Starbucks Canada Rewards Offers: $1 off any Breakfast Sandwich and get 3 Bonus stars

Starbucks Canada has a great new offer that’s exclusive to Starbucks Rewards Members.

Use both of these My Starbucks Rewards offers on your next breakfast sandwich purchase at Starbucks! Print these or show them on your mobile device receive $1 off and 3 (or 5) bonus stars on your next Starbucks breakfast sandwich. Offer valid at participating Starbucks. Offer valid until October 15th, 2013. Must pay with a registered Starbucks card. Check your email for this promo if you’re a Rewards Member.

Starbucks 3 Bonus Stars


Starbucks $1 Off

9 responses to “Starbucks Canada Rewards Offers: $1 off any Breakfast Sandwich and get 3 Bonus stars”

  1. SneakyLiz says:

    I believe these Starbucks offers are differently for everyone. The offer I received is $2 off food and no mention about the stars.
    I’m signed up with 2 different emails – 1 is linked to my app on my phone, which I use and the other not linked to anything. Last week I received an offer for $2 off an espresso drink on the email that isn’t linked to anything and $1 off espresso drink on the email that is linked to my app.

  2. torontogal12 says:

    What’s the benefit of getting stars?

    • FallenPixels says:

      You collect stars for free purchases, but you need to be sent this offer on your card (app or email), I got it on my main card but not my secondary card

  3. adora says:

    I don’t think this post is relevant – the offer code is missing and Starbucks deals usually are different for individuals. The coupon code must match rewards card account. It would be invalid otherwise.
    I’ve received coupons in the mail such as Pumpkin Spice Latte for $2 only. If you enjoy Starbucks, you should use a Starbucks Card and register it.

  4. Miss Pickle says:

    @SneakyLiz Yes the offers are different for different people. Maybe it depends on the reward level they’re at?

    @adora We just meant it as a heads up to let Starbucks Rewards members know about the different promos Starbucks offers. I totally agree though, every Starbucks fan needs to be a Rewards member! It is so worth it!

  5. bekki says:

    How often does a reward get emailed? Because I have NEVER received a bonus reward like this in my email or on the app. Do you have to sign up separately for that.?

  6. Miss Pickle says:

    @Bekki Sometimes my rewards get sent to my junk mail. Every area gets different rewards at different times so the amount of emails I get from Starbucks may differ from what you would get.
    Be sure to opt in to get special offers and coupons via mail, email or text message. Go to to opt-in.

  7. Bekki says:

    weird. I am already signed up for rewards and have gold status. It looks like I was already opted in to recieving special offers emails, so i opted into all the emails to see if it helps. but pretty much the only emails i’ve been getting are when i earn a free drink from stars. maybe starbucks doesn’t like me as much? or maybe it doesn’t happen in BC

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