Susan Boyle Free Performance in Toronto

Susan Boyle Canada

Honestly, I’d rather watch the grass grow than watch Susan Boyle perform, but since some of you may disagree here’s the info:

According to Brenda Parres, a spokesperson for the office tower, the Waterfall Stage venue on the building’s concourse level can accommodate about 2,000 spectators. As yet, there is no plan to distribute tickets. Generally, the shows at the Waterfall Stage are free and fully open to the public and passers-by.

The video of the Scot’s April, 2009 performance on Britain’s Got Talent has been viewed 300 million times. Her self-deprecating manner and ugly-duckling persona immediately won her a legion of fans.

Since winning overnight acclaim, Boyle has been hospitalized for exhaustion and, in large part, shunned the limelight. She has reportedly done so to preserve her voice for her first album, I Dreamed a Dream.

That album will be released Nov. 23. Three days later, Boyle will perform at 12:15 p.m. on the Waterfall Stage. Afterward, she will sign autographs and greet fans.

Click here for details on Susan Boyle’s performance in Toronto

28 responses to “Susan Boyle Free Performance in Toronto”

  1. Mike Danata says:

    “Honestly, I’d rather watch the grass grow than watch Susan Boyle perform, but since some of you may disagree here’s the info:”

    HONESTLY! Susan Boyle would be much more interesting than that, I couldn’t possibly get emotional over watching grass grow, but Susan? that’s another thing entirely!!

    Her album will be the top selling album this Christmas, & she deserves all the success in the world.

    Well done Susan!!


  2. cicichi says:

    Appriciated your info on Susan Boyle’s being in Canada and being at the Waterfall Stage venue, but didn’t appreciate your relegating her to the excitement level of watching grass grow. Obviously, you are not among the many who were and are touched by her persona that we choose to call ‘a breath of fresh air’ in the music industry. Susan’s magic is multi-faceted: she sings like an angel, she is not afraid to show and speak of her vulnerability, she is forgiving, she is a woman of faith, she has a great sense of humor, and she has great determination….these are just some of the many sides of Susan Boyle. For those lucky ones who get to see Susan at the Waterfall Stage venue, enjoy ‘all’ of Susan for those of us who cannot be there. And for the author of this article, on second thought, you might just learn something about nature if you do watch the grass grow. You might learn and appreciate the difference between real and synthetic grass. So, I’m not giving up on you yet.

  3. carol says:

    It would be so refreshing if you had been polite enough to simply say that Susan’s music was not your style or any number of things that could have been respectful of her and what she has achieved. No worries, however, there are obviously millions who disagree with your assessment of Miss
    Boyle. She has been at the top of bestseller chart for weeks now,
    Please enjoy whatever music can thrill you heart and soul as Susan’s does for her many fans.

  4. expatriot says:

    Isn’t she that actor that shows up every so often on 30Rock?

  5. Natalka says:

    Well, that’s pretty rude….
    Lucky Torontonians who are able to get to see her performance!
    I look forward to seeing her tonight on TV, and will be getting her CD.

  6. Frankie says:

    I find your comment rude and uncalled for!

    If you dont like her why even put the info on your 2nd class website? Maybe in future you should keep your comments to yourself.

  7. bambinoitaliano says:

    Touchy touchy people…it’s not like Boo is spitting or dancing on the graves of your love one. I enjoy Susan Boyle You tube performance too. I’m sure she will do well for the rest of her life.

  8. TracyC says:

    Ha Ha! You guys are so funny!! (and touchy) I think he was just trying to be funny, have a sense of humour! I cried when I first heard her sing on Britain’s got talent…just after I had thought ‘oh brother, here comes a real winner..’. If I was closer, I’d go. Her differences make her interesting. Rather watch the grass grow– (I laughed out loud)!!

  9. Mike says:

    Insulting its not trying to be funny or having a sense of humor, if he doesnt like her , great but he didnt have to insult her.

  10. Boo Radley says:

    I didn’t mean to be rude, I was just using a metaphor to express how I don’t find her interesting. I’m sorry if I offended anyone.

  11. Mike Danata says:

    “I didn’t mean to be rude, I was just using a metaphor to express how I don’t find her interesting. I’m sorry if I offended anyone.”

    I have to question if you would be interested in ANYONE? because SUSAN is EXTREMELY interesting, perhaps you should ALLOW yourself to be INTERESTED, because she really is a fascinating character & SO FULL OF SURPRISES, & it’s not just about the singing………..

    I guess as human beings we are ALL interesting (we ALL have a story to tell!) but not everyone would be INTERESTED to hear it.

    If therefore you could ALLOW yourself to be INTERESTED, I am sure you would find Susan very INTERESTING!

    It was kind of you though to mention her performance in Canada, I’m sure many will be very grateful to you for that……..


  12. Catherine says:

    Way too sensitive! And arguing that someone is rude by demeaning their website certainly doesn’t make you any better. Maybe it was a poor choice of words but I really think Boo was just trying to express his opinion, as he says, by using a metaphor. Calm down people!

  13. kate says:

    ha ha ha… i feel the same way about watching the grass grow, not to say the woman isn’t talented or anything, it just interests me as much as say, um, watching the grass grow! i feel that way about many people that others may find interesting and guess what… EVERYONE has people who are of no interest to them, even though those people are interesting. We all just have different interests and to watch something that u dont care about may be like watching grass.

  14. FunkyMunky says:

    guys stop whining and all of you take a freaking chill pill! wow what is this with getting offended with the most stupid things?!

  15. Katie says:

    Chill, this does not call for repeated criticism. btw stop being rude by telling him he’s rude when he APOLOGIZED!

  16. FunkyMunky says:

    haha Katie 🙂

  17. Mi says:

    Susan Boyle is over-rated… lolol

    But if she’s a good person, then I support her singing nonetheless.

  18. TracyC says:

    Okay everyone…..go back to your lives now. Sheesh.

  19. moochi says:

    grass growing..haha
    i think that’s a bit extreme but it did indeed make me laugh

  20. Weeeooojr says:

    lol. I’m not exactly a fan of her either…but I do like watching grass grow!

  21. dawn_sweety says:

    I so agree with boo would much rather watch grass grow, not my type of music at all!!! or maybe study that would probably be more productive 🙂
    I think the little arguement was quite funny and I also think no one meant anything bad about Susan Boyle

  22. Gotagetitfree says:

    Absolutlely uncalled for boo. She is loved by many and I’m sure has done nothing to deserve the comment! Wasn’t it you who said ignorance will NOT be tolerated?

  23. LPL says:

    Holy cow people! Is it just me or some of you guys are blowing this out of proportion?!? You would think that Susan was your mother or something. Geez……….. Frankie… You said this was a 2nd class website. If so, why are you here? There are so-called 1st class websites you can certainly visit!

  24. californiadreaming says:

    I would LOVE to watch grass grow while listening to Susan Boyle- wouldn’t that be lovely? 🙂 I adore her.

  25. FunkyMunky says:

    I almost wish this discussion would be closed – too many people here take things close to heart
    Boo appologized, end of story.

  26. Mary says:

    Ok well I would not mind going to see her but where is this waterfall stage? I would appreciate someone directing me. She provides a lot of inspiration and hope to many that don’t feel they can do it and for her to get up on stage and to be on tv etc is what most would be scared to do and I give her credit for that.

  27. Ciel says:

    No concert this year, folks. Read about it here:

    Waterfall stage-is in the middle of the Concourse level of FCP (map):

  28. tony says:

    I really like what you guys tend to be up too. Such clever work and coverage! Keep up the very good works guys I’ve included you guys to my blogroll.


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