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When I buy myself lunch on the go I never want to pay more than $5 (plus tax).  If the whole family is out together make that $10.  So i have compiled my list of $5 Lunches for Canadians on the Go.  I have thrown a tip at each one as well.

The $5 Subway Footlong

On a hot day a cold sub is an awesome way to cover lunch.  Positives here include fresh veggies, low calories and cheesy buns.  Negatives?  Long line-ups.  Seriously, is there a Subway that doesn’t have 5 people waiting in line all the time?

Little Ceasers’ Hot-N-Ready Pizza

The $5 medium pizza can be a quick crowd pleaser.  One medium and 2 to 4 hungry mouths are satisfied.  On the down side if you get there before the pizzas are ready it’s about a 6 minute wait for a new one and if you get there after they have been sitting awhile they can be a bit on the mushy side.

Taco Bell Build Your Own Box Meal

This one is my favourite.  Your $5 gets you 2 tacos or burritos, fries or nachos, cinnamon twists or caramel apple pie and a refillable drink.  Easily the best value because not only do you get a drink but you can split one of these between two people.  Now its the $2.50 Canadian lunch.  The minus here is for the post meal problems beans or spicy beef can provide.

There are many other options but these are the quick and cheap solutions I lean on when in a rush and a long way from home.  Other fan favourites include soup and bagels at the Tim’s or the Wendy’s Pair Two.

What’s your $5 lunch?

43 responses to “The $5 (Plus Tax) Canadian Lunch”

  1. Angelos says:

    Pizza Pizza ready to go medium pepperoni & cheese for $4.99 plus tax.

  2. Riley says:

    Pack a lunch, way cheaper…

  3. Jon says:

    Hot Dog & a Refillable Drink. 1.99

  4. yes says:

    The only thing on that list I would even consider is Subway.

  5. Ryan says:

    Another tip, when you go to McDonalds, order only from the value menu. a Junior Chicken or McDouble (with MacSauce), small fries and any size pop is under $5 dollars.

  6. Little Lulu says:

    I don’t eat fast food much, but…

    Ikea for hotdogs, cinnamon buns, frozen yogurt, coffee can get a mix ‘n match of these items for $5!

    There’s always McDonalds, their $1.39 menu and $1 refillable softdrinks/iced coffee. Grab a couple of burgers, maybe a small french fry and a drink for a little over $5. Share this and you’ll be paying $2.50 per person!

    Go to a grocery store near by and grab a premade salad. 🙂

  7. Trixyluxx says:

    I get the cold cut sub @ subway, 5$ and it dosent make me feel icky after eating it 🙂

  8. Lisa says:

    I try to avoid going out all day without bringing a lunch with me. But if I’m stuck, I go to the grocery store and get a single serving salad meal. They are as good or better than the ones at McDonalds, Wendy’s, etc but are a much more reasonable price. You can add things like a bun, a drink, or something from the bulk section and still be around $5.

  9. :) says:

    Either the Costco $2 drink/hotdog or the DQ sweet deals menu. You can get 2 burgers and a drink for $4, and if you ask for lettuce and tomato to be added to the burgers they have to make them fresh (so they’re soooo good) and it’ll cost you about $1 more, so $5 for a pretty decent lunch!

  10. itsjustmebub says:

    I always hit up Loblaws and get a salad with chicken in it for 50% off (packed the previous day) and it works out to less than $3

  11. caroman says:

    I had no idea that Taco Bell had a build your own meal for so cheap, I’ll keep that in mind. My favs Subway as a healthy(er) choice, Tim’s and Costco hotdog/drink.

  12. :D says:

    Quizno’s large, enough for two.

  13. fanofearl says:

    I’d definitely join in with those who say check out the grocery store. There’s often deli sandwiches, etc and some grocery stores (we have one in Niagara Falls called Commisso’s Fresh Foods) have bistros within the store. At the moment, there’s a fresh deli sandwich and a coffee for under $5.

  14. Milo says:

    Is there a $5 footlong promotion on right now? I didn’t think that there was but I love subway especially when it is a deal!

  15. dandelion says:

    @Milo- Subaway always has select foot long subs on for $5…its something they started a little while ago and its become a regular running deal now. I love subs too. Our local subway actually has a deal that if you go between between 1-4 am you can get additional an footlong sub for .99 cents…Im never up then but am tempted to do it just because I can someday.

  16. Milo says:

    Is there a $5 footlong promotion on right now?

  17. Milo says:

    oops, Thanks!!

  18. parent says:

    what about shawarma or shish tawooq it ‘s middle eastern food but way tastier and healthier !!

  19. silverbullet71 says:

    I agree with Parent, you can usually get a falafel which is healthy and delicious, for around $4.

    If I’m in a bind, I’ll go to Burger King and get their King Deal sandwich of the day for $1.99.

  20. gunsguy says:

    meh $5 footlong is not that great, ussually a loval independant sub place will have $5 footlongs with drink

  21. betholio says:

    A lot of grocery stores will custom make sandwiches or have them ready-made and they are under $5 and not fried food.

  22. ladie fannie says:

    pack your own…you’ll live longer and if you feed take-out crap to your kids, they will too!

  23. jdnbd says:

    How about Tim Horton’s chili combo? Chili with large bun, coffee or pop and a donut for later.Less than 5 bucks and very filling

  24. mandy says:

    Love the McDonald’s 1.39 menu with 1 dollar drinks.

  25. Sujan says:

    Chicken Biriyani ( u can order one for mild)…… is a rice dish with chicken in it … can be anywhere from $3 to $5 depends on the store you get !!! It is available at Indian & Pakistani take-out stores !!!!

    Very filling …..try it once before you decide negative abt it !!!

  26. Sally says:

    I got this taco bell deal in the usa, and it was actuallly not shady and the best taco bell ive ever had.

    I had the gordita, taco and my friend ate my burrito.

  27. Eeyah says:

    Wendys – The small Chilli is usually enough for me ($1.79), but if I’m starving they also have a “cheap” menu so even if have a burger or a wrap its still a little over $3.

  28. Poopsy says:

    How about the 2 wrap deal at tim hortons. U can get 2 egg salad or chicken salad wraps with huge chunks of chicken for $2.99. Thats an incredible deal!

  29. KS says:

    I’ve got to agree with the Tim Horton’s chili!

  30. Stephania says:

    I stopped eating the chilli at Timmy’s after I saw the worker squeeze that crap outta a thick, plastic bag and straight into the warming plate! Mmm…

  31. Mia says:

    Definatelely the 5$ subway,,,I live the ham and I put all the vegetables and 2 sauces,,,healthy and cheap!!!

  32. Trixyluxx says:

    The tim hortons chili is re-used up to 4 days if theres not alot of orders.icky

  33. Lisa says:

    Trixyluxx – what do you figure happens at most resturants??Tim hortons is no different then the rest.

  34. Mandyfgsf says:

    Don’t eat Wendy’s Chilli it has silcon dioxide which is sand listed as an ingredient! Google it

  35. mickeymouselam says:

    I personally will do the king deal of the day if it is a Tuesday or Wednesday. But the Taco Bell $5 box has disappeared it is now $5.99 at all the Taco bells in Hamilton. It is forever seeming that to get a cheap lunch you are looking at more than 5 or 6 bucks now a days. I would like to know when the fast food giants are going to clue in that if you keep raising the prices to protest your billion dollar profits that people are going to stop going to you and your bottom lines will suffer??

  36. dandelion says:

    Our Taco bells here are all still $5 in London and area. Was just at one a few days ago. Thats silly they’ve raised it in some places.

  37. Katie says:

    Lets not forget about MR.SUB. They have $5 subs and are Canadian!!

  38. Sally says:

    i think the best deal for lunch would be liquid lunch… go to the lcbo and get a few small airplane bottles for under $5!!! yeeeah

  39. katie says:

    Mucho Burrito – 1 taco for $3.14.

    I get veggie and they put veggie, beans, rice, gauc, salsa/tomatoes, sour cream, burritos, etc on it.

    Just like a mini burrito… Taco bell is disgusting!

  40. Mom2three says:

    hot dog/sausage cart – up to $5 with drink if desired
    egg salad combo, cookie or donut, med coffe at tim’s – $5.13 (with tax)
    california sandwiches – depends on sandwich & fillings – $5.25 (with tax)
    deli – like Grande Cheese – variety of sandwiches $3.50+
    huge selection in grocery store – just depends what you feel for
    if you’re really in a bind – variety store – protein bars or granola bars & some milk (choc for me) but you’re choice…under $5.00
    good eating!

  41. Wandi says:

    Lunch at home – saves on the pocketbook!!

  42. trher says:

    Mandyfgsf says…
    Don’t eat Wendy’s Chilli it has silcon dioxide which is sand listed as an ingredient! Google it

    That should be the least of your worries…

  43. charma says:

    I pretty much scoff at the McDonalds’ and similar trio prices these days: Over 7$ before tax. If I go to McDonalds, I take the junior chicken and a small salad (which isn’t that small) and a dollar drink. All for around $5. I love the all dressed tim’s bagel, and their chicken salad sandwich. Burger king with king of the day burger is a great deal! I was going to try out the tim’s chili but I think I might pass after seeing Stephania’s post! But then again what ISN’T processed these days? I heard somewhere that wendy’s added a chicken burger and a chicken wrap to their dollar menu..but I may have been dreaming. I also want to try the new feta wrap from tims?


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