Swiss Chalet Canada – Free Appetizer & Dessert with entree

A spectacular deal from Swiss Chalet!

Swiss Chalet Canada

Order your entrée ($7.49 and above)  and get:

FREE appetizer: Chalet Chicken Soup or Garden Salad


FREE dessert: Apple Pie, Coconut Cream Pie, Lemon Meringue Pie or Pecan Pie

Click here to print this Swiss Chalet SPC coupon

20 responses to “Swiss Chalet Canada – Free Appetizer & Dessert with entree”

  1. Thanks! May I link to your post?

  2. Karl says:

    Swiss Chalet asked me where my Student price card was when I was purchasing a 1/4 chicken dinner with the coupon. Gess that is what the SPC logo is in the corner of the coupon, huh?

  3. MElissa Brandner says:

    I was never asked for an SPC.

  4. SUSAN says:

    Hurrah, Hubby and I dined like a royalty. We were never asked if we were students. I would have told them “Yes, but we have senior status”

  5. Rose says:

    I just printed the coupon (my first time). Since I am a “senior”, I sure hope I don’t get asked for my student card. It doesn’t explain anywhere that only “students” need apply for it.
    Wish me luck!

  6. Sharon says:

    Wow what a deal I received at one of the Kitchener stores,went to the takeout side of restaurant,handed the person my coupon,she had it checked by the supervisor,swiped a plastic card on the till,and my meal deal was free.I asked 3 times if a mistake was made and you guessed it ,the answer was no.Thanks and goodby,I was gone.That was the best tasting meal I’ve ever had.Also found out from the grapevine police get the meals 1/2 price.$5.00

  7. Noreen says:

    I am a frequent visitor to Swiss Chalet on the King George Highway in Surrey.
    I love Swiss Chalet and the staff at this location are always polite and friendly with a big “HI – HOW ARE YOU?” whenever I go in there.

    I do have a complaint however, the blue cheese dressing has been changed and the new dressing is terrible. I always looked forward to having one of your lovely salads with my meal as blue cheese is the only dressing I can eat and the only one I like – I cannot figure out why Swiss Chalet went from a wonderful high quality dressing to one that looks and tastes like a brand “X” product from the $$ store.

    I certainly hope whoever is in charge of such things finds the wisdom to know the difference between quality and crap and bring back the really good blue cheese dressing.

    Thank you –

  8. Wow all I get are free desserts never an entre how do I get one of those it would be nice if seniors got a discount.

  9. Jean McPherson says:

    We have been at Swiss Chalet many times and never had a complaint. But on Thursday we went and had the Chicken Noole Soup and the manager came over and asked how the meal was good but the soup was really thin when it it is always full of noodles and vegetables and he just walked away and just said oh. That was not an answer that I would have expected. Very sad about that, the next time I guess I will have to refuse your soup. Again I say SAD.
    Thank You, Jean McPherson Do hope you reply.

  10. Jean McPherson says:

    Still waiting for a reply

  11. Don and Bev Anderson says:

    They just closed the old Swiss Chalet franchise here in Kingston where we’ve been customers since 1986. The new location just down the street is an entirely new operation. The atmosphere is harsh and impersonal. Although staffed by some of the old crewm they apprear now to be detached without a sense of teamwork. We arrived at 8:00 Sunday evening and ordered as usual – the same old thing – a half chicken dinner. When it arrived, the chicken was was just a little larger than a Cornish hen, served at room temperature and dry. I pulled some skin away and saw how dry it was. I called over the server and sent it back. She returned five minutes later with the same food now microwaved. We complained again, saying – we came for rotwe can microwave food at home – to which she just shrugged. We had no choice but to leave, paying a bill that included charges for soft drinks and french fries.

    It is difficult for businesses to build the kind of customer loyalty Swiss Chalet has managed since the 1960s. Customer loyalty is what brings business back after a bad experience. Sometimes corporations hire on new management without appreciation for company assets that don’t show up on a sheet. I believe this is the case here.

  12. Amy says:

    The coupon says it expires May 31, 2007. Thanks anyway – I love Swiss Chalet with or without a coupon!

  13. jenn says:

    exp is may 31st 2007? can it still work?

  14. Ciel says:

    This blog entry started in 2007-no, the coupon is expired, jenn. Sometimes memeber see old blog entries and wonder if a similar event is on presently or express a wish to have known about it at the time.

    If there is a current promotion, please post a link in this thread.

  15. Mary Nunn says:

    I had received a $10.00 coupon after a recent negative comment. (I would have appreciated knowing what the amount on the card was for.
    Last Monday 3 of us around 4:30 visited the S/C at Hampton Plaza in Ottawa. (I’ve had two broken ankles) As my grandson and husband got up, both of them slipped. I remembered from the past that I had noticed this before at this location, both the hardwood and tile were very slippery.
    Ian, my husband, spoke to the manager about how slippery the floor was and the reply was something like “Oh we know, both a staff member and a customer have been injured on it”. Don’t you think that might be a reason to fix the problem?

  16. Gordon says:

    Today I took my daughter to Swiss Chalet after church. She ordered the hot chicken sandwich which is always a favorite. This time it tasted funny. Almost moldy….and sweet? She gave me a taste to try it and she was right. It was awful. We sent it back and told the waitress to tell the cook something is wrong. Later, when we recieved out bill, we were charged full price for a meal she barely touched. With the encouragement of the people sitting at the table next to us, we asked for a discount or something to compensate. The timid little waitress went to get the manager. We were embarrased to complain and we are not cheap, but principal is principal. The manager lady came out and accused my daughter of lying and refused to believe there was a problem with the sandwich. She then dissapeard and after 15 minutes we went searching for her. Our poor waitress was left to explain that we had to pay the full amount. When we asked to speak to the Manager again, we were told that she would not come out! Can you imagine? We frequently visit this particular swiss chalet, with many of our church friends. In front of many, we were treated so unprofessionally. I have heard that there has been several visits from health inspector to this particular location. It’s @ 10010-132 Avenue in Edmonton. I suggest that people consider North Edmonton Swiss Chalet. We have now found another restaurant to gather on Sunday. They sure lost a lot of customers over a $10 hot chicken sandwich.

  17. OLLE says:

    @Gordon write a letter of complaint to head offices.

  18. Annie K says:

    My husband and I decided to have dinner at Swiss Chalet on Saturday, September 11th, 2010. After running errands all day long we decided to eat at the 6120 Hwy 7 location in Vaughan. We arrived at 4:45 to find an overwhelmed and exhausted server managing the entire dine in area as well as hosting. We didn’t mind waiting for our table or to order our food. We decided to start off with chicken spring rolls. When the spring rolls made it to our table immediately I could smell a pungent sour smell. My husband too a bite and it tasted sour and slimy. The spring rolls we spoiled and yet it was served to us. Somewhere during the preparation or storage the spring rolls got spoiled. I’m a cautious eater and easily get sick. We told our server and she removed it from our table. The manager never came once to appologize. The hostess did speak with us and told us she removed the spring rolls from our bill, but my husband and I were thinking why would she repeatedly say that when we didn’t consume their spoled food that they served us. This location should be inspected to ensure that food are handled and stored properly! Perhaps management, general manager Kerwin, needs training in hospitality as she was unable to appologize or speak to us about this incident or handle food safely. We will never eat at that location again!

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