Starbucks Canada: Take the VIA Taste Challenge Oct 2-5

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I love Starbucks, we frequently get coffee there, and even get the beans to make at home. When I heard about this new VIA stuff on the news I was surprised because instant coffee is something that Starbucks was totally not about, they are about yummy expensive coffeehouse coffee. But I am intrigued by whether this stuff tastey any good, and now here is your chance too!

Starbucks has a new VIA ready to brew instant coffee that is supposedly just as bold and flavourful as their regular coffee. Drop by a participating Starbucks location, Oct 2-5 and try it for yourself. They apparently have test sampling set up in the store. They’ll also give you a $1 off coupon for a pack of Starbucks VIA to buy your own!

Click here to find a location near you.

2 responses to “Starbucks Canada: Take the VIA Taste Challenge Oct 2-5”

  1. Lexy says:

    I work for Starbucks and can honestly say our VIA coffee is really good. It’s not quite as strong as our typical brewed coffee but still has the great full flavour you expect from Starbucks– plus with the convenience of having great coffee WHEREVER you are! Try it!

  2. Kitty says:

    I got a bunch of free samples & a VIA travel mug (it’s built with compartments made specifically yo hold the individual sachets) from some swag bags that were given out at a Starbucks event that my workplace hosted mid-August & I’ve got to admit that my boyfriend has been REALLY enjoying them.
    The really funny thing is that, because he had them before they were even released, he’s actually had Starbucks staff look at him funny when he asked them to fill his mug up with hot water. 🙂

    Any hoo, I’m really happy that they’re finally available up here, because they’re great.

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