So Canada, What Did You Buy For Boxing Day?

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So… did you brave the crowds today, or did you shop online? What deals did you score?  If you did brave the crowds was it worth the hassle? 

So far I bought a pair of Jessica Simpson Jeans. Tonight at I got The Source Code Blu Ray, Lincoln Layers Blu Ray, Something Borrowed Dvd and Little Fockers with taxes all in for $26.  I didn’t have the energy to brave the crowds and veer away from angry people with shopping carts ready and willing to trample those who get in their way.

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52 responses to “So Canada, What Did You Buy For Boxing Day?”

  1. Digi says:

    2 pairs of jeans, a hoodie, leather motorcycle boots, some Jack Skellington gifts for a friend and DH and 4 different Zhu Zhu pets with 2 accessories.
    And DH bought Skyrim.

  2. gaga says:

    online-portable dvd and in empty store thyme maternity clothes

  3. Michi says:

    A maxi skirt online, and Im waiting for forever 21’s website to work again to purchase some jewellery ugh!

  4. Amy says:

    Bought two 32gb USBs from Staples for $27.99 each, and a Microsoft Office Student Version access key for $79.99 – both things that I needed to buy anyway, just managed to get for less thanks to Boxing Day.

  5. Michi says:

    Forgot to mention… tried to go boxing day shopping in Toronto at Fairview Mall, and circled the parking lot for a bit and gave up trying to find a spot…. at that point I didn’t even want to know what it looked like inside :p

  6. asdqwe says:

    Bought vitamins @ 40 % OFF at Wal Mart ..that’s all !

  7. melis84 says:

    I bought a BEAUTIFUL coat marked down for $60 from $240, a wallet for $13, a skirt for $8, and I’m going to take the Dyson plunge this week on for a new vacuum.

  8. Ange says:

    I got a foodsaver half price @ London Drugs 🙂 ($69.99) I managed to get the last one! Yahoo!

  9. JavaTheHutt says:

    SLEEP – I slept in and enjoyed every minute of it. Cost: Priceless

  10. Erica says:

    I am currently waiting for the forever21 website to start working again. Loaded up my cart this morning, went out shopping to see if I found something similar to what I wanted for cheaper (I did – jeans), came home and the site has crashed. I REALLY hope they extend the free shipping!!

  11. jenny says:

    went with my dad cause he wanted some clothes and new tv. found a parking spot within 5mins of getting there (so lucky!). now the tv, didn’t end up getting one though!

  12. Eric says:

    Nothing. No money after Christmas and the buses don’t run here on Boxing Day so no way to the malls anyway. But the parents came down with some more gifts so no big deal.

  13. supermommy says:

    7 free pomegranites 🙂

  14. Andrea says:

    went to the mall which was crazy, and went to American Eagle which was even crazier! But I got 2 pairs of jeans, warm socks and tech gloves all at 40% off.

  15. maureen says:

    bought two items from forever21 and necklace and studs from american eagle 40% off

  16. skydiva100 says:

    a set of 30 glasses at walmart for $10

  17. CYW95 says:

    waited til 9pm to go to walmart. no nasty people, parking right at the door. Got my silver blue decor for next year, got hubby 2 more boxes toffifee, some candy for me (!) cheap groceries and a couple books for kicking back in front of a fire this week.

  18. christina says:

    I bought ALL my kids clothes for next winter at 50% off plus a few spring items…now that’s a good feeling! Got some cute things for them at H&M not on sale but too cute to resist. I also picked up some nice things for DH and myself at Banana Republic Outlet. DH drove and dealt with parking while I shopped…bonus! I love Boxing Day Shopping but the sales were not as good this year IMO.

  19. Jacki says:

    a new tv (sharp 60″ for $1299, mine and DH’s gift to each other) and then a PS3 because we felt generous to the kid hahaha, both smoking good deals.

  20. Tarynne Angell says:

    Got smart and bought online this year. Some little goodies for scrapbooking.

  21. ShoestringShopper says:

    I applaud your bold shopping and great buys! I have never done the boxing day shopping thing because I find the preChristmas crowds overwhelming and I just don’t think I could handle boxing day out there. 🙂

  22. Sally says:

    Did you use your gift card shoestring?

  23. Natalka says:

    Tried to shop online at Sears – but, wow, by the time I went to checkout, the prices on some of the items had tripled and some were OOS. So it was a no go for me.

  24. Terri says:

    I only braved Superstore. I got a very nice comforter set for $24.94. I set it all up on the bed and love it! I also got some paper plates for 1/2 off and they had lots of salads for 50% off. I need to get back to salad for a week!

  25. Mat says:

    Went to Future Shop at 4:30am…bought a Tv, Amp, Computer Speakers, Mouse, Bluray Player, some dvds. Went to Sport Chek and picked up some ski pants and new winter boots. Went to Walmart and bought my wife some Olay stuff (she is still sleeping LOL).

  26. starrynight8765 says:

    Yesterday was a holiday, as Boxing day always is in NL. Today is the first day the stores are open.

  27. Theresa says:

    I worked. Fortunately I do not work retail. Pity all those poor souls.

  28. Kim says:

    I bought Bridesmaids DVD at Future Shop for $10 and also bought a few things at Winners. It was crowded but there were hardly any lines at checkout and people were not pushy or obnoxious. This is my first Boxing Day in Canada and I was pretty happy with my buys 🙂

  29. Vivian says:

    Went to the Disney store at Eaton centre. It was closing down. Got $180 worth of merchandise for $15. Die cast cars and stuffies from Cars2

  30. Maggie says:

    Waited in line at Sig Electronics and managed to purchase the following:

    55″ LCD TV for $ 700
    Kobo Multi-touch e-reader $100
    Samsung Touch Screen LCD camcorder $100
    4gb sd memory for .99

  31. Qponsaver says:

    I finally got my dream SLR camera, the Canon EOS T2I Rebel! wohoo paid $599.99 and saved over $360! 🙂

  32. Wilson says:

    I was coveting a camera lens in the Best Buy Boxing Day flyer and tried to snag one online, but I waited too long as they were gone almost instantly. But, with some searching I found a better lens for a better deal (although it cost more than the first one), and went with that. That was all that I wanted with my Christmas money.

  33. Colsgirl says:

    Online, I bought a laptop (dh’s gift to me) in the boxing day sales – i’m happy to wait to get a better deal and a wall mount for the kids tv (the tv isn’t new but they have wanted it mounted on the wall for a while).

    I went to futureshop getting there just after 5:30am – I didn’t want any of the big ticket items, so wasn’t going earlier. Got the door crashers – 3 blackberry playbook cases $14.99 each (paybook was our gift to the kids and my gift to dh) and also got 2 copies of Norton 360 (3 licence per box) for $29.99 each.

  34. tonka says:

    bought lego from the lego site. not as many great deals as last year but there are some good deals

  35. Vanessa says:

    Where is the Banana Republic outlet???

  36. joline says:

    I got some snowshoes for 1/2 price, snowboarding pants for 1/2 price, christmas decoration b1g2 free (got 6 total), a sweater, shirt, hat and leggings from Banana Republic for $85, and some Amazon online deals which were AMAZING, including a Bodum coffee press (60% off) and a kitchenaid hand blender (1/2 off), and finally some stuff from Bath and body works, but the sale wasn’t really that great – I got some Christmas scents for 50% off. My hubby also bought the same snowshoes and he also bought some snowboarding gloves which were 30% off. We got some great deals…now, if only we could get some snow!!!

  37. madilu says:

    got a winter jacket for DD for $12… marked down from $50 and i’m good till next boxing day for body wash and lotion from bath and body works.

  38. ric says:

    basic items……panties, shoes, food etc

  39. cjunk says:

    Went to Canadian Tire for toy clearout and with that 5.00 manufacturer’s coupon found Kinnex big bins for 14.99 each (then used 5.00 off coupon to buy 2). Had 2 coupons so got those and a few Barbie sets that were less than 12.00 each. Went to Hallmark for 10.00 recordable story books for next year, went to La Vie on Rose for Buy 1 Get 1 free Warners bras (the more expensive ones). Went to Chapters for Lego Game at 50% off and then had a swiss chalet 5.00 off toys coupon so got a Lego Game for 5.62! My gift cupboard is now stocked full of toys for kid’s b-day parties this year.

  40. erin3860 says:

    There is a Banana Republic Outlet at Vaughan Mills 🙂

  41. olivercat says:

    Got a toaster oven online at Future Shop $30–all excited after waiting 55 minutes in online ‘cue’ to pay only to find out they would only take 2 of my $5 gift cards–had to pay the rest with a credit card. Today they emailed a response to my complaint about not being able to use all of my gift cards: sorry only a combo of 3 pay items: 3 cc’s, or 3 gift cards or combined 3 cards. If I want to combine my cards, I can take them into the store to have this done—I live 90 kms from the closest store!
    Oh well, good price on the toaster oven!

  42. Stephania says:

    I stayed far, far away from the mall. Later on in the evening, I decided to take advantage of the AA sale online! Easy-peasy, went through their sale section first, then used the 20% off promo code.

    I checked Best Buy online shortly after midnight and many sale items were already SOLD OUT!

  43. kerry says:

    I got a few things at Shoppers Drug Mart,like 1/2 price scotch cookies,chocolates,and a Febreze home collection set of candles,1/2 price,plus I used a $4 coupon,final price $3.The reg.price was 11.99

  44. Jason says:

    Laptop and tons of clothes.

  45. ilovegratis says:

    online I bought from two leapster2 games for $8.75 each –

  46. sabina says:

    in Store: $39.99 jeans for $8.00 and $9.00 leggings for $3.00, and one Dora game for $20.00 for the girls DSi xl

  47. bee says:

    Picked up the T2i from best buy as well – $599! So excited, I’ve been waiting for a sale on this for so long 🙂
    Got guess jeans for $18! Headed to fairview at 10 and left by 12.. way too many people and no good deals at Gap or AE this year, didn’t bother lining up for hollister.

  48. Leslie says:

    Bought Christmas cards and wrapping paper for next year.

  49. tudorchick says:

    some makeup and bath sets,didnt want to line up or be crazy enough to line up for the tablet i wanted.checked at 2 pm.all gone..buying it online

  50. Ann_88 says:

    Lined up at Sporting Life at 6am and bought Uggs Australia “Adirondack II” boots for 50% off (Retail: $298)The line up was CRAZY!! it went around a couple of blocks!

  51. Nat says:

    Got a kitchen aid artisan mixer regular $499 on sale for $189. Samsung bluray surround sound for $188. And some video games as they are all 50% off at sears.

  52. Natalie says:

    Picked up a 32″ TV/DVD combo at Shopper’s for $115 *used $85 in points.


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