Staples Canada: Free Ream of Paper With Empty Ink Cartridge Trade In!


Bring any empty Lexmark, HP or Dell cartridge to your local Staples store and receive a free ream of Staples brand recycled paper.   The last time quite a few people got multiple packs for empty cartridges, so this offer is not limited to one per person.   The flyer this was in is valid until Tuesday January 29/08 so if you have empty cartridges get to Staples quickly! 🙂

Click here to view Staples flyer for your area.

7 responses to “Staples Canada: Free Ream of Paper With Empty Ink Cartridge Trade In!”

  1. bcteagirl says:

    thanks! 🙂

  2. Mr. Shocked! says:

    Thank YOu VERY MUCH!

  3. nis says:

    So instead of refilling your cartridge and saving $20, you can go to staples, Turn in the cartridge you would otherwse refill and save $6.
    Not everyone refills their cartridges, but if you normally do, then maybe I’d hang onto it instead of trading it for paper.
    If you normally buy new cartridges, then maybe this is an ok deal.

  4. bcteagirl says:

    Nis: There are always a lot of free empty cartridges here at the cartidge exchange (where they eventually send them in for recycling), so last time I was able to get 5 packs of paper for free!

    However, this time it has been sent on to recycling recently, and there are none of that brand there yet 🙁 Perhaps next time! 🙂

  5. nis says:

    Ahh, I didn’t know 🙂
    good deal then!

  6. Bishi says:

    Thank you! I went in today with 5 empty cartidges and got back 5 reams of paper! Since they didn’t have any more of the Staples brand recycled paper, they ended up giving me the Staples brand multi paper. I’m not sure what the difference is with them (other than this is in green wrapping and the ones that I’ve gotten were in blue) but the multi paper are slightly more expensive so I’m going to say that I got a good deal out of that.

    Now, if they only took in epson cartidges…

  7. ABBEY says:


    I am looking for ink cartridges for the Epson CX3500. I have bought compatibles in the past but the ink quality is not so great or the chips dont recognise. Any help would be appreciated 🙂

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