Swiss Chalet: All You Can Eat Fries with an Adult Entree


For a limited time you can get all you can eat fries with the purchase of an adult entree when you choose fries as your side.  I don’t eat fries very often but I do really like the Swiss Chalet fries.  This offer is good for dine in only.  I couldn’t find an end date for this promotion so if you love fries you may want to take advantage of this deal soon.

Thanks to couponlady for this delicious post.

17 responses to “Swiss Chalet: All You Can Eat Fries with an Adult Entree”

  1. Healthy Eating says:

    This has to rate as one of the most unhealthy promotions ever. I bet they aren’t offering unlimited salad as an alternative. Reminds me of the book and subsequent movie “Supersize Me”. Those tasty fries aren’t just potatoes and oil – they’re laden with chemicals to give them extra flavour. Enjoy responsibly.

  2. Jackie says:

    gross :S

  3. Jay says:

    FYI… they changed the age for the kids menu down to 10 yo (from 12 yo). Geesh! My son couldn’t order his favorite kids menu item.

  4. shopaholiclq says:

    these are the best tasting fries. Better than NY Fries..also read somewhere they are the least healthiest (as if fries can be healthy) out of all the fastfood fries…maybe more transfat than others? can’t recall why.

  5. MLange says:

    They’re claiming they’re “fresh-cut”, though that doesn’t prove they don’t put anything *on* them.

    @shopaholiclq: NY Fries uses Peanut Oil, for its 0 trans fat. The downside is it has a lower flashpoint, so I wouldn’t try it at home unless you’ve got a digital-temp-controlled fryer. I’m guessing Swiss Chalet uses whatever oil is cheapest (Canola or otherwise).

    @Jay: Would he pass as 10? Not like they’re going to ask for ID.

  6. purple_raptor says:

    @Healthy Eating.. you’re absolutely right! Unhealthiest, and subsequently the worst promotion in restaurant business. Blah…

  7. Jo says:

    Maybe unhealthy but still anice treat and really how many fries can one really eat??

  8. radio says:

    Did you guys know that the Swiss chalets with Harvey in them have different fries than the normal single swiss chalets. The one with Harvey use Harveys fries rather than the swiss chalet fries, well for take out.

  9. Pat Davis says:

    Alright fries. I know people may say that it’s disgusting to eat fries from a restaurant, what with the chemicals in them and all, but there is not a food available in a restaurant that is not laced with chemicals. Let’s see the beef is usually full of preservatives even as simple as salt, sugar, and/or fat. The salads are sprayed as well as the plants from which the salads are made in order to have them last longer ( that’s why you don’t see guys running constantly from the back of the restaurant to buy more. Try leaving lettuce ( the filler base of almost all restaurant salads) out on the counter while cooking in the oven. Or even better stick it into an oven on low heat to simulate what it’s like to have it under heat lamps and see how long it looks yummy. Generally my rule is if I’m wanting to eat healthy I’ll grab food at the grocery store and make it at home. Restaurant eating is considered unhealthy no matter what you choose. I say if they’re offering the all you can eat fries then indulge but don’t do it every single day. Otherwise you then have to worry about ending up like the guy from Supersize Me

  10. MBank says:

    I don’t know what chemicals you think they put in them, but having worked at Swiss Chalet I can tell you they cut the potatoes, and fry them in oil once for blanching, and then again for when they are serving them, at the end they sprinkle with salt – that’s it.

  11. Amanda says:

    Honestly that would be great for me and my daughter, since she would rather eat a boat load of fries than have anything else, so I would be happy with this. Plus I love the fries there. I dont care what chemicals they put on things, there isnt a darn thing is this “over” processed world we live in that isnt coverd in some sort of powder or spray when it is picked and packed in the plant. Even the “organic” foods have to have some sort of spray or powder on/in them to keep them from rotting before being shipped. We cant eat everything at once so hence they have to be preserved for human consumption.

  12. ararad says:

    the best fries they are tasty this is an awesome deal

  13. radio says:

    @Pat Davis first off, everything is made with chemicals. Fast Food restaurants are unhealthy, fine dining restaurants aren’t. Lets take your salad example. Lettuce is not sprayed to keep them fresh, they are spayed to keep pest off. The lettuce you buy at a grocery store is the same lettuce you see in a restaurant. There is no difference. Leaving anything out after they have been harvested eventually will die. Why? Water. Lettuce is mainly water (Surprise!). If you leave it out, especially in a restaurant kitchen where is it hot, the water will evaporate. Same thing goes for other fruits and vegi ( although time will vary depending on their membrane and composition of it)
    The salad bar at Swiss chalet is not kept under heat lamps, who puts them under heat lamps? There is a reason why salads cost a lot, because they have to keep throwing them out.

    There are many preservative that are natural and are common like salts as you mentions. There are many synthesized one which are usually found in all the canned rubbish and what not. Fresh cut meats are preserve with nitrogen gas which is abundant in earths atmosphere. If you get frozen meat, its a whole another story – full of bad preservatives.

    As for swiss chalet fries, they are fresh cut. There was a small swiss chalet store in brampton before they closed and moved to a new bigger one. I seen the guy load the machine with potatoes and cut fries came out from the bottom. That explained why there were so many small length fires and no long big ones you see at mc f or burger king.

  14. French fry defender says:

    Who cares if they have trans fats and are unhealthy? What isn`t these days. Most restaurants have all you can eat wings, ribs, etc. I don`t understand how fries any different. I actually love this promotion, unhealthy or not. I went today and had two plates of fries, it`s a nice treat, obviously i`m not going to be eating it everyday. So why not:)

  15. Sally says:

    Ya the harveys/swiss chalet combos are harveys fries.

    The ones at the actual Swiss Chalet are different.

  16. Sarah says:

    Is this promotion still on? A friend thought it ended at the end of March, but we can’t confirm either way. Thanks!

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