Starbucks Strawless Lids Coming to Toronto + Delivery in Toronto, Vancouver & Calgary

Last March, Starbucks Canada announced it would be rolling out new, lightweight, recyclable strawless lids for iced beverages in select markets around the country. This month Starbucks announced that the sustainability goals are now in action and strawless lids will be hitting Starbucks stores in Toronto this month.

In other news, select cities across Canada will enjoy door-to-door delivery service with the launch of Starbucks Delivers this summer. In teaming up with Uber Eats, the new service will give customers in Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary more ways than ever to order and enjoy their favourite Starbucks® food and beverages. Most of the menu will be available for delivery from hundreds of stores nationwide. The Canadian launch of Starbucks Delivers is the next chapter in an initiative that began in the US in 2018 and expanded globally earlier this year.

The collaboration with Uber Eats connects the fastest-growing meal delivery service in Canada with one of the country’s largest food and beverage retailers. Starbucks will leverage Uber’s expertise as a well-established, quick and reliable delivery provider to offer customers a premier experience within the growing mobile and on-demand economy. The service will help Starbucks reach new customers using the Uber Eats platform, as well as offer existing customers a convenient new way to include Starbucks in their daily routines.

3 responses to “Starbucks Strawless Lids Coming to Toronto + Delivery in Toronto, Vancouver & Calgary”

  1. Jon Dough says:

    Yeah but their coffee cups aren’t recyclable and that’s even worse. Tims, McDs, et al. all the same story. The entire packaging industry needs to be overhaul and regulated top to bottom.

    • Amy says:

      Totally agree. Many stores even toss their recycling bin content with the garbage.

      But the deal about straws is to reduce micro-plastic in the sea that can be swallowed by birds and fishes. So it’s a good first step.

  2. Christopher Rotter says:

    The new lids are stupid. Straws are more manageable; so concerned about straws; yet 5G and even 4G cause more disruptions to birds.

    I suppose, time for everyone to ditch their phones; throw them out; seriously, you won’t do that, will you.

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