Starbucks Canada NEW Juniper Latte + Holiday Drinks & Treats

Starbucks Canada has released a NEW Juniper Latte! Signature espresso and steamed milk mingle beautifully with juniper syrup.

Also a reminder that last week Starbucks released their holiday drinks. Enjoy a caramel brûlé latte, peppermint mocha or chestnut praline latte this holiday season! Or grab a holiday baked Iced Snowman Cookie, Cranberry Bliss® Bar and Chocolate Brioche.

One response to “Starbucks Canada NEW Juniper Latte + Holiday Drinks & Treats”

  1. Christopher says:

    Starbucks need to sample their drinks; standing around starbucks handing out samples. Whether it tastes good or not, rather then spending $6 on a drink to be disappointed.
    New drinks have a good week sample period, thee times a day. Some of their new drinks tasted horrible. Pretty cups can’t make up for a bad drink.

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