my register and I parted with ” Have a good day sir…… ma’am.” I tried to slur the words together but it didn’t work out too well.

  37. Adam says:

    I’m a usually astute person and I don’t make a lot of mistakes regarding details about people but this one time at bandcamp, hahaha…but really, one time at work I was talking with a couple of people about different accents and which ones sound really cool. There was a guy who worked in the produce department at the time and he was from South Africa…people from that region have a very cool accent. So stupid me, I said “he does it really well” and they just looked at me and burst out laughing, I realized what I had said and felt so embarrassed, thankfully no one else was around to hear my blunder!

  38. Kari says:

    I was co-emceeing at a friend’s wedding when I was 23, and was busy organizing the night and was very distracted while talking. I was trying to explain about not clinking glasses in order to make the bride and groom kiss, and told the 200+ guests that “The next time you go to tinkle…” I didn’t realize what I had said until the whole room burst into laughter. Boy, did I blush!

  39. N.M. says:

    LOL sonia don’t be embarassed you were just a kid… get this… when I was 25 My best friend and I decided to spy on this guy that I liked just as we drove all the way there I realized I had to pee really badly…It was winter time and we drove by really slow but then he came out the front door so I stepped on it to get out of there. Well it was on a cres. and the bend was coming up but I thought I had awhile so I looked back to see if he saw us…. I ran right into a snow bank almost hitting a parked truck in a driveway first. My girlfriend and I were laughing so hard I peed my pant and I wasn’t in grade one lol… I was about 23-24

  40. Marci Herman says:

    I still blush every time I think about this one. When I was in university I loved to go to fraternity parties, and of course, I wanted to look sexy. This is really difficult when your own father describes your bust as “two raisins on a breadboard”.

    Anyway I discovered a fabulour Wonderbra push up that had little pads inserted inside the bra … some of you older girls might remember this one.

    Anyway, while dancing madly to Louie Louie and shaking my booty, one of the little pads dropped out onto the floor. I knew immediately it was mine … all the guys were kicking it around like a football and making rude comments about “some flat chested broad”. I thought I’d die of embarrrassment

  41. toots says:

    I had my monthly friend “Mr.Period” in class one day and didn’t have a long shirt to cover it up. I had to walk with my back against a wall and people asked why I was acting strange. I just turned red and headed for the doors!

  42. Susan Mann says:

    My most moment was when I went to the casino and the young man behind the counter asked me for my ID and I’m in my 50’s

  43. JamsWife says:

    Years ago, when I first started dating my husband I was having dinner at his parents house. Earlier in the week my husband (bf at the time) had been doing what teenagers do, and he happens to bruise very very very easily, leaving a hickey on his neck. So during causal dinner conversation his mom brought it up that I was a “Vampire”, causing me to choke on my dinner and have to leave the table to compose myself.

  44. clarebear says:

    Oh Koala– you made me laugh!! I remember when I was in grade school and I had a crush on this guy. Somehow my friends convinced me to ask him to dance at the school dance and he said ‘No’!! I was mortified and to make it worse some other guy asked me to dance instead and tried to put his hand on my ass.. What an awkward night!

  45. freestuffforme says:

    When I was about 12 or 13, I had a short bob haircut (which I hated) and I hadn’t yet started to ‘develop’ much (which I hated). One day, my best friend and I were waiting at a bus stop. An old man came walking by and said, “what a nice young couple,” smiled, and continued walking. We were both girls!!! He clearly thought that I was a boy, and I was very embarrassed.

  46. Amanda says:

    A couple of years ago I was walking around my local zellers with my partner just behind a little old lady. This lady passed gas so incredibly loudly that it was shocking..just the noise of it and even more surprising to me at the time is that this lady did not shutter, turn back, look to see if anyone was looking she just kept shopping. We laughed together at her and I wondered how a woman could fart like that without shame. Well it came back to haunt me. During my first pregnancy I was regularly going to Zellers and incidently I had a lot of gas which is apparently a normal side effect to being with child. I ended up getting tired of holding it because I had to fart and burp all the time (talk about a sexy pregnant lady). During one shopping adventure at Zellers I made wind, it was loud I knew it was coming, made no motion and just kept shopping. I am sure there were people who were laughing at me but as I found out gas happens to the best of us.

  47. smartmama says:

    This topic makes me realize that I have so many embarassing moments to tell. Here is the first.

    When I was in my early 20’s, I had a first date at the Toronto Zoo. Coincidentally, all these years later, I now work there. Not relevant, just coincidental.

    Well it was Spring and the male elephant decided to mate. Have never seen a penis that long! Was still pretty shy in those days, and did not know where to look or what to say.

  48. Aliya D. says:

    Jeez, I don’t even know which moment to relate… When I was 15, I wore my first sari to prayers. It was this bright yellow, silk swath of material that wraps around you in a very specific way so that it sits on your hips and comes over your body, slightly exposing your belly and back (you wear a form-fitting blouse and petticoat underneath so you have something to tuck the meters of fabric into). My mother helped me put it on, and it was a huge deal because it signified I was no longer a child… Anyways, I was sitting in prayers with my legs tucked to the side, and not having complete control over my movements, I stood up at one point and the safety pins inside the petticoat popped, releasing the swaths tucked in and they tumbled to the ground, followed by the upper portion. I ended up in what culd be likened to underwear in my mosque, surrounded by hundreds of people – all staring at me. I was mortified, horrified and wanted to simply melt into the ground. I grabbed all the fabric I could and practically ran, tripping over the meters of silk while people laughed or stared at me. I sat inside the cubicle in the bathroom and cried my eyes out for hours while my friends tried to cajole me out again… LOL! Thank you for the contest!

  49. JT says:

    It’s a good thing that this week only allows one entry – I’d hate to remember three of my most embarrassing moments!

    My most embarrassing moment was when in junior high, I was feeling very sick and puked all over myself during class one day. All the kids were afraid to sit next to me from then on! Good memories…

  50. Kitty says:

    I am still waiting to hear back about my win. Should I just give up & assume that I’m not winning anything?

  51. meee says:

    lots of embarrassing moments for all! Several years ago I went to the movie theater. There were 2 floors and we were on the second floor. When the movie let out, me (being so cool in my high heels) wiped out and tumbled all the way down the large staircase just as the others on the first floor were getting out of their movie. Im sure I entertained quite a few people that evening.

  52. Insane79 says:

    I was in university when my son was little. He was only a couple of months old (so I was still breastfeeding). I raised my hand to ask a question and the whole auditorium turned to look at me while I was talking. Then the prof asnwered the question. I realized just after that I had 2 HUGE wet circles on my shirt. I had leaked through the nursing pads onto my shirt. I was so mortified I left class early to avoid everyone~

  53. ThatguyRob says:

    Sat in some chocolate non the TTC (in my Khaki cargos)- LMAO i was wondering why people were giggling at starbucks and on my walk to my class… it took a WHOLE hour for my friend to say “Holy crap, did you %&#! yourself” I didn’t hear the end of it till my other friend pushed on a pull door for like 5 minutes which took the heat off of me.

  54. SaganTosuJep says:

    Most embarassing moment:
    I was in Grade 5. In the classroom writing a big test. Had to go to the bathroom for number 2. I had to finish the test before I left. AFter I was done, I rushed to the bathroom but before I reached the toilet, my body couldn’t hold it anymore and out it went. I stank for the rest of the day.

  55. Lillian says:

    threw a ball in grade 3, and it accidently hit the teacher in the head and gave him a concussion.

  56. Cheapnik says:

    I married a slightly older man (by 8 years). We went to Klondike Days together and hit the beer gardens. I was 35 at the time. The very nice approximately 75 year old man doing security asked my husband if his daughter (me) had ID……it was rather embarrassing for both of us. I laughed but hubby turned red. I still think it is funny…embarrassing but funny.

  57. z3ta says:

    When i farted in class and everyone looked at me and i started laughing.

  58. miss_jolie says:

    I feel off my wirly stool and landed flat on my arse right in from of my client!

  59. miss_jolie says:

    On my wedding day I got my hair done and had my veil on and everyting. Afterward I was walking down the street and I feel flat on my face. My hands were all skuffed up and I was so sore the next day.

  60. miss_jolie says:

    o.k…so I fall a lot. I was running late for a cpr course and I fell on my arse- again. I had mudd all down the back of my pants.

  61. laura says:

    I had a team meeting at work around the lunch hour and was going to bring my lunch into the meeting (clam chowder – don’t ask why??). I struggled in the kitchen opening the can of soup with an old can opener and it exploded all over me! I had to go tell my manager since I was going to need a couple minutes to clean up and EVERYONE in the room laughed at me hysterically… never live that one down.

  62. Momo says:

    When I was in Grade 7 walking home from school with my girlfriends, a group of boys came up behind us and tried to pull our sweats down. Unluckily, mine were the only ones that fell right down to my knees. As a natural reaction to someone tugging at your clothes, I had turned around to try to stop my pants from falling down. Unfortunately, in doing so, I had showed my behind from all angles to ALL of the people on the street!

  63. Rachel says:

    This is my “most embarrassing moment” story.

    I like words, especially unusual lingo. So when “Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader” had an article about slang used in bars, I made mental notes of all the phrases, determined to wow the servers at my local.

    Sometime after reading that article, I went out with the other cast of a play I was in for our opening night party. We were all a little raucous after the success of opening night, which had sold out, and one of the male stars was especially enthusiastic. He’d been hitting on our waitress all night long, and I could tell that she was getting uncomfortable. I wanted to reassure her, and it occurred to me that I knew the code for telling her, in a subtle fashion, that it was okay to cut off his drinks. After all, I’d read the Bathroom Reader! I knew how bar folk talked!

    I tugged her sleeve. She turned to me. “It’s okay,” I said, seriously, “You can 69 him any time you want.”

    (What I meant to say, as you might have guessed, is “you can 96 him any time you want,” 96 being bar slang for “cut this one off”.)

    And I was a little tipsy. So I was a bit loud. And of course, the bar fell silent as I said it.

    I apologized and explained, but, unsurprisingly, we didn’t get particularly good service for the rest of the night.

    Like most embarrassing moments, it was horribly, _horribly_ painful when it happened, but it’s now one of my favourite stories. 🙂

  64. sjay says:

    Getting walked in on in a large one stall/room type public bathroom by a cute guy. I fiddled with the door lock but couldn’t get it to lock properly, so I just went ahead with my business and suffered with bad timing.

  65. benji says:

    Ok I already entered once above but I have to share another one I just thought of.

    *Warning – this is another “too much information” one. GRAPHIC.*

    I used to work at Walt Disney World, and on our day off, a bunch of us went to Blizzard Beach.

    We stood in line and finally got to the top of the inner-tube slide. We’d have our turn in about 5 minutes or so.

    One of the guys we were with pointed at my legs and said “Are you okay?”

    “Yes why?” I said as I looked down.

    OMG…there was blood all over my legs!!! Oh ya – Aunt Flo came early for her visit…a whole two weeks early!! WTF!?

    I started panicking – I was SO embarassed and hadn’t felt anything because I was already wet from going up and down the slides…I didn’t think to look down when I felt “water” running down my leg.

    So what do I do? They won’t let me onto the slide like that. Frig!

    So I looked around and saw some tourist’s towel hanging over a bar. So tough shit for them – I grabbed it, wrapped it around my waste, and ran to the bottom of the hill and to the bathroom. I had no change on me so couldn’t buy a tampon from the machine in the bathroom. ARGH! I stood inside the door and asked the first couple of ladies for change, and no one had any.

    Finally, I went to the ticket-office, and asked for help. The girl there had one in her purse and gave it to me. By this time it’s all on my feet, and people are noticing. FRIIIIG!

    So I went to the bathroom, cleaned up and went back to my group of friends. Of course, all the guys were laughing (one of which I had a crush on OF COURSE). I was so humilated.

    Word travelled fast in our little community of WDW cast members, and it didn’t take long for a new nickname when a girl got her period.

    “I can’t go swimming – I’m Blizzard Beaching”.

    “I’m feeling achy..ugh, I’m Blizzard Beaching”.

  66. Alicia says:

    I was about 9, and it was phys-ed. Well, we were playing dodgeball (I believe) and I really had to go to the washroom. I was literally dying from holding it in, and of course, I had to ask my gym teacher. He was busy watching the un-amusing-9year-old-dodgeball game so he ignored me for a while.
    Well I couldn’t hold it in anymore so, I ran to the doors and didn’t really look at my surroundings at the time. When I was looking for the toliet seat, I see a “male fountain” (as I would call it at the time) and thought it was quite weird. Came out of the washroom and everybody stopped the game (except for the odd ones), I looked at the door sign, and it was for males.
    How awakward!!

  67. Patti says:

    Before I tell my story, I have to say, I am DEATHLY afraid of spiders. Up at my cottage we have spiders that are almost as big as a small cat, and they are furry like a cat even. So anyways…We are up at the cottage, it is a beautiful hot, sunny day, there is a group of about 10 of us (4 girls, 6 guys) sitting around the table on the deck, and over the table is a big umbrella. We are all dressed in swimsuits and shorts, and I am wearing a strapless bikini top, and a pair of shorts. We are all just vegging when one of the guys notices this huge, GINORMOUS, hairy spider crawling on the underside of the umbrella. This freaks me out, and I beg him to knock the spider off and kill it. So he stands up and hits the outside of the umbrella to knock the spider off….well…..he hit it a bit to hard, and the spider flew accross the table and landed right in the front of my bikini top…OMG!!!! So I jump up screaming like a banshee, running in circles with my hand jammed down the front of my bikini top trying to grab this frikkin spider. Needless to say I can’t get the spider, but I can feel it crawling along my breast and I am about to pass out. So finally I figure out what to do. I whip off my bikini top, the spider falls to the deck, and I stomp on it with a satisfying crunch. It is at this precise moment that I realize that everyone is laughing their heads off, I mean LITERALLY falling on the ground laughing. LITERALLY! Then I realized why… I AM STANDING THERE TOPLESS IN FRONT OF 9 PEOPLE!!!!!!!! I screamed again, and covered myself and turned about 26 shades of red, and that made them laugh even harder because apparently I blush all the way down to my belly button…haha ….(I wasn’t laughing). The rest of the weekend, my friends (and I use the term friends loosely) threw quarters at me every time I passsed by them, asking me to finish my “striptease” (idiots). So now it is 7 years later, and I haven’t lived that one down. I pray every night that someone else will do something goofy, so my little episode will disappear…. sigh.

  68. Sandy says:

    I was 13 and working at my 1st job at McD’s and also wearing my 1st ever “real” bra. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that with my bra underneath, my uniform was a tighter fit, and the buttons over the chest had all popped out of their buttonholes. So for about 10 min, until some kind soul took pity and informed me, I was serving the fries with a smile and a bit extra something something =[

  69. jenlively49 says:

    My most embrassing moment would have to be when I was at the beach and the clasp to my biniki broke, needless to say every one I buy now I make sure has a metal clasp or I change it…lol

  70. c10a7 says:

    I was a very geeky 15 year old and I had a major crush on a boy working at the butcher’s. On a Thursday evening, when my parents told me they were heading there, I was very quick to volunteer to go with… When we got there, my shoe lace was undone, unknown to me. My mom opened the butcher’s door, while my dad steped on my lace ant I flew inside, landiing on my stomach!!! Everyone inside saw me do my ‘stunt’ and were laughing when my dad just said, very loud: -Don’t mind her, she always makes these entrances for attention!! I am now 38 and I never went back to that butcher’s, and never saw that boy again…

  71. Nancy says:

    My most embarrassing moment was in highschool. I had my period and for some reason when I was in the bathroom, I put the peel off strip off the back of a pad in my pocket (the wrapping). Not sure why I didn’t discard it…Anyway, I was in class talking to a guy that I liked, and I reached in to my pockets and thinking it was a note from a girlfriend, and pulled it out. Mortified when I realized what it was, I stuffed it back in my pocket ASAP! He didn’t realize what it was, thankfully!, but my best friend who was there did and burst out laughing, but didn’t blow my cover. I laugh now, but my face was so red at the time, he must have known “something” was up.

  72. Julyprincess says:

    My most embarassing moment was shopping for a week of groceries, checking them out at the cashier, and only to find out my card was declined. It was so embarassing!! The poor cashier had to ring everything back because I simply couldn’t buy it. Next time, I always track my money before going!

  73. Reemie says:

    My 3 year old daughter is immitating me all the time and she wants to dress up like me. that day i was getting dressed and she was asking why she can’t wear a bra, so i said when you grow up . that day we had visitors and they were asking her what she wanted to be when she grows up, so she was saying all things including that she will have boobs and she could wear a bra like mum and she came to me showing them my bra !

  74. buttercup says:

    My most embarrassing moment was during a prize giving at the end of the year. So the whole school comes and the parents. Anyway they announced my name for prize I was so shy on that time and this was my first time to getting award on the stage so I started to run grabed my prize and even didn’t say thanks to the teacher .

  75. gsvandenbrand says:

    My most embarrassing experience happened when I drove my husband’s friend to the grocery store one day. We decided to go our separate ways and meet up in one of the isles then proceed to the checkout together. Well I went off to look for what I was there for and they didn’t have it in stock. So I was a little frustrated and decided to go hunt down my husband’s friend. I was walking passed the ends of the isles trying to locate him when I noticed he was at the other end of this isle. So I headed down the isle towards him. When I was within ear range I decided to let out that I was upset they didn’t have what I was looking for and when I went to raise my hands up in the air my thumb caught the bottom of my T-shirt and raised it above my head!!! OMG, my jaw hit the floor and he stopped in his tracks and his eyes popped out of his head! He then says right out loud ” Did you just flash me?” He reminds me that this was the best trip to the store he has ever had. And of course I told my husband what happened the minute I got home.

  76. Tim Roy says:

    Here we go, it happened just this week at work. I was reviewing a quality concern with a co-worker when I needed to call/page my quality supervisor in another plant to request information. I proceeded to page this person and hung up the phone…well, the phone I used was not one I was familiar with. Even though I hung up, the phone connection did not end…I continued a conversation for well over 1 minute….as I continued to talk, the person I paged eventually called me. That is when I noticed the call was still in progress (so I hung up). As with any paging system nowadays, there is a delay in the transmission within the plant. So, as I conversed with him, I could here my conversation on the other end end of the phone…how embarassing….there was hilarity abounding. I found out later, as people listened to my page/conversation, one person was quoted as saying “don’t swear, Tim, don’t swear”, …..well, I didn’t, thank God.

  77. Melody113 says:

    My most emabarrasing moment was just a few months ago. I said CRAP at Zellers when I was in lineup as I’d forgotten my coupons. My 8 year old says Grandma I wish you’s stop using the C word. You should have heard the gasp’s around us as I tried to wade out of that one.Didn’t help my daughter was practically on the floor she was laughing so hard.

  78. c10a7 says:

    I was getting ready for a nice dinner with friends at a very chic restaurant. I got dressed all the way but not wanting to wrinkle my skirt, I waited to put on til last minute. I did my hair and makeup and was runnung a little late. My friends knocked on my door, I grabed my jacket and met them on the porch… Everyone, but me, had a good laugh when I took my jacket off… I had a string with nylons on top, a sweater and shoes on! Had to grab a cab back home to get my skirt!!

  79. rhiannon1891 says:

    In jr. high school I had a massive crush on this guy in my church youth group. We used to have youth group outings, and one night it was at a pizza place.

    We were seated accross the table from each other, and I was trying to make “seductive eyes” at him (I was 14 at the time :p), and I went to take a sip of my drink.

    Well I misjudged how close it was to my lips, and I ended up pouring the whole thing down the front of my shirt.

    Not my most graceful moment 🙂

    I have 2 other mortifying incidents that happened in front of him as well, but I’ll keep them to myself for now!

  80. hurumi says:

    Going to class when it was victoria day >< so nobody was there.

  81. Tuktu60 says:

    I get really nervous when I have to do a public speech – once just before I went onto stage in front of 300 people I had a nose bleed.. nice!!

  82. Tuktu60 says:

    Once on holidays in Cuba, I was bragging how confident I was driving a moped.. no problem! As I went to push the moped off the kickstand, I hit the gas and the moped did a pop a wheelie – I smashed to the ground, moped landed on top of me and knocked another 2 guys off their feet!! And of course the guys were really cute!

  83. Tuktu60 says:

    Same trip to Cuba, I accidentally fell in front of a bus load of people into a cactus fence, as I was going to pet a cute kitten. OUCH!

  84. Victoria says:

    ok I have one that just happened on the weekend….

    I have been enjoying my 5km run with my Dog for about 3 weeks now, she is comfortably tied around my waist so I have both arms to swing and keep my balance…..while running down a hill in a wooded forest, my precious puppy sees – a RABBIT

    with full force ahead she goes after the rabbit with me attached and her”poop” bag in the other hand..before I knew it I had tripped over the dog, been pulled across the ground, and you guessed it the poop from the bag smeared down my arm and across my chest -YUCK!!-

    I had 2.5km either way to home – as I passed a child and her mom on their walk the child said “mommy i think that girl has poop on her, someone needs to change her bum”

    gotta love your dog….

  85. ThatguyRob says:

    oh my god i won i didnt know lmao i will e-mail you now

  86. Michelle says:

    This happened when I was 10; I was playing in a construction site redoing the back of my school and heard the bell for class go off… so I tried to hurry up and jumped … well, tried to skip this stairs so that I wouldn’t be late… I stepped once very quickly and my foot for the next step got sink all the way on the cement that was fresh on the stairs… landing both my legs into the cement. Two guys from senior years had to come and get me out, carry me to the lavatory where I had to get the cement out with a lot, a lot of water.
    It was so embarrassing that I stopped playing around any construction site afterwards.

  87. Maureen says:

    Two weeks ago I was having a bad self-esteem day so I decided to type a letter to myself. It essentially berated myself and called me names and encouraged me to get into shape. Being the brilliant person that I am, I typed this at work and then decided to email it to myself… Except that I accidentally cc’d one of my students on it. As soon as I realized what I did, I wanted to die. I was MORTIFIED! I tried to recall the email but it was too late.

    She was sweet though, the next day she replied to me and told me that it would be her “sweet little secret.”

  88. KK says:

    At our public washroom I suddenly needed to go to the washroom. I was following a lady who I assumed was also going that way. Suddenly she turned and walked off in another direction and I could see the washroom doors. [Note: Why do the two stick people look so much alike?!] Anyways, 2 guys just came out of the boys washroom and (I was thinking about some other thing) I walked in after they came out. Immediately I saw the toilet thingy and the blue walls. Haha… I booked it out of there and there were the guys staring at me over their shoulders. I was so embarrassed!

  89. Ladyb says:

    There are so many, and so little space, but…

    When I was 7 my family went to a local fish and chip shop. I was waiting to pick up our tray and was picking fries out of the container that was placed there. I told the person the fries were good and she very loudly said “Great, but those AREN’T yours”. People in the restaurant were laughing and I just wished that the floor would open up and swallow me whole!

  90. abbasgirl says:

    A college friend of mine was getting married. He had a very busy schedule at the time so I tried to joke that he would only see his new wife when he went to sleep at night. But what actually came out of my mouth was “You’re only marrying her to sleep with her!” My friend (who was studying to be a pastor) just about fell out of his chair!

  91. moony25 says:

    my most embarrasing moment was when me my grandpa and my cousins were onthe roof of our house and a bird flew by.I was standing next to my grandpa making faces at my cousins when th bird pooped.I didnt look nand the poo was on my hand.All of my cousins were laughing really hard and my grandpa told them to stop but they would’nt then my granpa burst out laughing too and he helped me wash my hands.

    I think it was really funny.

  92. Willy says:

    It was my first week of high school. I had to go #2 all day, but since I was only in Grade nine and a very shy girl, I was too scared to go, so I held it all day.
    On the way home while sitting at the back of the School Bus, I had to go SOOOOOOOO badly. I squeezed for dear life! My friends asked me if I was okay because I was gray in the face and sweating.
    Well, as we got closer to my home town, the bus started hitting some bumps on the road. With each bump we hit, a little bit squirted out. I was praying so hard that no one could smell it.
    It was finally my turn to get off the bus, and as I got up and started walking towards the front of the bus, I completely sh*t myself!!!!!!!! It ran down my legs and into my socks ‘n shoes….and of course I sat in the back of the bus, so the walk couldn’t have been any longer!!!!! LMAO!
    Thankfully I wore black jeans that day so no one saw it, and surprisingly no one ever said anything to me about it, but I’m sure everyone smelled it! ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!
    So….that’s my most embarrassing moment! I can’t believe I just shared that with you all! HAHAHA!

  93. ka7qur says:

    this is probably my most embarrassing moment of all time and there’s more but i’m only allowed one so here goes…

    when i was in 8th or 9th grade, my mom and my sisters went to my mother’s friend’s house. she was more of an acquaintance than a friend but i think i contributed to that part– i’m getting ahead of myself.

    what happened was that she put on a movie to entertain us children– which just happened to be a very VERY hilarious movie. to me anyway. and the thing is, when i laugh a lot, and i haven’t emptied my bladder earlier on, i tend to “dribble” down below. but considering the hilarity of the movie, i did not dribble– i literally peed my pants until there was nothing left.

    after i was done laughing, i realized i’d peed my pants and ran to the washroom. i washed my pants, sneaked into their bedroom, used their iron, and went back downstairs like nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

    however, the chair i was sitting on happened to be their dining table chair (super absorbent) and there was no way i could carry that upstairs without notice, so i wasnt as slick as i thought i was *sigh*

    needless to say, my mother still wonders why her ‘friend’ dropped off the face of the earth and doesn’t call or come over anymore. i, being the coward that i am, choose not to say anything.

    oh, and the movie was indian and called Hera Pheri. Till this day, no movie has been able to top that one in hilarity- Hollywood or Bollywood.

  94. Litesandsirens911 says:

    omg willy!!LOL

  95. bzlilmom says:

    Actually this just happened yesterday (May 25/09) & it has been awhile since I have embarrassed myself so it was a doozy!
    In the morning after dropping off kids to school, I decided I would hit Value Village early since it was their 50% off everything sale.
    As I was walking in the parking lot towards the store, I felt a bit chilly & looked down to see one of my “girls” sticking out! I was wearing a halter with spaghetti straps & a built in shelf bra so I wasn’t wearing one underneath. Completely horrified that I may of flashed some unsuspecting bargain hunter heading in the store as well, I quickly tucked myself in & tied up the strap that broke. Luckily I had a jacket as well so zipped that up in case of another mishap athough I guess I was at the right place to buy a new top!
    I looked up & didn’t think anyone saw me but I was also facing the bank when I was walking…

  96. SnowWhiteFanatic says:

    When my youngest was 3, the Land Before Time Movies were big (just a little background for later) We were in the line up of the grocery store and I was trying to count how much I was spending as I put it on the belt as back then I was a single Mom on a tight budget. My son kept saying “Mommy look” from the cart to which I replied “One sec please, Mommy is busy” He said it another 3 or 4 times as I heard the people in the line start to giggle louder and louder. I was afraid to turn around when finally my son said “Mommy! Look NOW!” He had 3 tampons from my purse held in the middle of his forehead and said “Look Mommy! I am a three horn!!!” as proud as anything. Then everyone just burst out laughing….I wanted to die with embarrassment LOL

  97. trixoptics says:

    My most embarrassing moment was when I went to Dimitri’s for dessert with a friend late at night. I had my retainers on already, so I took them off and place them on top of a napkin. Once we left and already driving bake home, I just realized that I forgot to carry my retainers. We rushed back and I had to ask a waitress if she seen it. She had to go to the back and go through all the garbage to look it for me.
    I went back there again with my friend after a couple months, and the waitress actually remembers me. It was obvious that she was telling her co-workers about the story because they were laughing and looking at my direction. In addition, the way she approached us gives us the hint that she still remembers.

  98. Sydney says:

    My definite most embarrassing moment was when we (I’m in junior high) went on this stupid feild trip to the Hockaday Muesuem of Art. Well, I was having my period and I hadn’t changed my pad in a while, so I had to go to the bathroom before I, like, leaked or something. Well, they didn’t have seperate bathrooms for the boys and girls, just one (That you were SUPPOSED TO LOCK [Drake, if you’re out there]). Well, I WALKED IN ON MY BOYFRIEND!!! Yeah, I know. He’s all turning red and I’m all turning red and he’s like “What do heck, Sydney?” And I’m all like “Sorry!” Lucky me, he hadn’t pulled down his pants or anything!!!

  99. bingo says:

    Interesting post, subscribed your rss feed. cheers as I’m reading articles on forex trading

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