Target Canada Clearance: How to know if the price will get marked down again from the tag

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I came across very useful information about Target Clearance pricing in the US and I feel it might apply to Target Canada as well although I’m not sure to what extent. If anyone works at Target and can provide more information that would be greatly appreciated!

Every Target shopper needs to know this:

The best to know if an item is on final clearance is to look at the tiny number in the upper right hand corner of the clearance tag. Generally, it goes 15, 35, 50, and finally, 75/80 percent off. After the 75/80 final markdown, the item is removed from the store, “salvaged”, and donated or sent back to the supplier.


Furthermore, If the price ends in 8, it will be marked down again. If it ends in a 4, it’s the lowest it will be.


Target’s mark down schedule (this may vary from store to store though so just use it as a rough guide):

  • Monday: Kids’ Clothing, Stationary (office supplies, gift wrap), Electronics.
  • Tuesday: Women’s Clothing and Domestics.
  • Wednesday: Men’s Clothing, Toys, Health and Beauty.
  • Thursday: Lingerie, Shoes, Housewares.
  • Friday: Cosmetics.

If anyone works at a Target Canada store and has more information about this please let us know

14 responses to “Target Canada Clearance: How to know if the price will get marked down again from the tag”

  1. DM says:

    I don’t think this is applicable in Canada. Last week I purchased a dress
    Reg price 29.99
    Marked down to 14.99
    Then marked down to 8.99
    While I was there employees were taking the dresses off the rack. I asked if they were going to be marked down again and they said no they were “end of life” as in leaving and not coming back

  2. Fay. H. says:

    great info! Thanks!

  3. Boo Radley says:

    You’re welcome Fay 🙂

  4. nicolthepickle says:

    Super helpful. Thank you!

  5. nisiepie says:

    Except that does not apply in Canada because there is no indication on the clearance stickers about percentage off, regular price etc.

    often they even remove the shelf tags, stating the regular price.

    Looking at the last digit of the price means nothing in Canada, because something ending in “9” is not being marked down for the first time.

    when they mark down items they usually start at 30% off, then go to 50% off and then 70% off and each time the price ends in 9.

    thankfully they have started to at least put up signage stating clearly that a selection of items is either 30, 50, or 70% off, because before it was pretty confusing.

    no one should go to the Canadian stores thinking that any of these images apply to us, because they totally don’t.

  6. nisiepie says:

    producing a blog post with such totally wrong info is a little careless. (sorry)
    the info applies to the US, not Canada.

  7. jer says:

    Still interesting for cross-border shopping

  8. MillieH says:

    Nisiepie… saying this is careless means you didnt’ fully read the article.. The person clearly states that its for the US site and asks if anyone that works at Target in Canada knows if its valid here..

  9. nisiepie says:

    I said a little careless, I also said sorry 🙂

    The post implies that the info probably applies to Canada, when in fact none of it does. That is unfortunate, because I would love it if we had the same thing here.

    Everyone who shops at Target here knows that it doesn’t apply, unfortunately. I don’t work there, and I can tell everyone that.

    anyways, I hope people don’t actually read it and get their hopes up, because shopping clearance at Target is hard work enough, as it is. Realizing that the clearance sticker rules don’t apply to us is actually quite disappointing.

  10. cheekysaver says:

    I have done a little research. I just don’t go enough to know the markdown days on everything yet. Maybe i will get free starbucks at one of my locations so i can keep a better eye out. I did find them marking down items in cosmetics in a store and it was on a monday. I went in for the marcelle makeup a few mins after the store opened and there was no price in the computer… being determined and having seen people adjusting prices i went for a walk instore and checked back in 20 minutes…. and they were marked down. ( I checked via the price checker)

    On a different visit I asked some nice ladies on staff if they had a discount section or how it works. Well target doesn’t have a discount section. They leave the product on shelf and put a red clearance sticker on it… the sticker says clearance at the top… then there is a number in the middle that is not the upc. The one i am looking at right now ends in 004 on that middle number… it is a bottle of garnier fruictis pure clean clear 2 in 1 shampoo. I think they may have put that number on a different spot on the stickers here because it was marked down to .91 cents… that would be a max mark down when you consider regular prices. I might be up to a trip to target today and maybe we can figure this part out. I only know this for sure… if WE do not put in the effort we WILL miss some of the best possible prices. Thanks Boo!

    • FallenPixels says:

      I have two near me and they do mark downs at different days/times and for different amounts (I saw an item in one, but they did not have the colour I wanted, went to the other and it was $7 cheaper)

      Also, scan their discounted stuff, the majority of it at my local one is cheaper than the ticket shows, they just haven’t added new stickers

  11. C says:

    I can agree with Fallen- I have had things scan under the price listed on several occasions, especially the dollar bin items that are on clearance right by the doors.

  12. cheekysaver says:

    I went into target after reading this just to double check the numbers… they have no numbers at the end that specifies the discount. There were some good items on discount though. It is always worth a walk through just to check the prices and discounts.

  13. melissaa says:

    i actually work at Target in Canada & they actually do have the same clearance stickers as the US does now, they all say in the top corner what stage of clearance that item is in. Clearance gets marked down every 2 weeks, starting from 15% – 30% – 50%-75% (holiday seasonal items go down to 90%)…depending on the item, less expensive can sometimes drop from 15% right down to 50% skipping the 30, chances are with the higher ticket items, (cameras, TV’s…etc.) they take the full 4 steps if they even make it that far before being purchased. Also most clearance can be found on the inside ends of the aisle.


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